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To maximize your benefit,

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share what you learn with someone else.

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After this clip or share it with someone else, go ahead and share it with whoever riding with you in the car. Share today's talk about how to maximize our benefit.

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mentioned 11 points, let's see who can also when you say, when you go home, share it with your friends.

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Share it with

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your friends and talk about. And because of this, I just learned

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a hashtag on Twitter.

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And you can use this

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hashtag, click dims C, C, G m s, and I want to see that after lunch,

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posted the first demo that

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I posted today, before I can.

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Anytime you hear something benefit beneficial, go ahead and share it to the world. You may want to share it with him.

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on Facebook, go ahead and bring your kids and talk about one of the brothers with a life

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story. I share the football with my family, I teach my wife,

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I teach my kids not maybe that committed to the Master, I bring the master

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after everything has great.

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That's what maximize your benefit from the

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number six.

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Quite what you know.

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If there is a good point that you need to commit yourself, if you never write if you don't want to achieve your goals, and they give it straightforward to you. If you don't write them down, and you don't have visualized them all the time, it's very hard for me to see how you're gonna succeed.

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And maybe this is through posting it to share with others. And sometimes you write down one point.

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Let me ask you a question.

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Do you remember last

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thing that you're having to protect, to bring a loss protection and insurance to your house?

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I mentioned a few weeks before me a few months before me there is a

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wife father counts, how can the father play an effective role in his hand and his wife

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to remember the points that you mentioned,

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those who wrote it down and even if you don't remember, they can go back to the sponsor.

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And keep the information fresh.

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One of the things that allowed you to preserve the knowledge is to write down number eight,

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to maximize your benefit.

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Be part

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must have we've been encouraging this this day one, we move to this place.

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It's a distinct get up and take it further by suggesting the subject and the points that is related to the subject.

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When it talks about, for example, the importance of

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architecture, you can bring to me something an article or points that you share about how can you commit to or how can we be more modest, or how can we adopt good habits in our life, are talking about good habits. And this

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and also you show your point you

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you might make a comment, you might make a printout or an email that you can share, you can have some points with the President on certain screens instead of it's dark like this.

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I will post it there so people can remember the points are sure in the email most of the muscle tested in every single photo. It's posted outside just if even though it is you can make you can make a comment. And if you have a quarter size, you can send it in a private member's we don't allow it to be on public you can send it in private matters and email to the Is it me or anybody else.

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You drop in that suggestion box in your way out. That's how you that's how you live it became your concern. It's not something it's any one

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concerned as a hobby

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number nine

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if you want to maximize your benefits,

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as well interesting,

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share your experience with the email.

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Come and tell me how that affected your life I gave last year about time. And

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really any one of these points benefited.

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Because if it did, that will allow me to emphasize the best things in human experience. In my next book, if it didn't help you at all, you can tell me so they need to focus.

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It will help us as a community to grow, give you a feedback, sharing experience with the speaker and have a tremendous amount of effect on you to make you more committed to me as a speaker as well. So share your experience with with

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number 10.

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Don't have one specific place in domestic that you always come to even the province of Southern said language to concrete nested level, nobody can come up Rokeby. Don't be like cameras, who they have one particular spot to only come back to change your spot on the master. Nobody's always speak, I can close my eyes and continue over here and I know who he is.

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I appreciate it. patina, that change. Sometimes we change your spot you became

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changing the see. See.

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So one of the things that changing that it will allow you to benefit more in the in the hope and this is something

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that was

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the last point to point is always ask yourself before you walk out

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what I have benefit from this. And what I'm going to do about how I'm going to make this trip a part of my lifestyle.

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And it will give you an action items I gave you today.

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But not too much. Even if I don't make that point. Ask yourself what the action items. I don't think you can do the 11 points at once. That's why I'm saying it because they are different. What are the action items of today? Every July Make this your number one question when you're doing the car or after you do that car. What's all my action items for the hope of today?

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That's the question that everybody asks himself about. So remember, you get prepared for

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the whole Club by taking shower, dressing up for the football coming early on as part of the preparation. Also change your swap in the master. Tell the amount about your experience. Write down what you have learned. Share what you have learned with others. Don't forget the hashtags are concerned about follow the proper etiquette of the hot bot. Don't talk Don't be busy with things playing with it during the quarterback. Make sure that you pray that to hate and mustard before you come to the master. report on pray as much as you can. Literally to come early to the prayer to be psychologically ready and your heart cleansed already through all these worship and this early

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attending to pray to preserve and to understand and to comprehend whatever message that the hoppy is giving. These points might help a little bit. But it will only help if you have the intention in the world. Now last

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Nevada, Nevada Nevada.

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Law Minnesota power of attorney for Santa

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