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In 100, ella hinomoto who want to stay in who wanna study he want to stop Pharaoh want to be like him in sorry I'm fusina woman satyanarayana Maria de la hufa mobila Who am I? will follow her de la wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la Sheree Cara. Wash shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mehta Sleeman kathira ameba all prays due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is last and

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final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters, it is a common knowledge among Muslims that on Friday, many people care to recite sola till calf and they know that it is recommended for the person to read sorbitol calf during that day of Friday and read it before multiply. And there are several narrations came in regard to this showing a different type of reward for those who care to read this suit on every Friday, for instance, we headed the ABC to do the allow and and the daddy mutual IRA that didn't sell Salam said whoever reads so little calf during the day of Friday, Allah Subhana Allah will give him a light from where he is all the way until Acaba and another narration said all the way to the

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heavens and to the next week, and the point is, this is will give you a light. So, you will have basically Basilan which is a tranquility, peace and, and wisdom and feel guided for the rest of the week and for the upcoming days of your life as a result of reciting this song. Even though there is a whole debate among the scholars over the authenticity of these narrations, but what it seems to be that there is none of them will be a fully authentic there is weakness on them. But it is something that has a habit of the alaba and home been reported and the seller used to sit and to do a lot a common practice for contempt and even your home or the allow and no kinda sorta Takayama Juma? The

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Debian Romani used to read salted Caf on Friday, and many of the successors and so forth. So I don't believe recycling sort of caffeine Fridays bid out or anything like that. No, it is something that the person should care for.

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But if this has been said, what I want to reflect upon today, that this is something we all read, we all know the virtue of solitary calf we all know that sort of the calf in nappies or sometimes in in St. Muslim, memorizing the first 10 verses sort of till calf similkameen. And Messi, the German fitness that protects you from the fitness of the gel, protect you from that trial of the jab. There is many lessons can be learned from silica. And I want to quickly reflect upon several lessons that personally, I think about them when I read sort of to the calf. And I hope and I'm sure many of these lessons may be you have done as well. So that will encourage us that when we read, especially

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something prescribed for us to read more often to reflect upon what kind of messages that I should learn what kind of guidance that I should take from this sort of that initial sell. I'm used to read a lot or encourage us to read a lot. And one of the first thing that sort of till caffrey mind does have exactly the same way that I'm used to read on Federer of Juma Serato in sand and Seurat

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as such, and in the salaat, he will recite salatu salam ala voila Shia there is a common theme about all these witches that in abyssal Salaam recite these verses which remind us of our beginning and our end remind us that this dunya will not stay forever. This live will not continue forever. This live would come to an end much sooner than what you think when NW saw Salaam. So I'm delighted now I'm going up to the US auto owners father fixing and his house and decorating his arts parlor in an amorous Roman Dallek. The matter is much faster than what you think this life is much shorter than what you think. In jalna Xena tele Lena Beluga home Are you home? Amanda? We're in

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Jerusalem, that Allah subhana wa tada said indeed we have made that which is on the earth, a dormant for it. So it is

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Some dormant, it's something to beautified. It's not the core issue, the luxuries in this life, the thing that we run after the most the fame, the power of the money, that you know, the last that we fulfill is all temporary things. It's all just an adornment is not the core purpose of your existence in this life is to seek this. And in reality, it is the core purpose for so many of us. The core purpose of every day of your activity is just to gain money. It just to make more money, just to learn is to finish your degree or an education. While the core purpose of our existence in this life is to worship Allah Subhana Allah is to make sure that he's pleased with us. And this

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reality many times we just kind of ignore, and Allah Subhana Allah said And indeed We will make that which is upon it and to burn ground, it will end it will vanish, it will not remain. And that's something you always keep in mind. Allah said also unslotted calf wandeling methanol dunya

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Cana in Santa Amina Sam,

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Donald Bobby

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Shimon, Maria, what can I love

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that's the example of Las panatela set in the presence of them the examples of the life of this world like rain.

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We all are drained two days ago didn't we? What is it?

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The sun, have it in your backyard. If you do have a problem, you know, but it's disappear. It just evaporate. It's gone.

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And that's how the dunya is you have it one day and go fast back to me Layla data karbolyn. Allah to Fujian Asahi, hold the water in your hand what will happen?

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It will go through the cracks of your hand you can't keep it this dunya no one can keep it no way you can keep you know where you can keep any loss. Anything from this world forever.

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Love whoever you want, you will leave that person one day. Love whatever in this dunya one day you will leave it or it will leave you

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alone man who will be known as Xena total hayati dunia all back to slowly how to how

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big, how you

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the best of a doormat in this dunya is the money and the children, the family, the best thing in this life is to have a good family and a good income good, stable to be rich to be, you know, financially very stable.

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But Allah Subhana Allah said, there is something much better than this, which will remain, which is the good deeds are better to your Lord,

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for reward, and better for one's hope.

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I learned from sort of that calf that we should focus on the thing that we have control over. When we start focusing things we don't have a control over, our life became very stress became very tiring. We feel like we don't accomplish anything in our life. If you focus about your children, is to make sure that they're righteous, that's nothing I don't have a control over that they are good Muslim or not. My focus on my community, you know what, I can give an advice, but I cannot give a conduct.

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Conduct comes from you, the actions come from you, I can give it to you, I can ask you to do it.

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So whenever you focus on what you don't have a control over what happened, you became so disappointed in life, new became so down, I can change somebody's heart. But what I can do, I can tell him or tell her what they should do what they need to do, I can guarantee the righteousness of my children, but I can guarantee that I will provide for them the environment I provide for them the house, I provide for them, the love, the support the education that they need.

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I can't guarantee that your business will be you know, successful. But I can guarantee you that I can guarantee for myself that I can do everything possible to make sure that I'm doing the right steps. I can guarantee you that you will live 10 years, but you can guarantee for yourself the quality of life for the next 10 years. So whenever we start

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Shifting and focusing the thing that we have control over our life became more productive, more filled with hope and feel sense of accomplishment. found out I like about

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30 him in a new movie hadn't had enough has

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a lot telling Mohammed salam, then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them that they didn't accept Islam. They didn't become Muslims, or Mohammed if they do not believe in this message. And that's basically why So,

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out of sorrow, he will kill himself out of sorrow that he didn't believe in his message. Believing in this message is not your rollio Mohammed, what you focus on bellisima really cannot be delivered the message that was given to you from your Lord.

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I learned from selective calf and Nicola Shay, you're out of the muck and munchery Islam. Lisa Illa. Jen. Well, Kevin, we're Kelly Martin jufa, to so called valpak I learned that anything that contradicts what Allah said in his book, what Muhammad wa sallam told us what Islam stablish from the principles and the guidance of Islam, that anybody today, no matter what's the name of that individual or Institute, or groups or whatever they belong to?

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Whatever the claim that contradicts what Allah said and Mohammed Salim said, is nothing but ignorance and lie and just big words, just to deceive people. man whom be human in a couple of kilometers and determine of why he acuna illa kariba they have no knowledge of it, nor had their fathers Gree basically, it is a lie. In the academy they speak not accept a lie, couple of Kenyan men and women there have a big words filled their mouth with these big words. Ya know, I study shows this and the studies show that that drinking wine, for example, is a good beneficial thing for your heart, or, you know, human being can choose his own gender or all these kind of things that, you

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know, nonsense that we hear today. Or, you know, smoking marijuana can be good or can be healthy, you know?

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It's not

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nothing but just the big words to basically there is whatever purpose is behind is economically driven or, you know, or morally driven. Whatever the issues.

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We anything that contradicts what is what is absolutely establishing Sharia. It is something don't have a doubt about, you know, at one point it will show we were wrong, oh, we did this or that.

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I learned also, that sometimes, you need to stay aside

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to avoid being engaged in this argument of being involved in this like, no debate and seek the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Like these young men dead

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is time to move on Mumia Abu Illa Allah Al caffee inshallah, kamaboko Mirage, at the mercy of Allah was giving them on the avoided being engaged in the *ter can being part of it. But that's something you have to understand carefully. We're not calling for people not to be engaged not to participate. But when I'm asking to be engaged in an argument to be engaged in a negative, you know, interactions, be engaged in things that bring positive outcome, not to waste your time over a useless debate online hours and hours, or argue with people that they will never listen to a scan of people you avoid.

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I learned from sort of telegraph that not everything we see necessarily is the right is the true you might see someone see a family you see an organization the martial art looks terrible. It looks good, that looks small, looks big. It looks organized, but not certainly to be the case. These young men in the cave they look so scary, but they were full of of Eman and tranquility in their heart with pinata him lower later. Whom Ferrara Meanwhile, while I'm returning home robot, if you see them you will run away from them. So scary.

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What I said boom,

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boom. I have a home row. Do you think they are awake but in deep sleep?

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Sometimes you find someone you think is very rich, but he's struggling big time financially. You think he's so happy? He's so sad from inside.

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Think that he has everything, but he really has nothing.

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I learned from so little calf that I don't argue with people over things that will not benefit me. Allah subhanaw taala said Farah tomography him on bio 50 fee minimum ohada. Do not ask any knowledge of it from them, do not argue with them about it, they will keep arguably as three or four, what makes a difference of the people of the cave were three or four or five or six, as of the number is going to make any difference. And people engage in this kind of debate. And the core message of why did the Why did he go to the cave? What do we learn from this insert story is missing because we waste our time and argue over things that's not beneficial.

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Number eight, I also learned from sort of tilaka

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that I don't need to apologize on behalf of behalf of Allah or his messenger or Islam. There is nothing in my religion I didn't I need to apologize for there is nothing in my religion I need to change to fit 21st century or to fit American Islam or to fit Egyptian Islam or to fit Saudi Islam, whatever country that you talk about, or to fit this culture to fit that culture, our religion and come to realize well stablish if there is anything that makes no sense to the person it's because the person has no sons is the person has no knowledge is that the defect is nothing to shear as long as it's something wall stablished in the Koran

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what no man in a coma Robic llama but Denali, Kalamata one untidy them into a human Tada, just recite the words of Allah, there is no one can change the words of Allah. Don't be ever fooled by those who are coming up today to change the world stablish realism and slam and coming up with all these new things and new interpretation and new this new that Yeah, there is an area in our religion, it's ccommodate these changes that happen. Change does not come to the core, and to the world established principles and rules and our religion. And no one will intelligent them in doing human Shahada and you will find anyone that can offer you a refugee other than a law. If you think

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you do this to please this group or that group or that political party or that entity, and he just thinking that I'm doing this for that too. I gain protection you're wrong. No, I'm protect you're more than a law.

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That's why it's so important that our logic to be kept as it is. We'll put in on the ROB big, feminine shot of aluminium and Shafilea say the truth from your Lord. So whoever wells let him believe. And whoever wells law Tim does believe in it. It's their choice. I learned from sort of the cafe that I should learn this etiquette. When I say I'll do something tomorrow I say inshallah, this is something I found. It's missing especially in the younger generation. And people will live long, long time and that fear that became missing this will do this tomorrow we'll do the same Sharma what is

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covered in Asia Allah do not say I will do something tomorrow, unless you say inshallah, by the will of Allah

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and that connect the heart to Allah Subhana Allah all the time that you it's not your choice. It's not your call.

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Learn from Serato gaff, that one of the thing that helped me to remember what Allah said, was good Rebecca he then a seat, mentioned your Lord when you forget.

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And that something that Allah Subhana Allah said,

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Every time you forget about mentioning Allah Subhana Allah, everything, anytime that you're not aware of Allah, make sure that you remind yourself and you mentioned Allah subhanaw taala and keep you aware of your surroundings.

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I learned from sudo tilde calf and the Latinas to Hakuna Sahaba whom Allah Deena Abdul Allah Who are the people who deserve your company are the people who worship Allah, the people who fear Allah, the people who seek Allah subhanaw taala pleasure, but even such people you need to be patient with such people don't come like a samosa they come like honey and beautiful and everything hand No, those of you that also is difficult to be with, to deal with. It's difficult to hire. It's difficult to be part of their community. It's difficult to hang out with them. It's difficult to be part of their their mastered or center or work with but still Allah Subhana Allah order us to be around such

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people have such quality. He didn't say hang out with the most funniest person. He didn't say hang out with the people who are the coolest of guys. He didn't say hang out and be around the people who this i'm not saying

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Not this is good quality, but allowing you to choose the quality he's choose certain qualities in people and levena droon are

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you really doing our job? Those who worship call upon Allah, the pray the five time daily prayers, they kind of simply remember Allah, they do the things for his sake. Those the people that you should stick yourself around, and Allah said, What are tied to a NACA and home and do not look and don't let your eyes pass beyond them.

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Just your eyes, don't pass me on them.

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Ask yourself as this is how my life is.

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Who are your friends?

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What are

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the cleaner, whatever hahaha can Murata and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless

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of our remembrance, and who follows his desires and whose affair is ever in neglect. In other words, it is sad for me when I see today, many of our youth hang out with people, they are less than them.

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They don't hang out with, you know what it's okay to know someone who is, you know,

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not a practicing Muslim or whatever you want to call it.

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It's okay. But it is not okay. Then when I look at all your friends, the people that you spend most of your time with, our people do not have this kind of quality that we're talking about. There is something wrong here in your life. And by the way, not only young, old as well

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your friends pool you

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it's something that you should think about every week a lot remind you Who are your friends, who the people that you hang out with the most who you spend most of your time with. That's exactly how what your heart will be connected with. Are you with people when the sun comes to the Hey, let's pray for people don't care are always people said hey, by the way, sister, your job is not bright. Sister you know that's not right. We should we should go pray right now or we should do this or brother You should do that. You're not allowed to do this. Now. If you're not on people like that, what do you expect the outcome will be?

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If hammertoes Allah, Allah order him to do that. Don't tell me that your heart is better than Mohammed. Don't tell me you feel safer than Mohammed Salah. Don't tell me that you're better than Abu Bakr and Omar on earth man, the one who Allah addressed them with this kind of with these verses. If that's applied to the Sahaba and the tambourine and the Mohammed's are selected to apply to us

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a prior automatically to Mr.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam Salam ala nabina Muhammad, I learned from certain calf, that don't be

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despair, don't ever despair from a loss patatas Merce

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Yes, we get sad when you will lose something that we love. But we should always have hope and Allah for Aradhana you did humara boo mahaya Musa Catan ocra Baraka in Africa tomato hub, for your

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pocket. If you lost something dear to you love. Allah will give you something better. Allah will replace you something better. Allah said, we want to replace them with a better child than the one that they lost. If you want the mercy for your children and grandchildren be righteous yourself. What kind of a boohoo Masada, their parents were righteous. They'll per name, Allah Subhana Allah give him all the the means for power.

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But still, with all the wealth with all the power with all the fame with with whatever you can think of it No, I mean cliche in suburban, anything you can think of, as the mean of a strength and power, he had it. But still Allah Subhana Allah told us that he was so down to earth. He was so grateful to his Lord, he didn't then blocked he did not let his knowledge

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his wealth, his fame,

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his family, his followers, as intelligent whatever you can think of, did not ever deceive him. He almost understood that this is from Allah. In the beginning when they asked him to build the big that he said mama can nifi Europe behavior, whatever Allah will help me and aid me to do is good. And after he built this beautiful structure

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What did he say on a moto moto p, this is from my Lord. He never ever said it's me. It's my knowledge. It's my power. It's my ability now.

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That's remind us of the two of the two who entered the the gardens. And when the one said all this, I made it.

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What Allah said, what he thought with me, he and Allah said and then his fruits were encompassed

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by ruin, I lost my data, ruined his gardens, whatever you can look, you can lose in a matter of a second.

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District whatever you collect, you can lose in a matter of seconds.

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sebadoh armacell Houma booster home Harrier was a Bahama booster on top.

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And the night they were sitting on suck. In the morning, they were on the ground on the floor.

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injustice as the reason for the destructions of societies and communities and countries were to look at local or alakina home lemma bamboo, Allah said and these cities we destroy them when the wrong when they were unjust. When injustice became the common practice, we made for their destructions and appointed time, which is an early Maliki mo ADA. That's why my brother and sister It is our duty as a Muslim, as Americans as a part of the society to make sure that this society remain just society, fair, just society, anyone who treated unfairly unjust, we should stand up for that. Because that means that destructions of our community of our society of our country, we are on one chip, it's

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synced together, you're not going to escape.

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That's how it is. So that's, it's another choice. It's an obligation to stand up for what is right to stand up against injustice. And finally, I learned from sort of that calf, that knowledge has no end moves. So with all the knowledge he had, he went to Harvard and he said hello to berocca and to eliminate him in madelinetosh. De I come to you to learn from you.

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There is no no end for the journey of seeking knowledge. So make sure that you always educate yourself. Make sure you take advantage of the people of knowledge, especially the knowledge sharing around you so you can grow your knowledge of philosophy and the knowledge of whatever area you're in, whatever career you're in. The more knowledge you have, the more successful you become. ask Allah Subhana Allah infantil Yacon management

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I know you're coming in with a very in mineral harmony, maybe kitabi asked a lot to benefit us from what we read and what we do and to say we looked at the site and asked him to forgive our sins and our parents sins and to bless us and our family law minister who doubt what what I thought oh, Alina, when do it you knew for senator Kwanzaa and Tony Robbins aka

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select your ham Kula.