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Number one

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component to the master

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the master making psychologically prepare. Don't Don't tell me

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sometimes we have chance to come earlier

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we have changed a tequila slot

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as one of the first point in relation to

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an emphasis on the importance of comedy by using two words

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they become so

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that's why

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the first

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purpose of the

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kamasan website Hey

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Mr. tukana

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Mr. Mehra, you have to move

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what a lesson

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the process of sending

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that out again to the muscles, there will be angels writing the names of Washington,

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the earliest one will be like someone who donated for this and

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then will come later This is donated

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in the south to small then she whenever we give a chicken burner

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The point is the use

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of a man stand up and remember,

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the angels will close the book so you're messing with him Your name will not be written in this book. That means your name will not be represented before.

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If you can

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already enter after

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that altitude is coming out as you recognize and remembering these meanings, to benefit tremendously from it. in this

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arena, for

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Giamatti Hector,

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that his people will come intentionally to Jamal, they have the opportunity to become such people that they will be giveaway in turn

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as an according to their actions and their attitude towards

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ending to serve to enter. He said those who delay the coming to do my intention.

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They will be delayed in entering.

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This shows you the importance of coming to the Jamaat

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exempt people will be delayed into indemnify because they delay their attendance to Juma prayer.

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You can only

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benefit from the football to prepare yourself.

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can have minimum

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pay Kevin, he will play

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I am assuming

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that the same sort of similar someone, take a shower clean himself dressed nicely put a curfew come to the master and when you come in and you don't separate two people next to each other

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By walking over the shoulders, and you come closer to the mound, and you listen to the hotma the prophets along with a new play as much as you can enter the image. So Mahatma

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Heusen will be forgiving whatever sin committed between this landmark and the previous one extra

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for the whole week, besides the minor sins will be forgiven.

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But the point is you pay as much as he can you prepare yourself

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because that will close your hand, when we can listen to the reminder, you ready now to move to be new versions of

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Hector either

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it will have a great effect in your home when you're ready to cleanse your heart.

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Number three,

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what we're hoping to get some benefit from

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that you follow the proper etiquette of listening to the neck adapted.

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Such as you don't talk while I'm speaking.

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You're not allowed to drink, chew gum.

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Even to make certain videos.

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Like for example, somebody sneezes

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you can say

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didn't even answer the center. out loud, you can say

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someone's name mentioned

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out of respect. And I'm speaking, you're not allowed to play with things to text message to write, to write things unless there is a necessity for the

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appointed you to do that. But other than that, you should be attentive, listening to the

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to the next one. If you want to benefit from the

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listen to the tone here.

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There's a big difference between listening and here.

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Listening to the absorbing, understanding what the man said,

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absorb what he says. But just knowing somewhere where somebody does screaming somebody

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you know, you're not supposed to consult, he listened carefully.

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When you

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noticed a father introduced to get that focus attention to

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one hour or two hours long speech, because it's helped me to focus.

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It helped me to listen carefully to it.

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So that's one of the things that will help you tremendously. Number four is to listen to the hip or not just to hear

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and listening to the

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it's also

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to analyze and understand and comprehend. And a lot of time we don't listen to the happy because because even the happiness is not very good. Or because the subject is something I think oh it is like I know this already, or I cannot relate to this. Or sometimes we will listen to the sermon because I don't can stand this man who's speaking I can't I don't like him. Sometimes we don't listen to the football because I'm just too busy picking on

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grammar mistakes and picking on holes. You know how you dress up, you know, we're always colorful

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ties or whatever, you know his hairstyle, or sometimes in picking on the mistakes that he makes. I can post it online after the football, whatever meditation that people have their good intention, whatever it is, that will prevent you from

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you know what, put all this aside.

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The Wisdom is the thing that every believer should be seeking, no matter who's speaking.

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So even if you don't like him, for whatever reason, listen to what he said. You know what, focus on the wisdom of the person who delivered the message, even if it's not the greatest eloquent speaker try to benefit as much as he can.

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Number five,

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if you really want to benefit from the demand to maximize your benefit tomorrow.

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Share what you've learned with someone else.

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After this,

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go ahead and share it with whoever riding with you in the

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shade today spoke about how to maximize

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he mentioned