Omer El-Hamdoon – 30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #01 Intend to Submit

Omer El-Hamdoon
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I'm Yvonne Mubarak And may Allah subhana wa Taala accept from us and from you the good deeds and may He make this month a great month in all aspects. May Allah Subhana Allah accept all those who have passed away from the virus asking a loss pantai to have mercy on them, and to have mercy on those who are all affected by the illness mail, they get a full and speedy recovery, no doubt, Rama Vaughn this year is not like any of the trauma bonds that we have experienced previously. And that in itself is part of the whole experience of life. We ask Allah Subhana Allah has helped us in this difficult time, and inshallah together, we can help and

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support each other to make much more up till Ramadan. So it's not going to be a stranger on Milan. But hopefully, it'll be a much more unique and novel experience where we can learn more experience more gain more out of these precious times. Now, this video is related to reminder number one from the book 30 steps towards a refreshing Rama line. And I hope that you've managed to read that chapter, which essentially is about renewing your intention having this sincerity, and logging in, to move on, you have to be part of the experience. And I'm not going to go over the chapter because that's something that's already written. But I want to focus on one aspect of that chapter, which is

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why do we fast now, some of us no doubt, have, you know, the obvious reason that we fast, because it's just there, you know, we have to do it, it's part of our obligation. We're fasting because some people, you know, come up with different reasons as well. To have Taqwa to lose weight, to become healthy, to feel the suffering of others throughout the world, etc. But I think the most essential part and probably the most important aspect of why we fast is related to that it is an obligation, but not just that it's an obligation, meaning obligations, almost like it's a burden, I have to do it. I've got no choice in the matter, but rather because Allah, the Almighty, the creator has asked

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me to fast, and because he has told me too fast, then I am responding to him. And this is the true meaning of Islam. This is what a Muslim is about. It's about submitting to our last panel, what and if you have that kind of reality within you that imagine going through all these motions, all this experience, not because it's just you know, something that I have to do, but rather because I want to do it and because Allah Almighty is deserving of all praise, and I want to

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obey Him and I want to fulfill His commands and what he is asking me to do. And if you think about it, this is actually what made Ibrahim alayhis salam, the great prophet, the great companion close companion of a loss pantalla Ibrahim will Holly. Why? Because last pantalla summarizes the reality of Ibrahim, if the call Allahu Rabu a slim, call a slum to lira bill. And I mean, his Lord said to him SLM submit, he said, I have submitted to the Lord of the worlds and if we look at the story of Ibrahim, we will see so many examples of this submission to a loss of Hanoi, Thailand is not going to be the topic of this video. So while we are preparing for Ramadan, as we're entering into the

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normal line, make sure that your intentions are clear that they are sincere, that they are plentiful, that they are varied that they're wide and they are magnificent, so that inshallah you'll get as much as you put in, we're in mid kolibri in Manoa, Samadhi cuando la until tomorrow, see you then.

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