Waleed Basyouni – 10 Tips & Advice Going On Hajj

Waleed Basyouni
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This is a word for those who are going to learn the rules of hedge before you go. Make a local setup during a lot of good words, spread good words, you can control your tongue from argumentation, don't get angry. This what Hashem abroad is, these things that I just mentioned.

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Write down what you want to pray for. Many people forget what they want to pray for. Please consider your deeds. I don't need to see your Instagram pictures and

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I need to see your shoe and and tawaf in your Snapchat. You can do that when you go eat in a restaurant.

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But when you pray to Allah, when you make that ibadah when you give the thought after you don't put it online

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it's such a shame

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that our Mr. Dodge became you know, for, for showing off.

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Well, why we living in a time that sort of analysis Alameda and testa if a snack machine? If you have no shame, do whatever you do you know that there is people now put advertising online $100 for a special to an alpha.

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I'm not making this up. I saw this before I talked about I heard about it, and I demand to see it.

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$50 must

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be 50 of the model.

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And if you couple up maybe you can get a discount.

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No shame.

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someone telling me

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share what you want me to make out for you and tell me the thing that you want me to make draw for you. I said happy because if you're an ally, you're the last messenger Allah sent under

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you asking you telling me to tell you what you want. The whole entire life. I know that people go to the people who have said, Please pray for me. But for people to say, hey, send me your two hour I'll take care of it.

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What kind of messed up attitude is those?

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We're living in a strange, weird world these days.

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Take advantage of your time and don't waste. Please make sure to understand if you're going to hedge that hedge is not about to make it difficult for you. Hey, not because you choose the hardest things you take the reward more that doesn't work this way. I would say that again. Choosing the hardest way doesn't make you may get more reward. If you choose to walk over riding you don't get more reward than those who are riding used to stay in the sun over abstaining in the tent, you didn't get more reward used to to check to choose to stay in a fan versus AC you didn't get more reward. You get to ride an old bus versus a new suburban you didn't get more reward. There's no such thing as in

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Islam like that.

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But if the AC goes off, if the car turned off, if it's not traffic, and you got unintentionally enter hardship that inshallah increase your reward. But for someone to intentionally want to make it hard for himself that's not in Islam, are not part of the Sharia as rules and principles. Please don't harm anyone, just to come closer to the category to make the offer to do the Jamaat

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And finally, I'd say to those who are going to Hajj unfortunately today when they asked when people go to Hajj all What do you think about when it comes to Hajj is a list of things that I'm not supposed to do? That's all their focus. Hey, I'm not going to scratch my head. I'm not going to scratch my itch. I'm not gonna do this. I'm not gonna cut that I'm not gonna wear perfume all the list of No, no, no, no, no.

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That's why the hedge became such an E, not as you expect it to be, in my opinion, what you need to focus on good to know the knows, but you know what you need to know more the do's, what are you going to do? How are you going to increase your amount it is not about the list of things to do. This way. It's in the positive thing what you are going to offer make up

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for it community for all of us, but the Muslim Ummah, for your parents mcdow for yourself that Allah forgive you and make sure that you make a general drought. So last petal except from all of us. A Polymer Summit to muster for a lot of stuff.

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