Zakir Naik – Introduction to Ramadhan – A Date with Dr. Zakir

Zakir Naik
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Dr. Zakir, is there any information that you need to impart to the viewers of peace TV before we start this long series of interviews and question and answer sessions regarding Ramadan, a date with Dr. Zakir Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah ibH mean Ummah but I also will let him initiate Tony regime has been laid off man Rahim rubbishy sadly, recently Emily Wyler, Melissa Neff cocconi. Before we start this long series of episodes, from non digital circuit, I would like to make my position very clear that I consider myself to be a student of knowledge. I consider myself to be a Taliban. I don't consider that I'm a scholar to you fatwas, and if by some

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rulings concern and as far as this topic on Ramadan, there are various issues. And there are various difference of opinions. As far as different scholars are concerned, as far as different schools of thought are concerned, since there are only four verses in the Quran dealing directly with Ramadan, that sort of Bukhara chapter two, verse 23, was the 184 was the 95 and was number 87. There are indirectly another few verses, but directly only four verses. So most of the rulings are based on the Hadith. And some scholars have used zafer, the some of us modied, some of you say, howdy. So as far as what I'll be answering,

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it will basically be the views of the free scholars, only, I'll be selecting those scholars who I feel have quoted on the base of Quranic studies. So it may not agree with some of the viewers view, which they used to have opinion should always be based on Quran and say Hadith. When required, I may give the difference of opinion different scholars and named the scholars If required, most of the time, I mean, not me. But I'd like to make it very clear at the outset. That all the answers as far as I'm concerned, none of them my own answers, they're basically some of the other scholars who have said it and I'll try my level best names of scholars whenever required, so that no one feels that

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I'm trying to give my own opinion, but I always believe that the answer should be based on Quran and Hadith. So that our time our level best and inshallah as far as possible, whenever I could add it, I will try and give the references or the Some say Buhari is a Muslim, the volume number as an added number, so that people can know, check it up and as far as possible, that is adequate to be brought into again, similarly with the Koran. And that's my normal method of replies. So that people

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whenever they get the answer they get from attending so stick around and stay healthy. And whatever, right or good that comes out from the mouth will be from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whatever wrong and mistakes that come from a mold will be from my side and from the side of the shaytan. So I seek refuge with Allah from sitting there. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that made the series be beneficial for all of us, including the viewers in charming

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