Waleed Basyouni – 19 Years after September 11th

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The recent terrorist attack on American society has resulted in the loss of civilian power and the use of terrorist groups to benefit. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting people's rights and creating chaos in society. They stress the need for strong message on the 911 act and policy action in protecting American citizens. The speakers also emphasize the need for policy action and education for all individuals, as well as the ongoing struggles of Muslim countries with terrorism. They end with a reminder of voter registration and an invitation to donate to the mustard.com website.
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hamdulillah Ahmed who want to stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh and I will do with him and Sheree and Pacino and Satya Melina Maja de la Vela mobile. Allahu wa Taala howdy Allah. Wa Chateau La Ilaha Illa la hora Sharif sharika shodhana Mohammedan? Abdo rasuluh yeah you hola Dena Amano taco la haka. tokachi watamu tuna illa Anta Muslim moon. Yeah Johan NASA Takara Bakula? de harappa. comin FC wahida caminhada Oba Thurman humare john and Kathy arowana la la de Luna de la.

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In la corona de la Kiba Yeah, you holla Deena taco la popolo, Poland sadita

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Amana como la comme de novo como la la hora Sula, for confessor fosun. avi ma'am. And by the way, by the law in the halal khademi kurama la hora en * * Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon Morimoto de to Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata Tiffany infant now all praise due to Allah His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, either with either witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters 19 years ago, exactly the same day to day 911. There were an a cowardly attack on civilians, and the United States

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comes in a very,

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was a very shock and surprise to the society and to the world. Where civilian airplanes were hijacked and used as a weapon to crash against

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the Pentagon, a military site. And where it says basically filled with civilians, as well. And also in the trade world centers and one crash in Pennsylvania, which resulted off one of the largest casualties on the American soil on land for a very, very long time. We're over 2500, almost 2900 people died on that day.

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And a lot of generations to die a lot of young people today don't even know what's 911 it becomes part of the history. But a lot of also our men, our community member, remember what it was 19 years ago when this took place. And how that resulted in a series of this in just attack, unjust attack, unfairly attack that terrorist attack took place at that day, have resulted also in so many injustice afterwards, nationally and internationally have resolved

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To a series of reactions from our government from the world, that we still until today, we are suffering from it. So 19 years after this incident, what should we learn what we should have learned as a society and as a community. And I would like only to mention the point that I believe it's very much related to us today. Even though if you hear me and you never witnessed 911, I can tell you even if a young man or young woman listened to me today, and your children are children, I'll guarantee you that they are impacted by that incident today. And so many forms in so many way, because it's really had a deep scar in American history, and people and society, and even our

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politics and our, basically, our society at large.

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First of all, as we remember that incident, we always should know that terrorism, have no place in society, and have no place in our community, and have no place in our religion. First and foremost, there is nothing in our religion will justify killing and targeting civilian peoples, no matter how bad though those this society is, no matter how corrupt the society is, no matter how unjust and unfair that society is, it does not justify for us to go to the level of the others that we disagree with them.

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And that's only can be taken in an affair. Legal war, were basically a loss of panatela in many places in the onset. And when people fight, you fight them back. And the fight and the rules of it, that is something well established, well defined in the books effect is not left to individuals to declare wars against countries. And again, society, never happened in history that's ever This was left to individuals and our religion, or historically speaking, after all religion, that something left to the individual, that's a mess. As a matter of fact, if you notice, even the concept of jihad as a concept was only legislated in Islam after the state was exist, which is in Medina. That's why

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there was no jihad in Mecca, there is no state because in Islam, we recognize a loss. Nice, clearly the importance of having a civilian power controlling that military power. Because if it was to be left to people to declare war, and peace, and target people and put mark on people and declare who deserve to be assassinated or not, that will be create what we call a corruptions and earth facade. And that will create a mess, that will create a chaos, energy had never meant to be a chaos, or lead to chaos lead to bring people in order to protect the rights. And we have seen in 911, a clear example that's something we should always remember a clear example of the fall, or the fall, the the

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fallacy, or that

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wrong justification that people have in their mind for such terrorist act. They said, Oh, we wanted revenge for our pastillas brothers.

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First of all, what's the plus Ian brothers sisters will benefit from killing, you know, engineers and doctors and people on airplanes traveling from one place to another.

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You just doing the same injustice that's happening too often senior brothers, to another people? And the second big question that it is something that the so called jihadi terrorist group around the world, they hate to face this reality. They hate it whenever we raised this question against them. When we tell them, whatever you guys doing, did it ever bring any good to anyone, or it brought more injustice, or created more mess, or created more evil in the world?

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Give me one of these terrorist action that took place around the world ever have made or created or led to something good in the world.

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created to the killing of so many innocent people afterwards,

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and injustice to continue. And for the gap to be bigger and bigger and bigger between people, between nations and communities, and people from different faiths. 911 it's not all ever be forgotten.

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If anyone ever tried to justify their actions, and they're basically a anger in such manners, that this does not result in any good.

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something that we always should keep in our in our eyes, or we keep our our eyes on. Because the 911, that is things a lot to learn from.

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And I'm not going to the area of the importance of a good communication between government branches. That's not something everybody in the committee necessarily, you know, directly benefit from it. But what I just want to know, to us to remember that there were rhetoric at that time that we cannot allow to happen again, which is us versus them. If you're not with us, you're against us. And that's how people rallied up to agreeing to a war that was based on a lie.

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And I'm not still stuck on the Gulf War, and, you know, and all the debate that took place, but now everybody realized that it was a lie.

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And american people were lied at, and the whole world will lie down.

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And we should not allow this to happen again. And we should, as society make sure that we don't allow someone to drag us to draw, and to cause the death of hundreds of 1000s of people and millions of people.

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unchecked like that, just because of that rhetoric. If you're not with us, you're against us.

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It was the language that was used

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911 should always us, keep us on eyes on something else, important for us in society, which is that choice that was made for us to make between security or freedom,

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which is not two things I have to choose between, I should have my security, and I should have my freedom, I should not lose both. I should not be ever put as an individual or society at large division at large, or a society or community to be asked to choose between one of the two.

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Otherwise, what makes America different than any dictatorship exists in the world?

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Or will make us community exists. And this has happened every day

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where people lose their rights, just because of the you know, that fear that's been put out because of that national security.

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this incident should us always ask ourselves,

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what's a justice or revenge?

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Justice is one thing. But revenge is a completely different thing.

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Wasn't justice? Because one of the things that I can tell you that I noticed in an A most of the posts and the communication that are that the post that these jihadi groups put online, it's you can tell it's nothing about justice. It's mainly about revenge and anger.

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It's not really about justice. It's about revenge. And in Islam, we don't have that what motivated is not a personal revenge. And a society we should not allow that to what lead us because that destroy destroy us.

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In 911,

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we saw how right after 911 the unity between the Americans was so great, so strong, but quickly this disappeared.

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And a division became bigger and bigger and bigger.

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And Muslim community we're ready to be the scapegoat

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and to be looked at with suspicious and that the lesson we should learn that at that time and that moment, brothers and sisters, the people who were looking at Muslim community with an iron suspicious they did not differentiate between Arabs and South Asian or Indian, or Indonesians or black or white.

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Even if you are a Caucasian in you Muslim, a question mark will be raised.

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If that teach us anything, that you know what we are all in this together. So we should not let anything divide us any ethnicity or anything of which is divide people to divide us as a community.

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At 911

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teach us that we are

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a community that is not known.

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Oh my god after 911 people don't know anything about a Muslim Americans, even security agents

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I believe that there is a level of ignorance was unbelievable.

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And that's why we were very receptive for so many accusations because nobody know who you are.

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And after 911, our community took a good steps towards coming out, identifying themselves.

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We tried to seize the moment during 911. But we did not do very, I would wish that that cabin better. But I think we are much better now. To seize that moment to identify who we are not who we are not.

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We should talk about who we are what we believe in, we should not let anyone to put us in a frame that all our talk is about we're not we're not we're not we're not all talk, we're not terrorists, we're not extreme, you should not be afraid of me should not be afraid of me, that's that's very bad way to identify yourself.

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That means there's a question mark about you.

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Rather, you should be able to identify who you are and what what you stand for and what you believe in.

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And we should not ever let the media or anyone in society take us to that direction.

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After 911

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horizen. And you see how the community demonstrated our community and other communities across the country.

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And society at large demonstrated a great level of standing for one another, helping one another defending one another. I still a 911 we had brothers and sisters who their neighbors Christian Jews, atheist you name it came and said, Hey, we there to help you, I can do go grocery for you for security God, I will walk with your daughter at school. I know personally incident with all these examples.

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There's so much good in society. And we should capitalize on that.

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Our community never were a threat, they were always an asset.

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Another lesson that I want to end with when it comes to reflecting upon what 911 when it came

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there are a lot of security agencies in America use a very like, harsh hammer, you know, use that hammer to hammer the community.

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A lot of cases is a lot of question marks around it. There were like an thirst just to, you know, catch people and grabbing them. And even they themselves agreed

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that their political rhetoric at that time, have basically pushed people in and push security agencies and politicians to put a lot of pressure in the Muslim community. And guess what?

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Many of the people that I met and conferences I attended. They admit, that was not the best strategy. It didn't help didn't produce any results. Actually, the opposite.

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Muslim community do not have a problem with a young man

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who is misled, or in the verge or committed a crime or broke the low to be punished for his crime. We don't have a problem with that. But what we want, we want to see also us as a society that include the government is to look at those people as misguided people try to help them

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not just to convict them.

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And America is not good at that, unfortunately. And if you want the best example, as the African American community, any African American medium member you asked him, he said, I don't have a problem with, you know, prosecuting criminals. But what I have a problem with is that when we are looking to make people criminals, and we're just looking for any reason to put them behind bars for years, so we make them real criminals. After that, and destroying their life and their future.

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That was a battle

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that I know many people,

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many meetings, including meanings of the Iowas and myself pushing back with the government on this issue. I remember, you know, saying to so many officials, guys, Egypt, jail did not produce any good results that reduce more violence. And the 80s guys study what happened in Muslim countries when they start wrapping people up and put them in jail. We didn't get any good results. This turbidity in some Muslim countries, and they do the same thing these days. What that what they done before

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but we are smarter than that. So one thing that we make sure I'm saying this because also these are issues that we keep an eye on

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When we elect our next leaders, our next policymakers, this is something that's of concern to us. Because I'll tell you the bad news is terrorism never end.

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And it's reality.

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You all heard the news just three days ago, or a lot earlier this week. And University of Houston a kid goes into the zoom meeting, and threat of blowing up a bomb, because he pledged himself to ISIS.

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So got arrested.

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19 years old kid.

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And the shameless Houston Chronicle article, start by saying, a man

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19 years old man.

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Yeah, that was

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that's what I like it. He will not be a 19 year old white man.

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But because he's a Muslim 19 years, man. It is unbelievable way of of provoking.

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Anyway, good news is we should it will reach out to you synchronic about that. And to give them the credit the next article that they wrote the change that they put a teenager

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that's a little bit much better language to use. Because there's not about provoke I don't know what the kids is what is serious is not serious, just stupid joke, or he's serious about what he is. This is something that authority should deal with. But But my point is this not going it's still exists, it will be there. And we should know how to deal with it when it when it happened. We should make sure that our children are educated. Our community is educated and we have no space and we have no hesitance to stand altogether with law enforcement against anyone who will be a threat to our society in our community at large.

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Ask the last panel to add on you know you have to be heavily optimized.

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And hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi abajo, that

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if I go a little bit

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deeper in history, then 11 years ago

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take you 1931 1931 North Africa 911

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is the day

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where a great hero

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was arrested.

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After 20 years of fighting

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20 years of jihad he submitted law

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20 years of fighting the occupation.

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The his land was occupied by a foreign power, and he kept fighting. And guess what he start fighting in the age of 5350.

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And he fought for 20 years.

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If it's not more

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battle after another, and I'm saying this because if you are in your 50s listen to what this man did.

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He was hanged to death when he was 73 years old.

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His blood

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spilled on the pure sense and land of Libya.

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Oman Mata Rahim Allah Tada. He was arrested in September 11. He was excused executed in the 19th.

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We tried to tell him to go to Hajj to they are going to rescue they are putting a lot of fear out said no. And he has something every coward in the world should listen to what he said.

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He said no Lannister slim.

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None of us have our move.

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We never give up.

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Either we win or we die.

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Anybody knows who arrested him who betrayed him? Yeah, those counts. Those perpetrators. Those unjust people forgotten.

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All be going straight to the dumpster of history of the history. But 10 now his name will always remain.

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His lawyer said it when he tried

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to negotiate and he found that reading, he said, You know that this man is on truth.

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Anyway, let him on lockdown. I thought also it is important as we remember, an important incident like 911. On that tack, we should also remember that there is also many things happen in same days, but maybe in different times different places in the world, I asked the last panel data, to bless us and to plus our family, and to protect us and to protect our society and the world. From all types of evil.

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We asked you to have your mercy upon us, you know,

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an attack by a group of people result of the death of almost 3000 people, but the negligence of, of a leader can cause also 10s of 1000s of of death

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and it can go unchecked.

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But we make sure in November that it is checked.

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Make sure that this is something our society anyone who betrayed the trust have been giving come to the office to protect us to treat us with safely with dignity doesn't deserve my vote.

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House colossal panic Allah to any always choose to lead us the best among us to make the merciful and Justin fair to us and to the world. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect our family or wealth or health and to protect our society from all kinds of evil. Yala. We ask you to bring peace and dignity and unity to the land of Libya and to unify them upon the truth and to end that civil war there and in Yemen and many places in the world the outcome of I mean, y'all know we asked the other general econ to forgive us forgive our parents the living and the dead among us. mean Nina among the among the believing men and women a lot more often about you know, how do you know how

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do you know the yaquina Allah Makino Yahoo shut on feet and alarming in a circle houda tapa asafo, Alina and 2g net Susannah topo How does a candle lumens aka antibody you home Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah in ekonomi nobody mean Allahumma Mina Mina

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Ahmad La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah I learned this planet Allahumma suddenly was suddenly more radical and Amina Mohammed Acciona salatu salam ala rasulillah Amara dyadic Salalah experimental salata human Juma for pod, Akira v REM, Akira v. You know sala de la Marana la vida de for part in Allahu Allah Mehta Ikeda who use aluna Allah nebia you are Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Allahumma amin

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just because we still have awesome people online. I just do that announcement before pray for next Friday. For those who made reservation for jumar. Please have your reservation out when you arrive to show the officer This will help keep the line and wait and the wait time. much shorter. Please remember to donate to the mustard you can donate online or the website the mustard.org tonight in Charlotte Allah at 7pm. We'll have our class of mentalism zipped and also useful knowledge was checked out and mechi tomorrow Saturday at 7pm. Sr runner at 2pm. On sun day. Voting reminder for all voters who are 65 or older are going to be out of town. The elections. You know, handicaps sick,

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please apply before mail in ballots now. You can get the applications from your county clerk websites. Thank you very much

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