Quranic Concepts #5 – What is Tawwakul

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To what cool is a concept in Islam that usually refers to reliance and trust. If you want color, right, Shaman, you are kind of turning over your affair to somebody else. And one of the last names is as a key, right? The one that kind of the disposer of affairs as it's often translated, the one who takes care of everything. So to what cool is about resigning yourself to trusting the Creator to do what is good, you have a sincere intention. You try your best you work your hardest to please Him and you have reliance upon Allah you trust Allah to give you the best thing, whether it's hardship, whether it's ease, whether it's reward, whether it whatever it is, in this life and the next you

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have reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala it basically means that you trust his decree you trust his decision.