When Angels Present Your Deeds to Allah

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hour it was saw that it was spa, safe God, protect, establish secure the praise,

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and especially

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the middle one,

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and especially the solid of Woodstock as in the middle praise. The scholars differ and the US have differed with regards to what is solder to loose law.

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And some refer to it as acid.

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But the best opinion I found in it is the opinion of our mother is Chateau de la Juana who says that they are to middle praise.

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So one is the salaat of acid,

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which comes between two day prayers and two night prayers. So with commas between fudger

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and zohore, then acid comes the fudger and zohore. The day praise, then acid is the middle one. And then Margaret and Ayesha are the night praise. So between Muslims in Asia, and fudger, invoke acid is the middle one. So this is the first one. The second one she says is the salata fudger

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because on the other end, you have Margaret in Asia on one side, and then Zoho and acid on the other fudger comes as the middle transition point. So if you look at it, in modern day language, they are to transition

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praise one is fudger and one is acid and the other ahaadeeth and verses give significance to these two.

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So if you look at the Hadith and this is especially important one for us, Abu hurayrah the Allahu anhu says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said listen carefully Muslims that he attire Tabu, nafi Mela equal to milele one medair aka tubin hell yg timea una dos sila, forgery was sala de la Sol that angels have shifts over you, like us in angels come and stay with you for the night and other and then they go up to the heavens and then other angels come and stay during the day and they go up at night. The shift swap times are fudger and acid. So the Hadith says both groups of angels are present at fudger and both groups of angels are present at ask me am I making sense to have I

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lost you

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so at the time, the angels for the night come down and the angels of the day are there they shift swap and then the angels of the day go up in the night one stay for the night.

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So both of them are present at fudger and both are present adduser that is why the verse of the Quran Subhana Allah pilot is in Nepal nl Federica Masuda the Quran or fudger is witnessed as in both groups of angels witnesses. So it is recorded double fudger is recorded twice and acid is recorded twice because both the angels are there recording

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while also lunella de him yet to Boone and our angels messengers are with them recording so they record assessor and the other one records asset

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and then they go up to the dealership imagery then finally married so look at this. So a lot of Buddha's asks them k forward k photographer to my buddy How did you leave my servants? So the angels say tharaka home we're home yo saloon we're Athena home we're home use alone we came to them they were praying we left them they were praying

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so what a beautiful record report daily that at the beginning of it the Sala and at the end of it the solder

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and no tea are carefully

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your reported about twice daily.

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So when your boss requires a report you make adjustments you make preparations now those will are shall Majid takes two reports about jus daily one comes about you answer and the other one at fudger

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your deeds go up and

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presented to the to the Lord at fudger Anna castle

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and the secret is this that if you pray these two prayers well

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and meet the heart of prayer, then whatever's in between it allow and forgive.

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With LFO Lila hit either one akima salata por la fe in a hurry was uofm mina lane in El Hassan at you the hipness say yet and pray at the two ends of the day. And at the arrival of the night, the good deeds will delete the bad

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and if not abunimah sleuth radi Allahu anhu neurites that are so heavy

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in a moment of weakness, kiss the lady who was not

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someone for him to kiss

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and then regret setting.

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So what you know,

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and and one of the quad and in the center of this there is

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he went to Walmart

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and he said Dr. Omar, I have made this I have done this mistake.

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So all my retinal hapa told him, Fear Allah and cover your sin

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hulless go make Toba and our covered

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but these were pure hearts. So he wasn't so much worried about the image he wants a solution. So he went to the Sony arasu light I did this and I moments weakness I stretched over and I kissed the lady.

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So the verses were revealed

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that pray at the two ends of the day.

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And at the approach of the night, as in this is the sort of answer or an insistence on the solid answer. The good deeds will delete the bad.

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So the scholars give a beautiful example of they are two lights, there's no darkness in between.

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And you will notice that it is the same to praise which you are the laziest to pray

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fudger comes and you have the ideas for shaitan not your head into the pillow. Why? Because he doesn't want the sins of the night deleted.

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So you sit you become lazy, lethargic, tired, sleepy, and acid comes you've just come from work all of a sudden sleep comes in over takes you to you just enough for you when I swear to you wait for us to finish you're fine.

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You will become full of life and energy once again because the Malone lets you go. So what what you need to do is be insistent and persistent on these two prayers and look at the wisdom of the asker of Sabah and masa are these times so this is where you sit and do your 100 Stefan and so Pamela This is where you do your your anchor of you know of morning and night

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and how beautiful will a record look you know fudger solid Masha Allah preferably in JAMA then as God then is the far then Kara your introduction is nice and solid and then the conclusion at the end of the day nice and solid and a lot of bellezza deletes the Daily Record

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so if I can indulge you for two more minutes so this is your account being presented to the Lord daily

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then weekly because it is important you know when you know you've got a deliverable you will be ready in Charlotte Allah your weekly report goes on a Monday and on a Thursday

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so every Monday and Thursday an outlaw system is a system so Panasonic every Monday and Thursday angels give a weekly report

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so what the rasuna teach you to do on a Monday on a Thursday

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fast do you see good deeds good deeds solid big good deeds to delete the

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this you know this is a strong press of the delete button.

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This is clearing of the history so you know this is this is delete

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so that's so excited. I want my record to go up whilst I am fasting.

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So on the daily pages you have solid solid you have as Gary Gary of quran quran, then weekly, you have fast and fast

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all day in a bada

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and then, annually yearly your record goes up and Siobhan

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And the headings of Armada don't assume didn't fast any month completely except for

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Ramadan, Dawn the monster as soon as fasted beginning to end this Ramadan but he never fasted a month after that more than Shaban

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because my record is going to there's a lot of shell muddied.

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So this is the end this is the conclusion I will fast almost the entire month. And when the next chapter opens, as in the next record, annual record opens it is which month

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Ramadan so Ramadan Allah made it compulsory upon you to pass the month in its entirety. out of his kindness you wouldn't have fasted Ramadan had he azzawajal not prescribed that upon you, but he's done it. So that the introduction of the new year the whole month is in Alibaba. Your day this fasting the entire day and the Knights in tm and listen to the beautiful man Samarra MOBA he man what is urban wolf era Madoka Domine zombie warfare Allahumma Taka Domine zombie woman camara mahana II Manawatu cyber warfare Allahumma Taka Domine zombie whoever farts the month of Ramadan with a man anticipating the agenda I will clear his history.

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It will all be deleted and whoever fasts whoever stands the lights MTM and any TMS is accepted as tm and Alhamdulillah. We are here Mr. Shah tabarrok Allah doing the Torah we are in JAMA and reciting the bottom of the Quran. And this is my a lot of Buddha's accept the stem from us due to the man and seven and a lot of bullets the size in case you have a mock up and the fast thing do the knights and worship I will I will forgive all the previous sins. And in case you missed this man Carmel, a little padre imana was the servant of warfare Allahumma Taka Demoman zombie, whoever gets the laylatul cutters and one of the nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan and praise that in worship

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or a section of that and I will clear and forgive all his previous sins. And for one day is fast Muslims the agenda and this and the merit the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says mon sama Yeoman fie sabini la ba by the law who bizarrely cleome was Yahoo and inadi Sudbury in a hurry find it Sabina Amma, whoever, whoever fasts one day in the path of Allah I will move him a distance of 70 years from jahannam and you're fasting 30 long days my a lot of bullets accepted my Allah honor you and protect you and guide you and guide you feel called to Nepal in saco Hassan attempt Amina La Hoya into Casa de ministerial shaytaan was that Mr. de como Rocco la Baraka, the

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