The Tongue Is A Beast That Only Few Can Tame

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah subhanho wa Taala has repeatedly impressed upon us politeness of speech, a verse of the 22nd Jews chapter 33 verse 70, Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're pulu and say Poland a speed study that that which is correct, philologist and grammarians would tell you that sadita in Arabic is an all embracing and encompassing word, it encompasses every form of refined speech, why Leanna have been Lisa Annie was sat down.

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So highly recommended that if you can harness your tongue and have refined speech, then you have secured the goodness of both worlds, you will find that many people would adhere to protocol and they are very dignified in the interaction in a formal setting in a corporate environment in a religious Institute, with seniors and elders, but that very individual when he's with juniors, or he is in an informal gathering, or he is defeated in an argument, then oh boy, oh boy, you will see the display of the most abusive language that you've ever heard in your life. Now, let me share with you an amazing duration in this regard about how the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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particular about his blesseds speech on every instance. Half of the Hydra Rahim Allah makes mention of it in isabeau Vietnamese the Sahaba under the write up of the great companion Julian Dharavi, Allah Anu Melaka, a man who was the king of Oman, and he references with EMA who references the book a reader on the strength of abou his heart that amarula answer the Allahu anhu was sent to Julian Dharavi Allahu anhu to invite him to Islam and subsequently he reverted to Islam. And then he paid tribute to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the following words. He said Lapa Delany, Allah has an Nabeel omega and the hula Maru be hiding in LA Cana will be the thing that convinced me

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on the veracity of this man is when he advocated virtue, he was the first to implemented what I know lejana unshare rein in like an hour later, Rick in law who, and whenever he prohibited vice, he was the first to abandon it. Well, I know who yells the lemon fella, Yaba bar, and whenever he was victorious, there was no display of pomp and glory, pride, or haughtiness. Well, I know who you are the lebu fella yo Giroux, a lie. yaku. loon Polanco, Bobby ha, and whenever he was overpowered in any campaign or expedition, he would never become abusive or utter anything reprehensible or shadow and ahuna be human. I am convinced he is a prophet, my brother, my sister, the test of your speech

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is when you with your juniors when you are with your employees when you are defeated in your argument, if you can harness your tongue at that time, then you are a man of principle.