Mohamad Baajour – Duaa to Erase the Forgotten Sins

Mohamad Baajour
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Abdullah animus oh god Allah, Allah and

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he said, we used to in the beginning of the salaat

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we used to only Say Subhan Allah will hamdulillah Allahu Akbar in the solid until Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us a diet and taught us everything. And then he taught us a tie yet

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a tie Yeah To Allah we all know and then at the end, and this is why you were mentioning this today. And then at the end of the Hadith, after Salah salem said, and then you make a shed one layer in a halal Allahu eyeshadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who also do some affiliate Acharya, a huddle convener dua, man, Jabba will yet obey. And then after you say in Nikka, Homido Majeed let any one of you listen to the word Azure, as you all know, then choose from any dua that you like, your favorite DUA and then do it before you make Salam.

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There are two times in the salon where the DUA is accepted.

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So should and before to slim, but here are some laws I sell them said whatever you like, whatever you like. Now, this will lead us to the draft today. I leave Nabil Taalib narrating a hadith which is in Bukhari, can rasool Allah Salam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasul Allah I seldom used to say before Tasleem this dua, Allah Martha Lee Malka them to women occurred when a serata to wanna lend women a sort of women and the LM will be Mini and tell them what and tell them what La ilaha illa and beautiful beautiful god yeah Allah Subhan Allah any when we ask for forgiveness usually we do it after we commit a sin. I just finished this a lot. I'm still in this a lot. Yeah, ALLAH forgive my

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sins I did in the past, and the ones I'm gonna do in the future.

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Yeah, ALLAH forgive my sins that I did. When I was by myself.

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No one was there, and the one I did in public

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and the one I excessively yeah named major, big sins. And this is the most beautiful part one

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will be many.

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There are so many sins here Allah that I committed, I have no clue. Either I did not know that I committed them. I backed by somebody or somebody told me a story and I conveyed the story with a little bit of exaggeration. I added a few things I maybe lied sometimes I have done things that I forgot or I did not know that they were sins, these ones also your ALLAH forgive them. When I

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will be here many you are here Allah because every time we we do a sin, it is just like every time we do a good deed it is recorded also everything is recorded.

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Forgive this Austria Allah and tell them one teleworker you are the one who put forward and you are the one who delay and then look at the Subhanallah La ilaha illa. And what does the way it ended the hadith is so beautiful.

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As if I'm saying there's no one there's no one Yeah, Allah can do this forgiveness except you. The hadith ended by last year he led who else? When they learned who was going to forgive my sins. Yeah, Allah Now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's saying this before the slim

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what kinds of sins?

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So definitely, this is a Taleem this is for us. Not for his sins for our sins.

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The ones that we do on a daily basis so Jaquan let's make it a habit. There are many do ours and as a matter of fact, this hadith indicated that you could make any dua you want.

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The one that you prefer your favorite. Your favorite literally means your favorite.

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And there are many narrations about what did Russell was selling used to make before the slim. This is one of them. Okay, so insha Allah Tada. You know when the word the word salad, we always translate it into prayer, right? This is the wrong translation. Prayer is a salad is from the word Scylla. Silla in Arabic is to connect right Silla is to connect just like Sinatra him to connect with your relatives. Silla Salat so this is my connect

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chillin with Allah on a daily basis. This is what Salat is for you. I am talking to brother Ziad and before I leave after we've spoke for five minutes before I leave, what do I say? Do you want anything brother?

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You want anything?

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So I want you to think about that before you leave that connection. As if Allah is telling you before you say salam alaikum Do you want anything? Yeah, Allah mcfa Lima condemn to

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will matter to him Island to soft Allah will be him in me and tell them when tell Malacca Illa Illa Ladakh before you make this Hello, yella ready Shabaab Allahumma. peripherally now condemned when I heard when I started when I lent when I

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wanna into animal be Mini and tell them one tell worship La ilaha illa and

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Masha Allah may Allah Subhana Allah bless us all May Allah protect us all the Atlantic are less these are this these make a lot of salaat on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam to see a solid professional at 16 in sha Allah somebody called

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Luna Island

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swallow water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Medina you know Allah law no one wants to hold on

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to Nia hold on to their own mother. Melina What levena up Luna? Meanie No wonder Mugen Mina TV while at MCC decibel found the

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movie Mina

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