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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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they were all preparing for

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is the day of judgment. And today we will stand in front of our load

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a lot of blezard describing this

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difficult day in Khurana states

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where yo Manasa urologie. Birla what are all the birdies

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the day we remove the mountains and the earth is left barren, prominent flat and the Hardy say stretch and white.

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So imagine this reality on this earth

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flat barren, why land?

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And then

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what how Sharona home, then humankind are resurrected.

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The verse of the Quran, either zoom in zoom zillertal Auto Sales

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when the earth starts to shake, what Roger till the earth

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and the earth brings forth the burden it was carrying, as in the bodies of all the ones that have been deceased and buried inside it. And you're resurrected like that.

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And the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam oferte and or our turn of war Allah barefooted, naked, uncircumcised.

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And as you come up from the graves, in this new land, you're covered by darkness.

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And then you look up and you see formation after formation of angels come down.

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One after the other. And they form a line. Yo My poor Mo, when my equal to suffer, later calamity. qalamoun. They were gibreel and Angel stand in a strike on in one line. No one is uttering a word.

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So angels come like this. And then the hammer to LaRoche come, those that carry the throne of the larochelle Majeed and fire Lima, you read such a splendid creation, that when humankind see them, they think that this is our Lord. So they say, Are you Our Lord? And they say no. The Lord will come in a manner befitting His Majesty and in a time befitting His Majesty.

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And if you want recite the verse, a lot of galarza says,

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What are Booker Well, the molar cost of funds of YG yo may even be jahannam. And then that day jahannam will be brought, how jahannam will have 70,000 bridles, to hold that restrain at control it each bridle held by 70,000 angels. And yet, when jahannam sees humankind at hisses and fumes towards them, angry cars that day the load of jahannam is angry in this climate of fear. The books are delivered a lot of good as essays were will they

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and the books are cast.

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And it comes in you receive it either in your right hand in front of you or in your left hand and behind you.

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So what will the

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federal majority mean Amash? 15 m s v waiuku? Way apolonia away Latina man he had a look at

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the sinners and we're all sinners. They will look through the account and they say what type of book is this? La Johar the loss of the rotten wood Kabira Illa Aha. It doesn't miss anything small. Nor does it overlook anything big. Not a joke. No one iota is missing every breath. I have taken

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As recorded with this type of book in your hand, you will go to give account to your Lord,

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like a book that captures your every breath. And now you go to the Lord of the heavens and earth and forget about the punishment like that is the next level. But even if there was no punishment, just the disappointment of the Lord is that not sufficient?

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But then that day, a lot of bullet

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talks about the special category of people who a lot of Buddha's essays will have easy account pilot either

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for a meme an OT Akita who be a meanie for so for your

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car, or whoever's given his book, in his right we'll have an easy account, what is an easy account? So the Prophet told us, Allah make me knew of those who enter Jannah without any accounting, and without any hassle.

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So the prophets of Allah Allah He alayhi wa sallam told us that a lot of Buddha's will bring a servant close, whose book is given in his right. He will bring him near, and he would place around him can have

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a citral Reimer

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a partition,

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a cover of mercy. And so now he is hidden from all the rest of the creation, and he is in the presence of his Lord alone. So a lot of bullets that tells him My servant, do you remember if Takeda will cut their fee, oh, min cut their work either. Do you remember when you committed this sin on this day, and you committed this sin on this day?

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And the servant says, I do. We are up I do. You're up. And then a lot of Blizzard says, Do you remember this sin on this day and this sin on this day? And the servant says I do. We are up I remember that sin era. And a lot of Buddhism mentions the sins and the man thinks he is ruined by the Lord, the one that the staking account knows all the sins, all my blemishes and mistakes and faults and flaws. I am exposed then I am done. And then the merciful Lord says we're lacking nice to her it fit dunya but I covered you concealed you hid your sin in the world so that other people didn't become aware of it you didn't fall in the tongues of men will ofuro her laka Leone and go I

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have forgiven this for you today between me and you.

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This is the A one's a sign of the mercy of the Lord and my a lot of will Isaiah showers and Gullfoss protect us in His mercy and as I say my a lot of words that take us to gender without hazard or other and if a sap comes my a lot of Blizzard give us this heads up because the profits of the law that he was selling until some other Arusha maneuver tishell he said about the whoever a lot of Buddha's accounts with as in challenges you know holds two tasks equal for equal that person will be destroyed. How How

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do you survive a day? If a lot of work to hold account how do you repay a single favor and a single sin is sufficient to destroy you. But out of the mercy of a lot of Blizzard we asked that he give us an easy account or better still that a lot of Blizzard take us through straight into Jenna without herself or other a lot of Blizzard bless you and guide you and guide you. For poltrona fold in cohasset unfamiliar law what interco say yet unfamiliar FC worshiping was salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh