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Hello to our evil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala

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serie, you know?

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Just even within and

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I've learned just as we were talking about the

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blocks to success,

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what are the things that lead to failure?

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And we mentioned two of them.

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First one was anybody from the first two days, low attention span,

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shorter attention span.

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It's a big block to success. The second one is confused goals, lack of clarity, what do you want from life?

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Confused goals. Third one I want to talk to you today about is an outcome of the second one, which is a lack of focus.

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the most important thing to understand is

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those of you who are in the other function, you would have heard me saying that

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it's a great myth that people have, where they feel that they don't have enough time.

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That is not true.

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That is simply not true. Because first and foremost, Allah subhanaw taala created pretty for us. So if you say I don't have enough time, what is the meaning of that?

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Who has you ever ready for this you have

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nobody has less than 24. So, if you say I don't have enough, it means that somebody else have more than ready for

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everybody has 24 hours,

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what there is a shortage of is a shortage of focus, we do not have focus, and we do not have focus because we don't have goals. If you have a clear

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goal, which is written down I am very very dogmatic about this I always say to people, if it is not written down, it is not a goal. It will be a desire, it will be something which is a wish and so on, so on. But if you have not written it down, it is horrible.

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So first item on the agenda, write down your world, what do you want from life?

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No age is too young for that Do you believe in?

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No age is too young. Because the sooner you write down your goal, the longer you have to achieve it.

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As you grow older, you will find that two things will happen. One is your options, reduce

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opportunities, reduce,

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you get bound down, you get you get tied up with different things.

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When you are alone by yourself, you can go anywhere, you can do anything you can, you know, eat less, sleep less, do whatever you need to do, you don't have to worry about it. Because there's no one as you're just alone by yourself, you take care of yourself. As you grow older, then you get married, you got a wife, you got children. Now your freedoms are, of course, it's good to have a wife and children nothing wrong with that, but it comes at a cost. So,

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title. So now you say I want to go and I want to do this, you know, PhD program in this particular place, and I start how I go to that?

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What happens? Do I vigilant

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who's going to take care of them while you are sitting in some university or so college for two years or four years?

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There's a friend of mine who first came to America.

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And he had no money.

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So he did not have money for lunch on a daily basis.

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But a lot one person right? What he used to do was he would collect coupons, coupons, and he would find coupons which said buy one get one free. So he would get for example, McDonald's. A coupon for by one hamburger get one free. So he would keep the coupon. They were in the office, he would go he would say Okay, guys, I'm going to go and get some hamburger. Anybody wants a hamburger? Somebody? Yeah, please give me one. Sure. Give me the money.

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So he goes, he goes to the ground device. The device is not deceiving anybody. Right? He's buying the hamburger. He's getting one free.

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So you got lunch.

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But supposing he had a wife and two children what?

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He needs more coupons.

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So as you grow older, options will close. And progress will get more and more and more expensive. And expensive is not only in money, especially much more important is in time it's in freedom. It is in freedom of movement and so on and so forth.

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So sooner you start with a written goal.

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the happier you will be. And the more time you will have and the more options you will have.

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When you're making career choices, you've got many options. But once you've chosen a career,

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now you're studying medicine, say, for example, and you've studied three years of medicine, four years of medicine, then you say, You know what, I really want to become an airline pilot.

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How can I start? Is it doable, it'd be very stupid, leave the medical corps midway.

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And you start

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trying to become an airline pilot. So what happens to that four years of study and money and all that you spent is gone down the drain, you're not going to use it there.

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So, options reduce. So you say I would like to be an airline pilot, but maybe I can never be an airline pilot. I'm going to study medicine.

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Focus, lack of focus is a very big issue.

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So four to have focus,

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you must have a clear goal and link it back to attention span, How long must the focus be as long as it takes to reach the goal

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depends on the goal.

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So attention span got

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confused goals or lack of goals, and lack of focus, these are three related things,

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links it back to that.

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Now, when you have a focus, like I said, just now, focus is the difference between

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ordinary light and laser. Ordinary light at best eliminates laser cut through steel.

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Big difference in terms of effect.

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So what is focus focus is the art of ignoring fluff fluff is noise. Today, we are living in a world where I remember reading this survey somewhere where they said that

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one copy of The New York Times just one newspaper of one day,

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has more information in it than people saw in 100 years in medieval times.

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Nobody lived for 100 years in the first place, but if they did, and if they actually collected everyday, what am I learning? What do you think that is less than what you get from one copy of The New York Times?

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So we are

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overloaded with information. Plus, now because of devices, we get information in multiple ways, I don't I don't how many people actually buy a physical paper real probably nobody.

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Not nobody watches a very few.

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But you get that on the internet, you get that from television, you get that from social media, you get it all the time, you are being bombarded with information. Today, our problem is not lack of information, but lack of the ability to filter that information to take from that information, what is useful and what is the attribute and leave what is not useful.

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Now we don't have those filters.

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So we find people are getting carried away by like, take for example, during COVID How many theories and counter theories and people literally, it was like, you know, blood on the streets kind of thing, right?

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People believed in the COVID virus border, they believe in Allah that was Billa

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why because of too much information, not enough filters. We don't know what is good, what is not good.

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Take the same thing in terms of Islamic knowledge.

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The internet is full of stuff

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you take one question and you will get like 20 Different fatwas.

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This was of that battle.

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And we don't know we have we do not have the means of deciphering and say which is right which is not right.

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Right. So, focus and by focus therefore, it means systematically studying whatever it is you're studying, whether it is Islam, whether it is engineering, whether it is medicine, whether it is politics, business administration, whatever, studying it systematically, not from WhatsApp University,

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not WhatsApp University, studying it systematically, what are the rules what are the fundamentals, what are the basics

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not going directly to some job or the drop down.

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So lack of focus, so

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therefore key to success, the opposite of all this sustained attention span. clarity about the goal

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Goal and focus on the goal with perseverance which means for as long as it takes to achieve that goal.

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Right? Shall we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us that focus and to help us to achieve our goals? And we please with us and never do displease was a little early. He was a paid member I have to go