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And then one of the verses that we recited tonight a lot of bullets the size

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were in the Houma la de la ilaha illa who

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and with him are the keys of the hidden unseen, no one has access to it but him why Allah mama feel rewarded

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and he jealous Subhana knows whatever is on land and whatever is in the see one spot tomorrow cotton Illa Allah Maha and a leaf from a tree doesn't fall except that Allah has full knowledge of it, and except that it folds by the command of Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla Jalla Malik that is the absolute King and in a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that it was already predestined on which side that leaf would land.

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One master spoke to me amaravati illa Allah Maha wala have betim fiocco Loma till out of the Walla Walla yeah be seen Illa fi kita be moving and there isn't a seed.

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While I have betim Philo Loma till out of the end the crevices of the earth, and the darkness of the earth, whether it is green or whether it is burnt out, except that a lot of bulldozer has full record of it in a book with him.

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So don't think that anything in the kingdom of Allah, Allah Isaiah happens without the knowledge and the permission of a lot of Buddhism.

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And that is out of his wisdom and kindness and mercy that he has our jungle blessed me in you with Islam. This is an accident to have Laura Buller is honored you will with it.

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And another verse which we recited tonight, the beginning of which led me to another verse in my head, a lot of bullets the size one cuddle la haka de,

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and they didn't appreciate one rest and a lot of bullet Riza as he as it was his right to be understood and appreciated. You didn't understand your load as you should have understood your load. And and then and that was a lot of bullet gives us an understanding of His Majesty.

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And to give you a better understanding, I want to become a little bit scientific with you.

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If you look up in the morning, you see that burning sun

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su n that sun, that sun has a radius of 695,000 kilometres. Like when I say that you can't fathom it, you think it's big 695,000 kilometres from the center of the sun to its surface.

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But your head in my head can't imagine numbers like that. So I will make it visualizable for you. Imagine the sun

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to be a big bowl.

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Red bowl, one meter in radius, two meters in diameter that big.

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And imagine that hot surface temperature 15 million degrees centigrade.

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It's huge. Our Earth compared to the sun is a little ball that big. nine millimeters and radius located 200 meters away.

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And you say it is too hot 40 degrees right now in the Yemen and in those countries. temperatures reach me you know near 50

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how far

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200 meters away from a ball that big. Imagine the heat that this ball is producing the 200 meters away you burning because of it. You say don't walk out in the sun without you know sun protection, your skin will get cancer.

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And if you were to get our little planet Earth on which is your lives, your marriage, your children, your families, your careers, your lives, your deaths, your governments all on a two on a nine millimeter speck 200 meters away. If you were to get that little Earth and bring it to the sun and flick it at the sun, it would pop like popcorn

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You know, like you have popcorn you would have popped Earth.

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It would combust.

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It is unimaginable.

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And you can fit 1.3 million Earths inside the sun.

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You understand the science. And that sun is the closest star to us.

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There are other stars to which our sun is a little speck,

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it will swallow a toll.

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And some of the stars are located 100 light years away from us.

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You know, when you look up at night, you see those twin goals. They are centuries away from us.

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And all of that is just in the first sky. The first heaven. A lot of blades, the size was a nsms adonia be masabi. And we decorated the sky of your world with these twinkles all that first heaven, the higher the size, the first heaven compared to the second heaven is like a ring and the desert.

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And the second heaven to the third heaven like a ring in the desert.

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Can you imagine dropping a ring in the beach and the sand? You can find it as in your spec. I couldn't find you with an electron microscope. And can you imagine the arrogance of man? That little speck on a speck?

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A lot of bluster says bah bah bah Lana masala and that little thing is giving examples to us.

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So the third heaven to the fourth like a ring and the desert fourth to the fifth like a ring in the desert fifth to the sixth ring in the desert, six to the seventh earring in the desert and a lot of bullet is the size one quarter on La Hakata. And they didn't appreciate a lot as it was his right to be appreciated. And then he gives you a glimpse of understanding while also Jamie and Cabo and the earth in its entirety is in his hand. Yo metal kiama the day of judgment was summer work to

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be Amina and the seven heavens will be scrolled up in his right so behind the who

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Glory be to him how high above? Is he from anything you associate with him? That is the majesty to whom mean you bow down. Musa alayhis salam and Musa alayhis salam is of the Olaf minahasa he says Robbie areni unveiled a lake or Allah show yourself I want to look at you. Little human wants to look at the Creator. So a lot of bluster says lanta, Ronnie Moosa, you can't see me while I can under illegible but look there at that mountain for anus dakara McKenna who for Sophia torani if that mountain stands its ground and assume Imagine you have seen me

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there's phylum

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eligible, and when en la policia manifested his greatness or infinitely minute aspect of his greatness to the mountain gyla who hora Moosa Sarika en la bellezza made the mountain crumble and Moosa over there fell unconscious, that is a large Allah Subhana and that is the law that mean you worship and that is the law that prescribed the fast upon us. A lot of Buddha's accept your Eva and ours and help us understand the majesty of a lot of bullosa so that when you understand who your Lord is, then you realize that Listen, this pukey little person and dispute a little idle and dispute a little grave and dispute a little animal has no power and all power and authority is with

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the one that created everything in the world just to watch a little noisy photo somewhere it will have the honey from one and nominal machine was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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