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hamdulillah in a hamdulillah in moto in San Juan sofiero when a to LA when I was a missionary and fusina home in Seattle Marina de la philomel Villa ami you'd live for her de la,

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la la la Lama hula sharifa Why should you know Mohammed Abdul Rasul? Allah so Allah Allah Muhammad and Muhammad kamasan Lita la Brahim od Brahimi nica hamidah mushy Allahumma barik ala Muhammad, Muhammad, Coronavirus, Allah Ibrahima ebrahimian, nicomedia Majeed, Edina Amira, choppin, La quwata illa and two Muslim moon,

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as it was announced before, that we'll be talking in sha Allah

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about the major science of the Day of Judgment,

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these major events that will take place before the day of judgment. And as everyone knows, in this place that the ruler, our scholars have divided the signs of the Day of Judgment into two groups, two types, we have the minor signs, and we have the major signs. And the minor signs are those events. Actually, most of them will happen or they are happening or they happen long time before the day of judgment happen and they are not.

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They are normal events, in a sense that they are not miraculous. They are not supernatural.

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They are not in is something that will amaze people, they're not amazing, like metal and the disappearance of knowledge.

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The knowledge of sherry disappearing people are not paying attention. It is available now on the internet and the websites and books and everything. And people

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are able to read and write they have the ability to read and write and understand and everything. But do you feel that you know the way that the last panel will try and make knowledge disappear on earth is by taking away the soles of the earth mm and many aroona are passing away qualified scholars are passing away and this is how knowledge will disappear on Earth. But it's not something that will shock people that will surprise them. He has people of knowledge and students of knowledge will be affected will be sad when they see that their own Mr passing away. But this is not a supernatural event for the prevalence of wine drinking, people will be drinking wine. So this is one

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of the minor signs are competing in building tall buildings.

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Attend Air Force will Boolean powerful Boolean. So people will be competing in building tall buildings This is something clear masala Sallam when he mentioned this sign, when he mentioned the sign he was talking about you know Al Jazeera Larrabee by the Arabs who live in the Arabian Peninsula and how he will be competing in building tall buildings and this is what is happening nowadays, with low to Allah Allah.

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Yet some of the minor signs will appear just before the appearance of the major signs. And some of them may happen may take place during the time of the major signs. Like for example the destruction of the Kaaba, it will happen at the end of time. It is classified by some scholars as a minor sign. Some have classified it as a major sign we

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today were supposed to talk about an amendment Maddie who will appear at the end of time he is one of the signs

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that were classified by some scholars as a major sign. And some other scholars classified him as as a minor sign one of the last minor signs that will appear before the appearance of the major signs. We'll learn how to Allah Allah. So these are the minor signs, and many of them many of them have happened and taken place like mehefin and debito for some Lhasa cillum. The mission of Rasulullah Salim is one of the minor signs, the conquest of Jerusalem one of the minor signs, his death valley Salatu was salam, one of the minor signs, and so on and so forth. There are many of them. So Maria may have counted 50 but this is a matter of perception a matter of understanding a matter of HD had

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even the classification of signs between miners and measure. It is a matter of HD hair loss SLM did not say these are the major signs, and these are the minor signs. He did not make this statement, but the owner looked at the headaches

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And the difference between the different signs and they were able to come up with this classification. The major signs are those events that will take place before the day of judgment before the day of judgment, so they will take place at the end of time.

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When the hour is near, and most of them are miraculous. They are supernatural, like Mithen, the descent of Risa la Salam from heaven, is something that is not normal people are not used to it. They are not used to see a human being coming from the heaven to earth. So this is something that is not the supernatural that is miraculous. So most of the major signs have this, this nature that digests the false messiah, the rising of the sun from the west, people are used to see the sun rising from the east all the time every day, but one day it will rise from the west. So this is a major sign Willa hotel and many rudiment believe that the major of major signs are 10 signs because

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of a hadith that is found in Sahih Muslim and this hadith was narrated by Jose de sade led fairy of the low annual. So he said we were talking group of Sahaba was sitting down together and they're talking about the signs of the hour or the hour in general Assad sort of came to them and he said, What are you talking about? said we are talking about the hour. And he said the hour will not take place until you see 10 signs. And he mentioned these 10 signs alley. Salatu was Salam. And that's why many scholars, as I said, believe that these are the major signs that are included in this hadith that was collected by an Imam Muslim. And number one is the appearance of the shell, the

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Antichrist, or the false messiah, the shell and the second one is the descent of Risa and a center. So pay attention in Maddie was not mentioned in this hadith. That's why so Marina Murphy said and Maddie could be the last minor signs are among the last minor signs that will appear before the day before the major signs will take place. Huge and huge, or Gorgon Magog that are they are mentioned in the Bible, they are mentioned in the Quran. Two tribes, they are humans, and we'll talk about them in Sharla in this program, but not today.

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The great thing kings of the earth so sinking Alice below Arabia is a man has a method, anyone the earth when the ground is open, and it's swallowed something. So and these these sinking are happening or have happened in many places. But it seems that these three major sinkings will happen at the end of time, and they will be huge and it will affect they will affect many people. So one of them will take place in the Arabian Peninsula, one of them in the east, or the eastern part of the earth. And the other one in the western part of the earth three is thinking of the great sinkings of the earth, and he and a number and these are now 123456 number seven, the appearance of the smoke

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Doohan. This is something that was mentioned in sort of the Doohan, a smoke that will cover the earth. This is a major sun sign, the rising of the sun. from the west, this is number eight, and the beast of the land What is special about this beast, it will be talking to people and it will be marking the faces of people, it will distinguish between the believers and disbelievers. We'll talk about inshallah later on. And the last one is the fire that will which bring people will bring people together to their place of gathering. Here place of hasher and the place of hospital will be at the end of time will be a sham. The area of Sham when we talk about a sham, it includes Syria,

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Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. That's that's the old sham. Okay. Now, when people say Sham, they mean the area of Damascus. But in the old days, greater Syria was called the Sham and it used to include these four countries and parts of Iraq. So people will be gathered in that area. And this fire will appear in the area of addon in the south and part of Yemen or from Hydra mood, has remote is in Yemen is the south and is in the south of Yemen. So this is the last major sign that was mentioned in this hadith in this hadith.

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As I said there are some arola who believe that they could be the major science could be more than that. Some of them they said they could be 11 and they included with this 10 mm and Maddie and that's why we're starting tonight with an amendment Maddie and some of them they said they could be 30

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And the included with this 10 lmm and Maddie, the destruction of the Kaaba, the end of time and the disappearance of the Quran from this the chest of people the Quran will disappear from Earth people will just forget the Quran suddenly at the end of time so they included this sign they said that this is something amazing and it should be one of the major signs will allow to Adam but we're gonna focus in Sharla in this program focused on these 10 that are mentioned inside Muslim in the hadith of her they have a new say delivery probably alone. Now in a moment Maddie as I said it will he was classified as you know a major sign by some people, some other scholars classified him as a minor

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This is you know this controversy about him is he a major sign or a minor sign is not really important.

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What is more important about Lima Maddie is the is is the question of his existence.

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The reality of empowerment Maddie, who is a mom and Maddie

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in our Akita because there are many narrations about Emma Maddie and many of them and are fabricated, many of them are not authentic and some of them are authentic.

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And there are some sects in this ummah who have a different perspective about the Imam and Maddie and they have a different name and they have a different mission for him and he will appear for a different purpose. So there are some occur in our history as Muslims. Actually the boomer faced many troubles because of this concept IP there have been many, many people claim that they are

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the falsely claimed that they are MADI, and they created fitna in the community and division and some of them got power and they got an army and he got followers and the they killed other people. And they created you know, bloodshed because of this concept of the moment Maddie but imagine Maddie is mentioned in the Hadith that he will appear at the end of time. So we will try to clarify this issue in sha Allah was he mentioned in the Quran and the sooner

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he was not mentioned in the Quran, any amendment, it was not mentioned in the Quran, but he was mentioned in the Sunnah of Rasulullah lies on the law it was similar. And in Hamdulillah, Allah subhanho wa Taala has, you know, sent to this ummah, great scholars of Hadith, who were able to, to sort out what is authentic, what is fabricated, what is weak, what is accepted, what is not accepted among these ahaadeeth will hamdulillah we will not left in the dark, we just have to go to this you know sources of knowledge, the right sources of knowledge, and we get the right knowledge about these kinds of concepts. So there is a group of scholars who denied actually the existence of God,

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one of them one of the one of them, who is famous in the history of Islam even know how to do who wrote and Mahatma Muslims consider him the founder of an HTML social studies, and even some Europeans are studying his books and studying his, his,

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you know, his, his, the, you know, his books and what he wrote in in the universities. But they don't they don't claim him they don't recognize him as the founder of social studies belong to Allah alum. But anyway, he's one of the scholars who denied the appearance of a meme and Maddie Actually, he lived in a time where many people claimed that they are in magic. And he was able to see and witness the fitna that he created in the oma that the ruler met he said, that could be the reason that could be the reason he looked into the habit of remembering Maddie. Even though he's not a scholar of Hades, and he was able actually our he had the courage or a juror to say that, you know,

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Maddie is not real. That is his opinion. So their opinion, their argument, the first argument, the said

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the narrations about an amendment, Maddie or the name and Maddie is not found in Buhari and Muslim. And what is the answer to this argument? There are onana all of them this is all an older version of Islam, including those who who denied the existence of humanity using this argument all of them. We said these two books Sahih al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim zoo, they are the best sources of Hadith. We did not include every single heavy sigh. They themselves admitted that there are many authentic ahaadeeth and when we talk about Hadith we're talking about statement of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam if anyone is familiar with that, where we have a non Muslim friend who is here with us

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today, and I would like some time time to time to clarify those Islamic terms. So Hadees when we talk about Hadees one mentioned the Hadith. Here we mean the statement statement made

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So last SLM or his approval, he approved something or his actions he did something. And it is it became part of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala because God approved it. Allah subhanaw taala approved it. If we make a mistake, Allah Subhana Allah would correct him and we know about it we know about the correct thing to do. So all his statement, authentic statements and actions and approvals are part of this Deen. And they are part of the sooner the sooner is the tradition of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So here, they they themselves are Buhari and Muslim, these are two great scholars of Hadith. They said we did not include every Hadith, in our books. And

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they themselves were asked by the material maybe by other scholars about some had if we did not include them in their books, but remember, he would say this is a hadith.

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But based on his standards, his standards, he did not include it in his book is called the Jeremy Asahi. So although I agree about that, that there are many actually authentic could be 1000s of authentic ahaadeeth that are not found in Al Bukhari and Muslim. So if something is not mentioned, clearly in El Barrio Muslim, the two main sources of Hadith, it doesn't mean that this thing is not correct, or it does not exist. So this matter is clear inshallah, one of the one of the contemporary scholars, he was under the influence of this opinion, denying the existence of humanity, and he's a semi scholar. He said, so he used to say, Sorry, who have a Russa, he's talking about Hadith. So for

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him, it was sorry, hoo ha, ha ha, which means he said the authentic hadith about this leader did not explicitly mentioned his name. This what he's saying, the authentic Hadees about this leader did not explicitly clearly mentioned his name, and Maddie, or his name is Mohammed will be Mohammed bin Abdullah, Mohammed, the son of Abdullah, that is the name of our Prophet, but Rasulullah Salim told us that his name will be like my name, and the name of his father will be like the name of my father, we'll talk we mentioned this at the end.

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And these are the ones that I had is that clearly mentioned his name, and not authentic This is their claim. And the owner who actually did not agree with them. We told them, there are many qualified scholars because many of them who deny the existence of Maddie are not qualified scholars in the any of Hadeeth.

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We are scholars of Sharia, but they're not qualified scholars in the area of Hadith. And their opinion cannot take cannot be taken as to be used against the opinion of great scholars of Hadith. They're qualified scholars of Hadith. And he mentioned many of them here. They said that there are many scholars of Hadith have declared many a hadith of humanity to be authentic among them is it will hazard hazard class Kalani was a great scholar of Hadith.

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And very happy great Imam Sunil very happy, great environment in this area of Hadith, great scholar in the area of Hadith. If you can hear, I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the blue Cathy's the first year, who wrote the book, the famous book of Tafseer. He was a great scholar of Hades to entertain me to lie on a another great scholar who is well qualified in this in this area. And in Malmo, Kenya. Rahmatullah Annie, one of the great scholars who lived in Yemen, everyone, I am Rahmatullah Ali. So all the scholars agreed that there are many a hadith about Maddie that are authentic, and some of them they said, actually, they are mutuality in meaning.

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mutuality we have two types of mutawatir with our lovely mutawatir

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rewarding with our children meaning what is mutawatir we said before, when a group of scholars or hobbies companions of the Prophet have narrated something ahaadeeth a big group of them 60 or 70. And there is a group huge number of their students tambourine who narrated this hadith from them, so this Hadees becomes mucho mucho tyrian It's impossible. It's impossible that all these people will come together to make up a lie. Like Medina and for example to tell you

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the news about masculine or about the existence of the city of Paris. In our Islamic terminology, you could say the harbor is mutawatir even though it is it is a certain knowledge for many or all people nowadays that Paris the city of Paris exists exists or London

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including those who did not travel. They did not see the city of Paris. Because they're the city of Paris. Everyone is talking about this city. It exists in France. It is the capital city of

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So everyone recognize the existence of this town. It's impossible for all these people on earth to come up with a lie about the existence of this kind of city. So this is the idea of a hadith in which, you know, some Hadith were narrated by a big group of Sahar bees, and their owner Matthew said, We don't need actually to study the chain of narrations of this Hadith, there is no need, because there is a huge number of sahabas, who narrated this and this hadith became much awaited. So here this aroona of Hadith is great qualified scholars of Hadith are saying that these are how these could be motivated in meaning what is it meaning that the idea of melody is mentioned in some

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headings, and it is found in some other ahaadeeth without explicitly mentioning his name, but mentioning about his actions and his rule, and his behavior and what will happen and his his work with Rhys, Ave Maria, Jesus, the son of Mary, at the end of time, he will be working together against false messiah and a Sally Salaam will re Sally Sarah, the son of Mary will be will be able to kill the false messiah the end of time. So, all these Heidi put them together and they said, you know, you cannot deny the existence of this leader. It's impossible. But by looking at the numbers of this Hadith, she have the lolly, Abdullah of him, one of the scholars, contemporary scholars, he

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wrote a book about Maddie. Actually, it was the dissertation, a dissertation that he wrote to earn his master's degree. And this books of Hannah law was praised by many great scholars. He said that he did an excellent job in this in this book, he was able to collect 336 narrations about Emmanuel MADI.

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And he said, among them are 32 hadiths, the statement of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam that are either sorry, authentic or hasn't accepted 32 among these these 336 narrations. And he said, there are among them 11 narrations from the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that are either authentic or hasn't accepted. So 32 Hadees that are authentic and 11 narrations from the companions of the Prophet that are authentic. And he said the ones that explicitly mentioned the name of Maddie are nine heads that are authentic, they explicitly they clearly mentioned the name of Lea mammal Maddie, the word and Maddie

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and six narrations from the Sahaba that mentioned the name of Maddie. So this is a good number and we if we you know in our aqidah in our area, if we have one authentic hadith about something we have to believe in it, you know that we have to believe in it because this is a headache for a solo license Allah and the authority of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu was well established in the Quran. This is something that we don't question as Muslims, because it is it was well established in the Quran that we have to follow and listen and accept the message of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in his Hadith, and he said the rest of the Hadith included some supporting proofs, some

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indirect references and denotations about him will allow you to add so this is the first argument that this had these are his heavy edits about and Maddie are not in a hurry and Muslim. We dealt with it the first argument that not every single every authentic hadith is included is found only in Bukhari and Muslim or these two sources did not include every they did not encompass the whole Sunnah. They did not include all the authentic Hadees there are many there could be 1000s of Hadith that are authentic that are found in other sources. We have seen an imager sooner abidos sooner or later maybe soon and unnecessary. We have Muslim Imam Muhammad which is an ice encyclopedia. Great

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Big Book. We have we have multiple Eman Malik, which is a good book. And there are many sources of Hadith on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen second argument, they said the Matthew was not mentioned in the Quran. And their answer was very simple. They said not every sign of the day of judgment was mentioned in the Quran that the GL for example, the false messiah was not mentioned in the Quran.

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The rising of the sun from the West was not clearly mentioned it was mentioned and there is an area in sorbitol an app that talks about some signs of a loss of habitat and it will appear on the before the day of judgment. And the remedy said the Tafseer of these signs is the sun arising from the west but it was not clearly mentioned in the Quran. There are many minor signs that were not mentioned in the Quran. So this is actually this is not a proof it is enough

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In our Akita in our Sharia for something to be mentioned in the authentic Sunnah and it should be accepted by Muslims because we believe that the Quran is a source of guidance, and the sooner is a source of guidance to part both of them are two sources of Revelation. Because Allah subhanaw taala established the authority of the Center for Salah Salem, in the Quran Rama attacco rasuluh woman Hackman who Fanta, who This is madness Oracle has whatever the messenger has brought to you then accepted and whatever he has forbidden, then refrain from this is an iron sort of hatchet and there are plenty of Ayah two verses in the Quran that established the Sunnah of Rasulullah assassin or the

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authority of this owner. The third argument, Lee said the concept of his appearance, will will open the door to false claims. And he said many people in our history have claimed that they are and Maddie and some of them as they said they got some power, they got manpower, they got people following them. And they were they had some weapons and they got and they created, created, you know, chaos, they created fitness division in the community and some of them they created bloodshed.

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And the answer to this argument, they said abusing the concept of humanity does not justify denying the whole concept of his appearance at the end of times, my feminine love of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are people who abused this concept which we are supposed to love our Prophet, right. He was a great messenger of Allah. And we studied about his manners and his lap and his Rama and his mercy and His, you know, he had beautiful manners and people when they study

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people of Eman when they study his Sierra, the vn, we have no choice but to love him and insalata Silla, but there are people who abuse this concept and the exaggerated

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the exaggerated about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam some of them they ended up saying, ended up saying that he he was not a normal human being he was made to fly it he was an angel he was that, and he came up with false claims. But these false claims does not justify that we Muslims should stay away from this beautiful thing which is loving the Messenger of Allah. For example, there are some people who abused the concept of loving the family of the Prophet, we as Muslims were were supposed to respect his family, the meaning among them, the believers among the family of the Prophet.

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We're supposed to respect them and treat them with kindness with respect, and we love them, right. But there are people who abused this concept.

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And the exaggerated, you know, in regards to the status of the family of the Prophet, some of them even believe that the family of the prophet or some of them, some are members of the will take people to account on the Day of Judgment. And some of them they go to and they make towel off around their graves, and they make a door asking them worshipping them beside the last Hannah Montana. So if some people abused this concept of loving the family of the Prophet, are we supposed to stay away from this? And we say no, we should not love the family of the Prophet because of what other people are doing. Right? This is not a good argument. Or this is not a good logic. It's not a good

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reasoning, right? You cannot do that. If something is well established in our Deen we accept it regardless of how people, other people are cheating it. If other people is treating a concept that is well established in our DNA, if some other people are abusing a concept that is well established in our day, then does not justify us to you know, reject this concept just because some other people are mistreating this idea or this concept of Allahu taala. And so the solution is for this abuse is to increase our knowledge, knowledge is the solution, increase our knowledge about the Quran and the Sunnah and therefore we end up we don't end up following false claims or or you know, false, you

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know, fake maladies. We don't believe in them. We don't accept their claims. If someone appears and says, You know, I am and Maddie, by the way, the last person who claimed that he's a medic, he appeared in 1980 1980.

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And he went with his group into al haram with some weapons.

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And they created with big fitna and Al Haram. His name is Mohammed Abdullah Al Qahtani, he is he was a Saudi citizen. And the Saudi government had to bring the army there and deal with them and some of them were killed in an era. It was a big fitna and this this person was a student of knowledge. And the people around him were a student of knowledge studying most of them studying in Medina.

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At the time in 1980. So anyway, the false argument. They said the idea of MADI emergence goes against intellect and reason, it does not make sense. And the earlier answer this argument, they said, to say that there will be a Muslim leader who will appear at the end of times, and he will fill the earth with justice and fairness as it was filled with oppression and tyranny, and he will divide wealth between people with justice and equity. It's not It's not something that is impossible to believe. And it's not something that is against good reason and an intellect there is nothing actually miraculous about it. If we say that Allah subhanaw taala will make it easy for a Muslim

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leader to rule the Muslim Ummah at the end of time, and he will be able to restore the conditions of the oma and he will be cheating following the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salim and Allah Subhana Allah will support him. Yeah, he's not a prophet. And he's not someone who will have miracles claim any miracles.

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Yeah, there is another person who will exist who will descended his time as a seller. Yes, as Allah Salam is a Prophet Jesus is a prophet, Allah, Allah will bless prophets and messengers with miracles. An Isa will be blessed with some with some Salah Salem will be blessed with Prophet with miracles, and Allah, Allah give him some power to kill the digital the former Messiah. But when we talk about Maddie, we talk about a Muslim leader who doesn't have some work, Linda talking about divine powers. Some divine powers have some miracles, you know, a miraculous no things happening at his time. But he will be if we consider him a minor size of the Day of Judgment, then he will appear

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just before the appearance of the major signs of the day of judgment will allow the fifth argument, we said if we accept this idea, we will be endorsing the leader of the Shia, about the shia sect about the appearance of their Maddie. So the answer to this claim, we said earlier not all the Hadith or narrations about Maddie will fabricated by the shia sect. Many of them were fabricated by the shia sect, many of them but they're early on as he said not all of them there are many of them that are authentic. And they said the difference between the Maddie who was described in the authentic hadiths and the aqidah of the shia sect about it. Maddie is there is a big difference

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between the two of them. First of all, there is a difference in the names. And in the in the Akita or the creed of the shia sect. His name will be Mohammed even has an LS carry, who is the 12th Imam, you know, they believe in the 12 Imams, the Shia. So the last one is Mohammed Hassan al Askari, one of the descendants of Al Hussein Ali. He believed that he's one of the descendants of Al Hussein, ignore it or the Allah on Houma. And they believe that he's a 12. Eman And he went into a cave. This is what they believe. He went into a cave in the city of Samarra. The city of Samira is a well known city nowadays in Iraq. And the the said he was there when he was a child, and he will appear at the

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end of time. At the time of Allah Allah, great scholar, he said that he used to go to the cave every day, every day with their horses and their souls, and with a horse that was prepared for him. And he would shout and scream in front of the cave, saying, oh, who knows? Yeah, molana molana, our master appear, Master come out. And this is their aqeedah. So and

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we believe that he will have a different mission. At the end of time. We believe that he will eliminate the enemies of the family of the Prophet. And you can guess what I'm talking about here.

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So and there are some scholars who believe that this person did not exist at all.

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Mohammed Hassan al Askari, the 12th Imam of the Shia, like a blue Tamia Rahmatullah Allah used to believe that this person actually does not did not exist in the history of Islam. He was not born to Allah Allah. So, but the real name or the name of the real Maddie, his is Abdullah Mohammed bin Abdullah for Amitabh Nagila, one of the two because he also loves SLM. His name is Mohammed and his name is Ahmed. He said his name will be Mike my name and the name of his father will be

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Like the name of my father, and will be he will be from the descendants of Al Hassan Ali, not from an Hussein. So it has an is the brother of Al Hussein one of the olana so the Sunni scholars majority of Rhoda malasana they believe that he will be one of the descendants of has it from the children fathima or the lohana So, let's mention them some ahaadeeth let's talk about some ahaadeeth as I said, ahaadeeth means the statements of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam this hadith here was narrated by Abby sorry, the history of the Allahu Allah Salim Khan, Yahoo Sufi Mati and Maddie yes key healer who later he said towards the end of time that Maddie will emerge and allow we

00:35:51--> 00:36:16

provide for him moraine. That means Allah Allah tala will give him abundance. Allah, Allah will bless his time and will be blessed as his time. What will our Luna Baca he said the earth will bring forth its vegetation while you're rotating man as a ham and he will divide wealth between people with justice and equity and fairness. What a cruel Mattia watagan

00:36:17--> 00:36:46

he said cattle will be plentiful and the omo will grow with mode flourish, the community of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam will find it flourish at that time. He said here issues about our family and he will stay who will remain Earth seven years or eight years. This Hadith was collected by Emmanuel Hakeem and the moment they have agreed with him that this is an authentic hadith. And Emanuel Alberni. Rahmatullah Ali, who was the contemporary scholars of Hadith he said, it is headed

00:36:48--> 00:37:20

in a different healtheast narrated by the same Sahabi busara 200 rhodiola. No, kala Kala rasulillah salam, ova shirakami Maddy. You've asked to Allah. Allah Philomena NASA was Al Asad. He says they give you a good news about Maddie. He will emerge at a time when people will be faced with a great or with severe conflict there will be conflict and they will be fitna and division people will be fighting with each other. So Maddie will appear at the time and the earth will be hit by earthquakes at his time. Family.

00:37:22--> 00:38:04

Mr. Moody a Jew run with a man he would fill the earth with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice and tyranny. Johann hoosac in his sermon he was second of all, he said the both the inhabitants of heaven and the inhabitants of earth will be pleased with him. They will be pleased with His justice. They will be pleased with his behavior and with his manners, where your customer will malossi ha ha This is confirming the other Hadees for Karla hora. Sharon master Han Carnaby Surya Divina NASS and he will be he will divide distribute wealth with the justice and equity this hadith was collected by the member mmm Timothy. We are under automatic they said it is authentic. In

00:38:04--> 00:38:48

a different Hadith narrated by an era of the Allahu anhu Kala Kala Rasulullah Salim and Maddie Mina lol bait you slip hula Houthi Layla Tim. So let's let's assume in this hadith that was collected by the Mohammed new measure, and remember Advani said it is the he he said he said the promised Maddie will be among my family. Allah will make the provisions of his emergence within a single night. For him to be from the family of the prophet SAW Selim is something that makes sense why? Because we know that aerosolize Arsalan and there is no doubt about it. This is something that is approved, verified in the Quran and the Sunnah, that he is the descendant one of the descendants of his marine

00:38:48--> 00:39:21

Elisa, who was the son Ishmael, who is the son of Abraham Abraham, please factor upon them. To him Salaam Jamia cannot Allah promise that he will bless the family of Abraham, He will bless the family Abraham. So we can aim at a solemn her two sons is Mary Ishmael and his half Isaac, or the from the descendants of his married is Mohammed sallallahu Sallam right, is married had 12 sons to have sons through his son Peter came

00:39:23--> 00:39:33

from the family line of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and these 12 the 12 signs are mentioned in the book of sera. They are mentioned in the bible their names mentioned in the Bible.

00:39:34--> 00:40:00

And all the older prophets and messengers of Israel, the children of Israel, all of them came through. They are they belong to the family of Abraham through his son his half Isaac. So unless Allah bless the family of Ibrahim, if we say that a man is from a family of Mohammed Salim that means he is one of the descendants of Ibrahim alayhis salam, Allah subhanaw taala promised that he will bless

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

His family, this is Allah. Allah is fulfilling his promise till the Day of Judgment. Make sense, right?

00:40:08--> 00:40:51

If McAfee Rahmatullah Allah Mufasa. He said, use literal lofi laylat in. So I mentioned the part of the Hadith he said, Allah who will make the provisions of his emergence within a single night, within a single night allow will help him look and feel. He said, You're to Bali, where you were faithful Who were you with him? Who were your shih tzu who, by the miracle Quranic Luca theory said, Allah will reap, accept his repentance. It doesn't mean that he was a sinful person. Maybe he had some shortcomings. He takes methadone to help the Ummah or to take the position of leadership allow them where we have no, I have no idea about the explanation of this headed here, you slit old loafie

00:40:51--> 00:41:16

let him alone and make the provisions for his emergence in one single night. He will help him to make the decision maybe to take the position of leadership in that night will allow to Allah Adam, so he said you will feel cool, he will make things easy for him. You will heat your limo. Allah will inspire him in that in that single night will allow to Allah Allah. This is the CEO of new cafe Rahmatullah alley

00:41:17--> 00:42:08

in a different Headey, as well as SLM says and Maddie literati. Meanwhile, as default Emma, he said, The Promised Matthew will be among my progeny. One of the descendants of Fatima Fatima, who was the daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not have descendents from any other any one of his daughters except Fatima, and all his children passed away their male children, male children passed away when they were young, like Al Qasim and Abdullah and also, Ibrahim from his wife, Marissa, Marissa the coughed so all his male children passed away and his his female children survived but the only one who survived him after he passed away is Fatima and all his descendants

00:42:08--> 00:42:21

and his salatu salam are coming from his daughter Fatima of the Allah and her who was married with olive NaVi Polly in a different heavy festival assassin himself and Maddie mini as well Java and M family.

00:42:23--> 00:42:58

Then came home and was Warren, Emily kusadasi. Nene. So all this added her confirming other ahaadeeth that he said that he is from me in this hadith. He's telling us about some of his physical attributes, some of his physical attributes. He said he will have prominent forehead, prominent forehead and pointed nose. That is his description alley salatu salam, and he will fill the earth with fairness and justice as it was filled with before him with the oppression and justice and he will rule for seven years. This Hadith Yanni most.

00:42:59--> 00:43:50

Most of this hadith is bigger part of this hadith is confirming what is found in the other Hadith. In this hadith next had aethos wa sallam said the NZ race of new millennium for Kuru Amira, whom Alma de tala solly Bina Isa la sala will descend in the city of Damascus, in the city of Damascus and the Muslims with the leadership of MADI, they will be preparing themselves in the area called the Lakota and Hoopa now is a famous area in their city besides the city of Damascus, and the there is a big conflict in the area of law between the army of Bashar nowadays, and between the Muslim groups who are fighting him or fighting against his army. So this area called a lot of Muslims, with

00:43:50--> 00:44:31

their leader or the believers with their leader and Maddie will be preparing themselves to offer solid physical and there is an Elisa Lam will be descending at the time. We'll talk about Isa in a different session in sha Allah, the coming of ERISA the descendants of Risa the son of Mary so to Anna Sullivan affair kulula in Nevada home me robot into crema to LA Howdy, oma. So Luca Rahmatullah and he said Heather Howdy, je will she have the lame Abdullah the melody category Salah feel magical hasn't had it for a while Oh, Tada. So in this Howdy, Ursula Salim is saying he said the son of Mary will descend

00:44:32--> 00:44:51

to the earth, and the leader of the believers and Maddie will invite him is the Prophet of Allah. Invite him to lead the prayer. And Isa will say no, verily among you, Allah has appointed leaders for others, as a sign of honor for this summer the community of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

because the prophets there is no enmity between prophets and messengers. He complement each other, right? They are all brothers

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

They came with the same mass message. There is no conflict there is no enmity between prophets and messengers. They belong to the same community. And now we're talking about most of the prophets and messengers coming from Abraham. They are the descendants of Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now when it comes to their message, their message is the same way our followers, we are the ones who actually created this division, and he changed the religion of God. And then we ended up with different groups, different denominations, different churches, different mosques, different sects. This is what people did. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent all prophets and messengers with one religion which is the

00:45:41--> 00:46:25

religion of tawheed so here are rissalah Salah with refuse to lead the prayer but of course he will be closely working with Maddie against the arming of the false messiah. As I said we'll talk about this inshallah in a different session in a different headings Rasul Allah Sallam said cater and to either an SLP como una Maria. What email mocha minco What will be your reaction when the son of Mary Jesus Ali Salaam descents and your Eman is from among yourselves in the leader of the believers Muslims will be in here of course he did not mention in madding but many scholars they said the Imam that Rasul Allah says Allah mentioned in this hadith is nothing but illmatic no one battle Maddie in

00:46:25--> 00:46:53

a different had he he said, let us have our Latham coffee dunia Hata Emily colada barrage alone mean elevating you want to smooth a smooth izmi was more obese maybe he said the world will not come to an end until the Arabs are ruled by a man from my family whose name will be like my name, and whose father's name will be like my father's will launch item in Abbey Road was classified as well Alberni.

00:46:54--> 00:47:07

There are some rula or some people, some different sects and some rula they said there is a hadith in which also last Assalam said lamb idea of llama de la sub pneumonia.

00:47:09--> 00:47:24

They said in this hadith it means there is no Maddie except as I have no money. There is no guy that person except the son, Marisa, the son of Mary, most of the majority of the Roma they said even though this hadith is found inside

00:47:25--> 00:48:12

Sunil Masha and Mr. Callahan, this hadith is the IEF is weak. And some of them they said even if this hadith is authentic, it means that there is not one who was completely guided, except a sub no Miriam because we're talking about the end of time. He's the son of Mary, there is no doubt that he's better than Maddie. Maddie is not a prophet. And Maddie will be a Muslim leader. But the ISA is better because he's a prophet. So here this hadith he said, even if this hadith is authentic, it means complete guidance, complete hidayah because Allah Allah will be revealing and inspiring Salah salam, he's a prophet of Allah. And it doesn't mean that Isa will come up with a new religion at the

00:48:12--> 00:48:56

end of time. Although Dharma he said he will just complete the mission of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the same religion, the religion of all prophets and messengers, but most of the time and he said this hadith actually, is that he is not authentic. So these are some of the Hadith statement when of Rasulullah sallallahu mentioned about and Maddie as I said, he was not mentioned in the Quran. So there is no way we can deal with the Quran today. Because he was not he's not fine found in the Quran. But there are plenty of Hadith and many of them are authentic about his appearance. And his name will be as I said, Mohammed bin Abdullah or Ahmed Abdullah, he will not actually invite

00:48:56--> 00:49:38

people to follow him. People are automatically said people will come to Him and He will give him offer their pledges to him and they will ask him to lead oma. He will not ask people invite people to follow him. Many earlier Matthew said he will seven scholars will meet him beside the Kaaba and will give him the Pledge of Allegiance and they will appoint him as a leader for this oma from and from that time he will become he will be the appointed leader and then he will lead them against the digital agenda will appear after after after any the appearance of nomadic and then after the appearance of the digital MADI Anastasia or Isa Ali Salaam will descend when he Salah Salem will

00:49:38--> 00:50:00

descend the false messiah will be on earth and who will be claiming that he is God and He will be you know, spreading corruption on earth but he certainly Salaam will deal with him at the end of time in the land of Palestine. So, this is what I have about and Maddie now, if you have any question, we can talk about it now inshallah. Maybe you can stay for

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Another 15 minutes before we finish this program tonight, she's a common law cleaner.