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Musleh Khan
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim in Alhamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to start you know who want to stop Pharaoh? When I was a bit learn him in Cerulean fusina woman say tiara Marina Mija de la who follow modeling data. Woman yo blend fella heard era watch one ilaha illallah wa de hula Sheree Keller was shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu who was solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala de he was Herbie auman sound or learner he was standing there be so nutty he Isla yo Medina. Baron

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for topo la Are y'all, Baba for God, Marana subhanahu wa taala feet NZD Yeah, au hola Xena Amano, taco la ha ha help to Aponte wala Mouton. Illa, one two Muslim on thumb buried. My brothers and sisters. Not only do I welcome you here today on this blessed day of this blessing hour of Yeoman Jumeirah, but we welcome all of you to once again another hole in the most blessed set time and the most blessed month of the entire year for the shareholder Omar bond and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us our cm and accept from us our pm and accept from us our efforts has certain fee has a show, especially in this month of Ramadan. A u haul Bob you all know that in Surah Al Baqarah

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Allah azza wa jal tells us everything that we need to know about from Oban from a number 183 to a a number 186 if you want to know everything that there is to know about the month of Ramadan, you just go to Surah Al Baqarah. To these and we've all heard them. Allah azza wa jal begins by saying yeah, you hella Xena M and O you who believe quotevalet como cm we have written down and prescribed for you. They'll see em Qmr kuchibhotla Xena min poverty comb the same way that we prescribed it for the people that came before you. Why? under contract upon in order that you establish taqwa, everyone, we've heard this as all of us we know this area and we know it well. But there's a couple of things

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that I want to bring your attention to a woman number one,

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Allah azza wa jal says that He has given us fasting to you, we understand this and Alhamdulillah we accept it. But it sounds as though Allah azza wa jal gives us a reason why he's given us fast. And he says to us, the same way that I have given it to the people that came before you. It's as if Allah gives us a reason why he's prescribing fasting to us. But Allah azza wa jal doesn't need to do this. If Allah says couldn't fire Khun if Allah as zoa jo says B then it is and we accepted, Samir Anna will Aparna but the interesting thing brothers and sisters about this area is that Ally's zoa gel is giving us a historical fact. He's telling us that the one thing that ties you today in this

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generation from all the generation and all the members that came before you, is the cm and this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once told us that all of the sacred books have been revealed in the month of Ramadan, the Torah, the Injeel, there's a board and the Quran was Sophie Ibrahima moves, and also the scriptures of Ibrahima Musa. All of this has been revealed in the month of Ramadan. It is cm that ties us from the people who came before us how La La contactable.

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Now if you listen to the IU how it ends Allah azza wa jal says, I've given you fast so that you can establish taqwa, play em how Allah doesn't tell you how to do it alone only says to you fast so you attain taqwa. How do you know you've attained it? How do you know you have that taqwa? There is a great wisdom brothers and sisters as to why Allah azza wa jal leaves this open. It's because it's up to you and I to figure out how to find taqwa within ourselves. You cannot go to somebody and say give me tequila or you cannot go to someone else's.

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Teach me tequila for in the LA hola Yo, yo ma be comin. Had you Hi You may be unfussy him Allah azza wa jal tells us in Surah Toad right how to figure out when you can find taqwa. Nobody will ever be able to change or to cause change, until they start that process of change within themselves. It's until you realize where your own mistakes are. Only then you can sift it out. Only then you can establish taqwa. So Allah azza wa jal doesn't tell us how to do it. Because he wants it to be open. Use your imagination. Think about your life. Think about your marriage, think about your children, at this very moment. Think about what your children are doing in this home. And what do I mean by

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this? Think about if your children are actually listening to the heartbeat, or they're on their cell phone, or if they're talking to somebody else, or if they're laughing or giggling, think about where the priorities of your children are. And the best way to know this is just go back to the story of Ibrahim Ali Salim when he was a young boy between 13 and 16 years old, he already understood La ilaha illAllah. And he went out and he preached it to everyone, and even to his father, who was not only a person of sugar, emotionally, but he was the person in charge of making idols and selling it to other people. And still he goes to his father, and he says, Yeah, a bit to my beloved father, I

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call you to the oneness of Allah.

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And then the father responds to him and says, Oh, my son gets out from here. If you don't stop preaching La ilaha illAllah. To me, I will have the town come and extinguish you. Get rid of you, kill you, and leave you out of this oma out of this nation out of this village. Listen to the response of Ibrahim alayhis salaam at such a young age. He tells his father, yeah, a bit to my father. I will still continue to ask a lot zoa jen for forgiveness and Salaam and peace for you. And he leaves he doesn't fight. He doesn't argue he doesn't say why do you speak to me that way. But he simply responds with kindness and respect. That is what CME should do. Brothers and sisters. If at

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this point, approximately a week now of CME has done if at this point, you haven't been able to figure out where the weak points in your life is, as opposed to the strength, then there is a problem. It's taking too long. The process is taking too long. You don't want to lose a single day of fasting in the month of Ramadan. Because the prophets Allah lohani he was alum tells us every single day when you fast, you place a distance of 70 years between you and the Hellfire every single day that you fast. So imagine that every single day you're fasting and you still can't improve yourself. You still can't establish the one thing that Allah azza wa jal expects from you. And that

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is to have Taqwa have fear of Allah azza wa jal Be conscious that Allah azza wa jal is always watching you be conscious that Allah azza wa jal sees you when you walk outside sees you when you come in, sees you in your in your car sees you when you're in your marriage in your homes on the plane in the train on the sidewalk everywhere. It tequila hyphema Conte as Laura Sol sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in an authentic hadith narrated in a tournament the fear Allah azza wa jal where ever you are. Now look at the next area after this area in sorbitol Baccarat the one immediately after a number 184 Allah azza wa jal after telling us the ruling and the history of the

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cm, and he gives us the reason why he's given us cm. The first thing that he mentions immediately after that he says, uh, yeah, man, matter do dirt. It's only a few days. This word matter do that. It means that it's something so trivial. It's like counting something from your fingers. I yeah, ma'am. I do that just a few days and really and truly, out of all the days in the year you take one month, and it's not even an entire day. It's just the daily hours of your day.

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You abstain from the things that are most beloved to you, that food, drink and desires. And so Allah azza wa jal, the first thing he wants us to know before he continues this area now realize brothers and sisters, a number 184 Allah azza wa jal is going to give us some of the legal aspects or the legal breakdown of Ramadan. So, now Allah azza wa jal wants to give us the fifth of Ramadan and this is the Sunnah, whenever you teach a subject, you start off by defining that subject, you start off by giving the importance of that subject you start off by giving the reasons why you study that subject, and then you get into the crooks then you get into the juice of that subject, and that is

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what we will see now, Allah azza wa jal says for men can and minco mareel bar, our Allah suffering for it the two main a Yemen ohana, Allah azza wa jal.

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It's really interesting why he mentioned this immediately after he tells us that fasting is just a few days. It's like, it gives you this mental influence that inshallah is going to be easy. It shall it's not going to be difficult, but Allah azza wa jal also knows that even with that frame of mind, there is still going to be hardship, there's still going to be people that just can't fast, there's still going to be times in our lives where we just can't do it. How do you know Allah gives us some of the main reasons why people cannot fast. The first one he says is because of sickness. And then again, I mean, Kumari Odin, whoever amongst you is sick. Now here brothers and sisters, it is very

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simple, the scholars, they break this down into two categories, you are either temporarily sick, or you are either permanently sick. So if you are temporarily sick, you are to try to fast until it becomes difficult for you. So if you have a headache, or you cough, or you sneeze, this is not an excuse not to fast, because it's something that is temporary, but as for the person that is permanently sick, the person who has diabetes or cancer or something like that, then here you do not fast, but what do you do? Do you just go on each and every single day as normal? We will come to this in a moment, a lot. So a gel gives us the second reason why people cannot fast and that is

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hardship. So the first one is sickness. Then the second one is the fifth suffer whilst they are traveling. In other words, Allah azza wa jal is saying during the times of hardship and difficulty, Allah azza wa jal has given you a rough PSA, giving you an opportunity to make the choice if you can fast or not, and we will see this area one more time but isn't alone. And then Allah azza wa jal tells us about the people who are not sick. They are not traveling, but they just simply because of their state they cannot fast what Allah Allah Xena up Punahou Vidya for parama miskeen widen Latina up Puna Vidya tune toon Bara mommy skin for mendapat woman totowa Hi urine for hawala until Sumo

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highroller calm in quantum turloughmore Allah azza wa jal tells us, if you're the person who has reached an age and a time in your life, that you simply cannot do it, then pay a penalty, pay the figure. And if you yourself cannot do it assigned somebody else that can do it for you. Who is this person, this is the elderly. This is the person that is weak. This is the person that has reached a time in his life that even if they tried too fast, they could not complete it. Brothers and sisters, you can also understand the area from its opposite. For a young child that cannot fast. The opposite of this area is to encourage your children to try too fast, even if it is with just a moment of the

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day. Don't think that just because your children are not mature enough they cannot try to fast we understand that they cannot complete the fast we understand that they are not Mukunda it is not obliged upon them to fast. But the least brothers and sisters as mothers and fathers, the least that you want to do is wake up your child for support them and let them taste what so called feels like or wake up your child for a solid ledger and let them taste what it feels like to pray and worship at that time of the morning. Or get them to fast one hour of the day. Two hours of the day. Let them have their breakfast, let them fast the lunchtime. Try to be

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Be creative with your children to introduce to them one of the greatest acts of worship by Allah asila Jen, and this will solve a lot of problems for you. I get it all the time that people will email me mothers and fathers will send me messages asking me brother Muslim, how can I get my 15 year old son, Mike 20 year old child, my 30 year old child too fast? How can I do it? The problem happened from the very beginning. The source of the problem is how it began in the first place where we didn't help or teach our children and introduce them to acts of worship. Because the problem is is that many parents think they need to overindulge their children from the very getgo. So when

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their children is ready to pray, they need to be a domestic 24 hours or every single dollar. This is not the Son of God our souls on the law of morality. He was an alum, when he tells us to try to do things as moderate as you can, as easy as you can step by step be isn't Illa you will find that in sha Allah you will have children like Ibrahim Ali who set up so Allah azza wa jal gives us the ruling of cm, then gives us an introduction to the fifth hour the legal aspect of cm, then a a number 185 it continues and it says shareholder Ramadan, Allah the unzila fee for earn. Holden Li Nancy verbena T min alhuda. Well for fun, Allah azza wa jal now talks about the most important

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aspect of the month of Ramadan, the month of Ramadan, Allah azza wa jal calls Ramadan by its name, there is no month in the Arabic calendar that is referred to by its name, except the month of Ramadan. That alone shows you and I how beloved this month is to Allah azza wa jal, and he tells us, this is the month that I've sent the foreign to you. And they've sent in and he gives us a reason why Allah azza wa jal never has to give us a reason why to do things, but still out of his out of his mercy. He tells us the reasons why. And he says I've sent it to you so that it could be a source of guidance and it could be a criterion that you will know what is halon and what is hot on and then

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Allah azza wa jal says it again and then can an income Marie Eldon arella suffer for the two min a year in Ohio. Then Allah azza wa jal continues and he says the exact same thing if you're sick if you're traveling if you have hardship upon you, then make up your fast at a later time.

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And then Allah subhanahu wa uttara continues in the same area not in this order, but Allah azza wa jal tells us for men shahida minco Musha failure some woman kanemoto been suffering for the two men a year in Ohio, you read Allahu be kumal use while you read up Comoros while he took me a while to catch kabiru la Halima de como la la quinta Sharon, Allah azza wa jal tells us a number of things now in area number 185. And he tells us about the poor and he tells us the reason the main reason why you have poor and and then he tells us that whoever amongst you has witnessed and seen the moon failure son, let him go and fast. And this of course brings us to a huge problem that every single

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month in every single Ramadan, the beginning of the month, what do you have, you have problems with the moon sighting so it doesn't become moon sighting anymore It ends up becoming moon fighting. And then you have the same problem at the end of Ramadan. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make it easy for us because clearly in the area Allah azza wa jal says if you see the moon then fast, that's it. And then Allah azza wa jal talks about the same issues and tells us that all I want for you you read Allahu be kumal use all I want for you is only ease for in the morosely you saw verily after every pain difficulty there will always be ease multiple avenues of ease. And then Allah azza wa jal

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concludes this area and tells us you read Allah will be coming useful Allah you read you become onerous what it took me a while to Kabira la Harlem ah ha de como la la quinta, Sharon Quran. This summarizes the whole purpose of first give thanks, be grateful, be grateful of what Allah azza wa jal has given you. This is why one of the greatest

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mistakes that people make, especially when it comes to the F bar is they begin to cook so much food and hoard down as much food as they can.

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And they lose the entire spirit of Ramadan. If you feel hungry you're supposed to. If you feel that the Ramadan is difficult for you, it's supposed to be. If you feel as though you're always starving and you're always hungry and you need thirst or you need to rest and relax and so on. It's okay. Because nobody had this and exemplified this more than Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters, these are the words that I leave you with in the first part of the hopa and in sha Allah hotaru Allah in the second part, we will conclude with a number 186 how Allah azza wa jal concludes his discussion about what I'm all done. We ask Allah azza wa jal to shower his Rockman

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upon us, especially in this month, but throughout our lives, we ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us our cm our pm our record our su Judea balada mean according to smart on what stopped federal law howdy welcome what he said in muslimeen. I'm in Cali them festa Pharaoh in Houma. la foto Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam O Allah He was the he was Herbie he woman whether a man borrowed after Allah zoa jen tells us about Ramadan gives us the rulings of Ramadan tells us that the entire month is based upon ease and no hardship in it.

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Allah as origin concludes and says what either Celica iva de I'm only listening to the wording of the A Allah says, if my slave asks about me, brothers and sisters, this area here 186 it was revealed in a response to a question that the Sahaba has had lots of harbors, they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they asked him yada rasulillah the response of Allah should we try to look for that response? Or will the response come to us automatically and Allah azza wa jal sent down this ayah to answer that question, what either as an eBay D and E for inequality, the first thing Allah azza wa jal says, He doesn't say if my slave asks about me, tell him I will

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answer. Allah first says telling him that I am close to him. What does this mean? It means that even if you don't ask Allah he's still there for you. It means that if you don't raise your hand in Dora Allah's mercy has a rough man his protection is still going to be hovering over you for in need party. Oh gee boo Tao what a dairy either and I will answer the door of the person who calls upon me only if they ask from this area you understand that if you do not ask Allah Allah will not answer you. If you want your daughter to be answered, you need to ask Allah azza wa jal to answer that to our

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what is as a birdie Andy in coreboot Oh gee Buddha our to die either there are fairly StG buli while you may know be on your show, don't go and tell them oh Mohammed Salalah while he was salon, that by no means I will answer that door. So not only am I close to you, but at the same time I will answer your prayers. I will answer those tears I will answer the cry when a woman she sits down by herself and she makes the ayah to Allah azza wa jal especially in this month and she says Yara br up my marriage is going downhill mount a br of nothing is going great for me. I cannot conceive a child what is the law so just say for the semi Allahu poletti to judge you know Kathy zodia what Tisha ki

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Illa Allah azza wa jal says verily he hears the cry of the woman when she raises her hands and she complains to Allah azza wa jal Yara be Arab, listen to me there is no way out for me. Then the A concludes law Allah whom you should now call a lot wiser which Allah Allahu mysuru Allah Allah homeopathic Kuru Allah Allah whom he utters the Quran, Allah azza wa jal does not say in the end of this as in order that they may give thanks to me or they may ponder or they may remember me but rather alive.

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So agile says, your shoe Dune, and this is the words that I will leave you with the word yoshu. Do brothers and sisters it comes from the word rush. Don't rush Dune, it means a guardian ship. So Allah azza wa jal says, in order that you will receive my guardian ship and my protection, you need to continue to make dua for me. And just think about it logically how much sense this makes, if you have a friend that you don't know very well, you see him on and off, that friend comes to you and says, Look, I need your help. How much are you inclined to help a person that you're just acquainted to? As opposed to somebody you see every day you talk to them all the time, they come and they ask

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for your help? How inclined are you to help that person? And so brothers and sisters, the more you pray to Allah, I make dua to him, the more chance the more likely Allah azza wa jal will answer your door. Why? Because you've been close to him in the very beginning anyways. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our door, may Allah subhanahu wa taala accept our pm and our cm May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our efforts that we put forth in this dunya so that we can reap the benefits in general earthhero jambul Allah mean, brothers and sisters, we conclude and we send peace and blessings to the Rasul Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam cannot Ahmad on our Subhana subhanho water out of Eton Zd in

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Allahu Allah, he can tell who you saw lunarlon be au hola Xena. ermine was solo early. He was only with us Nima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala early Mohammed came out so late Darla Ibrahim Allah Allah early Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed Allahumma Farrell Massimino well muslimah meaning almina Allah here in Houma in naka de mon semi or Mooji bo dharwad Allahumma inonotus local Jenna Omar Cordoba, la Herman Colin huanan, when are also becoming another one are called robot la hamming code in wireman or banner. Tina Fey dunia has an waffleh ferati has an opener as urban subconto become a barista try your seafood or sit down when it was sunny. Welcome to the learn how to be loud him

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