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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hilah Avi mill hubiera Mata Ali Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah hin levy of Salah j Birla Lao early Saba Hannah hoomin illa hin Avi me of Pharaohs Zoo but whether you Bernie

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in love la who

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will be Hannah Mootoo will be handled will be her know Ellie was shadow and Rocco de wattana one molana for what whiny Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abu Omar su have wasafi you whom in hockey he waha de la sala Who? fatale nursey Bashir on one as he was ill of La Hebei if the knee He was urogen monniera for Bella Raisa Amana, Juana Sahil oma for Kasha for LA law Hill Houma Raja hydrophila he hopko jihadi Hata Julio clean for Sol our Torah be wasa mahalo aka Dr. rasulillah, my beloved brother and most respected elders, mothers and sisters,

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I put it to you, that if you let your lives be touched by the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, you will reach the pinnacle of human achievement. I want to say that again, if you let your lives be touched by the life of the Prophet, you will reach the pinnacle of human achievement. And I cited certain examples from the near and dear of the Prophet, his immediate family, who reached amazing McCombs and stations and status in the eyes of a lion in the eyes of the creation, because they allow themselves to be molded and reformed and transformed by the character of the Prophet.

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Now, you've been hearing for the last few minutes about key components of the character of the soul, and just listening to it and contemplating and trying to take it in. You can't help but reaffirm the verse of the Quran in North Carolina Hello, Kay, nauseam Verily, Mohammed, thou art on a more sublime and exalted pinnacle of character.

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Now, to give you certain examples, are ye from the family of the profit cause you might say, you know, how deja was family? Of course, that would happen is family of course would I want to take it to the general Muslims. And I don't, I want to come to the empirical evidence if need be later time is running very fast, but

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the gauge by which the companions wanted to be measured against was the gauge of Allah and the gauge of the Prophet. And this is what a lot of Buddha's said about them when they allow themselves to be transformed by the conduct of the Prophet and the teachings of the Quran. Allah is the size

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la casa Ravi Allahu, I mean if you obey your own genre,

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imagine this status. Allah is pleased with the believers as in the companions, those who swore allegiance to you under the tree. And understand, once Allah is pleased, he will not be displeased again. So Allah, Allah has certified their acceptance and the elevation and their status in the Quran which will be recited. Tiamat come as being on the highest level of human achievement. Allah is pleased with them, what else do you want?

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And then Allah Buddha is the size and another verse con tome higher Oh matin, Oprah, Jacqueline, as you are. This verse is revealed with regards to the companions of the companions explicitly and implicitly, you are the best of nations ever to have been brought out to humanity. Do you see status and achievement that the creator sighs You are the best things ever be to have been brought out upon humanity and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if we move, you know, you need to fathom the level at which the Sahaba reached and came to and acquired. Listen to this just saw that as a gauge for you. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says to me, glad tidings to those that laid eyes upon me as

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My companions, those who lived with me and learned from me and were molded by me glad tidings to those that have seen me and such such as they honor that Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, to godly man, man, Ronnie and glad tidings to those that see the ones that saw me.

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Let me explain. There are soul sighs alayhi salatu wa mata slim Yahoo Sufi mo minuteness a group of people will be in a campaign, there will be a confrontation two sides have met and no side is winning at this deadlock gridlock. Stock stole might and then the leader of the camp says a fecal menorah up our Sahaja rasulillah Is there someone in this gathering that has laid eyes on the prophet or was a companion of the Prophet a person will say I saw the Prophet I lived with the Prophet as in I was a companion of the Prophet Dora soul says Allah will grant victory to the whole campaign why because the midst you exist someone that light eyes upon me. Do you see the status of

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the companions? And not only that, so the soul says time will pass another generation will come and they will be another style might deadlock no one's winning. So then the person will say a FICO man, so I had a man Sahaba Rasulullah Is there someone here that has become the companion of those who were the companions of the Prophet? Like is there someone whose life has been touched by the ones whose lives were touched by the prophet or God, and a person will say, I am a Tabby I saw our companion. The Prophet says Allah will grant victory to the whole campaign because simply a miscue exists, someone who has seen someone that so my Prophet, and I said, Do you see level in the eyes of

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Allah and in the eyes of the Prophet, he has another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad,

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let us hubie let us happy, don't ever insult my companions. Don't ever insult my companions for one lezzy flower levy in FCB, led by the one and whose hand is my life, if you were to spend less than less than Muslims, if you were to spend the mountain of gold and gold, and my companion was to spend a handful of dates and gold, his handful of dates will outdo your mountain of gold. Like if you were to give the mountain of a hoard and go dig it up, give it a sadhaka and a companion want to come in give a handful of dates. His handful of dates will supersede your mountain of gold any day of the week. And I've got news for you do and you will never give a mountain of gold and charity or you

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won't give a kilo of gold and charity you know best you will do a few dollars here a few there. But if it was a mountain, you give a law says if the Companion of the law school was to give a handful of gold at a handful of dates and sadaqa it is more preferred to me than your mountain. Do you see the status they have reached in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of the soul? So the question is, what were the competencies? You know, what are the characteristics traits of these individuals that made them reach this status in the eyes of the Lord. So I will rush through it and I will try to honor this time and we'll see how it goes. The first characteristic is a man.

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The Companions level of faith was at a level that ours is not I will explain. So there are so used to talk to them as we talk to you and a lot of boys accept. But if the rasuna started to talk about jahannam they would cry like babies cry a toad their beards with soak wet and the water would drip under their feet. Do you know why a person cries so intensely when the utterance is a reality to them? So jahannam which is a part of the era a part of belief was reality to them. They used to fear it as you would fear proper fire in a volcano. If they talked about Jana, he has a beautiful story as a hobby went on a campaign was away for a long time came back and the Sunnah is you go to the to

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the mosque and let your family know I am coming so that the wife can get situated prepared, you know, get in the right state of mind to receive them, you know, the husband saw and the kids can get

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Ready another psychological isn't anticlimax if you come in, everyone's busy no one's receiving you. You've imagined the girl you know, red carpet reception and nothing happens. So the Sunnah is go to the masjid let the family know you're coming. So he did this. This anticipation at home, he's coming so he can the kids ran, had kids met the wife had for dinner. And then the kids went to sleep and the wife goes to bed waiting for her husband to come to bed. So he comes

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and says, Listen, can I just pray two rakaat before coming to bed? So she says yes, he started Allahu Akbar

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and started reciting and stayed and salado, the Asana fudger camp, zoned out camp and she said, Subhan Allah, you went, you campaigned. You are away. You met your kids. You had food. Don't I have any right? Like, don't I have a right of companionship? So she said, Yes, you do. But I started reciting the verses of Jana and I got lost in Jana and came out just now. Do you see Jana was a reality for them? They looked at it as you look at real estate. And because of that, that level of a man you know, angels is an abstract notion for you. They saw them the higher the size, you know, the the Sahabi saw angels, the Sahaba is reciting the Quran at night. He noticed his lights come down

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from the heavens, like from above him and his horse starts tonight and go crazy. So he gets worried in his stops, the lights go up, the horse becomes quiet. So he starts again the lights come down the horse goes crazy. So he finishes his Salah, and he tells the Prophet the next day this is what happened. There are several said angels came down to listen to your recitation. How do you what to have continued people would have seen them in the morning. Do you see what is abstract to you was a reality for them. And this level of Eman is a requirement and with a man

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with a man you will conquer the greatest obstacles that a person without a man will never be able to come near. I want to give certain examples. Dear Ones Listen to me carefully. He man. He man builds resilience. It builds stamina, it gives courage it gives hope. It allows you to overcome obstacles that one without faith will struggle with. So here are certain challenges in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam garage rasulillah is in Madina munawwara

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an army comes out against them a surprise attack news comes that listen and 10 days an army is approaching you how big 10,000 plus how many fighting men inside Medina 1400 1400 world face off against 10,000 plus.

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It is easy to hear but it is difficult to understand and feel visualize this you are in an alley. 10 people come to surround you That was the odds that was the odds and they haven't come to shake hands and offer coffee they have come to annihilate the city. So what do you think? What do you think the psychology of this 1500 would be like? So the Quran describes is jell o commune folk a comb? Woman a spell? comb? What is it avasarala de la vida loca Lu bull Hannah gr What does one new Nebula have one hoonah remember when your eyes grew wide and panic and your heart started to beat your throats and they came to attack you from behind you in front of you and your hearts. Do you understand me

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difficult times and but what is the morale? What was the status like you would hear across the Muslim camp people singing chanting this en la home Allah Ayesha Illa era de la humulene Ansari, well Maha jeera Allah there is no joy but the joy of Akira Have mercy on the unsired and have mercy on them will hurt you don't do you see on the brink of annihilation, but what is the heart so happy era but there's okay. There is no joy but the joy of archaeology and have mercy on the inside and have mercy on them will hurt children and they were forced to dig a trench. You know, I don't know if you I don't think you guys do meters here. You guys do feet on yards and stuff. I'll give it in

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meters because I'm from Australia. So four meters deep, five meters wide, nine to 11 kilometers.

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Long 1400 men have to dig it in 10 days they will. Today you won't do it with machinery, but they were digging night and day. And on top of that hunger, hunger so acute that the Prophet has tied a stone or three stones on his stomach. Other people have carved stones on their bellies because there is no food. Can you imagine fear as their annihilation in front of them hunger to the brink of starvation for three days, they have an eight work that they have to finish, whether bad, who could survive but someone that has faith and you hear it in the utterance or load there is no joy, but the joy of accurate This has nothing we are looking for that longing for that. So with your faith, you

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will conquer difficulties. And the US have had a faith that might them at a level which we haven't reached yet, but which we aspire to reach. The second one.

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I have four minutes, four minutes I will just I will end with this in sha Allah Allah. The second competency of the US have the second characteristic of the US have, what the day you are what I call high order thinkers.

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The US have war thinkers, the Koran made them thinkers. 23 years of teaching of the Prophet forced them to become thinkers. Listen to the verses of the baronial Koran. Why don't you contemplate on the Quran on order by Allah to contemplate think a lot of bluster sighs keytab on an zelner who la cama de de baru at this book was revealed to you bless it. So you can think and contemplate its verses and find solutions for your life from it. Don't make it an obstacle and a difficulty. So I want to give and thus have what intimate what the Quran does narrations from from us 90 of na fan who used to read the whole Quran in one night, but they read it with contemplation with depth, and

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then they brought it into their lives. So just to show you that they were thinkers, you see in the time of Omar epinal, hapa, a plague cam.

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And people were dying like fleas. So

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Bob is busy. He's running the whole empire. So he sent a message to America last. And he said, Yeah, I'm gonna look into this matter. Look into this plague What's happening? So I'm a big fan of horror, sci fi, I looked at it, as then I analyzed that synthesize that, you know, a broke attempt to see what and I realized that this, this, the,

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that the deaths happen and centers of population, so that it is transferred from person to person. So ama gave a decree, everyone separate from everyone else go into the mountains and into the desert, until further notice. So everyone separated quarantine, whoever had the contamination died, and everyone else was left. A few days later, there is no more cases of the people dying from this plague. If today the same thing what happened the World Health Organization would struggle to find the solution, but the students of Mohammed were thinkers. So today we have forgotten to think. We celebrate memorization, rote learning, repeating and regurgitation, and we have forgotten to reach

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the level of synthesis and analysis and creation of solutions for our world. And I hope and pray and as I look at the 1000s, sitting before me here, that image to the youth will come again and be trained to become people with faith following the model of the Prophet and ability to think and solve the problems that they will face tomorrow.