Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 293C Tafsir Al-Muzzammil 5-8

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of building strength and endurance in running is discussed, as it is used to improve health and productivity. Prayer in the night is recommended as it is more effective at improving sleep quality and reducing the likelihood of slurring one's insecured thoughts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying up late to avoid slurring one's insecured thoughts and mentions the benefits of praying in the night. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of focusing on the prayer and not overdoing the day, as it is more focused and meaningful.
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Why recite Quran with RTL in the night? Because Allah says Inessa noodle Pei Laker colons Akela indeed we will cast upon you in our a statement, a word that is 13 that is heavy. We are going to deliver to you a very heavy word. What is that heavy word? It's the Quran, meaning more Quran is coming. Remember, the Quran was given to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam gradually in parts. So he was told to review and remain connected with what he had received so far as he was receiving more revelation.

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Because like I mentioned earlier, it's very easy to forget what you have learned previously, because you are learning new information. So, in essence, ltr Laker colon Sakina so don't forget what you have learned so far. And what this also means is that you are receiving the Quran, which is very heavy, and to carry something heavy. What do you need? What do you need strength? You see, he was Muslim. He was sleeping. He was seeking comfort in his bed. And Allah subhanaw taala says that in NUS and Oltean Laker colons, Akela, you have a heavy responsibility, and to get that strength to carry that responsibility. Don't keep sleeping, build that strength,

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build that strength. You know, for example, if you're feeling tired one is that you say I'm gonna go take a nap for like three hours.

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Is that going to make you stronger? And know what's going to make you stronger? If you go for a walk? If you go for a swim, if you go exercise even for half an hour, what will happen to you will be full of energy. And if you go sleep for three hours, will you wake up full of energy? No, no way. You will be groggy, more lazy, more tired.

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But if you exercise you will build strength. Correct. So even to carry the Quran, you have to build strength, endurance, how do you do that? How will you build it with the night prayer?

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That's your workout, your spiritual workout. When you spend your time with the Quran, in prayer reciting with 13

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Allah subhanaw taala describes the Quran as colons Akela. What is this mean? How is the Quran heavy? Literally it is heavy. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received revelation.

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Would he feel its weight? Its heaviness. Yes. In total hasher il 21. Allah says lo unzila the Quran Allah Allah jevelin the Ito HaSharon Mutasa dieren even a mountain could not bear the weight of the Quran and Hadith we learned a smart Vinci as each he said that when sutra may that was revealed upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I was holding the rope of his camel.

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So she was holding the rope of the camel that the Prophet sallallahu sunnah was sitting on. And so to me that was revealed upon him at that time when he was writing that camel. She said from the pressure of the wahi I felt that the front leg of the camel would break. She could hear the sounds coming from the front legs of the camel. You know, when something is like overburdened and you feel like it's going to snap any second. That's how the legs of the camel or Zaven Sabbath will do the one who said I used to write the ye for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning whenever God would bring Revelation, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would call me I would bring my pen my ink, and

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he would recite to me and I would write it. And he said that when where he would come to him, he would shiver and sweat like beads of pearl would trickle down the side of his head. Sweat just like pearls would trickle imagine. Then when the state would subside, I would go to him with a branch of date palm because it wide, right? He said I would take that to him and he would dictate the way he to me and I would write it and I would not finish writing except that from the heaviness, I would feel my leg would break. And I would feel that I'd never be able to walk with that leg ever again.

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This is who Zaid wrote the Lauryn Hill writing the way as it was revealed on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam written for the first time and what does he feel that his leg would break even he would feel the pressure in NASA normal Pei Lake

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A colon tequila.

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It's a heavy word, because it's the word of Allah.

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And to carry it, to retain it, you have to build some strength. But what happens to us we say, Oh, I'm getting bored, getting tired. We find it heavy in a different way. Heavy as unburdened some something that we don't have patience for anymore. We're getting bored and tired off, that we don't enjoy it. It is old and filthy level we have to experience the right kind of weight.

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Not out of boredom and exhaustion, but out of realization of its seriousness and its importance in NASA nuclear Lekha, colons Akela. Its own subpoena in another way also, that the contents of it, I mean, really, what is expected of us

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is something very serious and if we really want to bring the Quran in our lives, it's a heavy responsibility.

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It's a very difficult change makes us uncomfortable. Colin Serkin

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hustle bustle he said that Armelle is heavy its obligations and are calm. The commands are heavy, serious.

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And it will be heavy in the Mi Zahn on the day of judgment for those who recite it. Allah subhanaw taala has facilitated it Welaka the asana Al Quran Allah deeply for Hillman motorcade in Nazjatar Lail Allah says indeed, the Nasha of the night Nasha known Chien Hamza Nash is to rise to emerge in chat. In chat, what does it mean to make something grow? Because as it grows, it goes upwards. Right. So Nashua, the word Nasha is used for waking up after sleeping, rising after sleeping. So when you wake up, basically, what do you do? You get up. You were laying down, now you are sitting up, you're standing up.

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So Nazjatar lane, meaning the Yama lane,

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waking up in the night and praying in the night, in the hours of the night.

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Here it is a shot do work on it is more effective, it is more powerful. For what for what? What is what? It has two meanings. Firstly, what wild or Hamza WAPA is to trample something under one's feet.

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Well, I have the owner mostly and in sort of the Toba we learned so what is to tremble something under one's feet. So the night prayer getting up in the night and praying, this is more effective for trampling something trampling what

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the knifes

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meaning if you want to fix yourself,

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then the best way is that you make yourself pray in the night.

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It's the most effective way of squashing oneself off correcting oneself. Because when you will wake up in the night you are

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controlling your sleep.

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When you wake up in the night, you are controlling your desire you're weakening your knifes you're weakening your desire. And when you will weaken your desire your ego

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then what will happen? You will be able to lead your naps instead of your LUFS leading you

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when you're not sezzle Sleep Sleep 10 more minutes, half an hour. Okay, take it easy. What is getting stronger, your naps is getting stronger. But when you tell your naps nope, Get up right now. When you refuse your naps, you are weakening it and when you will weaken it, you'll be able to lead it in the day also. So he or she had to work on it is far more effective in in training than us squashing it

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when we were doing the course every time teacher used to say get up in the morning and recite Quran and the station will be okay. And you will memorize it. I was surprised for the whole term. That why in the morning, because I'm more activated at this time. So one day I said okay, it was weekend. I said let's try why everybody's saying but get up in the morning. And you know, do that. So one day on weekends, there was nobody in the house. And I was learning recitation also. So I get up and I close my door and I recited loudly. From that day. I came to know there are so many things have been activated in me. And I started I love recitation. I was learning all the same time. And all my

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diseases are physically Of course it was moved. But spiritually I was feeling like anything. Yes.

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because you see when you tell yourself No, no more sleep, than when you're angry, and you open up your mouth and say things that are inappropriate, you can say no to yourself at that time. Also.

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Last year, I noticed my daughter, she's sitting here too, she's listening. Last year what happened? Like, you know, she was reading Quran in the evening. And most of the time, you know, when she wakes up after fajr, she missed her, you know, but transits and she used to take, you know, two transits for schooling. And, you know, I discussed with her Quran teacher, she said, tell her to read Quran after fajr. But alhamdulillah now she is regular. She manages it, she reads Quran and pray Fajr also, and if I am not wrong, she missed her, you know, but only once.

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So, you know, this is why they say that, if you can conquer yourself at Fajr time, then what Shavon Are you going to conquer? And what great things are you going to do? Right? So your first challenge is to say no to yourself, that when you want to keep sleeping, you say no. And if you can overcome yourself at that time, then you can overcome yourself throughout the day, slowly, I've been listening to students who do hips for, I don't know, maybe two or three years. And I noticed that most of them, they don't understand anything, and they just doing it in a mechanical way. So just to get them interested, always, you know, start to tell them a little bit of Tafseer. And I tell them,

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you read the meaning before you memorize. And among the older ladies, there's just one person now who Masha Allah understands. And because she understands she memorizes very less. Sometimes she'll be reading one ayah and she just be weeping. And she come to me and say, see what this is. I see what this is, is, I mean, then I wonder how come the others, they're not affected? For them it just like and especially after the hips is done, to retain is so difficult. Because you know, when they're doing hips, they have that eagerness, oh, I want to do another page I want to do another page. And then after keeping it is the most difficult thing May Allah help all of us to retain what

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we studied. See, even when it comes to learning the meaning of the Quran. If you don't review it, you will forget it.

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You will

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know just because you passed the test got an 80% on one test doesn't mean you keep it forever. No, you can forget it very easily. So you have to review

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right now because the night comes so quickly, right and sunset, it's so early, I noticed my family is going to bed much, much earlier than they normally do. And I just realized just as a reminder that it's so easy for us to now wake up even half hour early or one hour early. Many times I noticed that if I don't make up make up just for Fajr those are the times we wake up for school or university or work or getting the kids ready for school anyway. So just remind even if we're going back in our tomorrow, it's so easy now if you start now then you can get into the habit for When summer comes and it's going to be harder so the faster you take that chance, the easier it is yes.

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That reminds me of the Houthis where the prophesy sound says that the winter is a good time for the believer because the nights are long and the days are short so we can wake up for prayer the night and we can fast the day. Was that the statement of one of the scholars?

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But it is true. I mean, the statement is true that winter is the best season for the believer because the days are short, can make up you're fast the nights are long, you can pray at least a third of the night. Right? So in the Nazjatar laelia A shadow work on a shadow one you want to squash your enough's. There are some challenges you're facing with yourself some bad habits you have. What do you do? How do you discipline yourself? The best way to discipline yourself is to make yourself wake up in the night and pray the Hadoop and you know what if you cannot wake up for the HUD job then what does it mean?

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What does it mean? Enough says out of control

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not every day but at least sometimes.

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You know some people that have a habit of praying the Hadith regularly. Okay, we may not be amongst them. But we need to ask ourselves that how? When is the last time that I prayed pm will lay

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and if I cannot even remember when I last prayed pm will lay the my naps is seriously out of control. There is a big problem.

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In the national data lately here a shadow one another meaning of the word what we thought is more thought is basically more Africa of the mind and ear meaning concurrence of what a person is listening to and what he's thinking of. So when basically heart and tongue are in sync.

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They're in sync

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what you're saying you can understand what you're hearing, you can understand you're thinking about it, you're reflecting over it. So the night prayer is better for what? Meaning better for focus and comprehension, and is in itself, because during the day what will happen? There are disturbances, many disturbances, and in the night there aren't disturbances.

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So you can really focus what Aculon will peeler another benefit that the night prayer is a como que la ACOEM more suitable for what 14 For words more suitable for words which words the words of prayer, the words of Dora, the words of mystic fall, the words of recitation, meaning if you recite in the night and pray in the night and beg Allah in the night, it will be more a column, a column as an it will be more sincere,

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and it will be more focused and more meaningful. And really, during the day, what happens you're making Dora and you know, you can be disturbed any second, isn't it? So out of that fear that somebody's going to come interrupt you? What do you do? You don't even make dua in the first place or you shorten it. You know what I mean? But in the night, who's gonna bother you? I mean, some people they don't even get time in the night. It's understandable because they have babies or whatnot, but still, a Columbo Pilla, it's more focused, meaningful recitation. So the silence and peace of the night allow you to focus on what you're reading. Concentration is better. Devotion is

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more intense in the night. So from this Iowa do we learn the night prayer is best for self reform. It is best for understanding and reflecting upon the Quran. It is best for performing sincere private worship. It is best for making dua a como que la the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the most excellent fast after Ramadan is in Allah's month Mahadevan and the most excellent prayer after what is prescribed is prayer during the night.

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He also said hold fast to pm Elaine, for it is the practice of the righteous before you. It is a means of nearness to Allah, it means of prevention from sin, and expiation for bad deeds.

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And even a barrier for the body against disease

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is a Hadith Anna Timothy. So even for physical strength, for physical health,

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because if you can wake up in the night, what does it mean your life is an order, isn't it? Because if you're not able to wake up in the night, I mean, you're eating wrong. You're not exercising, you're just too stressed out because you're not working properly, isn't it? So how do you break that horrible cycle? Where do you start change from? You begin with the night prayer, make yourself get up in the night. And even there's reward for intention. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever goes to bed intending to wake up and, and pray during the night, but is overwhelmed by sleep until morning comes than what he intended will be recorded for him. But this doesn't mean that

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we go to sleep thinking Oh, it's okay. If I don't wake up. No, that was not firm intention.

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Okay, in the lack of in the hurry Subhan taweelah. Why make time for this presentation during the night? Why not just do it during the day, like spend two hours or one hour you know with focus recitation reflecting why not make time for during the day why make time in the night because you have in the days subhanho Isla sub occupation that is the wheel that is long, Saab has basically to swim, right? You got long laps to swim, you got too much work to do during the day. It's never ending work one lap after another. So you won't get a chance to recite without interruptions and distractions. And really, if you think about it, when is it? That if you tell yourself I'll recite

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sometime during the day, when is that time going to be

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and what happened? You have to make time either first thing in the morning after fajr and even that is these days especially they won't work alright, because after fajr is what time for you to get up to get ready for work for school, etcetera, etcetera. So you have never ending work. So, are you going to miss out the opportunity to spend time with the Quran day after day? And you're gonna say, Oh, I didn't get time today. Oh, I didn't get time today. I didn't get time today. Are you going to continue

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like this, you have to make time and that time is not going to fall from somewhere in your lap. You have to make time for it in the night in the Lakoff in the hurdy subhanho ila with charisma Rob big waterbottle la heated de la And remember the Name of your Lord and devote yourself to Him with complete devotion to battle battle Allah is to cut off from everything and everyone and just focus, devote yourself to your Lord, you know, Mother young, she was called Batool why? Because she devoted herself entirely for who? Allah subhanaw taala so when it's time to worship, then become a stranger to the people. And in the night you can do that. You can pour out your heart before Allah, you can

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do this you can do this via you can make dua is the fob with complete focus. So aren't you going to take advantage of that? Are you make the intention? Make the intention and if it's difficult ask Allah to help you that Oh Allah, the nights are long. Give me the faith to wake up and worship you. Give some sadaqa today so that you can wake up tonight recite your ADKAR before going to sleep so that you can wake up in the night. We will listen to the recitation Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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Omen Laila? Paulina

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when postman more calling

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daily Lupo

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tea Akela in

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here I shall do

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Katherine Harris other hobo isla? One coat is no bigger than you

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