Eternal Eloquence – Food of the Hellfire

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a statement made by a person named Gloria la You smena whether they can ensure food for the people of the Hellfire. Gloria's statement is that people of the Hellfire will eat the food, but it won't give them any nourishment, and they will be punished by the law. Gloria also mentions that people of the Hellfire will have a hunger of 50,000 and will die from the hellfire.
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Allah Azza says in Surah 12 Asha about the people of the Hellfire listen home firemen 11 Gloria la you smena whether you can ensure that the people of the Hellfire will have no food except for Lydia. And what is Lydia? We have a number of statements with regards to what Lydia is of them is that of Qatada who says Rahim Allah that that Berea is a thorny bush that grows from the hellfire. And so it is it's the food that grows from the hellfire and that the people other interpretations are that it is called Lydia because then the homeopathic law Ramana Illallah Haman who they will play tomorrow they will be siege they will beg Allah azza wa jal, they will plead with Allah azza wa jal that they

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don't have to eat from this fruit. Others they said that it is called a burrito because it increases them in their feebleness and in their weakness as the province little light I sent him he used that term when he was speaking of the children of Jaffa, his cousin, he says, My Allahumma body and why do I see that these children are weak and feeble. And so the people of the Hellfire they will eat this food, but it won't give them it won't be a source of strength for them, it won't be a source of nourishment. And in fact, Allah as again negates that very concept in the next verse, he says, law use meaning what are you going to endure that it doesn't, it doesn't strengthen them. It doesn't

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give them any nourishment, and at the same time, and now usually means your it doesn't repel their hunger. And that's why we eat in the first place. We either eat to repel our hunger, I'm hungry, I'm going to eat or we eat for nourishment. And so the people of the Hellfire they will be having you think back to the day of judgment. They will have the hunger of 50,000 years, and they've gone through that but they can't die. And then they enter into the hellfire and they are eating but they're eating is pure punishment. They're drinking is pure punishment, and all of that will simply increase and they will never have any respite. May Allah azza wa jal protect you and die from the

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