Tom Facchine – Is Dirty Talk During Intimacy Permissible-Q&A

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how men act like desires and fetishes when discussing sexuality, and how this behavior is not natural. They suggest having a conversation about where the influence comes from, and how men act like desires and fetishes when discussing sexuality. The speaker also mentions that pornography is pushing men in violence and that men need to be worried about it and address it.
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My husband speaks with bad words in our private time as haram when we're intimate. So I'm going to talk about this in a in a general way. And then in a more specific way, I don't believe and I could be wrong. But I don't believe that saying such things when people are intimate is natural. I do not believe that that's natural. I believe that comes from an outside influence, whether it's *, whether it's other sorts of culture, whatever. And so I would suggest to have a broader conversation as to where this sort of thing is coming from people act like desires, and fetishes, they just kind of are like quirks, just like you know, you'd like to put your phone in your left

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pocket or your right pocket. But that's it's not that simple. Some of these things are implanted in you, right or developed in you from outside influences through movies through especially *, and the kind of * culture that we have in the west right now. And if that's the case, then this thing needs to be fought, and this thing needs to be fought, because we don't want our sexual lives and our our idea of what is sexually appealing and attractive to be shaped by these forces. And there's lots of data out there to show that * increases people in violence, specifically, sexual violence, because * is not simply the inappropriate and

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lewd recording of to people being intimate, it is often bound up in ideas of abuse, and sexual violence. And so it actually pushes people towards that. So that's what's going on. You need to be very worried and very concerned, and you need to address that. If this is something that you enjoy as well. And maybe Okay, let's forget about the broader societal influences, but you're both kind of like this. And you both think it's a turn on, then it's permissible, and that's a general principle within sexual relations between a man and his wife, is that the default is that is permissible until proven otherwise. And so even dirty talk and things like this between a husband and a wife, even

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certain sexual acts, and I think we'll get to that with another question. Unless there is specific evidence to prohibit it, then it's fair game and Allah knows best

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