Tafseer Surat Qaf – 08 Another creation – Ayat 15

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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the first creation of Islam and how it became easier for men to create new jobs. They also talk about the importance of showing the people what they want to bring to Islam and how they want to give them the job of being Showing the miracles of Islam.

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Allies xojo says, were we tired? This is a rhetorical question. Were we tired of the first creation? Meaning was Allah azzawajal tired of creating us for the first time? Rather, they're confused in doubt about the new creation. This is what Allah azza wa jal is talking about AI n number 15. He is asking the disbelievers a rhetorical question meaning Do you think that Allah azza wa jal was tired creating you for the first time? No, that was actually easier for him. Then if he were to resurrect you the second time? How do you understand this? Understand it like this.

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And you all all of us here we do a job? Okay, let's say we were hired to do a job anywhere for the first time. What's the first thing that has to happen? We have to be taught how to do that job. Doesn't it become difficult for you in the beginning? So those beginning stages, you're going to make your mistakes, you're going to mess up, you're going to break things, and so on. So it's a trial period for you for you and I both, this is the nature of human beings, and when they are taught to do something they have never done before. In the beginning, it becomes difficult, and then after practice, it becomes easy. Look at the wisdom of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah azza wa jal actually says the opposite. The first time was easier than the second time. So the first time he created mankind created the earth. This is actually easier for him supine hautala than if do it the second time, in other words, allies So Joe doesn't need any practice, this need to get used to things. This is the lesson he is trying to show the disbelievers showing them that he the first time is easier. I don't need practice to do it again.

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And this is the this is the wisdom behind the firewall. This is the wisdom behind dour that Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us and actually there is a hadith narrated in a Bukhari Hadith put see that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us your cool Allahu taala you Vili you Vini ebonyi Adam eoco

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Allah azza wa jal is in pain. When the people mankind they say, lay or eat any can but only

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that Allah azza wa jal can't return me after I die, the exact created me allies, so again, feels a sense of sorrow, sadness for these people, because why they are digging a hole of punishment for themselves. And it is something that is so easy for them to accept. But instead, because of their pride and arrogance, they are digging a hole of punishment for themselves. And so brothers and sisters,

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what I wish to leave you with here in sha Allah until we continue our discussion of soda coffee tomorrow is that here we are discussing Dharma to the disbelievers. And we have mentioned various ways that you can give Dawa to the disbelievers and we are still discussing with you the one of the most important ways and that is show this believers show the people you want to bring to Islam. Show them the miracles of Allah azza wa jal around you be in LA tada you will find that this was an opening of softness in their heart to accept the message of allies.