The Palestinians Phenomenal Resilience and Steadfastnes

Zakir Naik


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Unless the Muslims get together, we will not be doing a job. I've given a talk

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Action Point Plan

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13 Point action plan for the Muslim ummah

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for Palestine. Since this is not the topic of the day I will not speak about that in detail. You can refer to my video on the topic, but Allah is testing us. As far as the test for the Palestinian concern, most of them are partially fly flying colors.

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Those who have died, their mothers their shade alive and inshallah grant them their different dose.

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Those that are suffering, may Allah give them steadfastness. May Allah give them peace. May Allah give them serenity.

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It's beautiful to see that the mothers whose children are being martyred, they're praising Allah, Allah, Allah, this is from Allah.

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They're not complaining. They're thanking Allah, that we have got an opportunity to serve the cause of Allah