Wahaj Tarin – The Sacred Months

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the concept of "months," which refers to a time period where everyone refuses to sin during a specific period of time. The concept is used to encourage individuals to take action against sinful behavior.
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In a shoe who re entering the law Heath now I shall I shall hold on fee kita Villa, the count of months in the book of God. The day he created heaven and earth are 1212 months was supposed to be the calendar, the day of creation, mean her arbeiten home from this 12 months, four months are considered sacred and me and you are currently living through the sacred months. So in this section of the sacred months, we have de cada Zul hijjah and muharrem currently we are in little hedger. So as soon as Allah Buddha declares that these four months are sacred, the next command is Fela, tavoli movie hint for circum don't wrong yourselves in these months, don't oppress yourselves, meaning

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don't sin in these months, sin is forbidden, generally, across the but then this four months or in these four months, there is a specific instruction specific emphasis, do not sin in these months, cause sin in this month is different from the sins of other months, in this month, not only are you sinning, but then this month you're violating the sanctity of the month, and you going against the explicit dictates of Allah bullosa so the best thing you can do before all else is to ensure that you say you know her arm that you see know her arm that you hear know her arm that you approach, know her arm that you plan, know her arm. Take these opportunities to free yourselves from sin.

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