Story of Abdullah Ibn Al-Mubarak and the Slave

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To beat you to Allah subhanaw taala but if someone did, what do you do for them? If someone did beat you beat you to Allah. You know if your Amara Annabelle Buckler did beat you to Allah subhanaw taala What do you do you hate to buck you know you want to trip Abu Bakr Jana impede his

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or sort of break his leg?

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Absolutely not. But, but this is this is what you do. And this was a story that happened and Josie reports in one of his beautiful books, it's called the bar demo. And it's probably titled properly titled.

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It is Bakra dimora which means the ocean of tears.

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And then in this book bar, the more he really

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relates reports this story. It's a story about Abdullah Mubarak and Byron Bay ovens if he added celery.

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But Sophia was mentioned only once in the story, but the love Nuvera you know, after loving Barack

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is so huge, right? Like, you know, provide a barber that Haramain we're talking about the

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sort of the cream of the crop during their generation during their time, the best of the best.

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That the greatest of all,

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in, in many regards, and so piano salary, so we're talking about the most knowledgeable, the most pious the greatest them, the people who had the greatest religious and moral integrity of their generation.

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So after Robin Roanoke went to Aqaba, one day there was a drought in Makkah and Abdullah bin Barak went to the Kaaba and he found black young man

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who was a slave.

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Sitting by one of the doors of a cabin of the lagoon Barak sat close to him. And he heard them making dua for rain. He heard them making dua for rain. And then he said,

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Oh Allah, Allah, Pat is Zulu boo, or Alacati, who has an oboe, Allah, the faces are worn because of the sins and you have chosen to discipline your servants to remind them of you and to discipline them. But Oh Allah, show them your mercy.

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Nothing but good comes from you. Show them very Your Mercy, bring down the rain now.

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They are going through extreme hardship, bring the rain down now. And then this boy kept on saying, Bring it down now a cell, a cell and cell. So he said and Abdullah said there was no there were no clouds. And he said, Now, now, now.

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And then about what I looked up and there were clouds and started their heavy rain to pour down rain.

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So long, Wallach looked at this, and he's like, Well, you know, because likely he was praying. Likely, you know, his friends also are praying for his friends or who saw piano salary and provided

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these people were praying. And then he sees this. And then he goes to Thailand. And then he follows this young boy

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to his face to his residents, that was the residence of his master.

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He followed him to his residence, and then he went viral.

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And he was the stress the

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sole provider and I was talking to him and then he was not paying attention providers. What is wrong, he was saying to them, what's wrong with you? And I also have the wrong Barack said. tool for diet and Saba cannot lie.

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We were beaten to allow someone else to beat us to Allah subhanaw taala Fattah Allahu Duna Saba Klarna la de vie Aruna. fatawa doing an someone else beat us to Allah and he took him as La

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he took you know

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as a whether you're not as he took him not as as our as a friend

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so then

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But what did our beloved him God do after loving them Barack went to the house of that you know that the House of that young boy and he asked the he asked about him and then the master came out and said to him,

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I can give you anyone but not this one because I feel his the blessings of His presence and my home

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and then of the labrum Barak kept on pleading to him by this young boy from them. And he said to him, how do you want me to go back to an FBI lab? Now? You see,

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these people are known to be you know,

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to be who they are, know who you know them to be.

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So he said to this man, how do you want me to go back to Alfred Idebenone oven so piano theory without basically bringing them the boy that I talked to him about?

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Until the master said to him, Okay, I will say I will tell him to you about Abdurrahman.

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You're you're you're visiting me and you're coming to my home is so dear to my heart. Okay, I'll send them to you. And then he was talking he was taking the boy back to provide them now he abs and so if you had a theory you know to show them the gym to show them the one whose prayer was answered by Allah subhanaw taala after the people love Mecca where you know

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where we're praying without

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accomplishing or achieving their their want or need.

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So he took him took him back and then on the way the boy said to him, the boy called them man and that was the cornea of of the Lebanon water. So the boy call them and then I'll go I'm gonna accept them like bake, which means that your service so the boy is like, you know, Masters don't say at your service to their slaves slaves say at your service that their masters don't say that to me.

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And then have the laburnum garlic sent to him.

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matadi dia, habibi. What would you like? Oh my Oh, beloved.

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And then the boy said, why have you bought me you could have bought someone else I'm too weak.

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And I'm too weak to surf. And then on the lagoon Barak said to him

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last, Annie Lara Akela who Damania better

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May Allah never see you serving me ever. I did not buy you for this. I bought, you know, monster I took like, a pack to free you. Were Abney laka Daraa. And Abdullah used to be wealthy and he used to be you know,

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very generous, extremely, extremely generous. And

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you know, to me like Darren and I build the house for you What was that widget and I'll get you married.

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And I will serve you

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so the so the boy then

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the boy then started to cry. And he said

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that you you're not doing this except because except after seeing me is he and my communication with Allah at the Saudi villa.

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My communication with Allah and I wanted to keep this private.

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And I enjoyed it when it was

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and I enjoyed it when it was private. But now you know about it, and now everyone would know about it.

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And he started to cry and then he asked him to go to pray to rock as the the past biomass. The master he asked them to pray to rock us and he went in and pray to Allah cause

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and Abdul Rahman and Barack was was waiting for him. He told them why don't come through. He told them let's go first and see it reliable.

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But he was he was waiting for him.

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And then after he prayed

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he said to him as though the Ark Allah, I leave you and I was

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protection and

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love rock said, Where are you going?

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And he told me

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I'm going on a long journey.

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And then he prostrated a knife

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maybe he had asked the last month to take him at that time. And Allah subhanaw taala responded to the ayah like he did before.

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So the point here is

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Abdullah Abdullah Barak felt jealous

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of the love of God, I felt that someone beat him to Allah subhanaw taala we were praying for rain, how come Allah responded to him and did not respond to me.

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So, if that's jealousy, and that's, that's fine.

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If that's what you feel, you feel upset because someone beats you to Allah, it is fine. But that's what you do with people who beat you to Allah. First you're happy because your lawyer is happy. Your Lord is or your Lord is pleased, they are pleased because your Lord is pleased.

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Allow alpha beta with Rob

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had come SOHCAHTOA it could have been fella, Allah is rejoices in the repentance of a servant more than one of you who had found this gamble after you lost them in a barren desert.

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But but you're pleased because you're a lawyer this plays then you're also

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you become affectionate towards those people who beat you to Allah subhanaw taala it's not a sense of rivalry where you started to have, you know, resentment, or you hold grudges against them because they beat you to Allah you become more affectionate towards the people who beat you to Allah subhanaw taala because like I said before, what it means that you remove your ego from the center, and you place Allah at the center, and those who are closer to Allah become closer to you, those who are more beloved to Allah become more beloved

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to you.

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So that was the jealousy about the Lebanon War I can feel better than those people. They did not want anyone to beat them to Allah remember why bug network when we were talking about why we've been involved one of the statements last time we were talking about why we've never heard one of the statements of what type of underwater was and it's Nevada LIS betta cave Allah He had for fun.

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Why do you say, if you can make sure that no one will beat you to Allah, then do it. Make sure that no one will beat you know Allah, if you can do that, if you can make sure that no one will be to Allah do it. How do you do it? By excelling in the service of Allah by Excel against sincerity and devotion to Allah subhanaw taala by you know,

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because likely

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that boy was that boy he was a slave. So, he likely did not have that much time to serve in terms of like do things in terms of pray, although his master said that he prays most of the night and he allowed him because he felt to the blessings of his presence in his home.

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But he did not have the you know, the capacity to do the things like after loved him Barack used to do of the rock used to be a great scholar, verifying erudite scholar, he used to be a great Mujahid one of the greatest moods.

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And he used to be also

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at great Nasik I haven't you know worshipper, servant of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we're not saying necessarily that this boy was better than the love of water. We're not judging, in that sense, but at least of the love of brachfeld that you know, Allah responded to him and did not respond to me. And, you know, told me something. So, the point here is that there is you know, your the traveled by the heart is completely different from the travel by the body.

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When your heart your heart can cover a much larger distance in a much

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shorter time than your body. You could you could advance on the journey to Allah subhanaw

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tirely by millions of

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with your heart

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by millions of times more than your hair body.

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So it is devotion, it is sincerity. See a manatee brokenness that probably got this boy ahead of many others who did a lot more than him

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in terms of service in terms of worship in terms of ritual rituals so that's that's via via is basically to make sure that no one beats you to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And via Allah is also feel, you know angry when the bounds of Allah subhanaw taala are violated when the bounds of Allah are violated the checks here it is three levels well here

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it is three levels at Daraja Toora IRA to habit.

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At there is a role of IRA to lobby the ALA the Fed