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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam with that it is a pleasure Alhamdulillah to greet my dear brothers and sisters from different parts of the world through the beautiful facility of Islam channel, UK Alhamdulillah it's a great opportunity that we connect our hearts together connect our spirits and souls together, seeking Allah subhana wa to Anna, seeking that divine purpose of muhabba and the greater love of Allah through our service and and contribution towards our fidelity as human beings as brothers and sisters in mankind. I'm your brother. Yeah. Hey Ibrahim, welcome. Welcome welcoming

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you to this special edition of delayed jomashop. But myself and other contributors are taking a little bit of extra time with you, rather than just our one hour Islamic q&a. We wanted to make sure that we had an opportunity to connect our hearts together to connect with each other, to elevate each other and in sha Allah to bloom and foster positive positive relationships in our communities and yours. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah makes all of us successful in our pursuit that Allah subhana wa tada honors us he nobles us in these blessings 10 days of hedger May Allah Subhana Allah write for us had again before our departure and return to Him,

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and May Allah Subhana Allah give us the reward of Hajj on account of the sincerity of our desire to have traveled and been there in those holy days and in these holy lands. May Allah Subhana Allah consoled our grief at the loss of the thought of not being able to go to Hajj this year. May Allah open the pathways in the roadways for the believers, the righteous and all of those who see a return and repentance to Allah to find a pathway back to him subhana wa to Allah. I hope in chat, love the time that we spent together in four separate sections in sha Allah over the next two hours with this special for hija will be one that is both educational, relevant, contemporary and practical for you

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things that you can take and immediately implement into your life and extend them past the month of the ledger in sha Allah. May these be lifelong changes that we make in ourselves on account of our seeking quarterback near miss to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. We begin with sending our salah and Salaam upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with what is known as a salah and Ibrahim iya ADO the Sharif Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Mohammed camisa later, Brahim while early Ibrahim Allahumma barik Mohammed Ali Mohammed camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim wider le Ibrahim phenol Amina in NACA habito Majeed, Allah Ameen. Did you notice that I did not just send prayers and peace

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and salutations and benedictions upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the last of the messengers say you will have the best and the master of humanity, but I also included the name of Ibrahim or a bra ham in a different way citation and different pronounciation of the Quran. Ibrahim alayhis salam is a central figure in Islam. He is referred to as MBR, the father of the Prophet, because from him spreads the lineage of both his hop, who is the child of Ibrahim from his wife sawed off and of course, his firstborn child, the great ancestral grandfather of Prophet Muhammad, as I said, that is my aim. Now both of them are the children

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Ibrahim and many prophets have come from the lineage of Ibrahim it is sent out as an honor of Allah to his home to his family. And therefore it becomes important for us to reflect why the name Ibrahim, from all of the other messengers all of the other prophets is highlighted in our so that keep and pay attention to the fact that no official prayer that you will make whether an obligatory prayer, I do not as a prayer, prayer, a prayer that you bow your head or not janaza we don't make sujood we don't make gurukula but yet we cannot fulfill any seller. Any prayer without making mention of special prayers for our inevitable hundreds I sell the end. Ibrahim alayhis salam in

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Ibrahima candle. Ibrahim is the nature peace and blessings be upon Ibrahim alayhis salaam wa. And he was off be here er open the Mean while and Amina Mohammed zigged whatever water football Yeah, economic Academy, our Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam is unlike other messengers of Allah, He is specifically mentioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in very momentous important point, two main central figures were given as examples to the prophets of Allah when he was a limp to replicate and to match their spirit and their teachings in faith, to teach the way they taught. One example was Intel heed what it means to single out a law alone and oneness what it means to be totally

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concentrating your effort with the Creator of the heavens and the earth, what it means to face the persecution, the hardship that will come when you call to good and others rejected what it means to free your heart of any love of any hope of any fear of anything in a way that you'd only be given to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The example that's given to the property seller is Ibrahim and Allah says in the Quran, and when mejor Rosa miletti, Ibrahima 11, Sophia and upset no one departs from the path of Ibrahim, no one departs from the way of life of Abraham, except one who has fooled and beguiled himself and others before God. Equally, the second central figure is mu Sally so that Moses

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Moshe, Alia set up Musashi his Salaam is the one who is given as an example of how to provide an example in that using the laws of Allah. So Ibrahim is central in the faith, and what it means to be a believer and how we implement our time here. And Musa alayhis salam is the central figure of what it means to be the law giver and distributor of the law to the people who will follow you how to lead them upon a path of righteousness, to establish what is halal to condemn what is haram to prohibit what is evil and to call people to that which is righteous. Now, as you're listening to me if you do have a question, feel free to call eight we will be treating these sessions as an Islamic

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q&a as you are being accustomed to feel free to call in and chat log We will do our best to take your calls. Be evening lahaie to Allah.

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Evil, Ibrahim alayhis salaam is that central finger and Mousavi SLM is that central finger. All of us know that these blessings 10 days of the hedgehog relate in one way or another to Ibrahim but I want you to know they are not just for Ibrahim, but they are also for Moosa and for ease and other prophets and messengers. A simple example is Allah says it to us in the order and while I move that I made a covenant and a promise to Moses that bring out of your host send an email on July 17 men to come and commune and to receive the instructions from Allah. And Allah says for 30 days that they were commanded to ascend to the tune of saying that those 30 days is the month that just pass

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declare that and then Allah says, We're at the moon now happy ash, then I favored them with the 10 blessing date. What are those day them faceting tell us they are the days of the hedger did musante SLM perform hunch, as is from his ancestral forefather Ibrahim, and the answer is yes. Musa alayhis salaam married from the great great grandchildren of this marine he married so for our their loved one, who was from the outcrop who were from the people of Indian tour of the nomadic tribes of Arabia that would make Hajj In fact, in total, tell us Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the dowry that moves have promised to pay to the father of saputo, the Allahu Allah and that Judah need to

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match the aged that you are to fulfill work with me in my tribe in my people for eight had cycles Allahu Akbar Moses

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SLM, we know we make a lot right for you. I had you that you can pray a magical hive in Mina in Minna la in Mina, the prophets I sell and prayed in a particular place. And he said so left he had that said Boone and Avi 70 prophets prayed in this spot, woman who moves to sell them and have them was Moosa following in the footsteps of Ibrahim. So Musa alayhis salam is significant in these times, but no one from the prophets and messengers, after I went to be, as I said, Love is more central than Ibrahim and izmail. In this in this particular spirit of Hajj that we are going to commemorate and I wanted in sha Allah. To make my focus in the first two sessions that we have

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before we will be interrupted by Sultan live from Mecca and mocha Roma in about 20 minutes in sha Allah. We will have a break and intermission and then we will continue with our discussion. I wanted to take a central focus of learning five important lessons that we can use today that will benefit our community, both for us as individuals, as families, as members of our membership community and the broader community where we may live, whether in London or Australia, whether Canada or in Egypt, this these are central values that we take from the relationship of Ibrahim alayhis salam in his journey with his relationship with Allah. Remember that Allah says what that's all the love who

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Ibrahim Mahalia, Allah took in friendship, Ibrahim alayhis salam, as a colleague, one who became intimate with God, so loved by Allah that there was no separating between them. May Allah make us of those who attained a level of intimacy with our families and our community with the messaging and that connects us to Allah in lightwaves. May Allah subhana wa Taala elevate us to the status of those who followed the footsteps of Ibrahim Ali is set up. Let's take the first of five points in July, we're going to study 5.5 attributes of Ibrahim five characteristics of Ibrahim, five lessons that we can take from Prophet Ibrahim and he has set up that can help us solve many of the problems

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that are facing us as Muslims in a young and old. First important point is to recognize that being a minority is not always a detriment. And something that is a deficit something that is a problem. And being a minority does not mean that you are not favored by God, having a minority status does not mean that Allah has relinquished you, and that people who are larger in number who have a greater gathering who are more popular, who are more celebrated, who are more famous, then the righteous that they in, in fact have a greater place in society or in the sight and estimation of Allah.

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If we were to talk about Ibrahim Ali is set up in terms of numbers and cents. Ibrahim was a minority, Ibrahim alayhis salaam at times was a numerical minority that Allah even speaks about him and other prophets in the Quran. What by saying when I am an amount he Luckily, very few people accepted Ibrahim Alia set up you could count them on your hand in certain moments of his life in sometimes it was just himself and his wife, who were upon the truth sometimes himself and his wife and his nephew, Luke and his salad. Very few people came to accept the faith from Ibrahim, although he was a color to toe he par excellence in a way that none I after him achieved in its completeness,

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except I will never be Mohammed Salah usnm Allah tells us in Surah verse 120, in that Ibrahima, kind of oma Ibrahim on his own, but as one individual was a whole nation was a whole nation. He was a nation of faith in his heart and nation of faith in his commitment, a nation of faith in his ability to be patient and have Sabra in the face of atrocities. A person who was a nation in terms of his calling people to the truth. The great mountains of atlas shrugged and they will teach us this important lesson and tell Gemma I will input the way you are a Gemini You are the whole nation, you're a whole group, even if you are on your own. If what you're holding on to the truth. Sometimes

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we may look around us and feel a sense of victim mentality that we look around us and we see you know people dressing in a way that we don't find find acceptable by

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Under standards as Muslims, that we dignify ourselves, we seek a conservative habit of clothing in a way that we believe as Muslims internally within us dignifies us in the presence of God in the sight of people. But if you were to look around us in certain moments in society and certain places, including Muslim populated countries, sometimes you will see that those who are conservative or addressed in their a job or seeking to, you know, be pleasing to Allah in how they present themselves to others. Sometimes they may assume that they are a minority, and that is not strange, the profits on the lower end he was said,

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better Islam, Islam wherever and whenever, not just in the time of the prophet in any time in any place. Whenever Islam begins to take hold, it's always seen as being something distinct, something different, something distinct from what everybody else is doing with the same as everybody else. We want the same things in everybody else, but we are distinct we are we hold ourselves to a higher level and that's what it's supposed to be man, Allah forgive us, y'all know

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what they are, oh, to combat that, and Islam shall return to having that in strange mint and distinction that people will look and say, Wow, they're the only ones doing this. They're the only ones who keep these Hello laws. They're the only ones who go out of their way in their attire. They're the only ones who seek to defend the name of the prophets and messengers, not just individual habits are excellent. They're the ones who who care for things that other people now ignore. They're the only ones who are cyclical in their prayer four or five times a day Munch alone, Muslims five times a day, regularity. And so now they're the only one to part with their wealth. in

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large numbers hoping to go to perform Hajj May Allah open the path of minority status should never let us feel that we are victims or to have a victim mentality. And we should never speak like a victim. We should never act like a victim and we should never present ourselves as victims towards other people. It is Allah subhana wa tada who dignified Ibrahim even as a minority as one, I no doubt, our numerical minority status in certain times and in certain places, not in terms of how many Muslims are in the world. But how many Muslims adhere to Islam in a way that is meaningful, that becomes an important issue. You can be a numerical minority, but you can be a moral and ethical

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majority as an individual, by yourself. You can be a majority in terms of your ethics. And Ibrahim Ali Salam never, ever treated himself as a victim, never saw himself as downtrodden, never saw himself as defeated, never saw himself as one who was not equal to others or more. In fact, he would look upon those who wanted to oppress him in a way of compassion towards him. One of the most beautiful verses in the Koran is in sort of Ibrahim, a chapter that carries his name. And Ibrahim alayhis salaam says, For many Tibet and he Oh Allah, Oh Allah, those who follow me to India who made me count them as if they are with me. As you and I follow Ibrahim today, it is as if you are with

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him, You are his Sahabi even though you have not met him in this life, to know who Mindy they are from me, woman Asami I know a lot of those who Depart from me, those who disobey me those who contradict me work against me going oppression against me, women are slimy those who are you know, seek to disobey me in angry you Oh Allah, for in Netcat and del Rahim, then you remain Allah forgiving the merciful Subhan Allah.

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Look at Ibrahim alayhis salam, he's the one he's the minority. But it's as if he is a, you know, looking down upon people who have turned away even though they earned majority, asking a lot to forgive them, not to hold them accountable for their ignorance and for their trespass. The lesson therefore, is that being a minority is not always bad.

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Being a minority builds resilience builds toughness builds, vigor, builds patience, builds endurance and can lead you to greater heights and successes as you move forward in flight. In fact, if we look through our history as Muslims, we will see that as Muslims, we did our best as a nation of Muslims when we were in a state of minority, the Battle of bedroom was in a minority, the Battle of 100 was in a minority, the Battle of

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those will have that in the Battle of power. The CEO was a minority never did the prophets I sell them have a majority except that Allah tested him in it. And when there you are a minority you know, Allah is the one who is second with you, always with you and man

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And a lot that Allah has always managed as a province I sell him when he was a minority in the cave with just a pullback, surrounded by the people and that combatants of Malaysia as they wanted to murder him and take his life. And he says all messenger of Allah, if they were to look beneath their feet, if they were just to look into the cable thought that Oh no, they would see us. Nonprofits I sell them said, have no sorrow, have no fear. How can you fear for those two of us, when Allah is the third with us, Allah always sees us always hears us always has power over our situation. So the Prophet himself praised those who were minority praise, those who were distinct praise those who at

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times had to endure to be of those who were successful. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Latina as your mo can Amina Latina M. And we have heard, you will notice regularly that those who have a criminality that they will just and make fun of and belittle and ridicule the believers. Those who believe way their mother will be hibiya Tovar, Masood, and as the believers walk in peaceful way from a distance, you will see that they will be accosted by those who lacking faith. Man Lawson kinda went to Allah protect us for this alone. And therefore as Muslims, it becomes important for us to embrace our strength, even when we are seemingly numerically small in number, unable to fend for

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ourselves as it may seem, that our faith will always see us through those who follow the popular standard. Those who seek populism. Those who seek celebratory statuses, those who see infamy and fame, at the expense of their alcohol seeking something fleeting in the dunya are never those who will be successful. There will be no one who is popular agenda, please Lana hula, when he's in Jannah, he will not be seen as a celebrated status, although he will have millions of followers who he has beguiled and and deceived, that they have made the bad choices to lead him to follow in that negative path towards their own self destruction. May Allah protect you will learn from it along

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with me. And therefore the path of Ibrahim is the path of the prophets of Allah who walked at times alone. The prophets I send him says and I co chair this from the Hadith and siphon Mohali, from the statement of Abu say the laundry that he said that the Prophet described the Day of Judgment, and even the Prophet said that on the Day of Judgment, there will be one prophet who will cross the Sirat and I will cross with my own well we will be the largest nation the largest number of people.

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And then after as there will be another large nation and they will be moved so they will be a large nation of people. And after the more and more and more until there comes one prophet with nobody with May Allah except from you and I joined me after this intermot break in sha Allah where we will continue with lessons from the life of of Brahim was sent out one on ecomondo to LA he was a character with your brother. Yeah. Hey Brian.

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I'm on my bed account.

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For those following on mining chop ma I'll resume with a new link in Sharla