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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of preserving ethics and values in Islam, including the use of "back to square one" and the upcoming "back to square one" issue. They also touch on issues such as justice, social and political justice, and climate change. The speakers provide four steps for achieving optimal sustainability on Earth, including learning about climate change, sharing basic information about the Earth, and addressing past problems. They also encourage parents to register for upcoming programs for different age groups.
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hi la sala

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Hi ya know Salah

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Hi y'all

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Alhamdulillah he some Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Nina Hemudu who want to start you know when a study he wants to still feel who want a stone settle

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when I will be learning in Cerulean fusina Wamena say Dr. Molina but you had the learning fella Malala on my YouTube lil fell into je de la Hoon Walia Moshe Murshida wash her do Allah, Allah Allah Allahu wa. Shari kala Isla Hanwha hidden hold on some other let me tell he saw he Burton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who Khufu one had. Watch her do Anana B Jana la vie Munna Mohan Madonna Abdullah he was soo well Sophie you whom in Hawaii Habib Allahumma salli wa salam, wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi gmrt nwaba Your guru Jalla Jalla Allahu Fimo Chemeketa what is called our boo Khalil mela Iike tea in Niger. Filardi Khalifa, Allah Subhana Allah says in surah baqarah number

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30 Right after the introduction of the surah is over the first area that you encounter when you're reading the Quran after you go through the Fatiha which is obviously the key of the Quran. And after you go through the introduction of the Quran, which is first 29 verses the first idea that you encounter is what Allah subhanaw taala says to them, Allah ego when your Lord speaks to His angels, and he tells them indeed, I'm going to establish upon Earth, Al Khalifa, you steward. Now, today, I'm not here to talk to you about this concept of stewardship, specifically because I've talked about a lot over the last year and a half. But I do want to point out that he said to fill out right

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off the bat, you see this is a common misconception to the story of Adam. Adam was destined to be a steward of the earth from the day he was created. He didn't leave whatever you will think that Jenna is because of a mistake that he made specifically, he was destined to be the steward of the earth right off the bat. The Allah Allah told them, it can beforehand. I am creating I'm going to establish on Earth a steward.

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So the idea that no, he was in the agenda, and then he left because he, yes, he ate from the he did something wrong. But the idea that he was supposed to stay there, no, he was destined to be a steward of the earth, from the moat from the get go, before he even knew it, he said under melodica knew that he was destined for this earth. And that's important to remind yourselves, because Allah subhanaw taala, this is the story. The story is that the human being is going to be the steward, the steward of the earth. Now, you already know what the contemporary issue is going to be this week as it's up on the screen.

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And yes, it's a contemporary issue. Because if we were 100 years ago, I wouldn't have to talk about this. If this was 1920, there was no there was no need for me to get this football at all. So it is a contemporary issue. And I believe in my mind, and in my heart that this issue is so so important, that it has to be up there with our ethical and preserve preservation, the fact that we are as Muslims trying to preserve our ethics in this world, just like we continue to stand for the freedom of the people in the Holy Land and Philistine. This is up there with the third issue. It cannot be put as a something that we talk about in a secondary manner. No, this is way up there with the main

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aspects are the main issues that Muslims see as issues of their of justice and social and social justice, the issue of climate change, for sure. Now, I do have to point out something here, that it's upon us, as Muslims here in the West to take this issue seriously. You cannot ask someone who cannot make ends meet to care about this. I lived in a part of the world where you're talking about this would have been a reason to mock the show on the member would be you'll just laugh, because it's completely Why would you talk about this, most people in front of you can't make ends meet. They are running after their their bread every single day. They can't seem to find it. They are

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living in situations of horrific amount of oppression and transgression and tyranny. And it's just they talk about this as a waste of their time. They are not living well. They have no freedoms, they have no rights. They can't make ends meet no matter what they do. To talk about this becomes an issue of luxury. Why are you talking to me about the planet and keep and preserving the planet when I can take care of my children when I can't stand up straight straight and, and speak my mind in any form in any manner.

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But Allah subhanaw taala says in Niger I don't put up with the Khalifa. So we kind of

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were kind of stuck because he used the term. You could have said any giant on Khalifa maybe not point out for adult it'd be much easier for me to continue to draw a blind eye to this topic altogether. But he said Philately he specified that our stewardship is regarding this earth the moment the earth is no longer around. We're no longer stewards Yeomans dia you're no longer a Khalifa. That concept is no longer a part of your job description any longer. We are just we just go back to being a bed. Because right now you are you and I are servants of Allah subhanaw The way that we establish our service chip to Allah subhanho wa Taala the way that we express the fact that we

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serve Him subhanho wa Taala is through stewardship of the earth. That's the That's how we do it on the Day of Judgment afterwards. There's no point because the Earth isn't there anymore. So you can't really establish your steward your service ship has to have a difference for him all together because the Earth isn't there anymore. Which is why this is a topic worthy of discussion.

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He says to ponder what to iron Allahu Allah the Halacha sama watch you Allah. Allah Amina sama EMA Hello JB, he Minister Marathi is Polycom was a hora hola como phulka Lita, Judy Phil Bacary Emery. He was a Harvard Law School and how was the Harajuku Shamsa? Well, Carmel Radha eenie was Rolla Kumu Leila when?

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Telkom main Cooley masa L to mu who were in Daro. Dooney I met Allah He flew inside Allinson lava lumen kuffaar. Allah is the One who created the cosmos on the earth, and He descent water from the sky. So that you may have green to eat from and he made sure that there were rivers for you. And he made sure that there were ships that can move through bodies of water, and he made sure that there was a sun and a moon, and day and night, all of that he has put in service of you and He gave you from everything that you ever asked for. And if you count the blessing of Allah, just one of just one blessing you do not come to the end of its impact in the the human being, oppresses himself and

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lacks gratitude.

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The Quran is an extremely green book, not because that's the color of the

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The printing facility that made it wanted it to be as green on the inside is the greenest book I'm aware of. You cannot go through a page or two pages of the Quran without Allah subhanaw taala talking somehow about the universe that he created and the beauty of that universe and the diversity and the variety of his creation alum to Allah and Allah and then I mean a summer EMA for hodgin RB he done Marathi in McNally's van NUHA women LG barely Judea. Don't be don't well homeroom telephone Aloha Aloha Wahhabi Massoud Wamena na si will be well an army military phone Allah and who can like do not see that Allah Subhan Allah sended water from the sky and from it came different species of

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green of fruit to eat from different types and different species. Do not look at the mountains and see that the mountains are made from different types of rock different species of rock. Yeah, look at the human beings that livestock animals how they come in different forms and different colors and different textures, different cultures and different backgrounds. This is the diversity that Allah subhanaw taala created for us.

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And this is what we have, surely, slowly but surely have began to ruin. And we're coming to a point where if this issue is not taken seriously, then we're bringing upon ourselves a lot of harm. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was extremely in connection with the universe around him. There's an aspect of his character that I've talked about many times before, because people don't notice it. I used to talk to us and I was in tune with the world around him.

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With trees and animals and the sun and the moon, and the stars in the sky and the earth. I know you saw the Westerdam he lived out there. That's how he went to our hero he used to enjoy going out to the wilderness and sitting out there and just looking at the beauty of what Allah subhanaw taala created.

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I can go through at least 10 Different Hadith where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam either defended animals or spoke to animals and spoke to their owners and upset of what they had done to them.

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But I'm going to share with you two things he said Allah His salatu salam.

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The first one is this hadith that we all know in the collection of Imam Ahmed and authentic generation where he says Alia Salatu was Salam ala upon mateesah To where he had the aha de conferencia. Finally, stop ah Tahoma had de Irisa her failure file.

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When the time when the day of judgment comes and you're carrying in your hand a small tree with the intention of planting it then if you can plant it before the omocha occurs, then go ahead and do it. Now aside from the work culture that this hadith teaches, which is the main point of it, you can't run away from the fact that he used the example of a tree. You can't run away from the fact that he used the example of a tree

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putting a tree in the ground,

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about going to the Allahu Anhu would tell the armies that were on their way out during the robbery. He will tell them I'm going to tell you what the prophet Allah you sought to establish to tell us

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what goes around Hola. Well, I talked to Luba Hema when

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you say em goofy Sabina go in the name of Allah do not burn a tree. Do not drown Earth. Do not kill an animal. Do not wreck anything went out to sea do fill out the bad slur here. When you receive recite the Quran you'll find that Allah subhanaw taala time and time again over 25 times in total talks about the fact that you should you're not allowed as a Muslim to be someone who spreads corruption on earth. Corruption is not just a political kind, or the ethical kind. It's anything that ruins the habitat that we live in. This earth like your body is an Amana because your body comes from it.

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We come from the earth the moment we die, we go back to it. We're recycled again by the name now Mr. Tonko sold out aluminium when the Nikita album heavy leaves us I don't know which parts of you are going back to the earth. I'll bring you all back again. Don't worry about it. I'll bring all your molecules back again once it's time for the day of judgment but you are from this earth.

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Every site is so deserves that before and really listen to it. Listen to switches Delta, we know it because we memorize it as children then we move on. It's an easy story to recite.

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And I'm not gonna be if you have people standing behind you. It fills up the time and it's not. But listen to it, either. As soon as Isla de la luz Ilsa Lucha Roger De La Scala her will call in San Humala On the Day when the earth is shook vigorously and and viciously. And it throws from with inside of it everything that it contains. It throws out the bodies of the human beings that live in it. And the human being says Marilla what's wrong with it? What's wrong with Mother Earth? Why is it doing this to us? You see a child can never accept the oppression of his mother.

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They can't expect accept accepted from their father either, but it's way worse when it happens from a mother. It messes up a human being beyond repair. beyond repair. I talk to psychologists a child that is abused by his own mother you all

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Most, you can't fix this anymore. Because that's that is what you can trust. If you can't trust your own mother, then you cannot make sense of anything in this world. You cannot make sense of anything around you. So when you see a mother being overly protective, or overly loving, overly indulging her child, it's normal. If she if that wasn't the case, then there would be no, there would be no human race. We need we need that. The human race, our mother is this earth.

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We expect, we expect a lot from everything around us. We don't expect it from her. And on the Day of Judgment, it will throw us out from his belly. It doesn't want us inside of it anymore. And we will say Mala ha what's wrong with it? Yo Ma e then to HUD de su abou Raha that day, it will tell its tales. That day, it'll tell stories, she'll tell, she'll speak of what we did on it. He will say what we did on her, how we behaved, how we hurt her, how we harmed her and how he harmed each other on her. She'll sell those stories. The unknown backhoe because her Lord told her to die is extremely important because she would never do it. She's a mother, she would never speak of her children and

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an ill manner had she not been commanded by her Lord. It was why he taught Allah tells her speak of your children. So she does. But she wouldn't tell you otherwise.

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Mama Yama does Carla got a Latino man Yama with Karla Dalton, we have an atom worth of good. It'll be it'll be there for you. And if ever Adam worth of evil will be there for you too.

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I'm gonna go through a few concepts today

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to make sure we have some clarity on this topic. I don't believe as Muslims, we can be anywhere but on the front lines of caring for this issue, I don't believe and I'm someone who grew up not really knowing much about it. Because I lived in third world for a long time, lived in a small village in Syria where people

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didn't understand this concept. They didn't even think about it. Because they were too poor to think about it. They could barely make anything work to talk about something on this large scale. But I think we have the luxury to at least understand you see the carbon footprint there looks like a foot. You

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can see on top you have China looks nice big circle. And right down there you have the states. And here we are not too small.

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For a country of only a couple of 30 35 million people are pretty big carbon footprints. Compared to the states,

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the greenhouse effect is important to understand.

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We have these gases that are extremely important for our existence. If they didn't, if they weren't there, if the gases did not exist the way they did, none of us would be here today, there would be no life on earth. Because these gases amongst them is the ozone amongst them. It's not just the ozone layer. But there's a lot of other gases within the greenhouse gases. But they do is they reflect back a lot of the sun's

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energy and a lot of the harmful sunrays that come towards us. And they keep a lot of the warmth, the sun's energy with us. If they didn't, then the Earth would have been too chilly without this layer, it would be too cold for us to live on Earth would have died, we would have never life would never existed, it'd be too cold for us to exist. So this layer is extremely important because it holds down, it held down a certain degree of the warmth that the sun sent down. But it also got rid of a lot of the harmful rays. So when we actually make a lot of warmth from the inside, if you see in a greenhouse, the only way you can keep a greenhouse warm is you have to turn on heat on the inside,

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because the greenhouse will keep the heat inside. So when we do that, when we actually start burning a lot of coal, for example, over a ridiculously long amount of time, we end up not being able to get rid of these of the heat that we actually produce because the greenhouse layer will hold it back. It'll keep it that's what it's there for is what's a keep that is supposed to keep that heat. So now we're getting what we need from the sun, which is all that we need. And we're spending sending away the rest. But now we're making we're actually producing a lot of heat ourselves so much that we can't keep up anymore. You look this is what the climate This is a temperature the median

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temperature on Earth over the over the last bit Look at that. You cannot look at that with a scientific mind or a logical mind and say, Oh, no, that's that's normal. That's normal. If I did that, as a physician, most people would die. If we looked at graphs like that, and said, No, that's fine, that half of the half of the population would die because that's insane. Oh, there's something wrong. There's something wrong, something's going on. That's not normal. What do we how do we look at something like that and not think that maybe, unless maybe there's some there are those who don't want us to think there's something wrong? It kind of fits, doesn't it? When you and I aren't

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actually bored burning all this coal ourselves, but those who are making a lot of money off it, maybe it's in their best interest that we don't look at this graph and we don't care too much for what for what it means. A lot of reasons, a lot

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The things we do cause climate change, for sure, a lot of what we do, but to be clear

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overconsumption is one of the highest reasons. One of the biggest reasons for why we are the wave is overconsumption is when we consume way too much. Yes, it's not the only reason. But it's up there. Because unfortunately, you and I may not right off the bat be able to affect the billions of tires that are being burnt somewhere in the Middle East are these huge, these huge factories in South America, maybe I can go and try and close those down and stop that. But I can at least affect the amount of consumption that I am that I'm bringing into this world. And when we look at what happened in the EU this in the European Union, what they found was that the number one interest of people at

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the time was climate change, they came to policymaking, and over 60, around 60% of the population felt that youth led protests actually made a difference to policies. And it is understood in the world today, that people who are young, if they actually care about something and they push an agenda it comes through. For sure. I always tell this to university students unfortunately, today was a bad choice of timing for this whole byes school and university began but for sure the younger group of people on this planet if they care for something enough, you can make change.

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For sure, because you have the time you have the passion and you have you have the ammo every every other group doesn't. My age group No, we can't we are we are chained down to our homes and our children and in our jobs is impossible. But if you're still young, you still have that you still can make a difference, you can still actually affect how public policy look forward in the future. Regarding this topic of Hulu, Cody Hunter was assaulted. Hola, hello, welcome. First off, you know, we have Fiddler Camilla frozen Mustafi in a stock huddle.

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Alhamdulillah wa sallahu wa salam ala Bella, can I learn to learn to be a bad wine early, he was so happy or Manitoba. I know, Joe, who will have I had, I don't have time to go through everything I want to go through. But I'm gonna show you a few ideas here just

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for the purpose of understanding maybe what we're talking about. When it comes to air pollution when it comes to garbage and plastic pollution when it's the pollution of the oceans. When the smog that exists in the cities, look at this, look at these cities, the cities, the worst cities air pollution, look where they are telling me who lives in these cities. Tell me the demographics of people who live in these cities. Are they familiar to you? Are these cities familiar to you? And are these countries familiar to you? We can't if you want to be fully cell, look, the Earth does not need us or care for us. The planet is fine. By the way, Earth is fine, she's doing great. It's we're

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the ones they're not going to have a place to live on soon.

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I am asking you to be selfish. If you are not going to be a steward of this earth. If you don't understand that you're a Khalifa on this earth and you're responsible for the well being of the Earth and everyone on it, then just be selfish. Because the more the more we ruin this, the more we ruin the planet we live on the less of a safe habit that we have to live on ourselves, the Earth will survive. There's been through many, many, many major extinctions.

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Life forms have come and gone on this earth and the earth is fine. He is doing just fine. But we're the ones who have nothing. Look, we don't have a good future for ourselves and our children if we don't talk about this, but from an Islamic perspective, it isn't really selfish. It's a part of your responsibility. It's a part of what Allah subhanaw has asked you to be to be a steward of this planet. So when we talk about this, we're actually not doing this from a selfish perspective, specifically Islamically but I'm okay with that. I'm okay with you caring about this. And from a selfish perspective, that's all right with me.

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The hardest, the warmest years on record have been the last nine years. Again, only if you are someone who just

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is consciously drawing a blind, blind I will will ignore something like this. This is what it's looking like. This is what we're dealing with. There are four steps I took this from Purdue University and we will share these slides and shoulder for you after the after the four basic steps number one number one learn the basics know what you need to know about climate change, understand what it does understand that the fact that

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when you change the temperature of the Earth in the way that we're changing it even one degree, but on immediate across the planet, you wipe out a lot of the biodiversity. When you wipe out the Quran talks about the diversity I gave you the verses in the Quran. When you wipe out biodiversity, then you're basically dooming ourselves we can't survive. We don't because we don't survive on this planet alone. We never did. We did not come forward because no we came forward because a lot of other elements and ALLAH SubhanA

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put on this earth we share this planet with every other living thing. We share this pie with every other little bit living thing. Technically speaking, there's enough trees and forests to keep everything at balance. But we're burning too much coal at a rate where the forest cannot keep up. The trees can't keep up anymore. The trees that take the carbon dioxide and give us oxygen, they can't keep up. We're burning too much and we're deforesting a lot. Too much deforestation is happening to work and if you look at the Earth from above, forests look exactly like lungs do they look like lung tissue Allah had clean when you if you if you look at the human body, the forest they

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look like lung tissues and those and those rivers running between them because like arteries and vessels, this this organism the earth this organism this lie this Allah haev organism cannot survive if we don't have a balance to it. We have we cannot be the reason to break that balance. This time is all about the reason that Islam is the dean. Man Why lemon Khurana halacha in Santa Elena who will buy and a shampoo welcome span when Nigeria was charged with your student was Arafa while Obi Wan Meezan alert oppo filmi is and what else the moon was nebulously What are two zero Meezan he talks about the concept of the balance keeping the balance. Earth requires a balance in order for us

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all to survive, or for us not to be wiping out every other form of life on this planet, including our own, including our own, we have to contribute to the balance. So learn the basics, understand what's exactly happening. Number two talk about it. This has to become an issue that is discussed a little bit more openly. We have we had to talk about this little bit more know your effect, know your impact. Look at what you can do to lessen your own consumption. right to live like the Prophet Allah you saw through a stone did minimally is difficult, but we can get somewhere close to that we can get somewhere close to that. And finally make sure that we

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we engage when it comes to policymaking, this has to be a priority for us. You know why? It's because our other Muslims brothers and sisters don't have the luxury to care about it. That's why you have to care about this. Because as Muslims, we are responsible for it. But we have too many brothers and sisters living in such horrible situations that they cannot take time to think about this. They're trying to survive. They're trying to get rid of the tyrants that run their land and corrupt the earth that they live on. From other aspects from other from other fields. As Muslims living here in the West, we have the time to think about this, and we have the ability to impact it,

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we cannot be back cedars, we cannot be bystanders this is an issue that we have to take seriously we have to care for and we have to teach our children that if you want to be able to stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and defend your existence. If you want the earth not to testify against you you're multi, then this has to be something that you care about. I'm gonna end with that inshallah to Allah I hope that was a benefit to you. There will be no Halaqaat this weekend

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Halaqaat will start next week and everything will probably start next Friday. And then this semester, there's a lot of programs a lot of programs for different age groups we will be putting up we will be putting out a lot of advertisement or links for registration. So if you want to register yourself to some of the courses are going to be starting to Ida courses that are beginning in the mid September or the youth development programs that are starting for different age groups or for some of the other Quran programs that are running, then look out for the links Inshallah, throughout this week, and we're gonna be starting a lot of the programming inshallah Tada. Yeah, the next week,

00:28:23 --> 00:28:30

as well. There's a, there's going to be a a, I think, I think it's tomorrow. I think it's on Saturday. The Hickman has a

00:28:32 --> 00:29:01

has a gathering. For I think, one or two o'clock, we'll put out the announcement of Sheldon, my brother Mohammed will share with you the details. And it's going and it's regarding schooling and the issues that happened at school last year and how to navigate some of these problems. I think it's something worth if you're a parent with a child in public system, then it's something worth attending at least to have the conversation to hear what they have to say and to see what it is we can do to protect our children for some of these agendas that are being shoved down their throats and ours as well. Why number one the Lucha Libre now the eminent Haldimand football in hola hola

00:29:01 --> 00:29:43

Mala you gotta who use Aluna Allah Nabhi yeah you are living in mono Salah he was selling to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad in wider early Mohammed come also later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Al Abadi, Mohammed in one early Mohammed Kamau Bell, McDonough Ibrahim Ibrahim for the LME and Nikka Hamidah Majeed what Allah Who Mani Autobytel hola is that Ilona? I'll be back. Well, Omar Omar Myrna where are you? What Allah Who man is G O Muhammad meaning one earlier by up in a ball hit in Well I'm so Hi Betty hill here in Miami Juanita elementary our home BSN in Isla yo Medina one my homegirl from Attica or hamara he mean Allahu melphalan Mussolini in our Muslim out well meaning you know when

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want me not Allah here even when I'm watching Allah who my favorite movie Muhammad Amin whenever we screw back Rubin what vile Emanuel meltham will mean what very holy man in love Lou mean what happened Dima and oedema and Muslimeen Allah Who amongst others one another more obviously enough in the messenger de la

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COSLA enough analogy to the auto but I mean what are the analogy Mannino eco eco de Nicola then Jamila What about Elena I'm in Jimmy Arizona will be in October but he'll know you have just done warm warmer the garlic Allahumma disease with a hola who what I love

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about Allah in hola hola moreover I deliver certain you eat eel CORBA we only need fascia you only moon Gary Well Bellary Yahoo comme la la come to the Kuru naughty masala

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Lord but Allah

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