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AI: Summary © The importance of thanking others when they do not admit their mistakes is discussed, including the Prophet sallavi's actions and negative consequences of lying about proposal to a woman. The Prophet sallimm's actions have caused negative consequences, including angry and sad people, and forgiveness is essential in the context of the situation. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of lying about proposal to a woman and the expectations associated with it, as well as the importance of forgiveness and remembering history. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a food bar in New York.
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spreading good food at hamdulillah

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I'm very happy right now

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so are you guys ready to continue?

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mod you ready to read? It was his habit that whenever reaching back from a journey, he would first go to a mosque and perform tour aka optional prayer and would then sit with the people when he said those who had remained behind him began to put forward their excuses and taken off when

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they were more than 80 in number, passenger of a loss or loss and have accepted their excuses on the very face and accept that there are legions sought forgiveness

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and love their insights will not until I appeared before.

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state that we're in here is that guy with a mnemonic he says that whenever he came back from a journey, he would first go to the mosque and perform to rock us. And then we'll sit down with the people when he said those who remained behind began to put forward their excuses and take an oath before him. They were more than at a number of Rasulullah sallallahu they send them accepted their excuses on the very face of them and accepted their allegiance and sought forgiveness for them and left their insights to Allah until I appeared before him.

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What do you guys see in this section here?

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Very good. Very good point. He's saying the first thing that he noticed, mashallah, right on point is that as soon as the Prophet salallahu Salam returned from Safar

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the first place that he went to is

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the Masjid.

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So you land in Dulles Airport? Is that the same as Reagan? It's different.

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Yes, no.

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It's different. You land in Reagan, you land to Dulles, wherever, before you go home that you stopped by dotted hijra, and you pray to lock eyes. This is a sunnah that is all but forgotten in our communities. The province I said, and I'm went, and the first thing that he did was he prayed to rock is very good. What else?

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Very good. So the province of Elijah said, and he didn't test the sincerity of the people who are putting forth excuses. He simply accepted their excuses, reached took a pledge of our pledge of allegiance with him. And that was that, right? Very simple. What does that teach us that teaches us is that when people come forward to you, and they say, well, Les, I was intending on coming or, you know, I was, you know, you were depending on them or something. And they tell you an excuse, that you just accept their excuse, move forward.

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But it also teaches us that as far as my own internal yardstick, my own internal mechanism, that I do not be someone who's always put forward excuses. Why because excuses are the tools of the hypocrites.

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The excuses, I should not make excuses, something that is part of my language, my culture, my vernacular, why? Because that is a tool of the hypocrites, the hypocrites are gonna make excuses. The province on the light is sending him he says, there are four qualities, whoever has them kind of munafo, but hadiza If you have all four of these, then you are a pure hypocrite. And if you have one of these qualities, you have a quality of hypocrisy until you get rid of it. What are these four qualities?

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Either had the kids when they speak, they lie number two,

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either or either. laughs You see. Now when they what's the third one?

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Is that to me in a hon. When they make a problem as they break their promise, and when they are entrusted with something they betray their trust? Now, I have a question for you when they break their promise, what do they come to you with?

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An excuse? And when they are entrusted with something and they break your trust, what did they come to you with? An excuse, see, and so you see the relationship between hypocrisy and excuses.

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Weigh the horse, I'm afraid you're the fourth one is it when they argue they argue with vulgarity? So, for my for me

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For myself, I made sure that I do not have a language of excuses. If I dropped the ball, I come and I Fess up. I do I believe in the magic did I don't do what the team did. At the same time. Like, you mentioned that if somebody comes to you with an excuse, are you gonna say to them Allah, Allah, Hey, Sister excuses are the tools of the hypocrites and such and such? No, right? You accept it from them, like the prophets have said and did and you move on?

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Very good.

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So what is the mechanism for dealing with myself and the other is a mechanism for dealing with other people. What else do you guys see?

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Very good, incredibly important. The Prophet SAW Selim comes from a journey, comes back prays to rock as in the masjid, and then immediately, immediately, he goes and sits down and listens to the story of 80 people. That takes incredible patients from the Prophet saw the light is very good. It not only takes incredible patience from the Prophet sallallaahu Sena but it also takes incredible patients from who

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his family

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and I want you to pay attention to this. The wives of the Province of Nova seldom he's gone for weeks and weeks and weeks, don't you think they want to see him when he comes back? Don't you think there are issues that need his attention to be tended to when he comes back to the family of the province the light is similar, how many of you would be happy your husband for the sisters your wife for the brothers, they guard for a month or two come back to the first place they go is to their office

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to go do work, there are going to be some angry text messages be exchanged, I'll tell you that. And yet it also lost a little lighter. So this shows you not just the sacrifice some of the profits of the lightest send them but it shows you the sacrifice of His family. And what this teaches us is that if you're going to have a person in your family, who is going to be in the service of the community in the service of something greater than themselves, then there is going to be incredible sacrifice that you are going to participate in offered on your part. But in doing so you will also have incredible reward in any light item.

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That is the rule or that is the sacrifice that comes with being a family member of people who are in community service. What else do you guys see?

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Okay, so they know that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim is going to forgive them so that reinforces their hypocrisy Very good. Very good. And in fact we're gonna see cabling pneumatics family they're gonna say to him, why didn't you just go back and do that? What else do you see

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done we ran out

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the importance of the Salah, we also see the importance of the Salah.

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We also see

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that Khabib pneumatic waited until the end, what does that mean? That Cobden pneumatic waited until the end.

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When you see one person make an excuse, and they get no punishment. The next person makes an excuse and they get no punishment. 10 people make an excuse and they get no punishment. 50 people make excuses and they get no punishment. What does that make you want to do?

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Exactly. And when can we be numeric witnesses at people not even get a slap on the wrist nothing. They just retake the pledge and the prophesies and it makes us to fall for them. This shows you the commitment of God given MIT to the truth or the Allah I know that God given numeric watches, all of these people lie. And he still decides that he's going to tell the truth that shows you the strength of God with your animatics commitments and his Stobo.

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who is reading from the sisters

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I greeted him and he smiled and there was a tank of anger in that. He then said to me come forward, I went forward and I sat in front of him. He said to me, what kept you back? Could you not afford to go in for a ride? I said O Messenger of Allah by a lot if I were to sit before anybody else and random the world, I would have definitely saved myself from your anger on what he texts or the other hand out. I have a gift or skill in argumentation but by Allah I am fully aware that if I were to put corn before you before you a lame excuse to please you, Allah will definitely provoke you Your wrath upon me. In case I speak the truth you may be angry with me, but I hope that

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Allah with

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Please please with me and accept my repentance by Allah there is no valid excuse for me my ally number for this. So good means and I never had had such favorable conditions for me as I had no nice day behind. There are one messenger colossal while I knew you will send them fed, this man spoke with truth. So, up and wait. So get up and wait until Allah

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Allahu Akbar Kabini Merrick finally sits in front of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and he said the Prophet smiled at me the smile of an angry person.

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And then he said Maha love UK. What made you stay behind? Didn't you have arrived? And Gabi nomadic says y'all Rasul Allah. I know that if I wanted to make an excuse, I could have made an excuse in front of anybody on this earth and I've been gifted with argumentation I can debate with anybody. But I know right now that if I were to tell you a lie to please you, Allah azza wa jal will be angry with me and you will be angry with me. But if I speak the truth right now, you might be angry with me but I hope that Allah azza wa jal will be pleased with you, and will be pleased with me and that you will eventually be pleased with me by Allah. I have no excuse. I never had more money, and I

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never had more rights.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said a MOTHER FUCKA Sadhak. As for this one, he's spoken the truth. Now get up until Allah makes a decision about you.

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What do you guys see?

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I know you see a lot. Tell me. I'm glad.

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What do y'all see?

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Province of the lesson and didn't forgive him on the spot. Okay, get up and wait. Very good. So the province I sent him didn't forgive him on the spot. He said get up and wait till what?

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Until the forgiveness of Eliza Yes.

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expectation for him versus all the others. They were like, Okay.

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It shows that there's a higher, very good, there's definitely a higher expectation. You see that right. The province of the lightest Sydenham had a higher expectation from Gavin Manning. Where do you see that he had a higher expectation?

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How were

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the question right Maha Levac.

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And the angry smile also

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end up in the stand up and wait. So right from the beginning the angry smile that shows you two things. It shows you the Prophet sallallahu Yes. I love that. Even when he's angry. He's still what? He still smiles.

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The province little I said I'm such beautiful character. Even in his anger. He still smiles. But it also shows you how close Karibuni Merrick was to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that he knows the difference between an angry smile and a happy smile. He knows the different shades of the Prophet sallallahu cinema's expressions, there are some people

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they ask their wife how are you doing? She says fine, but like hamdulillah

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What do you mean she's angry? She says she was fine.

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Or there's lots of different finds right? So can we be pneumatic is showing the smile of the province of Elias and of that shade of the smile was an angry smile. What else do you see?

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Very good. Great. Gabi Malik, this. Just read that conversation. Look at it. Gabi Malik is sitting in front of Julio,

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he's sitting in front of Rasulullah Islam. And he's saying to him, that if I please you right now at the expense of pleasing Allah, Allah azza wa jal is going to be angry with me and you're going to be angry with me. But if I displeased you right now at the hope or in the hope of pleasing Allah, I hope that Allah Allah will be pleased with me. That is not an easy statement to make.

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You're making a toodles with Allah so Allah is the One who Allah loves the most on this earth and who you love the most. We couldn't even say something like that to our parents.

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So if God with pneumatic is saying

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that I do not dare please you ya rasool Allah at the expense of displeasing Allah. Then what about the person who displeases Allah just to please their *?

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What about the person who displeases Allah just to please their parents, or just to please their spouse? Or just to please their friends?

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Aren't they much, much, much worthy, more worthy of the anger of Allah zodion Cavalry mighty

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It doesn't get more intense than that he is looking directly in the face of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and he is saying I cannot

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please you at the expense of pleasing Allah azza wa jal

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it doesn't get clearer than that.

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Okay, very good what else?

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we did something wrong

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you see

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the story of the virus detail by the time this was his own document, you can get a free basketball component troops.

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Also, there's no accountability for appreciate your time.

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Okay, so the truth of the matter is gonna pay off at the end, even though it brought immediate consequences. Right? It brought a lot of pain at the beginning, but at the end, he was victorious. Yes.

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Yes, what else?

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So he's hoping and Allah Allah Yes, forgiveness, Goblin makers hoping in the forgiveness of Allah Azza which is true, very good.

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So very good. So you see here, share his mentioning that the benefit of seeing the anger of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that some people they are not angered at all by the limits of Allah being transgressed the prophets of Allah Allah has sent them never ever took retribution for his own person. But when the limits of Allah were transgression, the prophets of Allah did send him would be angry, he would be angered by someone, transgressing the limits of Allah and so for us,

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someone does something that's haram the limits of Allah or Mott, the act of Allah or mochten we're not That's my boy. Okay, he's funny. We grew up we grew up together.

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Where's the anger for the sake of Allah? So yeah, so here even though the province on the Vita syndrome is for Barrett,

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the province of Elias LM is still showing that anger what else

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this guy mentioned that he tried Yama sort of lie went out every morning.

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Because he mentioned that why doesn't he mentioned that

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it's another lame excuse. We have become a community where we accept that type of behavior was the habit of the law and who knew it didn't matter? Whether you tried well, like Michelle said I might Erica will lay I know that I promised that I was going to bring the tables for the event but Subhanallah such and such happened and this and this and we say okay, just like her brother, I'm and inshallah next time.

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Right? We have a culture of excuses. Allah Subhana Allah, just through a lot of Subhan Allah, Allah is and all of that, and we're gonna be okay. But that is not the culture of the companions, the Companions, it's just did you do it? Yes or no?

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Leave out all of the extra. The fat, right? Okay, very good. What else?

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So you're seeing the humanity of Rasulullah sallallahu. The smile with the tinge of anger, right or the smile of an angry person you're seeing the humanity of the Prophet Salah is for sure.

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Also, something here is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he asked him, he says Maha Levac. He says What kept you away? And the prophets, Allah said, when his companions did something he would ask them. So when half of you knew belta, wrote a letter to the people of Makkah, saying to them, the prophets of Allah, they sent him is coming. This is for the conquest. And he wrote that letter, and the prophets of Allah is sending them had I even thought him go and intercept that letter, and bring it back. And then he summoned how the union belta Did he commit treason? He says, Yeah, how to Muhammad Shahada. What caused you to do it?

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Right, this concept of asking this person, some of us when someone does something wrong, we're like, no, no, no, no, no, I know her very well. No, no, I know that brother. That's the reason why he did this. Trust me.

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The Prophet sallallaahu Selim can, as the the nurse ye and the prophets, I send them had the most sound judgment. And yet at the same time, he would ask his companions, why did you do this? Why did you do that? The last point that I want to mention here unless somebody has something that they want to shout out, is, the lesson here is that the prophets of Allah listen him says to how he says to the cow brother, he says, Get up until Allah has though didn't make a decision about you. What is the prophets of Allah said in here saying, until Allah makes a decision about you? It means I do not have a decision about you yet. Which means I do not know.

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I do not know. I don't know what to say to you at this moment. Get up until Allah makes a decision about you, which teaches us that we all have to return back to the Sharia

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We all have to return back to this video. Do not speak about Allah azza wa jal what you do not know. Do not say this is Hara and this is haram or I think this or I think that, save your thinking keep it in your house. Don't go around telling people about the deen of Allah azza wa jal when you don't know. I remember something very interesting that happened to me last Ramadan. And I was with one of my teachers and he has a very, very large Facebook following hundreds of 1000s of students. And he was asked by his students on Facebook, they said chef, can you please record a series of factual questions that we need answered about Ramadan? And this chef has a filthy he's Alamy he gives fatwa

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he's not just some he gives feta which is a

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it's not a light thing.

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He's qualified to give it and so people he said okay, and I know what the shed was going to do. He's going to see what the questions are. He's going to prepare his notes and then he's going to record the responses and give answers based on knowledge.

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How the inshallah so it's almost time for the comma. Are they done?

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Is it Oh, man, I didn't hear that. Okay. Hola. So let's let's break it up. I'll tell you the story about the chef after once we come back from the salon Charlotte is not going to hear so nice to know