Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – Hadith #03 & #04 Avoiding the Divergent Paths

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and meaning of the Hadith, including the discovery of scratches and the importance of knowing the seven paths of Islam, including the Sun waking up to the light and the Sunroofing of the Earth. The speakers stress the need to avoid the "by the way" and "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way" of the "by the way"
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Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim

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and then humbly Lahaina led to whom in a stain or when a stuffed Pharaoh,

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when I will be ly Himanshu Rory and phocoena women Sadie, Dr. Molina.

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Mayor de him now who Philomel de la la Holman you didn't fella and

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by a shadow in La ilaha illallah wa to Lashley kala

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what I shall do I know Mohammad Abdu rasuluh Salawat Allah He was sent down why need screaming cathedra a Mavado

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we come to the next two Hadith insha Allah azza wa jal today in today's that was from the book 40 Hadith of the Dawa, and the caller the call in the Tao by Chef Heidi and Halaby Rahmatullahi Tyler Ali, and both of the Hadith for the most part of talking about the same thing and this is why we decided to combine them because really is repetition and the repetition in and of itself from what we know from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. What he was sending them goes to show the

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importance of something from amongst many other things.

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The narrator of today's Hadith the first hadith is Abdullah ibn Massoud may Allah be pleased with him. He was one of the tremendous companions of the NABI sallallahu alayhi, WA, ala he will set it up. He was from Benny Masoom. So he's some Quraysh you some Mecca so it's from the Maharaja Marine. And he was from the tribe of boorish that Omar rod the Alana was from the same tribe. He was one of the Redeemer of the companions of a resource of Allah who sent him just not a regular companion. He

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was one of those companions who the newbie of Islam SallAllahu it was setting them and told the people learn the Quran from four people and one of those people he told all of the other companions so we had over 100,000 companions during his time. SallAllahu I think he was setting them and may Allah be pleased with all of them over 100,000 from Hajj with him.

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From all of those multitools Abdullah even Nirma Abdullah meeting, Massoud may Allah be pleased with him was one of those companions that the Prophet said, Learn the Quran from these four people. So he was from the name of the Koran. So the Quran that we have right now preserved saved for us and those ayat that tell us about the preservation of the Quran. Abdullah Agni, Masood, may Allah be pleased with him, fits prominently in that whole equation. So a lot could be said about his monoket and his

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philosophy. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said leverage Lu, the library must route filmi Zan

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to Jubilee.

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If you put the shin of Abdullah in Massoud, may Allah be pleased with him in the scales, the scales in that hadith goes to show one of the soul of what the people of the Sunnah believe in, you will know Kiama Allahu Taala is going to have scales that will be presented that are going to weigh the deeds of the people, the scrolls of the people and the actions and what the people have put forward. So he said some a lady was telling me in regards to loving him as food, his shin in the scale,

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you'll know chiamo will be heavier than the mountain of Earth. So if you want to talk about the virtues of up to logic, you must rule for Hadith like how to judge.

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He said in this hadith that the Prophet sallallahu what he was sending to them, drew a long line in front of the companions. He literally physically took something and he drew a long line in the dirt, while the companions will look in. And it wasn't the first time nor the only time that he did that SallAllahu wasallam in teaching his companions, he used to teach in many ways he taught by getting on the mimbar of giving a hookah. He taught by asking questions. He talked by telling stories, he

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talks Allah who it was, it was sending by giving examples, similar tools and fowl. And one of the many ways that were from his ways of teaching was to take things where people can get the appreciations that optics. That visuals gave them he took something and he drew a long line, something Allah why don't you send them and he told the people, this is the path of Allah have the Serbian Allah. This is the path of Allah. And then Abdullah minimis rule. May Allah be pleased with

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him said and then he went on, and he drew subsequent short lines to the right. Of that long

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line and other subsequent short lines to the left of that line. And then after doing that, he said to the peoples Allah why do you say to them, well happy he saw balloon muda for Rita tune. And these are paths that are divergent. This hadith has meaning narrations that come to us. A chef ideaal Halaby Rahmatullah he to Allah Allah He has brought us this one narration but there are many narrations of this particular Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa and it will set it up. And

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in that hadith, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ala Ross, Kali sebelah and minha shaytaan yado elaida. And the head or at the head of every one of these Divergent Paths, there was a che THON that is inviting people to that path, biting people to the short divergent waits abdulai beanie Massoud may Allah be pleased with them st after saying that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then took an ion of the Quran to support what he was talking about to support what he was calling to showing that the

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Sunnah of the newbie of Islam SallAllahu it was send them in the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to make is did the land with the Quran is that the love with the authentic sunnah. We present our proofs and I will evidences from the Quran and the Sunnah before any other issue. So he read the ayat of the Quran to support the long line that he drew, and then the subsequent short Divergent Paths that he described as being paths that have a shape on at the head of each one

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inviting people to it. He says something a lot he was reading the Iowa and neither syrup tea Mr. Kim and Debbie Rue will add to Debbie will sue Bella for the ferrata be Coumarins CBD.

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Allah said to the Rasul in this island, the Quran, tell them in verily This is my path.

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Allah says, and verily, this is my path, and my path is Musa clean, so therefore, follow it and don't take the Divergent Paths, and they will take you away all of these paths, they will take you away from his Sybil, the straight path.

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This is the Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shared with us this is a Hadith that has shaped it and Halaby Rahmatullahi to Allah, Allah He is bringing to us as a reminder for the people who are giving Dawa and the people who the DAO is being given to our whole Ummah whole community, especially the students from amongst you, the brothers and sisters or engaging in reading about the Quran and reading about the Sunnah and being engaged in a Darwin knowing your religion.

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This is one of those premiere a Hadith from the Sunnah of the Rasul Salah while he was under Ali was Salah, the Hadith akoni. Allah can be said concerning the idea itself is that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, as I mentioned, used to be diversified and given down we have to make our data transferable. And we have to also make our data in a way that the people in our host communities can understand it. And also we have to derive diversify in the doubt. You can't always give Dawa in one particular

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way Prophet Muhammad didn't do that. SallAllahu it was said and the Quran in Surah Noor the first Rasul that Allah azza wa jal is sent to Benny Adam. Allah Tala mentioned that Noah said Rob Binney thou to call me laying them when a Hara Oh my lord, I gave Dawa and I called my people doing the nighttime and during the daytime and then he went on to say later in that particular Surah for me in need and then verily I doubt to whom Jihad filming in need a certain Island to La whom was robbed to

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La whom is rara. Oh my lord, I call my people and I called him out in public. I publicize my dollar. And I called them and I called them privately. So that's a clear indication that verse raw soul from the messengers in Ellis lamb nor Ali's rattle SNAM goes to show he called his people in an open and secret, out loud, quietly. He sat with them individually sat with him in groups, as the Prophet used to do sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when it comes to the middle of a Dawa is not for the Imam or

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the share of the man

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state that he's the one who has all of the answers when it comes to a doubt Allah, they are brothers people we know they are given prolific and beneficial Dawa to Allah azza wa jal to people who are not Muslims Christians and other than that, we know them in the different cities of America like that brother that I will bring your attention to it whiny and Allahu Thailand knows his secrets best let Ozeki I will lie, I hide the brothers shadow, Earth man Farrokh. He's giving Dawa there in San

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Diego to non Muslims on the street in a way that maybe other people can't give the dollar so that Dawa has to be given in the way of diversity. One single person can't be responsible of handling everything. And this is what we see from the Prophet sallallahu. It was settler teaching the people by drawing lines where again, they can physically see what he's doing. He would ask them questions. Who knows what the answer to this question is? He saw a lot while he was telling him what physically

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show them how to make the slot. So while they're watching him from the masjid, and he's given his Salaat I'm the member. He's teaching them a Dhow in that particular way. So Lola, why don't you send them in other ways, he would turn his back and give his back to people that let them know I'm not pleased with this thing. And he's teaching in that kind of a way SallAllahu Alaihe where it was setting them to Sleeman kathira. So as it relates to the Hadith, that may be of Islam, salallahu

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Salam, maybe long line, and he called that line, the Sidharth of Allah, the Seville of Allah who's Hannah, who, what the island that line has many characteristics, from the characteristics from this hadith and the Quran is that is one is not multiple lines. So the idea and the concept that some liberal uneducated, lost, confused Muslims have that all of the spokes to the will lead to the center, and we should hold hands and we sing songs. This is not correct. The set out of Allah and

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the Seville of Allah movie makes a lot Dina Serato musta came when I talked about multiple Divergent Paths. We're talking about the Surat that one of the primary characteristics of it is it is one and is by itself. As the Prophet said in this particular Hadith, so becomes the responsibility of the Muslim, to take the set off and to understand is not my obligation and it's not my responsibility. It's not your obligation, nor is it your responsibility that any of us we arrive to the victory for

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lsn in our Ummah, that's not our job, a lot in no ayat of the Quran. Made that my job. Allah made it my responsibility to take this hat off to Mr. Kane and to tread on that path. If I arrive, when before after Ellis SNAM is victorious. That's not my job. That's not my responsibility. I have to get on the path. Allahu Taala mentioned in the Quran for STEM SIG Bill levy oh here Erica in Nicola said often stuffy LSDM sack, hold on to what was revealed to you, for verily you on the set off the

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master key. So the command is for STEM sick Billahi otorrhea EDIC hold on to what was revealed to you, yeah, Muhammad and the people of your community, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and many of these a hadith are going to come in this particular book that we're dealing with, because all of this is intertwined. It goes to show the understanding the insight, and the kibra, or the experience that shift it and how to be he had when it came to doubt Allah Rahmatullahi

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to Allah Ali. So that hadith is that the Prophet said, and support in this salatu salam Wehrli I have left you people to things you will never go astray as long as you hold on to them. My book, the book of Allah and my sunnah.

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So that's the job and master responsibility for the Muslim as it relates to this particular Hadith and what has shown us that this hadith shows that is your job and my job. This is why we are opposed to those brothers sisters who over indulge and over engage and political Islam to the degree where they can't understand and they can't see that there is a disjoint between those emotions that are overboard and encouraging our communities by

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should be I will use to do things that is not time. This is not the circumstances, those overboard emotions are a problem, they are a problem. Our job is to take the path. And at this particular time as it has happened throughout the years of listening when the Muslims were in a state of weakness, they were in countries and in a situation where it was not like it was during the time of the Prophet sallallahu. It was send them especially during his latter years when Ellis lamb started to

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prevail and to take over the environment in which he was in this hadith is telling us get on the path and just do the right thing. Get on the path and just continue to go on the path and don't go to the right and don't go to the left.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in the Hadith, a whiny concerning those short lines that represented Divergent Paths. He and He salatu salam and describing that to us it clearly is indicate it indicates to us that those paths are the paths of as we mentioned before shuba hat and Shahar what a shaytaan is calling people and inviting people get off the set auto Mr. Kane that you get up every day early in the morning at Fajr time and you make this prayer every day. And then

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for other subsequent times during the course of the day asking Allah with a class inshallah guide you to the Sultan was stuck in those Divergent Paths say No Come this way to the way of shadow white the desires and he made us a lulu Why do you sell them her fit and not bisha What the * fire has been surrounded with and by desires. So from the desires is having money making money searching for money from the desires is given an individual who just wants to satisfy himself his low base desires

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from the desires a shadow what is the culture and the role that the culture plays in people's lives in terms of practicing the deen learning the deen being upright, the drama The problems that people have to suffer from as a result of the culture that's from the show Hawaii that people want to practice the culture because in the culture is party time in the coach's music and the culture is that which goes against the religion. Those are the Divergent Paths. So the person who was trying to

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be on Ellis lamb and have an ST. Tom is understand, avoid the Divergent Paths. Those Bert those paths are a problem. And from them the shuba hat, especially during this time, the shuba hat again, being those issues that are not clear. They're not known. They're ambiguous. Ellis lamb rejects the claw the call to liberalism, as it is understood and applied and practiced by many of the people today. Listen, time is diametrically opposed to progressive thinking if it means progressive is do

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what you want to do. We're smart right now let's throw away what happened 1400 years ago, and discard it and describe it as being mid evil in his problematic No, I listened I was against all of that. And those are the Divergent Paths. That path of non Muslims coming to an individual and making things seem alluring to you. That's the whole thing about Shabbat and shaytaan makes you perhaps inshallah what seem alluring for men Zun gainers Su and many for your Abu Hassan.

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That individual who he sees as DS and they have been made to look beautify to him. He's really impressed with his DS. He sees them as being hacer una and Allahu taala. Guys, whoever he wants to guide and he miss guys, whoever he wants to miss guy. So his deeds were made to appear alluring to him, the shoe buhite and the chawan those are the Divergent Paths that have to be avoided. One of the greatest imams in Al Islam is the great Imam, Imam and Hosei who told the people look when you

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look at the people who are treading on their journeys and their paths. He said when you look and you see the few people who are Pattabhi Jois who are treading on the path of allistic karma and what is correct in the path of the Sunnah, the way of the Senate, he said, Don't be faint hearted as a result.

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of the few people who are doing it. And then when you look at the other paths, the Divergent Paths, and you see the great multitude of people who are traversing among those paths, don't become fooled. Don't become tricked. Know, it's your job to get on the path and just continue to move on the path. And the hadith of Abdullah Abdullah Massoud, may Allah be pleased with him. Another important thing that should be mentioned here, in the journey of giving Dawa, accepting Dawa being people who are

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receiving Dawa, trying to give Dawa learning about our religion, learning about the Dawa. This hadith points to something really important and that is as well.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Ana it was sending them he said that I'm the head of each one of those Divergent Paths there is a che THON that is calling the people and inviting the people to that path. The question that could present itself is is that as shaytaan meaning V shaytaan, a regime a bliss? Or is it talking about the shayateen of the ends the human shouting?

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I didn't even close both of them. By the Hadith includes both of them. You cannot negate one of the two characters categories without a deal. Allow Tyler mentioned in the Quran, Waka Lika and they couldn't be in a billion. I do when shall Tina NC will Jin. You hear about the human Abaddon Zuko Cole, or aura we have made for every newbie that went before an enemy we made for every Navy that went before an enemy. And as a result of that, when that in to be called to his path, the Saddam was

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the king during his time. Sometimes three people will believe four people 510 People believe, and sometimes none will believe one, two will believe three, sometimes none will believe. So there's nothing wrong with the path. There's nothing wrong with the set off that the newbie was upon. It's the people. So the I said, we made for every Nebby, every Nebby, every messenger that came, we may, an enemy for him, there was an enemy who presented himself to the Tao of that messenger. And that

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enemy was from the shouting of mankind, or the shouting from the jinn, or both. And they would remind each other and exalt each other with beautiful speech. Oh, look how many numbers we are. Look how few they are. Look how many people follow me. Look how many people don't follow you. And so forth. And just Cannan Zohar, Phil Cole, just Cannan slogans, empty slogans that have nothing to do with the one who matters which is Allah will tie them what he made his religion subhanahu wa taala.

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So the enemies that present themselves on those paths, those enemies are from the shell pain of the ins and the champagne of the jinn. And to be honest with you, the shayateen of the ends human shafting are more dangerous, the evil the harm is more dangerous. So the shaytaan can come in the form of a family member, mother, father, husband or wife. It can come in the form of someone who's presenting themselves to you as a friend of bosom buddy, the shaytaan can come in the form in these

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Divergent Paths, the form of some madness. He's a person who claims the religion and knowledge of the religion. And what he's calling to is not consistent with the two signposts that the Prophet brought SallAllahu it was selling a Kitab and the Sunnah, and the Sunnah. And in addition to that, the third point and the third issue, and that is what the second hadith is about.

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And the second idea which is also connected to the first and brings the third signpost is the Hadith of the tremendous companion and in Cebu Malik may Allah be pleased with him. He said that the Prophet says of Allah who it was salam to study for having Amma Anna,

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for laughing was Sabrina for

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Kulu half now in LA Wahida. This OMA this community of mine is going to separate and split up and divide into 73 different groups, Divergent Paths 73 Different groups because of the shayateen of the incident the jinn from the Divergent Paths call into the people shoot

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The height shall white, lack of knowledge, drama, all kinds of issues, not taking the Kitab in the Sunnah, but taken from the DAO of the callers who will call in to the hellfire.

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He said all 73 of those groups will be in the Hellfire except one Carlu Why am I here till Culford? Which group won't be in the hellfire? Ya rasool Allah, the Prophet said Allah, Allah, Allah and sending them said, My Anna la Leo was Hobie the one that won't be in the Hellfire Umatilla slam brothers and sisters, the Prophet says southern lady was said, I'm the one that won't be in the Hellfire as the one that I was there doing what I'm doing today in my companions, there are key that

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is the same as mine, with no additions and no subtractions. Their slot is the same as mine with no additions and no subtractions to the reality in the hate, and the form and the application of that prayer. Their hygiene is the same as mine, and my companions, simple problem. And the solution. All of them will be in a Hellfire except one. Which one out of those 73 won't be an owl fight. The one that's doing what I'm doing today and my companion so now with all of these shuba hats, and all of

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the shadow white especially for the young brothers and sisters. You're hearing all of these things. You have to stay focus we have to stay focus as Muslims, that this hadith right now, Divergent Paths, all of this stuff's going on. All I want to know is how did the Companions believe it? How the Companions conceive it how the Companions practice it. So this hadith is the hadith of Annecy be nomadic may Allah be pleased with him.

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And he said the dramatic was one of the six companions who memorize the majority of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was from the Tsar, and he was from the kazoo Raj tribe of the anzar. He was the high dem of a su De La he SallAllahu wasallam. Just take care of him. And this is why and it's symptomatic was one of the most qualified people tell us about the intimate details and realities of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was Selim is the son of none other than own surname and

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his father Malik was a tremendous personality and Jay Hebei, and then midday Medina.

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He was the one who took care of the secret of the NABI SallAllahu, alayhi, WA, and it was set it up. And he has a lot of virtues. But he tells us in this hadith, the reality of what happened to Benny in Surah, Al and what has happened to our community, and that is that the Jews and the Christians broke up into many sects 71 For the Jews 72 For the Christians, and that this OMA is going to break up into 73 sects. All of the sects are going to be in a Hellfire except one. Allah describe the non

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Muslims in the Quran, he said that so whom they know whom shady doing the infighting, the fighting that these sects have with each other from the respective groups and religions. The whole they fought against each other, and they were supposed to be tribes that was supposed to be in United.

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The NESARA they were supposed to be together. But when they fell into shims and schisms, the fighting between them was serious. Same thing with our an agent. They are those people he doesn't like you can't stand you doesn't want to give you sedans doesn't want to know you has negative feelings towards you, because you're not from his group.

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And the group that he is on is a group that is taken from the divergent path, and he doesn't even realize it. So this is what happened to them. And this is what happened to us and this is what is happening to us. So the Hadith of the Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that's on the table today in terms of the idea of Abdullah ignoramus crude and the Hadith of an insipid, nomadic may Allah be pleased with them. The first Hadith leads to the life. It leads to quarreling and infighting, and

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being disunited and divided, and hatred and so forth. So on although Allah has commanded us, why does he mu B humbly, lahij. Me, I'm Willa. Topher Rocco.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

Hold on to the rope of Allah, all together collectively, and don't be divided amongst yourself.

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is the profit in authentic Id told us Allah Allah, why do you have salah the Quran is the rope of Allah, it extends from the heavens to the earth, hold on to it, hold on to it.

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This is what we wanted to present today. And we can say to you that in regards to the first Hadith, there are a lot of weak Hadith that are connected to it that we can bring those narrations to support more of that first Hadith about the Divergent Paths. But we're not going to do that, because they weak Hadith. And we know we're not the people who rely on weak Hadith. That's from the dirt Divergent Paths. And lastly, I would like to say some time ago was years ago, I made mention of an

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issue with our brother, Mufti mink, and I talked about a chef will see a lot bass. And in presenting that first talk that I had given I hadn't listened to in a long time, it was brought to my attention.

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I made a statement in the comment that if someone called the Mufti then the Mufti is the captive of the one who's calling him. So if someone called Sheikh sila bass, and they said to the share, moved him into this move the link to that, then the chef would give his speech based upon the color. And someone can understand, understand from that, who heard that, that I'm saying that's what happened. I want to make it clear that that's not what happened. That will be a lie, and that will be

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oppression on a sham, we'll see law bias, and in no way shape or form, will we be of those people who are trying to disrespect scholars in this religion, that is one of the divergent paths that lead people astray, that when you disconnect yourself from knowledge and the possesses and inheritors of knowledge that has a path that are shaytaan is at the head of the path, we're not really we're the students of these phenomena. So I want to make it very clear unequivocally Inshallah, as well. As

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share we'll see Allah bass, looked into the issue of brother move the mink, gave his opinion based upon what he understood, and what he investigated wasn't an issue of people calling him up. That's not what he did. That's not what happened. I don't want to be guilty of that oppression. I don't want to be guilty of that. untruth against a shake the shake. And Allah is Allah and Allah. Hi, there was Allahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh maybe not where it was hobby, a Jemaine was set on Malik

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Kamara to lie about a cat

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