Reflections On Surah YASEEN – Part 09

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Episode Notes

Part 9/12 – Future Generations

This episode explains ayahs numbered 38 – 43 from Surah Ya-Sin in great detail. The explanation includes the beautiful comparison of sun and moon with the Prophet SAW and the believers, the significance of each of them, miraculous sign of ship and the mercy of Allah from drowning it in the sea.

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Now we're going to get to the sun and the moon. But before I talk about the sun and the moon, I do want to remind you I did bring up the sun and the moon before.

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I said, you can compare the profit and the companions to the sun and the moon. The profit is a constant source of guidance, and they are illuminated by the presence of the prophet SAW something by the way, the prophet SAW Selim himself is called a son in the Quran was that in Allah, He beat his knee, he was Elijah Munira, he is a color to Allah by his permission, and he is a brilliant son.

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He's called a son himself, I'm not coming up with this myself.

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So if he is the son, who is illuminated by him, his companions, and all of us to this day, we are still like the moon.

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Now the thing is, what jumpsuit actually must occur when the sun moves until the time where a level tell it to stop.

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The Prophet is not with you forever.

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The sun is gonna go.

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Allah is not just talking about the sun has a particular time and a particular schedule. That's true, he's talking about that. But on the spiritual side, he's comparing this to what the prophet SAW Selim is only here for a limited amount of time. Take advantage while he's still here. Daddy kataka de Rosa zz la dee da is the calculation and the decree of the one who has the ultimate authority. The one who sent him was as east and zielen, as he is, he has his authority is that he will not stay forever, he will stay here as long as he gives them the authority to stay here. And by the way, when is he going to go? He's the only one who knows Aladdin. Just like for the sun, he has

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authority over the sun. And one day the sun itself will stop too.

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if that's the case,

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what about the moon,

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he says, As for the moon will come up cadorna hamanasi. We calculated it that it should go through phases.

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The profit is constant linear sub beta v e Fu, ardoch. So we can make your heart constant. But the believers are not constant. They go through phases like the moon goes through phases, and sometimes the believing community becomes so weak had the other kangaroo Julian Kadeem until it becomes like an old little twig left of a date to a palm tree. The little little fine line, like the entire sky is filled with darkness and the only light left is this tiny little bit. Sometimes the oma will be so deeply immersed in the dark, and there will be barely any light left. That is little bit of a reflection of that sun of that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam but don't be depressed because

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when it gets to its lowest,

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that's when it rises again.

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That's the rise of the soma again, so beautiful. So how about being told your situation may be very weak right now, you may be very few a number you may barely be visible. By the way when the sun is when the moon is at its weakest. It is almost What?

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invisible, isn't it? That's why we have moon fighting.

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Right? So So

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was it the believer described in the beginning of the surah is pretty much invisible. Well Kashi or Ramana belay,

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someone who's on the far end of this theory, you would never have known Subhan Allah, the rise and fall of the sun, the you know, it's like the rise and fall of this oma. And that's just the nature of it. So if you are thinking that somehow one day, we will have everything, and everything's gonna be perfect, and this world is going to turn into agenda,

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not in the Quran.

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That's not how it works. That's not what our aim is. Our aim is to make the best of whatever phase we live in.

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Whatever phase we live in, we make the best and then Allah has his own decree, Allah is going to do what he's gonna do, had the article the origin, including the shampoo, yada, yada, and to drink alcohol, so beautiful. It's not becoming of the sun.

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To follow the moon, or to catch up to the moon, the right translation would be to drink and interact to catch up. The sun is not capable of catching up to the moon, it's not enough cable, it's not appropriate for it to catch up to the moon. You know what that means? The sun has its own job, and the moon has its own job and the sun is not supposed to do the moon's job. The Prophet salallahu alaihe salam had a job and his followers have a job and they both have to do their jobs. One does not make the other one irrelevant or insignificant. They need it. They both need to do their own jobs. Has this been something that we already learned about in this era?

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Wasn't it the case that three messengers came and there was a follower who started talking anyway?

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Because the messengers have their job, but that doesn't mean that the believer doesn't have his job. Now shampoo young Gohan totally can come up with a latest article now. Well, known thief, Anakin

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Yes, behold, and all of them are rotating around in their own spaces, they're swimming in their own spaces. They have their own spheres in which they operate.

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Now when he says this, he's talking physically, I imagine the physical image, the physical images of the sun and the moon having their own orbits, yes.

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And they don't crash into each other, but they definitely perfectly complement each other, and all of it to make things better for the earth. If the sun and the moon don't cooperate, the earth gets destroyed. If the believers don't take full advantage of their profit.

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Then there's facade on the earth.

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If the prophets do their job, but if the believer stop reflecting,

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there's a problem.

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There's going to be tragedy on the earth. Moving on from this, when he says Fanuc, it actually means a round trip to Pelican Arabic, a full circle, or an oval, really in an oblong kind of circle. Okay, that's Falak. Speaking of the word Falak, he says what I told him, and there's another miraculous sign for them. And they have another reactor home that we boarded their children on.

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filfil kill mushroom and in ships that are loaded up completely. The word full is very close to the word Fanuc. It's like speaking of work, let me tell you about another round trip, when a ship goes out and see, it's Hope you're hoping it comes back one day, yes or no? Right? If you're hoping to make a round trip, now, what is this ayah doing here? The the passage started with the earth it's about to conclude with the with the sea. So the entire Earth, the entire planet, began with the dead Earth. Now we're about to go into sea. And in the sea, Allah is going to talk about us going out into and he didn't say you bought onto the ships, he says they put their children on the ships. And

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he didn't even say their children. He said their future generations, they put them on the ship. Why did he say that? Because when people used to get onto a ship, it wasn't a two day trip.

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They would travel for months.

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Get on the other side of the world. And when they got there, they would settle there and they would make a life there. Yes, maybe they'll come back or maybe they'll just become their new home. And if those young men because they're young men, they're young men and women 18 1920 year old, they went on the other side of the world, and they settled there and started working there and making a living there. Their children and their children's children and their children's children are going to be settled were over there. So a young man traveling on a ship back in the day was like all of his future generations traveling

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because once he makes that move, and his kids and his kids and his kids are all going to be there so you know when you got on that on that plane from the Paa?

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It wasn't you that was getting on the plane. It was your future generations media hamlet of apples, Jana.

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We going back? Uh huh. That's why you hear?

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Okay, you go back and you realize that we ain't going back. Can we go?

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But yeah, isn't it the case that our future generations ended up here?

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There are two three generations of Muslims here. Now. What this is what Allah does, and he's telling this to the Quraysh. You also have hopes in your children. So you send them on a journey.

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And when you by the way, it's so beautiful that the passage began with elements, pairs of everything, you remember that. But when a man and a woman are up here, what comes next? Kids, their kids are loaded onto ships.

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See, there's almost a conclusion. You know, it's progressing. The sun and the moon travel, which means days and months go by. And soon soon there's a baby. And then the baby gets older, and he wants to make a living, and he wants to go off and he's getting on a ship. There's a life journey inside. This is so cool.

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Now speaking of every planet is swimming in its own orbit. could learn Falcon, yes, yes, by all means to swim. Speaking of swimming, let's talk about the ocean.

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He just transitions he segues into from one image to the next. Now what you're thinking is if you can't imagine what it must be like for the earth, to be floating in the universe, and the moon to be floating and the sun to be floating. The closest thing to that you can imagine is what your ship in the middle of the endless ocean just floating in the middle of nowhere. That's a sign for you. What goes on up there? How how delicate you are, how insignificant you are how easily you could be drowned. How is the sun is really significant to you. But to ally it's just like a ship in the middle of the ocean. You can just tip it over drown it you just do whatever but it's nothing to him.

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So now you're in this ship and mushrooms that are you know that are full Shahada Safina Maha to fill the ship with everything Some people say this is a reference to to new Hannah Hassan. I do want to tell you something here. That is a long conversation among mufa soon for us, it's going to be a short conversation.

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For some reason the Quran in this surah comes close to talking about Musa alayhis salam and comes close to talking about new Islam but doesn't do it.

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You know, when there were two messengers sent to a nation.

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The closest that you get to know Quran is what? masaharu.

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A man came from the far end of the city.

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The only other story where a man comes from the far end of the city is what husana.

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Tucson, Arizona. At the end of that story, they were put out like a fire is put out, you remember that? When you What's the easiest way to put out a fire?

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Water? How was the courthouse found taken out? Water, even though there are differences is a third messenger in this one. So there are some differences. But it comes close to what musasa? Then you come here we boarded their children onto ships.

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What does that make you think of new Elisa and both of them have something in common. Their nations were destroyed by flood.

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They were drowned. And this is going to be important. You're going to be put out like water. Meaning a life selling operation doesn't matter. If you're in the middle of the desert, I can do anything.

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I can do anything. So Pamela. Anyhow,

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I do want to highlight one thing here. Well, you know about Atilla home, and the Hammond latteria Tom Wilkie machine, why do people put their young men and women onto ships onto airplanes?

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Why do they do that?

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To send them off to college, yes. To send them to get a job, to get a PhD to start a career. All their hopes are tied into the son who is in another land into this daughter who's finishing her med school. Living in another city. The mother is losing sleep every day, because she's got hopes in her white future. Her future. Allah says when you lose sight of the era, when you have nothing to look forward to in the next life, then the only future you think of is your own children.

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We should think of our children. But you know, the kurush the greatest future they ever thought of was what? There's nothing more than the karma.

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That is the furthest extent they'll ever get.

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You know, this is the further they can't go any past that they can't think any faster. I want good for my kids do. I want them to get a good education, I want them to get a good job. But you know what? I want their guidance more than anything else. Anything else? You guys are putting some of your kids in good high schools, because they are from good school districts. So the math science English, scores are high.

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But the moral

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depravity of those schools is lower than human civilization has ever experienced in its entire history. But the math science scores are really high.

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Homosexuality is being celebrated an overly sexualized culture with music videos that are almost pornography is being shared constantly. Facebook is becoming more and more and more explicit, openly. mobile devices are now tools that are predominantly being used to promote shamelessness.

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And we're buying our kids new iPhones because they got a good score on math so they can get into a good school. We are feeding their minds and ripping their hearts out. That is what we're doing. That is what we're doing. They're becoming really smart and they're going to be doctors, but they are going to be materialist almost non human

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they're not going to have any spiritual life left inside of them. And you know who did that to them

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Don't blame the kuffar

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normally in the profession

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you want good for your kids good one good for all of them not just their physical being all you want for them is to make money or to make the you should be able to say I raised the doctor

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or raise the kid who's got the top scores in this or that and you never concern yourself with their spiritual well being their character well being their ethical load while being their moral well being. There's a tragedy and on the other hand, then you have some other people I want to protect my child I wanted to be in office

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he doesn't go to school musicals High School

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and then he's going to become a Harlem

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and after Harlem I don't know father, after father maybe father. I don't know. But he's gonna I'm gonna keep him away from the Discover society. I'm using Quran and Sunnah Quran and Sunnah Quran and Sunnah Quran, Sunnah. And let me tell you something about that young man who is completely surrounded in the machine environment and knows nothing about the world outside. He's knows nothing about the world outside because that is the world of ghafar.

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What you've done to this child is the equal equal injustice.

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You have fed his heart at the expense of feeding his mind. Does a lot ask us to pay attention to the world around us. Did you know that it's a little duck

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I want to talk to you about business law, business law. The guy who knows how to write the contract must be a lawyer or at least an expert in business. He says mama llama Hola. He should write based on what Allah taught him. The guy who understands how to write business contracts. His education or law says I gave it to him.

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The Quran says ilevel Quran he taught the Quran. And the same Quran says business law was taught by Allah.

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This is a some non Muslim guy is a Catholic, who knows how to write contracts really well. And Allah says I educated in the Quran does not make a distinction between religious education and worldly education, what you'd like to call secular education, because all of it is out of Allah. When you cut the out of Allah. We're gonna study the Iota revolution, but not the author of the world around us and not the world, the world of history. There were three ways to the truth, front, back and top. And now you say I just want to learn the top I don't want to see the front I don't want to see the back then you know what, you're not getting the full picture of the truth.

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We need to find a balance in human education.

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This is the tragedy that we've done to our kids we have opened our kids but man even if this kid does go to a mother sign Mashallah becomes a happy mom happy for him. But when it comes to college when they are meets a college student, and then he has one conversation about Richard Dawkins

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he has one conversation about evolution What's he going to do?

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Where's he gonna go? We haven't even prepared them for the intellectual challenges against Islam. This is our responsibility people we have to do it we have to do it and inshallah maybe if we have time at the end I'll rant more about it and tell you what I think.

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But anyway, well hello Corolla home. Not only did we create these ships for them, we created for them Miss Lee just like admire cocoon, what they write themselves, the Arabs also ride something the Arabs, right, the camel and the camel is called Safina to Sahara, the ship of the of the of the desert. So they say they drop their kids off on the ship, and then they get on their desert ship.

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But also the ISS be created for them. Just like it what they are going to be writing. Allah says, I've created ships so far for you.

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But there are other things I'm going to create for you. Now they didn't know we know, trains, airplanes, satellites, hot air, balloons, God, you name it. All of that is actually something else has he created, but I thought engineers created what about the Wright brothers?

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You know, they're not the wrong brothers. So why why are we you know, so?

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How do we reconcile that ally is saying By the way, that all human creativity, all human creativity is accredited to the one who gifted you with that creativity.

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The idea you were inspired with was actually inspired to you by Allah.

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You know, the the app developer here, you know, the biochemical researcher, who in their sleep got, oh, I should have put an O there.

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That came from Allah, those neurons fired from a law that's in harm also. You know, there are literally there are inventors that I've seen documentaries on inventors of great things, who say I saw it in a dream.

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I've been working on this experiments been failing for years and years and I saw it in a dream. Who created that actually? It's Allah did you know that the first ship that was made according to us in our faith, the first ship that was designed was the ship of new Hyundai Salaam.

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And Allah says was not in full kunena manufacturer the ship under our direct watch.

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Allah is the project manager on this, this construction project.

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wahama Allah Allah, Allah Allah so we could we carried him on to things made of boards and nails alive and talks about the construction materials in the Quran.

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He gives them significance. Don't underestimate the value of a good sound, worldly education, but it should never be at the expense of Spiritual Education and education in the seal of your Prophet sallallahu Sallam an education in the Koran

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and education in this Deen in a Shara calm. Now

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we're in a shot nobody home if we wanted, we would drown them

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in the middle of the sea, we drown them philosophically Hello home, then they wouldn't have any cries to them. You notice images of there's a ship in the middle of the sea and it tips over and what happens?

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There drown and they're screaming hell.

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There's no crime to be heard. What our home you know, they're not going to be the ones that get rescued.

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They would completely be ruined. They're completely drowned in the depths of a dark ocean. This is the second time we've seen someone drowned in the depths of darkness. The first time was when there was a wall in front and a wall behind and his lid on top.

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And now they're all the way in the bottom of the ocean in metal Minda and the only reason we don't do that actually the only exception is

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Have an act of loving Mercy from Us. Well, Mata Angela hin, and so they may enjoy life and use things until a very limited time. I'm not going to crash your airplane just yet. You know what Ally's saying? A lot doesn't cause the airplane to crash. A lot causes it not to crash.

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It is its its default position is to crash. The one keeping it in the areas of law. The default position of the ship is to what? Think the one keeping your afloat is alone. People have the wrong picture. They think it's the you know, just like the messengers, they think the messengers came as a punishment, or Allah drown the ship. No, it's actually a lie soldier was the one keeping it afloat. He's the one keeping it where it should be. This is the image of Allah as origin Illa Mata Mina Amata and Isla hain.

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