Murtaza Khan – Marriage The Quest For Love And Mercy

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam as a middle path for society is discussed, including its use to protect against evil behavior and the natural sadhana of the Prophet Mohammed's actions. The speakers emphasize the need for women to find a woman who is fearful of women and avoid sexual behavior. The concept of "has been" is discussed, where a woman can use her husband's "has been" to indicate a woman is the mother of a woman who is. The segment also touches on the importance of safe mixing Islam with a woman and finding a woman who is fearful of women.
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Spindler, Othman Rahim in Alhamdulillah de international I don't want to stop

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when are all the builder Himanshu? Dorian fusina. When say Dr. Marina mania de la, another woman

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della wash

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in a long, long way. Sherry Keller, what a shadow Mohammedan Abdu humara solo biographer in the cul de sac eatable law, or higher Alhaji had you Mohammed in Salallahu alaihe alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was sharper and more in depth to her wakulla more desert in wakulla bit art in Bala Latin wakulla de la Latina of the praising Allah subhana wa ala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam who is the ideal role model for all of us Muslims to begin to emulate and to copy as the Quran mentions laqad akan Allah confy rasulillah he was sweatin hacer una Lehman can a lot of a Yeoman

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was the Corolla kathira. Indeed for you to emulate. And to copy the Prophet Muhammad's a lot of Salaam, whoever believes in a London last day is something beneficial for all of us, that we find from amongst the sun. From amongst his teachings that he came with was the importance of this noble action, rather this action, which is the way of all of the MBR that all of them engage inside this action. And before we enter into the EMEA the importance of this action or this normal way of life, for a human being for Muslim, we find that Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentioned in the Quran, woman area tea and Haleakala cuminum fusi come as well.

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It has kulu la vida Allah beno come what datung Rama in Likud. komiya Kuru indeed from amongst the signs of Allah subhana wa Taala is that he has created from amongst your own selves, your spouses, that you may find tranquility in them with them, and place between you affection and mercy very early in that indeed science for people who reflect in another passage in the Quran we find one lady halaqa coming up soon we're headed by Dr. Lamin has Oh, Jetta Leah schooner Elaine

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is a one Allah Subhana Allah created from a single person Adam alayhis salam, and then from Adam created how're alayhis salam, in order that he may enjoy the pleasure of living with her. So Adam alayhis salam, even after having everything inside paradise, the blessings of Paradise, he felt lonely, he needed a companion, he needed a spouse. So Allah, Allah created from the bent rib of Adam alayhis salam created his partner, how Allah has center and likewise defined this verse that he may live with her. Obviously the opposite holds true as well. If the Quran mentions one pronoun, it automatically highlights the opposite, but some people may try to interpret the Quran. As some of

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the orientalist the Quran is only speaking to the main gender and does not address the female gender is a general pattern the Koran that one gender is addressed and automatically at times it entertains the opposite gender as well. So this is the natural son of Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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that Allah Subhana Allah has created this concept of zodia whether it be the human being, whether it be the animals, whether it be the plants as a left hander, Menges woman, Condi Shea in her Latinas Oh Jane de la la quinta Kuru. In everything we have created, Xochi appears, the male and the female, that you may ponder you may reflect upon that or over that. That is the natural son of Allah. Allah, not just in the habit with Adam and how I lay him as salaam, but down on this earth as well. So when people begin to practice evil actions, whether it be action of *, and perversion and corruption that we find, whether it be the other extreme of monasticism staying away from marriage, the Quran

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mentions Laura Vania. There is no rebellion, no monasticism, if

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this was something that needs

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People, these monks they invented themselves. And that's if you go back and you read the whole history of the monks and the priests of living in a monastery of secluding themselves that even they begin to write about dreams that begin to enter them. They classify these dreams that they begin to dream about our demons, female demons and women are facing the male demons. Because obviously they are living in unnatural life they're trying to classify that matrimonial relationship is evil is something filthy at the find some of the mistakes that began to develop into them that to procreate or to have relationship is something impure. It's a filthy action, and even some, a minute amount of

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Muslims begin to see this as something corrupt. But we know that Islam, what the delicate the anakim, omata, Masato Islam is the middle path doesn't go to the extreme of perversion that we find, and it doesn't go to the other extreme of living life like a monk. The Quran mentions from tabula coming and Nisa. Messner was the last one over for ensiferum aleteia deleeuw, for wahida from googlemap, arbella, kamina, Nisa, Mary, whatever you want, whatever you desire of the women to three or four in them tadeu if you're not able to be just to be fair, for wahida, to marry any just the one. So, Islam, Tisha nurse is encouraging the individual to live a matrimonial lifestyle. It is a

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natural sadhana. It is a natural way of the human being, like or define a Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salim yamashiro Shabaab man is the main common failure to salvage or young men wherever amongst you has the abilities, the ability or the means, should get married. So this is the encouragement of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had that we find to such a degree highlighting this, that when three individuals came to the household, are inquiring about the actions of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Lo, Selim, one of them said, I'm going to pray and I'm going to pray all night, not going to rest. Because we are away from the actions of the Prophet Muhammad

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Sallallahu sallam. The second one said, I'm going to fast every single day

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and not break my fast, continuously fast. Third, when said, I'm not going to marry,

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have relationship with women stay away. So when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam heard about this, he inquired about these three individuals, and he said to them, as for myself, I pray and I rest. I fast and I break my fast, and I married women, for men, rahima Ancelotti, Felisa Mindy, whoever turns with my son has got nothing to do with me. So he's rebuking these individuals for this action, or trying to live some form of purity that they are doing something better than the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Likewise, the Quran mentions what are called arson narrow Solomon publika what they are and love them as well.

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Indeed, there are many messengers that came before we send all of the messengers were there as well. We made for them spouses, and we gave them progeny we gave them children. Even recently, Maria Malema salam, one reason why he has to return back is to fulfill the sadhana he will return back and he will get married to complete the path of all of the MBR all of the MBR are identical, lest anyone can come and say that look at Lisa, he never got married. Now he's going to come back and fulfill the son and have all of the MBA and getting married and then be lifted up once again is a natural death that we find. Likewise we find that if in the hadith of a man will be happy in his collection

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that we find when a servant gets married, he has completed half of his religious obligations and for the other half he should feel a loss of Canada Allah. So person is incomplete in the Eman Knox v manage shocks that the person is deficient, especially persons coming beyond the age of puberty that is still deficiency inside the individual's Eman And that devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah so the Quran doesn't remove the concept of the natural desires that the human being has. Quran mentions right in the beginning of Surah Al Imran Regina Ignacio buccellati Minh and Lisa Baldwin will appear in mo contura team and other heavy will fade. While Heil musawah Mati will Anam he will have the

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alika metallic hayati dunya while low and double

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visionary naseeha Boucher team in aneesa the most coveted greed or love or devotion that human beings have is overland Quran mentions is towards women. So Islam is recognizing that this is the natural feeling that a person has this arreaza or the shacklewell this desire is included.

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nation. So now Islam is now encouraging us to channel that in the correct direction. Because the Quran mentions Allah Allah moment. Holla wahala people Sabir does not love Panda, I don't know what he is created supernova, Allah, and he is the most subtle, the most aware. So Allah under our nose has created the human being, in the perfect form will offer the car from nanny, Adam given nobility to Benny Adam, all the children of Adam, and knows what the needs and desires of the human being are even better than our own selves. And that's the last one that laid out the normal pattern, the normal norm, the normal way of life that all of us should be trying to follow and inside our lives.

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So you find that any person who begins to move away from that natural norm you find the Koran is very harsh, very stern, that some of us as Muslims begin to belittle these actions when we think it's trivial and many people practice these relationships, whether it be any, any the full, any evil relationships that we find, or just any some form of mild relations, they try to judge it, or and has some harsh words, talking about those individuals, about people you look at the beginning and you're so to know that you find a zania towards the end, firstly, Dooku lower headed men who mamita gender, the woman who's committed this action and the man commits his action, then they should be

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flogged 100 times the person who's married that we find that person is to be stoned. So this is harsh statements inside the Quran. And it mentioned don't take any any inclination or kindness when you are punishing these people as well for the action that they're doing. Had to find Islam mentioned that a woman any if she was perfect, she comes out. Everybody in even smells this this woman who smells the fragrance that woman is any is a is a zania is adulterous, Jenny woman, it doesn't mean that we are belittling the women folk. Likewise, the opposite is true. The whole is dunya is one great big provision. What is the best provision a person can take is morato saleha. a

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righteous in a woman. That's the best thing that a person can take like was in a headache that we find. So what you will lose what do dilute for in need mocha theorem become the common NBA Yama, Yama, marry the loving and the fertile because indeed, I will be competing with the rest of the profits on the day of judgment about who has the most followers any insight you need their life.

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So we find that the hook of many cocomo of marriage and is something very, very important, especially depending on the type of environment that we live in. Because sometimes you find that marriage becomes an obligation becomes a worship for persons living in environment whereby a person could fall any into sin, then that person needs to guard their chastity. Other times it is something recommended at times could even become haram for person to marry, marry if they don't have the ability, or they know they're going to harm a woman or torture a woman or whatever it may be. But we know we can safely conclude that living inside the Western world environment we live in, it is

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paramount. It is an obligation a person needs to guard and preserve the chastity as the Quran mentions inside so many other known successful other believers. And amongst the characteristics of these believers are the 23rd Chapter The Quran are those individuals will Edina homely Fujian have a boon in Allah as well gee him oh man Malika a man whom from Manipur hora de la Cava Ola echo who moon I don't need those individuals. And those are the believers who God they chastity God the private parts, except for upon their family members and that wish their right hand possesses whoever seeks any other means than those individuals are going to be the adult or do the man for the moon

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transgressors. So Islam has any form of any relationship or fulfillment outside of wedlock. Law use Haram. It's not allowed for a person to follow any other ways. That's why also the Quran mentions in other locations, similar verses of God in one's chastity. So even though Quran mentions ricola, meaning Yahoo do mean up sorry, Maja fabu furuya home, the US Canada home, say to the believer meant to lower the gazes and to God their private parts of chastity that is pure for them. And likewise later on and it mentioned for the believing women are called a minute and say to the, to the bleeding women to lower their gaze into God, their private parts. So we find that the first initial

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stage in your marriage is obviously in need the choice, the appropriate choice. We know according to prophetic teachings, you need to be more attuned Arbor, the Malia what it has to be her village Amalia Ballentine her fourth Forbidden City. A woman is married for four things one or four or even possibly all four

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For any beauty or wealth, family status and likewise any we find any for her Deen for her her belief or conviction her Amen. And that's the Prophet Muhammad mentioned first for me that the deen choose a woman, any of Deen, that doesn't mean that the other things are bypassed, obviously, you have to have to have some lightning tools individually. And that's why even the Prophet Muhammad encouraged his companions to go and look at a woman. Go and look at the woman before you marry, I don't use blindly marry a woman then you have to live for the rest of your life with that woman, etc. And likewise the opposite for a woman as well. That if a man comes and you're happy with his character

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and his Deen, then you should marry them. If not, they will be much fit and well for Saudi Arabia, and a great exposure of corruption take place inside of societies, these are the key elements, good character and Dean. Likewise for the woman as well as good character and Dean, these are the elements because we know that a woman's beauty can disappear. A woman's wealth can disappear, a woman's family status can disappear. But a woman of strong Dean strong conviction that you find that the first teacher of the home is the mother said the mother doesn't know anything, all that she knows about this dunya doesn't know anything about her Deen. This is not about the Quran. And Sunnah

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doesn't know anything, then who's going to be bringing up the children, naturally, the husband, or the man of the house is carrying out the chores that he has to do. that burden goes back to the mother. She's the initial teacher, the first teacher of the children is the mother. So the person has no Dean has an understanding of Dean only has this dunya inside their mind as many people all of us have this materialistic approach of the dunya, there is going to be troubles. A troublesome May Allah forbid marriage because you find it is going to be an imbalance that at some stage, the man may want to begin to practice one's Dino Likewise, the opposite woman may want to begin to practice

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a dean. But because the initial basis was one of love, one of dunya one of attraction, whatever it may be, that somebody has to give, something will have to be pulled apart. And that's why the times anyway, people should look at the beginning. The essence is we know that these days that we find love blinds that many people are blinded by the shallow end understanding Western society is trying to teach us any about the type of individual that we should be keeping ourselves with.

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Also, we find the concept uni of taking what the Quran mentions mytho Kanaka leave a severe covenant. So you don't just think any 100 times you think 1000 times that what you are about to do. That's how the Quran describes the covenant of marriage. There's not as some of us may think, buying a pair of shoes and then taking it back to the shop or trying a clothing out. No, that's not that's how some of us may think what life is about because that's what the society is teaching us that if you don't like something, then quickly go and exchange it No. The Quran is mentioned is something a severe a strong covenant. That's even from amongst those things which are allowed but still last 100

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dislikes it is for man to separate from his wife. Because the dangers of separating from one's wife are the dangers of breaking the society and breaking the children. What is the biggest downfall inside this country, the biggest downfall inside this country after the biggest abuse being alcohol. A second is broken families. There is no family unit. Most people don't know even who the parents are, as we find out 40% of the children this country are born out of wedlock. They're born out of wedlock their parents are not married. And that eventually leads on to what a collapse of a society a collapse of people's character and behavior and unfortunately for some of us, any few minute

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minority Muslims are beginning to follow that same pattern of thought. So don't be surprised in five or 10 years time that you begin to see the whole the fabric fiber, the structure of the Muslim community begins to weaken because we're not paying attention to the essence any of our of our Deen also we find that the best individual to see about fulfilling the marital responsibilities, we should be quite clear that any as we began with no one can reach the caliber of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, but at least a person tries tries to emulate likewise on the heart and many no one can reach the caliber of the of the of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad says our mothers but a person

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should be looking up to them try to begin to emulate them. So he mentioned solo Salim any, I am the best amongst you any towards his family. So the best amongst us He is the one who is good to his family and I am the best one individual towards his family. Likewise he mentioned for Stoessel be Missa Essaouira any day the legacy device so goodness can eat towards your family members. treat them well. Look off the well indeed the woman, Chicago region other just like the blood brothers are the partners, any of the man inside the house and inside any society

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Likewise, adventures we're actually gonna build maroof live with them many honorably. So these are general passages in the Quran teaching us how the relationship within neither home any should be like was defined while Mr. la de la hinda Bill maroof and the women have rights corresponding to the obligations upon them according to what is equitable or whatever is fair. So this is how Islam is, is highlighting any the role of men and women in it before the concept of the suffragettes movement of coming and alleviating women and giving the women their right you find it all day. In South Dakota you find so many sources inside the Quran, whether it be salt and Nisa, the fourth chapter,

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but it be sort of Merriam the 19th Chapter The Quran, you find sort of mogera de la Soto hareem Soto tala sorta monta Hina all these different suitors inside the Quran are all addressing the end of SOTA Nisa, talk about inheritance, etc. And in the middle as well all talk about the rights and obligations of women before these people they come along and they highlight this is the rights that we are giving we are liberating women are giving them the freedom but the Quran still mentioned while originally Allah Hinata Raja men have a slight degree any over any women. What does that mean? That means in terms of responsibility, as a Koran mentioned rbj Luka Muna Allah Nisa Bhima Abdullah

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lo ba, ba, ba ba Ma and Falco rbj loco Muna Allah Nisa, men are dominant, stronger than women. What does it mean stronger doesn't mean physical force. That's just one minor understanding that naturally, biologically, a man would be stronger than a woman. But the real meaning any original comun karma is a sense of the ability to place everything in the right place to take on the responsibility. That's the role of demand. Today, are young men ready to take on the responsibilities of their home? Are they willing to take care of the responsibilities of their home, are they willing to fend and to nurture for their family members? Yes, some of us may have come from

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whatever it may be a cultural background, but most of our parents you can see they done a good job in taking care of their family taking care of their home, whatever it may be. But some of us will begin to see as some form, it's a burden. That's a sign of a real man, that a person is taking care of their home and taking care of their any family members.

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So we find that even though they may be at times in a some form of uni disheartening or misunderstanding that begins to take place inside the home, and for an ode, Islam recognizes that marriage is not going to be a bed of roses, there's going to be different points in life and different curves and learning points that begin to take place. So even though the Quran isn't at times talks about there may be certain etiquettes that a person may dislike whether it be in the man or within the woman, there's still some goodness inside there, you find in a heartbeat that indeed treat women nicely if a woman is created from a rib from the bent rebirth of Adam and Eve salon. So,

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if you try to stretch something which is bent, it will snap, it will break. So person showing the person needs to appreciate that there are certain things of women which are different from men know as the society tries to teach us that we are equal. We are totally equal. Yes, we are equal in in eMERGE, we are equal inside our righteous actions. But even then, what is the Jihad if a woman that jihad is a woman is what to perform hajj, that's her jihad. She doesn't have to physically go out and do the action that a man has to do. She doesn't have to physically go out and earn a living if he does go and earn a living, that's her wealth. As for the man who has to go and fend for the home

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or the breadwinner of the home and take care of the home if she has to go out in an environment which is which is conducive to Islam which is tolerant towards Islamic teachings then it's possibly allowed as for this freelance understanding that you know, just to follow a career or just to follow a way of life. Yes, we're point blank Yes, we may be any those people who have a, a background understanding or whatever it may be, but that's the Quran and the Sunnah. That is the Quran and Sunnah. That the essence of the woman is not to leave her home less word, I need a necessity that concerns us concerns her. That's the Quran Mensa. So to the hazard the 33rd chapter couronne

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advisement soften your pattern, this is a read the surah. So as of the 33rd chapter, is talking about Jihad feasibility. It also talks about the rights and regulations of men by me believing men believing women, that dress sense of women and the etiquettes. And highlights about even the speech of a woman and also not coming out in the state of coverage. The bharadwaja heliacal oola don't come out of your homes will corner fee boutique una remain inside your homes. That's the essence remains that your homes don't just come out of your homes for just for whatever it may be. That's the essence of the woman and only when the need may be and she has to go and do certain things that

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concern her something that which is which is beneficial then she can come out of a home at the knees if you find the Quran mentions Fela burnable coal for young lady

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Colby maraud Don't be even deceptive, alluring inside your speech, if you have to speak to a person of the opposite gender speak in a rough, coarse manner, there is no beautification one's voice towards a stranger,

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less than maybe a sickness or disease inside the person's heart that they attracted towards you. You know these ideas are addressing who the wives of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. These are our mothers with one thing about one's mother in that manner. So the Quran is saying that the women the wives should not be speaking as men and they never spoke in that manner. They never did. If you read even the many of the areas inside the Quran, read the facility find some strange things. If strange men came in funding, they just dropped their veils cover their faces, even almost today, it's not how is it possible that people could visualize the wives of the Prophet Mohammed Salah. That's what

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Mr. Muslim, he mentioned, narrates a Hadith, that on three occasions the Quran came down upon the view of armor, ignore the law, no one does occasionally mentions the hijab, he said the wives will approximately be wearing hijab, no one should be able to recognize them to be able to see them. So I came down inside the Quran, telling the wives of the person to cover themselves to wear the hijab to conceal themselves.

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Likewise, the iron suit has mentioned that the hijab is worth that you may be recognized as a chest woman and not be molested. Now we have to be frank, the type of hijab that women are wearing at the moment. Let's get this message clear that is not a job.

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That is not a job. Whether you follow the system of Imam Abu hanifa Imam Shafi Omar Malik, remember that

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there is there is not a hijab,

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that you wear skimpy piece of cloth on top of your head, and the rest of your body is showing does not hatred. There is no estelar amongst any of the fuqaha there's no STL I've only those people who totally go against the Quran. So no try to justify whatever it may be. The Quran is quite clear about the dress sense of a Muslim woman and a man How does she dress how they should conduct themselves? Simple that's the message we should be giving to people, obviously people all of us have weakness of a man takes time to develop to understand but our role as teachers is not to become wishy washy, because there are preachers out there and say, Well, you know, you know you're living

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in the West, the 21st century will and this is a bit of Calvin Klein are Dolce and Gabbana scarf on there. No, I'm not one of those individuals, you have to be told that message straight,

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that that is intolerable. That is not acceptable, to be dressed in that manner and try to disguise yourself and deceive yourself or try to deceive Allah subhanaw taala and say that this is some form of any job.

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And likewise for the man as well we know even the same restrictions. For woman if a woman is not allowed to wear tight clothing, then for a man as well. According Sheree our man is not allowed to wear tight clothing, any form of clothing which is tight which is revealing even if a man's older etc resembles any disbelievers that is something specific towards them, then a man should avoid that as well. So the same rules apply for women apply for men as well not the concept of I can do whatever I want to do when a woman has to be any dressed inside this manner etc. Also we find inside the Quran for encouraged to move on for a certain crochet wage and a low fee hiren cathedra perhaps

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you may dislike something in the qualities many of the women but Allah subhanaw taala puts much goodness inside it so that teaches the psychological understanding any of the opposite partner that's what the Quran is trying to address you know the Quran is very unique in even you need the Quran talks about relationship of you some people may be taken aback the How can the Quran talk about relationship? Yes, the Quran does. If you go and look at certain answers to suit Baccarat talks about you read about them. But obviously the environment is not conducive to discuss these things, it's at the public we can go back and read those those ayat and begin to understand how the

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Quran is addressing us about all of our affairs, even the life of the Prophet Mohammed how he conducted himself towards his wives, why is that being disclosed? So, we may go and learn and understand what the correct unique conduct and the behavior is likewise defined. There are times any the human being the man in general, in he likes to be shown some form of gratitude and thus you find a human being if they're not given any the thanks so in gratitude is shown towards them. You find the person in the field naturally some form of being upset or whatever it may be. So you find a hadith and he mentions that the majority of the people in the Hellfire will be the women. So they

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asked Is it because of our any disbelief the disbelief you need, that we find is the one of them being ungrateful any towards the need their partners. So you find the lesson Taylor, the Hindi film rottman cache called Mariah to any partner

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hadith of Imam Bukhari that it used to show a whole lifetime of goodness towards your partner. And just on one occasion, you may have done something which was incorrect. The person says to you, the partner says to Mara to an incoherent cop, I've never ever seen anything good from you. This is unnatural. Even the Prophet Muhammad said he knew when he was angry with him in you, she said how do you know when I'm and when, when I'm angry with you? He said, when you are pleased with me, you say and he by Allah will be Muhammad, you say by the Lord of Mohammed, Salah Salah. When you're happy with me, when you're angry me You say you don't even want to mention my name is Ella what a B

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Brahim. So even the prophet SAW his own wife the same that when I when I'm angry, don't even want to mention your name. So obviously psychologically teaching in a certain elements if you go back and look at the etiquettes in the behavior of the household, the profit mom's a person will begin to extract those for why those benefits of how they can begin you need to live you need inside you need their own home. Likewise for unmentioned Honda leabhar silicone entamoeba Sullivan, in your garments for them, and they are garments for you, just as we began with meaning tranquility, that is a concept of understanding between any the two partners. Also, we find that what are the rights of the

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husband you need over you need his wife, what are the rights that the husband has any some of the rights that any have collected, you find to be you need a supervisor, any as we've mentioned earlier that this is one of the most important issues that many any people you need exploited and failed to understand the concept of supervision of the house. So to be any supervisor inside the home, like was defined not to allow anyone inside the house without his permission. In in some times any person may not like someone to come inside their home, that person should not be allowed to enter inside the home because this could cause any misunderstandings inside the home. Likewise, define any

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serving the husband and this is also a new phenomenon that we find in Africa have discussed this, if you'd go and look at work for physicals a word. And you find that time some folks I've mentioned that the concept of a woman serving a husband, whether it be giving him food, clothing, whatever it may be taken care of his basic necessities, his needs, in a whole discussion begins to take place. In just a few rare occasions, some element mentioned that there is the earth the custom the people or out of a goodwill out of goodwill, she should do that. And some people are stretched this and exploited this and trying to promote any under the disguise of Islam that a woman doesn't have to

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take care of her husband, a woman doesn't have to cook for him doesn't have to fend for him doesn't have to wash his clothes doesn't have to do anything of the chores of the house. She is not obliged to that view is a minute view rather than more stronger view is that a large portion of animals say that it is they go to a degree that's even obligatory for a woman to do these actions. Because why even based upon the concept, if the man is supposed to be taking care of the home, then what is the woman supposed to be doing in return.

00:33:08 --> 00:33:45

So, when people say that there should be no concept of taking care of the home and looking after the home and nourishing the home, let us go back to the household of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim, when Fatima bint Mohammed Salah solemn, you can obviously understand that if the prophets may have said some words to his wife or whatever it may be woody now apply that to his own daughter. Because you know naturally love is divided in different degrees. That towards one sister love is different towards one's wife towards one's mother towards one's wife etc towards one's daughter love would be totally different. So you'd expect the Prophet Muhammad to give some more privilege some more

00:33:45 --> 00:34:00

preference towards his beloved daughter Fatima rhodiola delana whereby he would stand up for her he would clean the floor for her and make a sit down kiss on the forehead to show the Bedouin Arabs that this is the way that we treat any our daughters

00:34:01 --> 00:34:06

so she one day she complained to her husband any early or the local admin

00:34:08 --> 00:34:10

look at my hands they become close and they become harsh

00:34:11 --> 00:34:26

so we know that the booty has come so ask any any the Prophet Mohammed them to send us I serve it to come and help with the chores of the house the kneading of the dough, the bread, the cleaning up whatever it may be send someone to help us in the house.

00:34:27 --> 00:35:00

So naturally you think that any father think you know daughter suffering difficult home and he's hardships. So I may as well send a servant there. When this news came to the Prophet Mohammed Salah son he went and he visited them as he came into the into the room. They both sat up and he told him to remain there. And you find a notice of the Hadith that mentioned that they could feel any the wounds of any of the body of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem showing how close he was towards any his daughter Fatima and his son in law, Ali even a Vitaly so he mentioned

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

You know, I know that you I've heard that you want someone to come and take care of you. He said, I'm going to give you something better than that.

00:35:09 --> 00:35:30

Now imagine the whole the image here, that's a father now, but the same time before that he is a prophet of Allah. So he says that every night before you go to sleep, say Subhan Allah say Alhamdulillah any 3333 times and Allah Akbar 34 times, that is better for you than to have a servant in your home.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:34

That's the advice the Father gives to his daughter.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:43

So after all the favoritism you'd expect that person would maybe say, look, maybe send someone there to help her out? No, that's the advice he gives his own blessing daughter.

00:35:44 --> 00:36:23

And Allie says that I took on advice and every single night I would do that even the Battle of Guinea or the German the Battle of the camel and other battles you went into where by the end if certain battles took place even against the Muslims I never forgot to make that call at night is different from the Oscar we make after after Salah the difference here is that three times Subhanallah hamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times say that before you go to sleep, likewise any we find a smell any the total aboubaker any unknown have come to a demo. So bare metal basically, I should take care of the house of zubaid the whole of the affairs of the house

00:36:24 --> 00:36:28

at times by the carrying any the big pots of water, any on a head.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:41

So these are all evidences from the Quran and Sunnah that you can find about taking care of the home. Likewise, even we extract the talking about the two daughters of

00:36:42 --> 00:37:17

any la Salaam. And if the home atom she Anastasia and one of them came walking in a state of bashfulness Why did she come out the house musasa was rebuking them mahute bukhoma Why are you walking around? Why are you out and about at this time can you see these old men here? Why are you standing here for why have you come here for them they have to reveal why they've come here. They've come here because the father is old man. And is no one is no man inside the home to come and collect the water. So we have to come out and collect the water. We wait until they go away and then we take whatever waters that we return back to our father.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:36

So look at these articles and have to even see these if you find some a job some strange things. That when the dude is the one that comes back work instead of bashfulness to take musasa back home. She's not busy talking to him excessive asking where do you come from? Where do you live? How are you? What's your name is that any other

00:37:37 --> 00:38:18

you find books that you find? not mistaken. Mmm. So you need Roman food that you find. Throw the stone to the right, to walk to the right for the stone to the left to walk to the left. So he's walking in front, the girls woman's behind and she just triangles down to let him know where to go. Now excessive speech. Even I actually read the story but if the blame placed upon our Asia or the Latina side so to North 24th chapter Quran another great source of the light, the new read the 24th surah talking once again about all the etiquettes of the believers inside the surah How did that companion recognize Asia or the Lord and when she left me her necklace when she went to make the

00:38:18 --> 00:38:58

call of nature. And she came back to search for a necklace and they lifted up at the caravan and they had to pick it up and put it on the cabin. And she was a young woman very light. So they thought that she was sitting inside there and they carried on going and she remained behind because she's looking for her necklace. And one of the companions he recognized her because he had seen her before the ayat of hijab came down he didn't have any excessive compensation visa the ahaadeeth etc you find just came over bought the riding beast made it come down crouch down made to get on the riding beast and bought it bought a back into the city but you know even this was enough for

00:38:58 --> 00:38:59

somebody to own

00:39:00 --> 00:39:13

some Newman's Own you find and then you know trying to create this any doubt that you find in Islam that that person should never be alone with a strange woman as a third one is the devil

00:39:14 --> 00:39:21

there's no concept any of being alone in inshallah hopefully tomorrow we'll talk about free mixing Islam or being any strange with a woman

00:39:22 --> 00:39:44

at the fine even the Prophet Mohammed some being imagined being inside the masjid is inside the masjid making ethical life and his wife Sophia rhodiola. Anna comes to see him and he walks with with her towards the air coming out of the, the the precincts of the masjid and to some of the companions of walking by to them or walking by they quickly begin to hurdle by.

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

So he says to him Allah recently Kumar alaris nicoma be at ESPN wrist. Indeed She is my wife, Sophia. Are the low Tanana. They said, you know you're Rasulullah we're not thinking anything bad. We're not thinking anything bad.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

Look at the Prophet Mohammed from teaches them a lesson teaches a lesson. Indeed shaytan flows through

00:40:07 --> 00:40:16

the veins of human being or the body of human beings just like blood flows through the veins. Never ever placed yourself in a doubtful situation.

00:40:17 --> 00:40:56

Never placed yourself in a doubtful situation because that takes away your integrity, your honesty, your dignity is taken away from the person. So the wife is a caretaker inside the house of her husband, and she will be any question you need about it. How about the rights of a wife unit over her husband? amongst the rights we find the concept of giving the man the dowry, were too nice. So Ducati hindon, Allah gave me the women who married a man had the obligatory bride and money unit given by the husband whose wife at the time of marriage with a good heart in the beginning of sorta Nisa, the fourth chapter, verse number four, so, that is a right that belongs should a woman. So,

00:40:56 --> 00:41:34

obviously, the dairy has to be something which is which is acceptable, you know, you find in some countries you need 50,000 per year, who is the person going to get 50,000 from or you know, in this country 20,000 pounds was it man supposed to get 20,000 pounds from then on top of a house and a car and this and that, you know, this is the old against the Sharia, that is creating many a marriage is something which is simple, something easy simplicity, not something that becomes something that becomes troublesome and difficult for the person. So the matter should be the dairy should be something which is and is something which is good, which is something simple. Any important you need

00:41:34 --> 00:41:51

both families as it should come to some uni understanding. Likewise, the right of the woman is expenses and residents. You know, brothers always having this dream was to be wants to be fair, because I think we had ample opportunity speaking about the women, you know, I want to have two wives, three wives, four wives, go and get one take care of one.

00:41:52 --> 00:41:53

But this dream world

00:41:54 --> 00:42:33

dream? Well, yes, I'm gonna have four, I'm gonna have three, you don't have a job, you don't have a scale, you just have your social benefit. You know, and that's it, you're dreaming about these big dreams is a sign of a man. It is a sign of Amanda and sending your wife to go and sign on and pretend she's a single mother, where these children from? That's what some people are doing all day. They symbolist in is a Cofer system when we don't recognize the law of the country. But imagine, imagine that How would you feel? How would you feel sending a woman to the office? And she said, and the person says, Oh, where are these children come from? Are you married? No, I'm not married. So

00:42:33 --> 00:42:39

what comes to a person's mind that you've had these children where From where? out of wedlock?

00:42:40 --> 00:42:56

So we had to think about this. How can you tolerate that? That didn't you talk about co founder, co founder and co founder sitting there thinking look at the people then isn't that's what they're thinking, isn't it? So one minute you're doing yourself with the veil every next minute? You're trying to tell me you, you're saying I don't have a husband?

00:42:57 --> 00:43:08

I don't have a husband. So really, when even the Quran talks about the concept of polygyny, not polygamy alone, marrying any women. It means that the person has the ability

00:43:09 --> 00:43:25

person has the ability to do it and to take care of their family members doesn't mean that you rely upon the state welfare system. That's not what the Quran and Sunnah teaches that's what some people are thinking they're relying upon the state, then that state is going to bring up your children. That's what can happen. You are just falling your lust and your desires.

00:43:26 --> 00:43:32

That's what a person is doing. The person is falling the lust and the desires that I this this is not on but we have to revive this on

00:43:34 --> 00:43:40

the Quran as we began mentioned from the Houma tabela camino Nisa he must know what Ola or Uber for

00:43:42 --> 00:44:01

any for any system Allah De Luca wahida. This has been tallied It doesn't say people starting to read this means you have to mention married to you have to marry three you have to marry for No, this is just any mean Bab Talib encouragement. Initially, I take these two different views she I say two plus three is five plus four is what nine?

00:44:03 --> 00:44:06

Become machinery there isn't it? Get nine.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:36

So we have to begin to teach people especially young mothers about the responsibilities that it is a man's road to spend expenses to residents according to what is the earth what is Earth mean? Earth means that custom of the people, what the average person whatever it may be today, a one bedroom, flat two bedroom house, whatever it may be, whatever is the growth of the land, that is what the woman is entitled to. So it doesn't mean that a woman can come and say that you know she wants to Buckingham Palace or once this once that no

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

what is the average person and he has insight in the environment that is what a man has to provide for any his fellow any partner, likely to find that living with kindness and good moral character any man has to show as we began began with good character towards his fellow partner. Industry find out many times people are showing kindness to their friends.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

And brothers around them but they don't see their family members well. rod is from the sun as we mentioned the Prophet manhood to treat his family members the best and show them the most loved uni and affection. Likewise you find the concept of education to educate them primarily with the deen teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. And we know that the concept you need of any of at times any moral character is very, very important. Now if I want to conclude about this famous any famous Hadith has been collected in different books on a hadith Kitab nica, the book of wedlock, the personal maturity model, the chapter the book talking about showing goodness towards one's family

00:45:43 --> 00:46:22

members, that how at times that you need, women can fall into this trap of union showing some form of ingratitude And likewise, men as well, this hadith about an increase in the character behavior as the rated by our Asia, or the alota and Anna, that 11 women sat down and decided not to conceal anything of the news of their husbands. Remember, this is prehistoric prehistoric times, because obviously Islam is not allowed to have person to sit down and to talk about other people's spouses Hatton Islam, for a woman to describe any her friend or some another woman is her arm is not allowed. She's not allowed for a woman to describe another woman in front of her husband. It's not

00:46:22 --> 00:46:57

allowed person to do that. Likewise a person to describe any their their their families, trades, etc, is not allowed inside the Sherry house. This happened before. So no one can extract and say look, this is women are allowed to sit down and gossip about one another's hospitals etc. Even though it is a common unfortunate practice. So these 11 women, they sat down and talked about the hospital the first one said that my husband is the meat of a lean, weak camel, which is kept on the top of a mountain, which is not that easy to climb noise, the meat fat so that one might put up with the trouble of fetching it. So I've had these gaps to make any explained what do these words mean?

00:46:58 --> 00:47:37

They mentioned that this first individual is badly behaved, worthless, arrogant and miserly. That is the value of the first husband. The second one, I should not relate for I fail, I may not be able to finish your story about all of these defects and these traits that he has. The third woman mentioned that my husband is a tall man if I describe him and he hears of that, he will divorce me and if I keep quiet, he would not divorce me know treat me as a wife. The fourth one says she's praising her husband is a moderate person at the night of the hammer, in which is neither hot nor cold. I am neither afraid of him, nor am I discontented in with him. The fifth one says when he enters is like

00:47:37 --> 00:48:15

a lead head when he leaves is like a lion. Like a leopard meaning is shy, harmless or possibly sleepy, lazy lying in the house, but when it gets up to leave is like fighting like a lion going out. sixth one says he eats too much. He drinks and he leaves nothing. He sleeps when he sleeps, he sleeps alone and does not stretch his hands here or there you need to touch me etc. seventh one is a wrongdoer are weak and foolish. He might injure your head or your body or you might do both of them. The eighth one in my husband is soft to touch like a rabbit and smells like a seven niblack a sweet, good cross. The ninth one, that my husband is totally generous man wearing a long strap for carrying

00:48:15 --> 00:48:51

a sword his ashes are abundant and he lives close to the people. In other words, once again, highlight his noble embrace. The 10th one says My husband is Malik and what is Malik most of the cameras are kept at home to be slaughtered. Whenever they hear the flute playing of Al Malik they know they about to be slaughtered once again showing his generosity etc. The level four and mentioned that my husband in his abuser will explain to you who abuser is my many ornaments that my ears are loaded with so many own ornaments with the gold. My arms have become fat, he is pleased with me. He found me when our family will may own as a sheep in a state of poverty. He does not

00:48:51 --> 00:49:32

rebuke me, nor does he insult me in asleep too late in the morning and drink my field. As for his mother bags for the provision house is spacious. As for the son he's well off and generous, the daughter is fat and will build that even the other wife and he is jealous. The slave does not discover or uncover a secret. However, one day when he went out he saw two boys playing any with a with a with a mother like two leopards and he fell in love with that woman and he divorced me and he married her and then I went and I'm married again and was given many things however not the same. And then the Prophet Muhammad said come to lucky Ibiza in Leominster I am to you like observe was to

00:49:32 --> 00:49:59

observe but in the person may be thinking that may be observed divorced left his wife but in relation of Mr. Minister in a sort of Missa tee that we find he mentioned in an earlier cookie except for our devotion so I'm just like how absurd was towards his wife but the difference is that abuser when Annie divorced and he his wife but I will not any any stay away from your divorce. You know you find that the Prophet Muhammad some after Khadija right

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

The local Anna loved our issue the most had today find that even we find that one of the wives Sodor that she gave up her day or right towards the end of her life or to the end of the life of the person that I should come and spend that time with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make any project or children based upon the final is so suited for the 25th chapter on the Bible Quran mentions robina hublin mean as well Gina was Tina kurata.

00:50:30 --> 00:51:08

Athena Emma, Lord bestow on us from our wives and our offspring, those will be the comfort of our eyes and make us leaders in the for the righteous. Likewise, the mom snooty mentions on this ayah that the family members, the children, any etc. The partners become coolness of the eyes inside this dunya before the after that a person is happy with it with the family members and as you find in a hadith that any woman that husband is happy with her, then she will enter to whatever doors of unique paradise she wants to enter into. So as we began with Elon Musk trying to give us all little fake and ability to remain observant of the Quran and the Sunnah, and to live according to that and

00:51:08 --> 00:51:50

try to develop that insight in your homes and our family members as the Quran mentions Yeah, Dena Amano, boo, boo Sakuma narrow. Are you believe in a Save yourselves and your family members from the Hellfire whose fuel you need is men in stones. And you find none other than stern ash angels, which are guarding over it. So how are we going to save any family members? From the few any from the fire is obviously by returning back to the teaching of Islam, try to implement the best of ability whatever mistakes that we made, try to rectify those mistakes and to become stronger worshipers and devotees towards the last parameter to make a stronger society in a positive impact upon the future

00:51:50 --> 00:52:02

of this oma of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Mahalo colada was stuck for lolly Wanaka, Molly Jimmy and muslimeen of a stock Pharaoh who know for him. So Panama will be handy. Chevron

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was tabula.

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