Muhammad West – Is the World Cup Offside for Muslims

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The NIT and NIT's use of light bulb during the World Cup, as well as the NIT's use of light bulb during the Olympics, have limits on honor and potential physical altercations. The NIT's use of light bulb during the Olympics and the potential for sports to be a part of the Olympics are also discussed. The NIT's use of light bulb during the Olympics and the potential for sports to be a part of the Olympics, as well as the importance of avoiding drinking and not allowing things to happen during busy holiday seasons, are emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need to avoid regret and avoid miscalculations during holiday seasons, and encourage viewers to join O'Meara course.
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manda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali or remain loyal but a ghetto

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and hamdulillah Bill Alameen always and forever we begin with the praise and thanks Alana sure to Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings so beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, to spice up your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. And Allah blesses to be amongst them. I mean, I mean from the villa. Today, we're going to talk about World Cup fever, we're going to ask is the World Cup permissible for Muslims? And if I were to say It's haram completely, I just filled all your plans this weekend, much to the delight of your wives. This is by

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the request of the Sisters, Is it permissible? And subhanAllah? It says that we have these kind of questions and we have different types of we'll see. But even amongst the Sahaba we have different philosophies and views, about permissibility wasting time is the better things to do with your time. What are the limits of fun? And this is a much broader conversation. As we walk into December, and we're going to enjoy ourselves in sha Allah. We're going to spend time we're going to relax. What are the limits? What are the possibilities? After the Prophet Salam passed away in a very famous Hadith say not only was the Khalifa and he walks into the masjid, and Hassan Ebenezer but Hassan

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even if Arabic Radi Allahu Anhu was the poet of the Navi Salam used to give poetry now poetry is not mentioned with much praise in the Quran. If you read in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't give much praise to the poets. The poets at the time, were our version of maybe social media, our version of

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of reality shows our version of satire, it was not taken a speech, which was very, very praiseworthy, and therefore poetry is not look as very much frowned upon. But Hassan even he thought but he's in the Majid Majidi number we the cover of Nabi Salam is just the Rhoda is just the people are reciting Quran making Salah and he's reciting poems what Deen Sharia poems poems about life and nature and all of this love or whatever it might be. And they also have around listening and enjoying it. Same number walks in and he's very unhappy and very disturbed and he some hottie some narrations even mentioned he wanted to physically stop Hassan and Hassan Rajan said to him, Omar, I

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used to recite poetry like this in this Masjid when someone far greater they knew was present. Nabil Salam Nerissa Salam was Jana suicide recite poetry and then at least we didn't stop me.

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Yes, from St. Thomas perspective, can you not use your time for something more beneficial you in the masjid for goodness sake. But then we Salam allow these things even more so even more so we know the very, very famous Hadith, a number of Hadith I'm adding you have the same event. A delegation from every senior a group of people came from every senior modern day Ethiopia, and they came to visit the NABI Salam and exchange gifts. And this is GEMA from Abyssinia, doesn't even say that they're Muslim, most likely they were not Muslim. They also did now the community you know, when you have an out of town group, coming from a small village, Medina is a small village. It was a spectacle. And

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so the Abyssinians we now put on a little bit of a display, they started using the spears. The words in the Hadith says they were playing or dancing, they were doing an exhibition, you know, in the masjid. And we know a number of beautiful Hadith from this event. The one Hadith the NABI Salam. Aisha says, I saw the visa Salam on the day standing at the door. So then we saw his house was we know attached to the masjid and he opened the curtain and he also then at least was also watching the display and the spear guys and you know doing you're not making vicar they're not making Salah they're not reciting are they having like giving some entertainment and not only the the nubby salon

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watch them, but he called Aisha and see Do you also want to watch? The ladies also want to see the sisters also wants to maybe watch the game. But of course I show you a high level no one can see her extreme hijab. So he said, I shall come stand behind me and you open his cloak. And Aisha says I put my cheek next to his cheek. And I was watching and I stood like that watching until I became bored and I walked away he didn't say okay, look, time's up now good enough now.

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She wanted to see the some as a side note of this beautiful Hadith she mentioned. I stayed there until I left meaning I wanted to see how long he's gonna say okay, time's up. I'm a busy man, you know, but she kept the and then I'll be salaam not only watched it, but he encouraged it as well to watch along. It's also mentioned Subhanallah Sidama. When he comes into the masjid, and he sees this happening, he picks up stones and wants to throw the guy so what are you doing?

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How can you do this in the masjid? And then Abby Salam stopped him said know that people are watching. They're having some Halal kind of entertainment. Nothing wrong with this. They're watching an exhibition. Yes this is not the Quran being recited. This is not tattooed. Yes, but it's permissible. And then he says, Let me sometimes is why why is he Why am I allowing this? He says so that the Jews the other religions may no look at this hadith being brutal, beautiful Hadith, that the Jews may know that there is flexibility in our deen Willie, I have been sent with a truthful and lenient religion. There is a time and place for fun as well. And there's a time and place for

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enjoyment as well. Again, this is in the most sacred place in the world, the most sacred and most pious people on Earth. The women of the NABI Salam have a high level they will also allow to, at a distance, practice your hijab, you can be part of the enjoyment, so long as you're not crossing the lines of what is permissible. And that is what the Nabisco Salam wants you to teach and show us you have Masha Allah, some people on the level of Satan or ombre that says we don't have time for these games undred percent hamdulillah if we get there one day, and Allah grant has to be the, but if we're not they take the enjoyment that is permissible in a manner and do not exceed the limits. Some

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of the terrain were asked about board games, the version of monopoly and chess playing games cards is this permissible, and the one who, even Messiah he mentions that these games are permissible, so long as it does not detract from your watch, but it takes from your time from your Salah, or your family time and it doesn't involve money, meaning not gambling, then it is a good thing that will bring good people together, you will have a soccer match and at the end of Hamdulillah you feel good one another. It will bring people together now specifically on sports And subhanAllah the fact that some people are looking to make everything haram even sports behind Allah, we ask if that is haram

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in some some cartoons are even more problematic, then that our kids watch then even sports then of you Solomon sports. We know that there'll be some there's a few innovations about the interestingly about the novices alum and sports. There was a champion wrestler now when I say listen, I'm not talking about every wrestler Undertaker, that kind of reason. We're talking about more like the MMA kind of Habib kind of wrestlers. That was the sport that that used to play and they was a champion at the time they would have they would know who the strongest and the strongest guy in that area. His name was ro Khanna, Ro Khanna. And so he then a visa Salem challenged him to a wrestling match

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to show because I mean He's the champion.

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There'll be some had a special kind of strength. This was a tool of Dawa. It wasn't really effect of, of wrestling, but it was meant for Dawa. And then abbyson Put him on the ground a few times and eventually kind of became became Muslim. So no man has ever done this. There is something special in you you are not a normal you have been helped by some special power. The point is the Navy Salam involved in actually himself got on the flow and he wrestled and but of course he's wrestling here was not for fun, is wrestling was an act of Dawa and to show that you can use a sports match. You can use a race you can use a soccer match and make it an act of Dawa. You can bring people to Islam

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through it. It can be a game and just fun, no problem. But it can also be used as a tool of Dawa and permissibility in another very, very beautiful Hadith Genovesa Salam Aisha mentioned, we know that the NABI Salam was on an expedition was on jihad is not just a normal zero it's actually Wolfie and they will on the way back after the battle in unsafe territory, but then I'll be Salah must have noticed that I've been busy on the front line. I've been busy with the main Aisha is what she's probably been neglected, neglected, but she's probably feeling I haven't had much time with you. And very famous Hadith we all know. So he told the Sahaba guys, all of you carry on to Medina. Aisha and

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I are going to camp for a few days here in the in the desert. And she remembers the race. So she says that we took a race. Then we said, let's go and we race run up and down. And she mentioned that we raced like that and I beat him. I beat him. I won the race. Yours will follow many years past she said I even forgot about that incident. And we found ourselves in a similar situation, another campaign on our way back to Medina. And then obviously the same thing. So half ago, I she and I are going to spend some time alone here in the desert. And then he raised me again and he said I want the rematch. And this time he beat me. And after that that was the last time the race so she said it

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ended one one. Now, again, there'll be some use of the racing for fun. Not the racing because he wants to do it. He's doing it because his wife requires a bit of amusement and entertainment. He's doing it for her sake. Again, this is an act of Ibadah now this is not a game. This is an act of worship. And subhanAllah as I said one beautiful if you really want to follow the Sunnah, play games with your wife, whether it's on the PC or the Xbox, whatever, but the Sunnah is to get a win because then a visa Salah

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Then avviso Salama, without a doubt if you put through Karna on the mat, do you think I should really beat him in the race, he later wins panel he later win. And he made sure that it was at most it was equalized. At most when you play games with your wife, it must be one one. Don't even if you pay 30 seconds, maybe be equal, don't get don't don't beat up that's not from the Sunnah. In another beautiful Hadith again showing about competition and encouraging our people to play sports, then we Salam is walking. And he sees a bunch of youngsters shooting bows and arrows. And they are doing they're not training for it. Obviously, there is some Baraka babies, obviously some benefit in

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training and practicing, but they're doing it as fun. One is shooting and the other one and they're competing in two teams, there's actually a competition going on. And there'll be some comes out and he starts encouraging shoot, Oh, son of so and so your father is a great archer, and he's cheering on the one side and the other side then stops shooting. So reason why you guys not shooting as a huge on their side. So we feel bad. You supporting them? How can we even continue so that our businesses know I am with both of you both sides shoot for I am with all of you, and he's encouraging the boys to compete against one another. Now Subhanallah these are so categorically

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clear, so categorically clear, in terms of the Navi Salam, and permissibility in enjoying yourself and even being competitive, even being competitive,

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more broadly for us than obese awesome says to all of us, that when we gather to play games, whether it is a permissible kind of fun, we must make time to remember Allah, we must make time to make a small and we'll talk about the dua of remembering was very important to add to memorize remember now for the holiday time, there will be some says every gathering in which Allah is not mentioned any gathering, which is an act of Ibadah you're not coming here for a biannual lecture, you come in for fun,

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is acceptable except for for things, that there are some things which we gather purely for fun. He says some things you gather purely for fun, it's okay. But the others you need to make special mention of Allah, what things are permissible even if it's just been for fun, a man and his wife being intimate Alhamdulillah you don't even have to make dua that automatically is written as an activity bida when a husband and wife are together, or a man who is training his horse, so there is fire in that, yes, he's enjoying riding the horse with this training, a time will come when he's going to need to use it and when people are running and exercising, so having the lights and act of

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Ibadah even if you don't intend Ya Allah, I want to do this to get strong so one day I can defend the Ummah but because there's goodness in it, Allah is rewarding you for and a man who's learning to swim. So the generic what do we take from this interview some says there are certain acts of gathering which is an act of worship Alhamdulillah to the best, then there are certain activities this blessing in it when you with your wife, having intimate with her you having a good time, but it's Ibadah you at the gym, exercising Allah Allah Am I don't have a good time you might have a good time. Right? But there is a reward for you in that

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and swimming again swimming you might view in the beach having a good time swimming but because you are doing something beneficial Allah rewards you for that certain games. I don't think there's any fighter in playing Monopoly maybe there you have to remember Allah subhana wa Tada and as we know we should not allow permissible fun to go beyond what is permit what is the time limits we can lose ourselves in the games. We can lose ourselves in the fun the permissible fundamentally we're talking about haram fun. And this is so such a human thing that it even happened to nab of the Gambia of Allah. He was having fun, and he completely lost track of time in a hurry, and we saw a man in Surah

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Saad, Allah Subhan says we're having a leader of what we blessed often Aveda with a son Sulaiman what Allah says what an amazing slave was today man, in a word that and whenever if you always came back to Allah, whenever something went wrong, he came back to Allah in repentance. And then Allah mentioned a mistake they gonna be so the man made and of course the Gambia assume Allah spandrel predicted them. Allah says that when there was an exhibition in front of him, in the light of the time, with the horses and the Beast, Philemon loved racing horses. And so in front of him was a parade of horses, they were racing, they were that whatever the horses were doing, and he was so

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engrossed in this, that the sun Allah says, that fucka that the sun began to sit, and you must have worked Subhanallah you must have worked the 720 MB of the MBR of Allah, we can sometimes get so engrossed in something which we enjoy that we lose track of time, especially salah. And so nobody, nobody Sulaiman was so upset when he realizes for color in ni, O Allah that I have favorite I gave preference to the love of these good things over the remembrance of my Lord until the sun disappeared, and the curtain of darkness came he felt so very grateful. And he started making Toba and he said all my horses now

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Give it away in charity. I don't want any horses anymore. These are the Ambia. You know, you don't have to do that you know Subhanallah give sell everything because you made a mistake, we make Toba but the Gambia if the point of this is that even the Gambia can become engrossed in something which is so enjoyable, that you lose track of time. So what about us, so be careful when it comes to losing track of time.

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When we get together,

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as we said, it is halal. So long as you're not doing anything haram and you're not neglecting your time and your watch about so don't ask me if it's permissible to play soccer. Is it permissible to play cricket? Is it what about rugby? What about this that you know, then Subhan Allah, the point is general rules. So long as there's no haram involved. There is no drinking swearing, ugly obscenities mixing of men and women, and there's no and you don't neglect your times of Salah and there's no gambling involved, you're not involved in the gambling, then hamdulillah it is fine. Of course, there are better things to do 100% there are better things to do better things to listen to a

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lecture, read a book, recite Quran 100% better, but Alhamdulillah it is permissible. And this pot, and if you're falling asleep, just wake up quickly, that in this holiday time, we're going to spend a lot of times together with our families, right, we're gonna get together and sit around the table and talk, just talk, talk about work, you know, moan about this and that whatever it is, remember the year. So when you gather together,

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hours go by where we don't think of Allah We don't mention his name, that is not appropriate. And there's a hadith is a DUA to make that despite reciting the small dua, that entire six, seven hours of enjoying and laughing and eating becomes an act of ibadah. Then it says whenever a group of people sit in a gathering, in which they did not remember Allah at all, no one spoke anything about Allah or they supplicated in that the rank of enemy salaam, such a gathering will be a cause of grief meaning it's a gathering that is wasted. However, if you want to make that gathering you want to just you just make a small compensation you pay something that gathering gets except about Allah,

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you make this dua Subhana Allah who will be Handicare eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Fluka one or two boys like Oh Allah, we glorify you with a pool most perfect praises. We testify that there is none worthy of worship except you forgive us and we return to your Allah whatever mistakes we make, make this a habit so handle this holiday. When you gather the family over you add the bra you swam and everything and say guys before you leave for the night, let us all decide together Shahana cologne Dominica and Chateau la isla and Mr. Fuuka want to do what you like and that whole six seven hours of joyous laughing becomes inshallah something of benefit. And as we said, we know the limits.

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I won't go too much into detail. As we said before that Allah Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you will know the nomina avoid Hamid one may say well unsub avoid to this holiday time, we will see people going overboard, people will drink and gamble and then you will hear the deferral of the holiday at the end of this holiday period. People dying in the cause people Allah protect us and preserve us. We will see the difference between wholesome fun that is permissible and haram fun. It will always result in regret. It always results in misfortune. And so may Allah Subhana Allah protect us know the limits. Yeah, one. We always say this and we repeat this every year. We take a

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holiday from work and take holiday from school and we take holiday from all of them, but you not do not take holiday from Islam. You cannot take holiday from your deen. Make sure you perform your Salah on time, make sure that you do not do that in the enjoyment that you have doesn't exceed the limits of permissibility. And in sha Allah, you will have a blessed and wonderful holiday. But if Nila JazakAllah Hey, just a few announcements that Alhamdulillah for those of you who are doing the best thing for your holiday is going on camera if you're able to do so, we are having a camera Crash Course the Sunday half past eight in the morning in the masjid till about the world time so from

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nine o'clock till till the what the must be time for questions as well. It's Sunday. So please if you're interested, let me know and you can be part of the O'Meara course and inshallah if you want the slides you want the DUA join our WhatsApp line and we'll send you the slides and you can have the DUA as well. So sokola Haider was Allah say no Muhammad wa salam was any handloader Billa mean, so don't want to come

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