My Lord! Show me how you give life to the dead

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In Al Hamdulillah washoku Lillah wa Salatu Mohammed in the woman's that we had he

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informs us in the glorious poron of the competencies required for success. So a lot of bullet is the size Java Java dogmatic or the moon. Indeed, those with belief or with a man or the believers are successful since the verse stablish is a man as a requirement of success. Any intelligent person must therefore look for opportunities to increase that a man in his or her heart. And that is what that spirit of trying to take the man to the next level and increase and perfect the man that Ibrahim alayhis salaam asks a lot of bola Isaiah, is Allah Ebola him or Robbie? Eleni cave, in Mota, or Lord, show me how you give life to the dead. No. Brahim alayhis salam isn't asking do you give

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life to the dead? It isn't that Ibrahim doesn't have belief that established in this verse. And in a verse before this verse, where Ibrahim alayhis salam is in the quote of the tyrant King. And the king is arguing with Ibrahim about the lord of Ibrahim. So Allah, Allah is a record that when Ibrahim is introducing Allah to this king, he says, ha, Rob be a levy, you he will you meet my lord is the one that gives life in takes life. So the tyrant King says, No, he will omit I give life and I take life. And to make his point, he calls two prisoners on death row, both destined to be executed. So he says, See, this one is supposed to die, this one is supposed to die, I execute this

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one, and I let this one live. And therefore I am the one that gives life and takes longer, and harder. Brahim alayhis salam been a less of a man he would have got stuck in this argument, he would have been the bait and then be busy trying to say no, you know, why didn't mean that and if you can give life bring that one back to life and how who gave him life in the first place, but Ebrahim knows that that point is already made. So he goes to another topic to take the point home and he says, In the La Jolla, t bishamon, seminal Machinery Factory behind me in my load is the one that brings the sun out of the East, you bring it out of the West. And Allah Who knows what happens at

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the intellectual, intrinsic heart level of the human kind, captures what happens psychologically in the adversary of Ibrahim and Allah says, For Buthelezi cafaro, in the disbelief, I was flabbergasted, the wind was knocked out of him argument was done. And therefore it establishes for our discussion that Ibrahim alayhis salam already believe that Allah could give life to the dead. He's asking ALLAH, how do you give life to the dead, is designed simply to take his a man to the next level, his understanding to the next level? Almost like a student asking a teacher? How do you solve this math problem? What is the hill method Allah Allah, and it doesn't at any point mean that

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he didn't believe but rather that he wants to satisfy the inquiry in his heart and to understand how things happen and how things take place. And in case still, them be those that would come and say that this was from a place of doubt, a lot of bully in order to create clarity for posterity asks him our lamb to mean. So Abraham says Bella, will kill the Yakama in Appleby. Do you not believe what Ibrahim? So he said? Yes, I do, from the mouth of the man himself while back in but the ultimate in Nepal will be to satisfy the inquiry of my mind. So a lot of bluster says and look at the power of the Lord Jalla Jalla dolomitic for holding our robot item may not play for sort of

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hoonah la so much Allah Allah Calais Jabba Lee Min hoonah juice, some other ohana, Yeti.

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kasaya Ibrahim, go take four birds and slaughter them and cut them up and mix them together. And then go and put the mixed bits of meat of the different birds on different mountain tops. And then stand back and summon them come and they will come to you walking where I am, and Allah Aziz on Hakeem, and know for certainty that Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. So this establishes an important point for us do ones number one, seek opportunities to increase your Eman And number two, meaning you have the honor of believing in a Lord that can do anything he brought dead back to life. So your problem and my problem is very small and insignificant for him. Ask, ask and insha Allah

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Allah, He will solve it for you for poltrona interco has an atom for me not la interco see them for me enough see what's going on. salaam aleikum wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh