Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-015B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 96-103

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various popular words and phrases related to the concept of "here after," including "hamster" and "will" used to describe "hamster." The concept of"hamster" is also discussed, with some speakers suggesting it is not the norm. The shale team recites magic in the kingdom of Zulema, but the Bani Israel follows the scripture instead. The segment also touches on the concept of magic and its impact on the human experience, including how it can harm people and cause harm to oneself.
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While at the Gita no home and surely you will indeed find them who the bunny is sloppy. And well at Apogee then that seems like such a big word. Let's break it down what means end? Okay, lo means surely. Okay? The you okay? And Jeem and dal this is part of the root fruit is while Jeem than now well is remember from hoof Allah so it has just simply disappeared okay it has been swallowed by the word. So there is an implied while over here okay so Jeem that part of the route known with the shutdown okay no one with the shutdown gives a meaning of indeed like in okay and sometimes this is in verbs to add more emphasis find is the meaning of the root gene that and who means them Okay, so

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you see well at that you didn't know whom what and last surely tell you that Judah you find that you didn't know you indeed find home them so you will indeed find them the Bani Israel yield to be a harasser most avid a hustler from her raw sought Heroes is greed what kind of greed it is I will tell you about it. So a harmless most greedy most avid anyone is how to use okay hurries is someone who is greedy. Uh huh Ross most greedy. Okay, this is like Eileen means ever knowing. And our alum means most knowing so you get it? Uh huh Ross, most avid are alum most knowing okay, this is the super later form. So you will find them to be most avid most greedy and nasty of the people meaning

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out of all people, you will find them to be most avid most avid for what greedy for what? Allah hatin for life, meaning to live on to have long lives to preserve their lives, women and even more than, so what and men then, meaning they're even more greedy for life. Then who then Alladhina those who are Shaku they have associated partners with Allah, I shall call sheen rock calf shake. So people who do shake idol worshippers idolaters any their religion is completely different. They don't believe in one God, they don't necessarily believe in the hereafter. They don't have the right kind of understanding when it comes to the purpose of this life. The creator of this world, you know

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where people have come from where we are going completely different religion. So people who don't believe in the hereafter Alladhina Shaku they are understandably very greedy for life. But the bunny is slightly ill you will find them to be even more greedy for worldly life. Then the people who do shit even though they believe in the hereafter Yeah, what do I have the home one of them would love you What do from the root letters well that that what the what the is also to wish for something okay. So who would wish you What do I had whom? Okay, who is the doer of the word here? What do so one of them would love? Who is one of them referring to this can be understood in two ways. One whom

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is referring to the Bani Israel. So any of the Bani Israel would love such and such? All right? And secondly, it has been said that this is referring to Alladhina a Shaku Okay, those who associate partners with Hola. So how can you have both of these meanings? Well, it depends on where you pause. Okay, so the first way of reading is exactly what you have here. Well at that you don't know who are Haralson ser la Hayato Wamena Alladhina Shako you will find them to be most avid of the people for life even more so than those who have committed Schick and yeah, what do I have to home one of them meaning one of the bunny is sloth eel would love low your own little alphas and attend if only he is

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given a life of 1000 years. Okay? Another way of reading is one at the Gita no a Hassan Senesi Allah HYAH tin okay and then you pause over here. You will find the Bani Israel to be most avid of the people for life. Okay, and then Wamena Latina Assura Kuya What do a HUD home low your amuru Alpha Santa and among those who associate partners with Allah, one of them would love that he is given a long life. Okay, a life of 1000 years. So if you

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Pause here. Okay, if you pause here where one is, then you would do a HUD home would refer to Bani Israel. If you pause here, where to is then it would refer to Allah the national. So one of them would love low if only you are mortal. He is made to live long. Yamato is from the root letters Iein meme rock. Okay, Romo is life and age. So you are mortal. He is made to live long live for how long elfa 1000. Senate in years, any one of them would love to live a life of 1000 years warmer and not the fact is that not what it what is it referring to a life of 1000 years, okay, being given 1000 years to live in this world. It would not be Musa Zi hee hee Meenal either, it would not at all

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remove him from the punishment and your mother that he is made to live long, meaning even if he lives for 1000 years in the world, that's not going to remove him from the punishment. Eventually those 1000 years are going to come to an end then there's death then there's hereafter and then there is Jana or Johanna, so Musa Z he this is a very interesting word. It means one that removes him. How do we know it's one because of meme. Okay, like men, one who believes. So Musa z one that removes what is Musa is he referring to the life of 1000 years, now Musa z is from the root letters ze Ha, ha, okay, some say it is ze has ze Ha, okay. But it's more characters from the root letters

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Ha ha ha. And Zaha the verb Zaha is to push someone okay? Or remove someone far away from where they were. Okay, so to push someone remove someone take them away really far from the place that they were in to create a distance between them and their original location. So this long life is not going to remove him minute either from the punishment it's not going to create a distance between him and the punishment. Any even if there is 1000 years in the middle, eventually those 1000 years is gonna come to an end will law who will say don't be my arm alone and Allah is ever seeing of what they do believe beslon law and he all their actions, Allah subhanaw taala is watching them who will

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say man whoever can or he is or the when an enemy or the one from the letters I Intel? Well, whoever is an enemy li Jibreel to Jibreel who is jubi Angel Djibouti, right? So whoever is an enemy to Gibreel because the Bani Israel said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam that oh Gibreel brings the Quran to you. We don't like to read Gibreel is our enemy. So we can't believe in the Quran because we don't like Djibouti. This was a excuse. Okay, so it has said whoever is an enemy to Djibouti, and for him know that indeed He who Gibreel he is referring to Gibreel Nasrallah, who he brought it down the Zilla from the letters known say, lamb 10 zeal to bring down, meaning Gibreel

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brought the Quran down, or Allah upon kobika your heart, whose heart the heart of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, why did you real bring the Quran down on the heart of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam be even in love by permission of Allah, even from the root letters Hamza, then noon, permission, ag bill did not do this out of his own will. And he this was not Gibreel decision. He brought the Quran down because he was commanded, right and he brought it to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam because that is what he was told to do. And this Quran is Musa Deacon one that confirms the truth, Lima of what beignet he is before it right meaning the total out the Injeel well who then

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and this Quran is guidance will push raw and good news little more meaning for those who believe what we need for love the word mean, man whoever can have he is are the one and enemy lillahi to Allah wa Mala Iike T and his angels Mala because the plural of Malak K and mullock means Angel from the root letters Hamza lamb calf, will Luca. Luca means to convey messages and the angels can be messages. So whoever is an enemy to Allah and to His angels, and his messengers also is a plural of the word la Sol. Okay, so what Jibreel and Jibreel were me Cal and me can Gibreel well known Mikael who is McHale, Angel Mika L. Okay. So even though Jabril and McHale are included in Mullah Iike,

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okay, they're mentioned separately over here for emphasis. So whoever is an enemy to Allah has a

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Childers messengers you believe mica E for inner then indeed Allahu Allah is our the one and enemy will caffeine to those who disbelieve singular is caffeine when occurred and surely indeed and Zillah We sent down a Laker to you is plural of the word area, verses that are begging at beginner we did earlier wema Ananya Kuru he disbelieves be her in it a little faster conics are those who define Lee disobey Fassett is a singular and Fisk Fascino of is the root okay. So my yak full will be her ill fascicle meaningless only the fascicle who disbelieve in the ayat Ha is referring to I yet I will call lemma A is a question is what is and Kula man means whenever, okay, so is it not

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that whenever are huddled they made a covenant, or done a covenant, or hadoo are hidden, they pledged a covenant from the root letters or in her that never the WHO it threw it away. So every time they made a covenant with Allah, what happened never the WHO Fidel coming home, a party of them through that covenant away the word never the who is the doer Who is throwing it away. It is funny, you're coming home, a party, a group of them, not all of them, but a group of them is throwing that covenant away. And the word never that is from the letters known back then to throw something away. Why? Because you don't pay any regard to it. Okay? Like for example, scrap paper, you just throw it,

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toss it, so they tossed the covenant away, Bell rather a thorough home, most of them lay up No, they do not believe. Well imagine a homeless suelen and when a messenger came to them in or in the love from Allah Musa Deacon one that confirms the truth, saw Dan cough is the root. And he this messenger confirms the truth Lima Mar home of what is with them, and he's exactly as he was described, and he confirmed the truth that is with them. The messenger does not say that the total is not from Allah the Injeel is not from Allah. Any The point is that the truth of the messenger is evident. Number 31. A party threw away which party mean Alladhina O'Toole Kitab of those people who are given the

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book, okay. And by the way, funny is from the root letters file raw path for DACA. Now we learned earlier that separated right photo close to separate fatigue is a separated party. Okay, any a group within a larger group? So a party of those who are given the book and who are Olivia Otto Kitab they are the Jews and the Christians. Okay, and Lilina Otto Kitab are the Jews and the Christians Bani Israel eel refers only to the Jews. So here now the Jews and Christians both are being mentioned. And which party of the Jews and the Christians, their scholars in particular, what did they do? They threw away Kitab Allah book of Allah wa of a hoody him behind their backs. Allah who is the plural

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of the word love, and love is the back of a person. So when you throw something behind your back, what does that mean? That means you're not looking at it, you've tossed it away, you don't care about it, you are pretending as if it doesn't exist. So this is how they treated the book of Allah that they've completely ignored it. Okay, they've completely disregarded it. Under whom lair Allah Moon as if they do not even know as if they do not even know that the book of Allah is there. Now which book is this referring to? They threw away the book of Allah behind their backs. This can refer to the Quran, okay, can also refer to the books that they claim to follow the books that they

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claim to believe in, and either parts of the scripture that they have completely disregarded completely ignored. They live as if those parts of the Scripture don't even exist what Tibet rule and instead they followed it to borrows from the root letters tell ba arain which is to follow so they followed Mao what turtle shell teen the shell teen recite that Lewis from tilava from the root letters ta lamb Well, Talia to to recite and a shell Tina is a plural of the word shaytaan Okay, so instead of following the book, what did they do they followed what the shale team recite the shale teen recite Allah will key Sulaiman to the kingdom of Zulema or during the kingdom of Solomon, okay,

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in the reign of Superman already has some meaning Wednesday man or a Saddam was king. At that time, the shale team recited certain things. Okay, and what is it that the shale team recited

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The readings of shale teen the teachings of shale teen what would that be? Magic? Okay, so Matthew Shayateen this man is referring to magic, okay talismans and charms and things like that. So at that time, the devils what they recited of magic in the kingdom of Sulaiman. That is what the Bani Israel followed instead, so they abandon the scripture, and instead, they follow Charlton. Womack Kufa Sulaiman and Soloman early salaam did not cover. He did not disbelieve. Kapha is the root what I came to Shell tehnika photo but indeed it is the shell teen who did coffered who disbelieved. Okay, now what does gopher mean? Cofidis to disbelieve, right? So here COVID is referring to magic. Okay,

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why? Because magic is covered. And inshallah we'll talk about how and why. So basically, the Bani Israel eel they had this false assumption that a man earned his salon, you know, he had this great kingdom, he had all of these powers through magic, okay. And so when you see someone having so much power, you want to people who are attached to the world, what happens is that they aspire for the same. So they assumed that what Solomon early salaam had was through magic, so they also started seeking out magic. How can we learn magic? How can we practice magic? And through magic, how can we accomplish our goals? And you know, seek what we want? So Allah subhanaw taala clarifies over here

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so no matter Islam did not do. So no matter Islam was not a magician, okay. What he had of Kingdom of power was not because of magic, rather, it was Allah subhanaw taala disfavor on him. So similarly, Sam did not disbelieve what I can Michel tehnika photo but indeed it is the shouting who disbelieved it is the shouting the devils who practiced magic. Okay. And what else? You are Limone unnecessarily these Shayateen the devils what would they do? They would teach people magic. You are Lee Mona, Lorraine lamb me to teach. So they would teach people magic and they would also teach women and what on Zillow it was sent down Arlen mela Kane upon to angels remember I told you earlier

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Mala Iike is a plural of the word Malak. So you have Molech is the singular mela Cain is dual. Mala Cain to Moloch one Mala cane to and mela Iike. This is Flora angels. So women on Zilla al Mala cany be Babel, they would also teach what was sent down on the two angels were in Babel in Babylon. Who were these two angels huddled and modeled? Okay, so this magic is coming from who the shayateen and also this magic is coming from who these two angels huddled and modeled angels teaching magic why? We see Well now you're Alumini and they will to would not teach now to who is this tool referring to? It's referring to how Ruth and Ruth the two angels would not teach men a hadn't anyone at all

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teach what magic okay had that until your caller they too would say both of these angels would say to the people that in a manner who fitna indeed we are a trial we are only a trial. ferrata quote so do not disbelieve fitna is from the root letters for to noon okay. So they would make clear to the people that look we are only a test we're only a trial of your faith. Do not disbelieve by learning magic from us fair to Allah Munna but the people would choose to learn yet the Ala Moana they will choose to learn I inland me again is the route now notice over here I in la meme is the route Okay. Our lemma is to teach the lemma is to learn okay, I lemma that I lemma I lemma to teach and the i

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lemma to learn same route Isla me anyway fair to Allah Mona people would learn Minho math from them to meaning from the two angels how to which modeled Mao what what kind of magic magic that would you fairy corner they would cause division be through it banal model II was OG between the man and his wife for raw path. Okay, any especially they would learn the type of magic that was used to divide husband and wife Okay, warmer and not home day Bilad Rena are at all ones who harm God rah rah, those harm done

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not to cause harm. So they were not they as in the people Bani Israel eel, those who learned magic and practiced magic through which they would cause division between men and his wife, they were not able to cause any harm. Begin with it with what with that magic, man, I hadn't anyone at all in libidinal law except by permission of Allah. Any Yes, magic has an effects. magic is real. Okay, there is no doubt about that. But the effect of magic, the harm of magic on a person is only possible after the permission of Allah. Okay. Like for example, a mosquito? Can it bite you? Yes, absolutely. Some people they get bitten by a mosquito, no problem. They just feel itchy for a short

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while and you know, there's no bump nothing, you know, it says if the mosquito never bitten, other people have an allergic reaction literally. Any they will have difficulty breathing even. So, yes, there are things that cause harm, okay. But remember that that harm can only affect someone by the permission of Allah, any, if Allah subhanaw taala allows, then that harm will happen if Allah subhanaw taala does not allow the no matter how strong how venomous of a creature it is, how evil how strong that magic is, it will not have any impact. Okay, be it Mila and now why would Allah subhanaw taala allow there's different reasons. Okay. With our lamona and they learn again, you see

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the word Tara lamona. Yet our Laguna de learn, meaning the Bani Israel would learn male Duvel hula and furrow what would harm them and not actually benefit them, you'll love them. But rah rah and the unfurl known for Alright, so when they practiced magic when they learned magic, and they practiced it, they did it in order to cause harm to others. Right? But in reality, what were they doing? They were causing harm to themselves? Right? They thought through practicing magic they would benefit themselves Allah says lie and for whom it would not actually benefit them. Well occurred and surely indeed are the more they knew. So now you see another form of iron law meme Alima okay, I Lima to

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know. So you see our lemma to teach the lemma to learn Alima to know so indeed they knew the Bani Israel eel lemon that surely whoever is thorough who he purchases it is thorough remember this word we have done way earlier and so little Bacara will equal Latina stata will baletta they purchased misguidance so they knew that whoever purchases magic sheen lawyer, man not legal for him fill alcohol in the hereafter him in Haluk any share at all ha Lam cough is the route they knew that in the hereafter such a person would be a loser he is putting his hereafter at risk. But still they chose to purchase magic learn magic and practice it well a bit essentially how evil is now what

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should all the souls be with it and Fusa home now notice Shara is to sell Ishta is to purchase same route, okay, route is the same, but with the addition of the TAT the meaning changes, literally the Word gives the meaning of exchanging because when you buy something, then you're taking something in exchange for another. Alright. So they knew that whoever took magic, okay, in exchange for something, they would not have any share in the hereafter. So what is it that they gave in exchange for taking magic for learning magic themselves and for the home? themselves? So how evil is what they sold themselves for low can we are on the moon if only they knew well under whom and if it were

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only the fact that indeed they Am I knew they had believed what the CO and they had adopted consciousness of Allah Allah Masuda Timoner in the life surely a great recompense from Allah is better. masoumeh is from the letters saw a while back, which Thaba literally is to return and Musselburgh is recompense. Okay, because a recompense is what return for what you have done, you get what you do. So Matoba is not just any recompense, but a great recompense. So if they had believed in the scriptures, and they feared Allah, then a great recompense Minar in the legislate from Allah who would be better locanto yara lemon if only they knew meaning through their actions they

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exhibited that they did not really know this fact, which is why they went for magic instead off the Scripture, the book that Allah subhanaw taala revealed. All right, how about you stand up and take a quick stretch, get some water for yourself? Then we will begin to have seat Okay. In the meantime, if there's any route letters, any questions that you want to ask I'll give you two minutes and the rest of you please make sure you stand up you take a stretch so that we can begin to see fresh inshallah. Okay, magic

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inshallah we'll talk about later how do you know the word of English? Very good question. You see I explained to you earlier on in the course that words in Arabic language especially when it comes to verbs and nouns, okay? They have a certain structure okay a star structure as in you know there's think of a mold like a cake mold Okay, whatever batter you pour into the cake mold what's going to happen the cake is going to take the form of the mold Okay, so each you know verb you can see has a certain mold there is a mold for feral armor Okay, any imperative verb, there is another mold for fairly mildly a verb of past tense there is another mold for a verb off present or future tense,

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there is another mold for a noun, there is another mold for a noun that gives the meaning of a person an active participle. So, one who does something like one who believes so you see, there's lots of different molds, okay. Now, when you put the root letters think of the root letters as the batter Okay, when you put them in a certain mold, then it will convey the meaning of the roots in that mold. Okay, so to know which mold which was in is a fairly amateur you have to learn those molds inshallah. Okay, and that is something that you will do in grammar, and I hope Inshallah, after completing just one you will begin to study grammar properly in this course, because the

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reason why we don't want to start right away is because in order to study grammar properly, you need vocabulary. Okay. And once you have completed just one inshallah you will have a good word bank, okay to refer to, so that you can quickly grasp the concepts and also apply them in sha Allah. But in your translation there is definitely a very easy way through which you can recognize very Omer just look for the exclamation mark. Okay.

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Yes, era Moon means they know but can we are the moon because of Kano, it gives meaning of the new together.

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Okay. Methyl Alba, there's cell okay methyl Alba. If you're talking about that, then Tao will only have the sound when there is a spoon on it. Okay, like Goddamnit add him but the Met ID him then you will say it's because you want to make sure that the TA is clear. But otherwise you don't make that sound on every time like at Dana calm you don't have to say at Tina calm. Okay, you don't add the humps? That's only when the sukoon Okay, Mr. Duda margu that very interesting. Inshallah we'll talk about that next time that word comes.

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Well known Yeah, no, not me. No. And what we mean this is because of what the word is in the sentence. Okay. Any Is it a subject is it an object? That is what changes the well known to the unknown

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