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When my tequila whoever has taqwa of Allah whoever becomes a law conscious I will make his situation easy for him.

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You have family problems. Allah says I will make it easy you're going through a divorce. Allah says I will make it easy. You having a quote problem Allah says I will make it easy.

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You have financial problems Allah subhana wa Mejia tequila. Allahu Maharaja Maharajah while your resume in high school.

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If you have problems financially, Allah says have my taqwa become Allah conscious. Love Me and remember me and fear me and I will solve it village Allahu Maharaja, I will make a way out for you. Imagine this auditorium is blocked like it's old brick walls. If there's a door Maharaja is already there, no one needs to make a massage for you. But if there is a door or everything is blocked a lot of but as the size I will tear away out for you, your gyla who Maharajah while your resume in high school.

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And I will provide for you from means you didn't anticipate one of the beautiful stories that I mentioned over and over again. There was a person in the past his name was Houthi Malala some rights just stuffing your nephila Hillary, and he came to his family wanting to go to Hajj. So he said, You know, I want to go to Hajj, Hajj and those days was a long trip took many, many weeks and many months. And he said I want to go to Hajj. But I don't have enough provisions for you guys. So what do you say? So the wife said, hey, let's do it some other times when you have the means. But then the daughter the daughter was special.

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So she said dad didn't know blah, what was the Apostle Paul, what is machine go Allah will provide for us. So that that took heart from this and when and when he went? A little while later, a couple of weeks later, the provisions ran out.

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So the moment the rest of the siblings are you big mouth. What What happened?

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The little girl went to the back room.

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And she raises her hands and she says

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an all ha you sent in your word is the true that whoever has unlocked consciousness you will find the way out and you would provide from means unanticipated and her hand is in the line the door knocks.

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So she goes and opens the door and it's the God of the governor the the entourage of the governor is you know, His Excellency is crossing through here. He's thirsty. Do you have any water so she went and got water and made it nice presentable, you know, unzila, NASA man asila home type they took. The man took the water, took it to the governor, and the governor drank the water, and he found in the light, or Allah put the light in it for him. So he drank. And it made him think where did this water come from? Who did you get this from? So they set from the house of hat.

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So the famous heart Yes, we must go say salam said No, Your Excellency is an homage.

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So he said then it is our duty to look after his family.

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So he reached into his end the olden days, they had those little section of the coins, you know.

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So he reached into this and he chucked it into the house of handing the gold coins. But a lot of bullets a wish to increase. So the man looked at his entourage and said Whoever loves me do what I have done.

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So all the entourage took their purses and chucked into the house of heart and pretty soon gold coins will loitering around on the floor and the little girl started to cry.

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The mom said well beyond to you. We were poor and dying. You were happy now money has come you're crying. So she said a lot for an instant a human looked at us with with mercy and look at what had happened. Imagine if there's an optional Madrid and father dilemma you really want to look at us with an eye of mercy.