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Ebrahim Bham
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Al Hamdulillah He Allah Hilmi Heba enemy. Well, if we buy the opportunity was Salatu was Salam wa ala Sayidina Ambia even mousseline when he was he was celebrated Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra a mugger do follow him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Muhammad Rasul Allah. Well leadin am I who I should, or

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Rahama said Allah would as him my dear respected elders and brothers. From time to time we speak about great people of the past with the intention of gaining lessons and inspiration from the life and today I would like to speak about as a hobby and that also as a hobby, who is very, very special in our history. His name is Anna Sydney Malika Viola who Toronto. I've made both has sabe que viremia back Kana chata. Home or why Anna Sydney Malika the Allahu Taala and before we speak about Anna Sydney Malik, let me give you his pedigree. Let me tell you his family. Let me tell you his background. I will speak about his mother who is most significant, but before that, let me tell you

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about his pedigree today we like to hear about status. Do you know this person who is whatever we do you know who I am.

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I know who you are. I know your beginning. What it was a dirty drop of fluid. I know you're ending you will be a lifeless cop in a cupboard. But that is our status but we like to say what is our status? Sometimes we talk about the status about our team. You know what a pedigree we got that we look at this pedigree. His brother is Bara evening Malik who is brightening Malik brightening Malik against Musella markers up when Musella markers have surrounded himself in a four day couldn't get through to the fourth. So he's told the Sahaba he told the people put me over the phone. I'll go alone and I'll open the door of the phone. He wouldn't keep it. But I've numeric. Then his birthday

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Portugal Uncle John Cage, your charter National Assembly. Another one rewired say he got his name from his uncle John never had met he was martyred. No where's the harm okay, but until 90 wounds on his body.

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He was unnecessarily another that was his paternal uncle.

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His his mama? His maternal uncle was haram de Mille Han was martyred in berrima Hoonah. In beer Mr. Hoonah Nydia Karim saw Salam sent 70 pro rata when teach them deal. They betrayed and they killed them. And this haram in Milan as he was being killed and as a person is putting a spear in his body. He said who's to bear a bill cover. Wrap the cover kicker Some may come up come

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by the Lord of the cover. I am I am successful. That was his mom or his maternal uncle and his Hala who may haram been timol Han Solo Subhan Allah she was the one that Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sleeping by her house one day, and Melissa Saddam got up and he was smiling. There are Salah why you are smiling. Allah Tala showed me my first people of my mud that will make jihad on the sea. So may haram said the Rasul Allah make do I must be amongst them. So now we are carrying saucer Meatwad if you will be amongst them, who may around took part in the dettol. And while she was taking part in the battle, they stopped in an island and she slept when getting off the ship. This led to her

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death. And do you know where that particular island is? It is in Cyprus, even today, people who have gone there they have seen the cover of Omar haram. This was her color, her maternal uncle, this is now whom you are talking about what pedigree

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and the father achieved. He went when the mother became a Muslim. He didn't want to become a Muslim. So they got divorced. He got separated. He went too sharp. His name was Malik he passed away they're not a Muslim.

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Then her mother name is Romania, but a beautiful name, Romania

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By now, but she was more known by her Kuhnian who miss her name. She was known as a mess lady, a remarkable woman. What a remarkable woman. So I would tell her, I would tell her propose for her. So she said You are such a prominent person people look upon you. You know I can't say no. But however you are prominent in Medina Sharif, but at the same time, you are also not a Muslim. I can't get married to you until you become a Muslim.

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And if you become a Muslim, I will forego my Maha

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you're becoming a muslim is my Maha.

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Now, there is this difference of opinion I'm not giving a fatwa. I'm just giving you the historical situation on a marking Smith de la fakie. Adriana. Yes, sir. Here, Jana? Yes, ma'am. It was ribatejo fitclick about

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Tajrish kebab Mataro. So he became a Muslim and that became the Mahara

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and Allah ma say the Sahaba said very few people's Maha was so blessed that the Islam of her husband now this I will tell her who is the stepfather of as an undisciplined Malik, himself is such a great person. The very famous incident of birria Ha, there was a very beautiful garden outside mercy remember we're not very far today if we come outside in fact, it is part of Nigerian labor we today they don't tell you about it. But there is one place that he said that you know, this was where he's as you go out, this is where his garden was. So when the Iron Lantern will be

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marked with the bone, you cannot achieve closeness to Allah until you give charity of what you love.

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Allah Tala said Sakura hassle, Nika. sipto, Gemtech Jo aapke, maboob, cheesy apples, Coco banchory, Allah Tala Khurana

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it really makes me very worried. Is just a thought that I have people will spend 100,000 200,000 For one trip. Give 5000 for a budget they find it very difficult.

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But don't look at the Sahaba you can get close to Allah and tell you spend of what you love. So he came to the VA Kareem saw some interior Rasulullah Berisha beauty with a Bahama woman they can Allah Tala formata Joomla Joomla boop cheese was corporate banker.

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To he said made very high give very high in the path of Allah subhanaw taala he had a solid do whatever you want with it. This is a Butel Hara the Allah Quran with a stepfather of, of Anna Sidney Malika, the ultimate the mother, who mess with him.

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She was so close to the vehicle himself, Salam nivia Karim Sandstrom said, so what he said that I saw a dream. I'm in Jana, and I saw that Miss Lane, the wife of a Buddha is with me in Jana.

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Marisa Janet man, sir Jim many Walkman they can be a Kareem saw Salam Nica Kimmy Janet medallion Hora or roommate isa mislim. I will tell her to be me, Janet memo Julia. This is his mother. Now what is the great aspect of our ANA signee Malika the Allahu Turan who is that when the Viet Karim Sasa migrated to Madina, Munawwara or he batted under Sydney Malik is from the very Naja and Medina John is the maternal relatives of our beloved movie sorcerer, the grand the grandfather of Nebia Kareem sorcerer and got married he Shamp the father of Abu Talib got married in Medina Jr. So in this particular way, he is in that way amongst the maternal relatives of our beloved that is awesome

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that old family, which I made mention of a pedigree, so we'll miss we'll aim when the rear cream sauce the mid Hegira she came in to be a cream sauce lemon what she said yeah, Rasul Allah, people have come. You've come to Medina people they've given you different types of gifts. Mara pasta quiches name may apne, better Anna Sydney mother, Caracas treatment mature, mature Radio, I'm leaving my son Anna Sydney Malika the Allahu Taala in your Hickmott Yara salah, take whatever you work want from him, take whatever treatment you want from him. Subhanallah

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so mislim gave this an a Sydney Malik in the treatment of our beloved resource from the time he was young. While I might have written when Nebia Kareem saw Selim passed away he must have been just in his late teens or early 20s Also, he must have been at that time 19 years of age.

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Under 70, Malika the Allahu Tehran who he stayed in the company of Nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says himself

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10 years I stayed with maybe a career

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sauce them 10 years maybe a cream sauce Salam was 13 years in Madina Munawwara so they say 10 years so no 10 years maybe a cream sauce lamb was in Medina 13 years in Makkah so it can use I stayed with maybe a cream sauce syrup not once did maybe a cream sauce Salam shout me it martaba mucha dat de Puglia you told me you yet tell us genuine but choco Marna but you could turn to bookrunner or Soucy taco yet butcher the tortilla hotel to Amalia Hi, Mona Mona is pure curiosity. You know Monday night there was an Adam who was embodiment mudra just standing to he said a very amazing thing he said up but took it that difficulty. Then they keep into come to just found counterfeit out. They keep a

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sense of revenge, and they get back at you. So when you become old, then all of a sudden you see that the children are not showing that particular love, because you didn't show them love this he said in this in this material Monday night Subhanallah so he said let them spend 10 I spent 10 years not one day didn't miss Oslo when I did something up the year Cuca nekia que Nika Jomi Konata

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This is 14 years can you imagine this is the way we are supposed to deal with our our children. This whole particular aspect, the more you show love to them Inshallah, they will come upon the right path. Discipline is different. You can do discipline with habit. You can do discipline. But I'm not saying you mustn't, you mustn't have limits, you must have limits. But overall, they must have a feeling that my parents love me more than anything else. And how maybe a cream sauce them dealt with him. One incident comes to mind, maybe I can install sling one day sent him somewhere. Can we come on? Okay, tell me so much I get to pick you up via curl. And I used to say, you know, out of joke,

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Nicaragua. And when I read this in child psychology, sometimes children, they breach rebellious, rebellious as they want, they want to be rebellious. They want to be rebellious. And they challenge you with regard to rebelliousness. And you have to be careful not to fall into the trap. And then maybe a cream sauce and who said anything? After a while, honestly to do that work. There are so I'm going just now put completely, you know, put what a beautiful one in the vehicle himself. him send him somewhere. He started playing with the children. He was that age, so maybe a crimson and followed it, catch him behind his ears. And that's what happened.

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I saw the children playing I also started playing, I'm going just now yet.

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And that what a great Mohabbat that they had with regard to one another Subhanallah he says that our words cannot describe the love that he had for nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You know, he says nebbia Kareem saw Selim had the best character and he had the best appearance. He said I used to touch the hands of maybe a cream sauce. I never saw a hand and a body that was more more fragrance and was more softer, softer than silk. Then the body of our beloved maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Up KIndex bocchetta de sol Mira Hanabusa Salam

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on cackalacky panorama panorama Muthiah or hearby Muthiah Capcom Nuxe BOD dilkusha many Kcb regime kickoff Reiko ABCYa hotel uses yiadom Bucha I'm name is Lucia. I never saw him more, more softer than even self than the hands of our beloved many salsa. And even this, they say they used to his mother used to tell a Sydney Malik bring the perspiration the sweat of Nabisco Salam, it is more even fragrance and Moshe and his love. He used to cry when he used to make mention of this. He said I don't spend one night in which I don't see in a resource tell me the dream.

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Karate DSL because I tend to men and maybe a cream sauce from Copart.

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So Annaleigh what love what Taluk what relationship and he's the same one who related the Hadith, that whoever relates a false thing to himself. He will he must put his abode in Jana Jana Mellissa. Same one who related this hadith that whenever you occur himself some said wherever sees when a dream. He has seen me now talking about one of the great things with regard to him because he spent 10 years in the company of Mobius Ostrom. He was very close to Nebia Kareem saw Salam. So he had the greatest amongst the greatest amount of saints of our beloved nebula Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam he had made mentioned with regard to it. So in this particular mentioned it he said that he

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is paid to over 2800 ahaadeeth in return from our beloved Navy cells in the fourth greatest transmitter, Abu Huraira Abdullah in Yama, Jabby Ravi, Allah Toronto and Anna Sydney Malik, then I shall be allowed on the five greatest transmitters of the saints and the Hadith of our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this was, it is said, tooth 2000 2286

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Hadith generated from our beloved Nebia Karim scillonian Salam. This was the amazing aspect with regard to an unnecessary monitor the alarm travel and a deep thing he said, who missed out on one day came to the VA Kareem saw slim and said yeah Rasul Allah, make dua for my * and Escalier da ki Jaya, so maybe a creamy sauce Salam Midford Was

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he alone keep multiple market but show me market O'Meara market oriented market firma Ford was made, I will not give him baraka and blessing in his wealth in his children in his life and forgive him. So unnecessarily Malik levy allowed me to say it is also mentioned in the books of history. Allah Tala name, Donut mahal berkata. Allah Tala gave me a lot of Baraka in my wealth. Then he said Allah gave me bracketed my children. So Allah said why he made ventured first of wealth dead children. When you got rid of children we have to have well

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this is the perfect person as the father one day How much is it going to cost to get married and look after children? He said, I don't know. I'm still paying. So he said, Allah, Allah gave me not a bucket in my wealth. Allah gave me a lot of wealth. Allah gave me a lot of Baraka in my children. He said over 100 children. Today when we listen to the doctor genuine, we can't even believe it. They say One day, he was making Tawaf. 60 children will make it up with him. So did he Kota precept read, the tough, whatever, the old Pratap will get filled only with his children 60 Children making a laugh with him. And he said, Allah gave me Baraka in my Oman, I crossed over 100 years of age, and

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in that 100 years of age, my health was also good. And he said I'm waiting for the fourth thing. Allah will give me my

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four things as a as a Muslim as the visa Salam and for things

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he made mention he was amongst the greatest rallies amazing thing they were few many important. A Hadith he made mention of one is he said one day someone came to me a cream sauce from and said, Yeah Rasul Allah ke Ahmed cabeza yet on a sub copper. When is alchemical come when is mama Daddy gonna come to this is the best answer. AP news Kalia Khyati. Eric, you asking about Kia what you asked about Matthew what could you do for it? What preparation if you do it for him? To say the other solo I haven't done any great preparation. But I love Allah in His rustling when he quit theory to Nikki licking Bucha Allah Rasool kizad What's

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gonna be a Kareem saw some said you will be with the one whom you love. Jesus. Muhammad was set up to handle

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undisciplined Malik fermata Camus jawab it know who she I mean, we kiss your cushy name anyway. We never had such happiness the way we had with regard to this was whom you love. You will be with me and Jana, you will be with me. I love people who bring you closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala Subhanallah what an amazing thing. And then one of the most famous Hadith with regard to him. Is that

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one day in the Vietnamese Muslim, although he was a servant, maybe a cream sauce Lim used to call him Yagoona Yeah. Oh, my small son. Oh, my small son. Oh, my small son. And one of the most famous saying, which I find very, very amazing or Jamahiriya Subak what is Jada circus mama Acebo them that maybe a cream sauce lamb one day told him yeah, when a homemade small son in cordata and tus Bihar were to see what a Sufi cult because this surely I had in fact, oh my son, oh my small son. If you can spend a morning or you can spend an evening with your heart doesn't have any hatred. You have doesn't have any jealousy you have doesn't have any ill feeling doesn't look down upon anyone to

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from anybody up Suba Kuya Shambo arpkd make ecqa kudu right now because now I said now to start chrome here very soon that make me switch Tao I always think ya Allah when we talk about soon nuts. Does anyone regard this as a sunnah? Does anyone regard this as a good deed? I'm getting a daddy recourse in multiple costume that they can take home soon that Cobian Carthay to be scooped up by a naked

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or a scope on Mr. tunicate

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The common agenda article, Mr. Mr. Hall, let's look at our environment full of hatred full of hassad full of ya Allah we can do without speaking bad about someone. Oh my son if you can spend a morning and an evening where your heart is free from hatred, jealousy ill feeling towards anyone to so that he come in soon that

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person that he loves my son that loves me and he loves me to help me together with me.

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Where do we ever in Kibera but also one important thing just to show you his love? He said that one of the things you say whenever used to make a term of the Holy Quran to put a condom Kojima kata used to call his children his family Quran Katamari salam to occur one day he was eating you know cut due to his address the cut to any address this is a I'm only eating you and I love you because my navy loved you. That's why beating you and I'm loving you know, Pico cardboard person. And then he passed away at the age of over 130 over 103 in the 93rd year after HD. So he was amongst the last almost Alaska Hawaii, the last Sahabi passed away in 100 in two years after his surgery, so almost

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nine years before that he was the last Sahabi in Basra and he passed away in Bursa and he's buried just a few just outside the outskirts of Basra so Han Allah this is the life of Annecy primerica the Allah may Allah grant us the topic of following in his footsteps and having the same love and the same devotion to Dean and to our beloved Nivea cream sauce them with they had worked through that one

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