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leaving your job, leave your workplace, leaving your business coming to Allah subhanho wa Taala and in your way, the number that you come to meet Allah Subhana

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Allah you're sitting

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listen to the hotbar

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or waiting for the armor. Imagine your situation on the day of your mouth

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when everybody's waiting for the Hisar when everyone is sitting under the sun, when there's no shade by the shadow of Allah subhanho wa Taala when there's no How about the House of Lies of Allah Allah He was in them when there's no one else to ask for except Allah subhanho wa Taala Imagine that you are there and you will feel the short in your heart you will feel that you're coming to the Salah

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and you're watching

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when the armies call

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remember what Allah would call you by your name everybody would be sitting like you're sitting however

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today you took your Xena to the massage it your buddy Adam A who's in the masjid

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you look decent today you know good. Yo so while you're our instant expose, however that day won't be exposed and women and men are sitting together

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and then the other call will be called and you will be drafted to come

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to the state

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OSI washer he

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two angels

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they will come with you

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yeah hold on.

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One more.

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Here he said those days though that day a two angels will come with you.

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You will not be willingly wants to come

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but these two angels your own one is saya

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mean meaningly It will order you to come to America

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to come and meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and the second Shah

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will testify against you. So you're walking to Allah

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can you see this? Can you see in your mind? I'm just

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what do you angels on your sides? You were talking to Allah and you don't know what you did?

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You don't know whether Allah would expose your mossy on the stage.

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You don't know whether Allah would cover you with this kind of

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you don't know.

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But when the economists call this how you should approach that you come

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in and then remember in that walk that also reminds me of Sahih Muslim in Allahu Allah younger era Swati come when

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you come when I can younger either Armonico

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Allah will not be concerned

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about how you look and what the color of your skin is.

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But Allah when look into your heart,

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from what you're the height and for the activity in

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woman was

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for a young woman in NAFSA Hakuna Matata SMA Mr. cubelet infrastructural Enola for wine

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and hamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah hidden Kareem so you didn't want to be you know, Muhammad Ali he was so happy here Jemaine.

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Some sort of Allah is Allah harati he was salam.

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What can

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be Can I mean Tatas? You mean?

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undenied speak of something that you were apologize about tomorrow.

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It means take control of your turn.

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Why when you say something you don't know how the other person will receive it.

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The law and you have to say something say something good.

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Your own

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awkwardly river the whole nutty here sun, in the shade on ions obey, you know, in the Shavon, icon aniline, Sonia,

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Yamaha Moto, my servants, that when they say something, let them say something that is good.

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You're old enough to hear.

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And you have to say something. And you have to mention something, say in the most beautiful way. So you may not apologize about it later on. The the only way you're a Muslim or Buhari and the use of Allah, your IRA, your old woman, Kara you believe that you will Yeoman

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fondly upon Hiren, Julius, whoever believes in Allah on the day of judgment that he didn't say good or be silent. And he said he shouldn't be telling me the word. Imagine if he said in this lesson, your older son Allahu Allah, he was salam, Leia, Melanie Nene, and he within an upset, he said, It is not fitting for a moment to displace himself, meaning you should not put yourself in a place where you apologize about your actions

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upon a shot and either she ate yesterday, man, what happened?

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Well, we'll come forth on what Iluka say. So you don't listen. That could be our team green for good luck out. And what he knows he has

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is that if you want to live with dignity, you want to be dignified individual. He said, then take control of your turn. And do not mention the falls of people in give you a full of forms. Your full form. Don't mention anybody else. Just look into yourself.

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And then you call it something other than Mikado, someone walking around. He was.

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Would you mind? Yes. Matthew Hayden.

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When you met him, yes. What did

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he say gather yourself. Be content with what Allah has given you. And this is the definition or one of definition of taco when it was asked what is Taqwa? And how women Angeline when I'm going to be Tenzin, we're only so you are content and you have no need for people having to and you're on and hustling bustling. Allahu

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Allah, Allah, Allah Karim and other nurse what I as I go to you Cremona

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man and

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Tamaki AD. He said, People will honor you, and people will treat you with honor and people will love you. As long as don't You don't ask what they have in their hands. He said but the day that you request something from them, they will just respect you. They will just honor you and they won't hate you. And this is where human nature this is your main niche was Subhan Allah, Allah is the opposite of that. According Mata Simone was starting to allow me to cluster Bureau work the masala