Divorced by a Prophet – Great Lesson

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The transcript describes a story about the death of an elderly man named Sergio after a smile. The story is about a woman namedattila who had a smile at the age of the ripe. The woman had a smile at the age of the sham, and after a few days of hunting, the woman found a woman who had a smile. The woman had lost her joy because of her in-controlled decision to stay with the woman.

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In the body,

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there's a story that the sahabi if nobis or it might be rude, I might forget now right about Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son Ismail. So Ibrahim alayhis salam used to live in Bella the sham

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Mohammed your most of his life and Ismail was where Maccha. So Ibrahim alayhi salam can to Makkah to the house of a smile, you know the tent of a smile and a smile is not there so his wife can and sees elderly man because remember, Ibrahim alayhis salam had a smile at the ripe old age elderly man the holly love Allah she asks him in and he sits and asks her

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where is the smile so she says he's gone out hunting so hunting those there is not like shopping center where you walk out to get meat you know you you go you chase the game you try to find something survive bring it home as a practice go get the sheep from a farm put it on your shoulder walk a little bit see how difficult it you know full time job hunting. So smile is gone hunting.

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So then he asks, How are things How was life and then she starts food is very late to weather's hot this and on and on. She went in the man listened. And then he tells her that when a smile comes give him my Salaam

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and tell him change your doorstep. So a smile cam Prophet of ALLAH. So he says that anyone come Has anything happened. So she says yes, this elderly man can.

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What did he say? Oh, he's

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asked where you are. I said you went hunting anything else? Yeah, asked about our livelihood. And I told him I told him

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and then did he say anything? Yes. He told me to tell you to change your doorstep. So he said that is my father, the allele of Allah and you're my doorstep is asked me to change you. So you're divorced. Time passed. Ibrahim alayhis. Salam can back and when I say time passed as in time passed because he was in another place is Rahimi

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cam, again, to the dwelling of Ismail

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ask permission, where is the smile gone? Hunting? How was your life my daughter Alhamdulillah we have we have meat and we have water. So he said Allah bless your meat and Allah bless your water. Tell him my Salam when he comes back and tell him keep your doorstep

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from this progeny

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from this progeny, the Rasul of Allah comes.

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Now I want you to, to, to understand the few things dear ones, first point on record on the Hadith. Ibrahim has come all the way from Jerusalem to hear he hasn't done anything else.

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This is the only thing he did on record. And Ibrahim has under the command of Allah and prophets don't do things ad hoc one young taco Anil, however, they don't even speak of their own desires.

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So Allah Allah, Isaiah has sent him here

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to go look at this situation, and this is his input.

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So first lesson via once the workers of Allah or many prophets, birds, creation, Min Jin ins, the master of everything because Allah Allah Azza sometimes Allah Allah is a sense from his Junoon someone into your life to pull something out of your life.

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You with me?

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Because he can and this is his only instruction.

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So when

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sometimes when some people and some things live your life, have the wisdom to understand that the Master of Creation wanted this and secretly in your heart say Alhamdulillah

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cause may be from this relationship, this union this gathering, a profit wasn't destined to come so you have to change so that a profit could come for me a new there's no profit

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But we anticipate but each one will be heading to a different journey and in sha Allah to your own level of greatness, maybe that person isn't supposed to go with you and doesn't have clearance to go with you and doesn't have permission to go with you. So Allah cut that anchor off so that you could keep going. So say Alhamdulillah.

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notice what her ingratitude cost her.

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And this is equally correct for men or women. It's just coincidental that in this situation, the story is is about a female. Her ingratitude. ungratefulness cost her marriage to a profit.

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Like the ones in the scale of greatness, you will not marry better than a prophet

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I in a new row Soham in the Shams of Doha, like how do you compare the light of a candle with the good blazing sun you know, prophets of God

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by versus the best of creation. Like this is not your girlfriend saying No honey, he's no good. Allah saying is good and the hell Moo Bissau rocky Dan

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so the best man

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and she lost him because of his ingratitude. Remember when I told you if you're grateful Allah will increase it if you're ungrateful Allah will take it so Allah Tokat

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times just finished so the ones it's been a joy standing in front of you. There's a lot to talk about. But Salah is here, and I asked you this with a lot of humility. Keep your brother in your dua for your time and patience I thank you my the one above the heavens guide and God you were Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh