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The legal dispute between two individuals involves accusations of sexual abuse and possible divorce, and the legal process is ongoing. The potential consequences of their actions are discussed, including potential legal outcomes and negative consequences. The characters discuss potential actions, including Joah, Lavina, and Thanos, but the conversation is disjointed and difficult to read.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Hill Villa to

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national there on the Sunday a lot of suitors will get in, and about further that lay him in a shape line of legality. smella has rushman has Rahim. What this roughly is Saudi way of Sidley Emery, Washington that Amelie Sani of Cabo cote, Urbanus.

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Surah till marriage is number one to 44

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Salah he asked, sir Ilan a questioner be are there been with a punishment worker? One that is about to happen. Lil Caffee Rena, for the disbelievers laser, it is not law who for it, their fear anyone who averts

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mean Allah from Allah, the possessor and marriage of the waves of ascension. Dark blue, it ascends l Mala ICA to the angels were roo who and the Spirit led to him fee in Yeoman a de ganar it was mill kadavu It's measure calm Cena 50 Alpha 1000 center years for Smith so be patient sovereign a patient's Jamila beautiful in the home indeed de your owner who they see it were either far one or all who and we see it arriba near yolmer en de de Kuno it will be a summer the sky Gulmohar like the molten metal, water Kono and it will be LG Ballu the mountains coloring like the flakes of wool

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Wallah and not yes, he will ask her me more than any intimate friend how Mima any intimate friend

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you will Sorona home they will be shown them. Yeah what do he will wish emoji remove the criminal low if yesterday he would give ransom men from other punishment. Yo mama even of that day be bunny he with his son. While Sahiba t he and his wife were early he and his brother was asleep allottee he and his family allottee which don't we it shelters him woman and whoever fee in the earth Jamia altogether so much then Yun Ji it will save him Color Me in the hurt indeed it loves a flame nurse Zartan one that strips off one that tears away. Let's show her for the exteriors

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that that it will call man who are the battle he turned back what a welder and he went away.

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What Jamara and he collected for over then he hoarded in indeed, al Insan the human being holy God, he was created HalleluYah impatient,

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either when Messiah who it touched him a shovel, the evil Jesu. He is one who frets much what either and when Messiah who it touched him, and how you the good MINOURA one who is very niggardly

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in there, except almost one lead those who pray Alladhina those who come they Allah upon Salah to him their prayers, the imune ones who remain constant will Lavina and those who fee in a while to him their wealth have gotten a right Martin Luther one that is known. Lissa ill for the beggar, while mushroom, and the one who is deprived

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one Medina and those who use for Deikun. They affirm, they accept as true. Be yo with day, a dean of the recompense one Lavina and those who hold the men from our the punishment, but not be him of their Rob Mushfiq goon ones who are fearful in indeed are thereby punishment, but not be him of their value not mooning anyone who is safe, anyone who is secure. Will Lavina and those who whom they leave for Roger him for their private parts, have you wound one to guard in law except Allah upon as well as you him their spouses? Oh or MA what my look at it possessed a man or whom their right hand

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For in the home so indeed they are you not Malou mean ones who are blameworthy

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famine, so whoever able to her he sought what? Beyond valleca That for hola Erica then those whom they allow dune those who transgress Juan Medina and those who whom they Leonetti him for their trusts where the him and their covenant are rune, ones who protect ones who care. One Medina and those who, whom they be shahada to him with their testimonies are imune ones who stand firm well Levina and those who hope they Allah upon Salah to him their prayer, you have your wounds their guard,

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or their ICA those fee in Jana gardens, mocha Ramon ones who are honored

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some early then what is for Alladhina those who get through the disbelieved pre balaka towards you before you move there even ones who protrude their necks and run fast on from Al Yameen the right one and from a Shima the left are e zine in separate groups. Al tomorrow does he desire Gullu every every in person men home from them and that you the harder he will be admitted janitor paradise Noreen of bliss cannula knee in indeed we can Akane whom we have created them. Me man from that which he or Allah moon they know, fella so no. Oh, Cosimo I swear beloved beat by Rob l machete of the East's while mohareb and the West's in indeed we look at the runes surely ones who are able are

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Allah upon and that no bad dealer we change how you run better men home than then warmer and not national we be must be clean at all wants to be Ultron

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further home so leave them your whole do they become engrossed in vain talk while our boo and they play hard until you there they will meet yo Mahone their day Allah the that which you are doing, they are promised. Yona on day Yahoo Juna they will come out men from Adidas, the graves Syrah and once hastening, cut under home as if they learn to no slobin and erected idle.

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You feel on the race,

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harsher earthen one Lord in fear and humility or carshare earthen one humbled.

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I will saw to whom their sights who whom it overtakes them, it covers them. They love humiliation. Their Lika that a yo move the day a lady which candle they were, you are doing they are promised.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Bismillah you're watching me sir.

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You don't

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need to get

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me no more he didn't.

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I'm seeing

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jameelah in

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one out all buddy. Yo woman

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while is honeymoon her name

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you must Sorona home YAHWAH moody Munna we have Teddy me nada. We only eating me buddy. Wausau he then te well he walk I'll see let's see he led you to two we

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have the Jamie

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the show

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why Jana artha

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is now fully upon

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MSL job holders who

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were either myself or your own and

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most only a lady who Morales on

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E Moon one lady left levy in

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home on Larry

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the one

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Muslim hone in

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Mooji him

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as well

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me family or

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ICA hold

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on Larina whom Liana

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Disha had him

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hola Fijian

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it anyone is CheMin e are easy I

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the halogen

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de la jolla

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national BMS voting

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Hone yo

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Amina also be your

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own cause

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then you can