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Musleh Khan

Channel: Musleh Khan


Episode Notes

Excerpt from the lecture entitled “What Ruins Marriage”

Episode Transcript

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Number three, for a wife's guide,

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or a wife's guide to ruining a good marriage

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isn't, oh, here we are. nagging is an art, you must Perfect. Okay? Surely the more you repeat it, the more you say something to him, the more he'll end up listening. You're right, nagging, constant bickering.

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By doing this will cause a marriage to be ruined.

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So what is the key here?

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If for the wise, if you if there is a problem, or you're annoyed, or you're upset about something, the number one thing to do when you're dealing with your hardest case, is to wait for the most appropriate time to address them. What does that mean? When he comes home from work, don't go and run after him and say, Listen, I'm so mad, and he's still trying to take your shoes off at the door. Give him a break, cut him some slack, wait till after dinner, then you talk to him. Wait till he's relaxed, then you talk to him. Because the general rule for men is Yeah, we do have a tendency to lose our and our anger, we do have a tendency to get upset quickly.

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And so to avoid that, give them some time. Give your husbands time, then you begin to address them.

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I don't know what works for the brothers here. What I do find is that what works very well is when you're in the car driving, and it's just you and your wife. It is a wonderful time for to talk. It is a wonderful time for you to catch up on the day. And also how was your day How's it going?

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And this is where the line of conversation and communication is open. But the constant nagging. What does this do for a husband, sisters, you know what this does for a husband, it starts to build hatred in his heart for for their wives will hire the biller because nobody wants to be nagged. Nobody wants to be heard at

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and so to avoid this issue, wait for a time that is more massive. And then you can have a conversation and sort out whatever the issue is.