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AI: Summary © The conversation is about a person who is addicted to drugs and is worried about their health. They discuss the possibility of getting their drugs fixed and the potential danger of losing their phone. They also talk about the importance of finding the right person to call and the potential danger of losing their phone.
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I can help end them in home. But are you from them and terminate with meaning? Are you from those who are addicted? The one who's addicted to drugs movement and mocha rod Lamarca, the jurati who if he doesn't get his fix, Mother Yes on what happens gismo, your TGIF, his body starts to shake we're sure to Bill humble alum and it becomes concerned and worried, mundane and Jura How can I get the fix will get the admin walk off enough sit it man and many of us have fallen into the same type of addiction. How to Tell Hello. The fact that Mahabharat the panic that they're in when they can't get their drugs. We're not going to Allah He Venus's che and we're all in the same boat to stop mankind

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and Calum Do you think what I'm saying is strange to have at least Anna that's not me and Alison Woodman and I'm not in I'm not addicted anything that had heavy that are going to buy them in who if you lost your phone you love or you were far away give us your look? How would you feel alive enough so was Woodman and mocha Dara in Africa jurati Who the same description as the one who was addicted to drugs. If he doesn't get his fix to gym, you would freak out.

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Okay feminineness Sofa young kid on an alleged to movement and and a lot of the people they're gonna deny it. No, no, no, I'm not addicted to my phone. Either named Phil Lael find a heavy look. If you go to bed at night, where's the love of your life? Carried mink tattered mocha that's close to you under the pillow. Either stay cold feet Mutasa, vallila Olmeca Coleman and office about if you were to wake up in the middle of the night or the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, what is it

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your prayer Salah took our matter of Kabbalah attainability Bula The first thing you do before the first take B to p or another you get that last look did you do with a female out enough sick you find it heavy on yourself so fish that the lake I'm going to miss you but I'll be right back. Well Oh, what am I up I know who and the first thing that he does after Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah before he remembers Allah subhanaw taala goblin yet Quran Allah. Habib pinback Khadija Allah yedek the love of your life is back in your hands. Will Allah had to bother NSF NASA even some people in this year do who Allah jeebies a solid, his hands are rubbing up against the pocket and the solid

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method woodmill mocha Dara, like the one who's addicted to the drugs