Majed Mahmoud – How Merciful is Allah (SWT)

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Allah's actions and promises to stop anyone from reading one page of Quran. They encourage the audience to read more and ask them to stand up and forgive their shortcomings. The speaker also mentions a session that is done and a recitation of the Prophet's words.
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Let's talk more about Allah Rama reading just few minutes. Now before you even came to this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala has written that his mercy overcame his

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anger may Allah showers mercy upon whoever just answered, say I mean. So Allah has written My Mercy overcomes my anger that's before I even existed and all of you here, so we didn't even begin yet. And Allah says, My Mercy overcame my anger. When Allah created Adam Alayhis Salam, and he was just the body, there's no rule. There's no soul and Adam, when Allah blew the soul and to Adam and the soul reached their head, what happened to Adam?

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accidentally came to life and the first thing he did was sneeze. And this is the first human being ever created. Correct? When he sneezed, what was the first thing a human being ever said to Allah Alhamdulillah The first thing you hear is the huddle drum roll whatever you want to do. The first thing that creator ever said to a living being ever was worth your hammock Allah.

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If this was the beginning, then what in the world is next? Miskin the brother in front of you this miskeen right here. I went to a very high end dinner. There were three forks, three knives, three spoons when they were serving the salad, which has strawberries I don't know how that works but has strawberry

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and when it was done, the waiter came and grabbed the plate I had my fork on it.

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So when I was done with the cell I said oh hold on let me just grab the fork for the next dish is the sir you have two other forks.

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Every dish has its own for a commercial Allah Tabata kala

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so I like if this is the appetizer then what's next? Right if this is just the beginning then what's next lobster sushi, whatever it may be. Allah has the best of examples. If the first thing you told Adam your hammock Allah that one in the world is next. Rama upon Rama. Let's go all the way to the end of time. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has how many pastors Rama? How many parts?

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Allah has 99 descended one of them to this dunya any mercy that you see the mercy I have towards you that I will not go over my time in sha Allah, and the mercy that you have towards the other person who came to sit next to you and you move your jacket and your purse, you see the Rama that you have to that other person that just sat next to you, the Rama that someone may have whatever the case may be in the cafeteria, you give him some ketchup whatever the case may be. This entire Rama over the entire globe which includes animals is from that one Rama Allah descended. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yo Ma piano Allah joins that one Rama with the 99 that Allah kept and after

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Allahu Akbar, how can you get you up? How can you give up on Allah? Then your milk pMLN Rasool Allah as I said, London Allah combines it and he showers His mercy. And in the Hadith that has already been Kathy estates that Iblees the devil who Allah said you are cursed and Allah promised you're going to hellfire. He sees Allah's mercy so much. He overlooks your mistakes. He overlooks how bad the messed up stuff you've done, takes you to Jannah didn't go to hellfire. He's like, You know what I might have some Rama believes himself has some hope in Allah. Then how in the world someone who says La Ilaha illa Allah give up on Allah. How was it possible? If a bliss rejected Allah and he

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still had hope? May Allah subhana wa Tada shower His mercy upon all of us, I will end with this action item.

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Everyone here in sha Allah. I don't know how much Quran you read.

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But you have to promise that you will not allow a single day in your life to pass by without reading one page of Quran.

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You should not accept a day in your life to pass by without one page look all Brothers has been dry. You say one page, relax. Make it half whatever it may be. But don't let a day pass by without you reading some Quran. Don't put a reminder, whatever the case may be, because Allah azza wa jal rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and either perhaps many of you have heard before. Allah says Allah Quran was either 40 l or MUFA Stamey ruler who see to Allah Allah calm

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Total hormone when the Quran is recited, pay attention. For when you recite the Quran and your focus towards it, guess what happens Allah showers is Rama upon you. So may Allah Allah was to be connected to the Quran say I mean, and I advise you please, you might say, well what this convention changed in me and so on. There's a lot of great speeches that you've heard. You need to follow up with some action items, the least you can take out of this 15 minute talk that you heard that I will not allow a single day to pass by without reading some Quran. Put a reminder on your phone I have two reminders, one at 8:50am and one at 9:30pm What's the wisdom that's something that I know about?

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But the point being is that something that customized to your life for you to remember Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, may Allah forgive me for my shortcomings because I should read way more than one page a day. And may Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings and showers mercy upon all of you. Jezza Kamala Hi Ron. And as Allah promised the moment, a session like this is done. Allah says all of your sins are forgiven. This is the authentic narration. The Prophet says stand up. All your sins are forgiven to me, Allah allow this hadith to be applied to us. I mean, Ramadan, which has come alongside and was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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