Reda Bedeir – An Essential Component Of Good Character – Confidence

Reda Bedeir
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last component in good character is confidence. So we're talking about conscience. We're talking about compassion. We're talking about concentration. We're talking about courage. We're talking about control. Let's talk about the last component confidence. What's confidence, confidence in what? Brothers and sisters, sometimes we do good. But we don't see the fruit of the good that we do. So sometimes we feel like you know what, I should stop doing it because I don't see the fruit. I don't see the result. No, he's doing good. He being good. Even if everyone around you is not doing good, keep doing good. And have your pain that's recorded to Allah, and Allah will reward you,

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you're not doing what you're doing, to please people, you're doing it to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. So have confidence that Allah knows what you're doing, and Allah will reward you for that.

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So there was that man.

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One day, upon leaving his work, his supervisor gave him a bonus of $1,000. So when you get money by surprise, like this, you start thinking, how to do something good, how to make every buddy around you happy, he started thinking, I'm gonna buy this from my wife. I'm gonna buy this for my children. I'm gonna buy this from my mother. And Subhanallah on his way back home, he saw a woman carrying a baby. And she was crying. And she told him, listen,

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you know, I don't have money to buy medication for this baby. And this baby is going to have a surgery by 11 o'clock pm. And if I don't have enough money, the baby's gonna die. So the man out of confidence that a lot can see what he's doing. He took the whole $1,000. And he gave it to her. And once he arrived home, his family, he shared the story with his family. He told them by the way, I got a bonus today of $1,000. And I was thinking to buy you this and this and this and to make everybody happy. But on my way, a lady stopped me with a baby. And he told him the story. And then they started yelling at him. They said,

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How do you know that she was sincere? She could be a scam. She might have fooled you. And so Paula, while they're talking the TV, the news came, and the lady was arrested and she was a scam.

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So they told me you see just for you. Why didn't you miles the gifts and the man was crying. And he said, but the baby did not die.

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The baby did not die. I gave the money to Allah, not to the lady. The baby did not die. That's the meaning of confidence. Do the good. And don't be discouraged by everyone around you if they are not doing good, have yaqeen have confidence that Allah subhanaw taala will never put to waste, whatever good that you do in your life. So having told me about the six components of good character, conscience, compassion, consideration, courage, control, and confidence. Do not leave your spot today, before making Toba to Allah. And by the way, Allah subhanho wa Taala would accept your Toba and he will forgive you when it comes to what's between you and him. But Allah will never forgive

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you when it comes to what's between you and your fellow human beings. You have to go and ask them for forgiveness. If you are going for Hajj. If you are going for Amara, you need to do this right now. Because those people will wait for you right before Jenna after you even cross the salon. After even you skip jahannam and they will wait for you and they're gonna say in the dounia. I didn't take my right. But I want it right now.

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So make sure that you make Toba ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive you and learn from the six components of good character. I will end up with this story.

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There was a man who went to visit his brother, and he has a very, very nice car. And he parked the car. And while he was coming out after finishing visiting his brother, he saw a young kid, you know, standing next to the car, looking at the car, and he was infatuated with the car. He was in love with the car. He was massaging the car taking a selfie with the car. So the man said to him, do you like the car?

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And the kid said yes. It's amazing. He said you know what? My brother gave it to me as a kid.

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What did the kids say? I know all of your expectations. He said I wish

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I could be like your brother. He does not say I wish I had a brother like yours. No, he said, I wish I could be like your brother. I'm gonna leave you with this inshallah along with after that and I want to how did you get them?

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Well, I even when I

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when I made a lot of what I did,

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was hydrocone Elijah de la sala hallelujah sobre hermetica hamara me, Allah homophone. Linda Leonard and openedge Marine, Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah maka for anessa. Tina Aloha, my name is Alison and Kira, Calvin Harsha aka Bella. Mr. Jabba Allah for Allah nowadays when I lived in Santa hoonah with a man Allah Masha Allah Amina Amina dunia.

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illallah wa salam O Allah Muhammad Allah Allah

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