The Pandemic of Lack of Obligatory Prayer – With Dr Tamara Gray

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I'm really sad to say that we are in a we have two pandemics. Right now, we have the pandemic called COVID, which is certainly a struggle in all of its different ways. Then we have another pandemic, and it's called the pandemic of lack of federal prayer.

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And we have I mean, how many people do you know, that pray every prayer on time all the time without missing it? Absolutely.

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Of all of your family and all of your friends and all of your community members, is it? 50%? Probably not. 20 We'd love to see Yes. Yeah. Maybe 10% I mean, if I feel like 10% Maybe we're being generous.

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This hurts my heart. And it's, it's a it's a frightening thing about our mom. Because literally the very anonymously meanwhile, you must be mad. So to enter into the door of this mansion of Islam, we have to do our five pillars. Okay, we said I should let her know

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that Hamdulillah we said this. Okay, we're intending to foster Ramadan. And if we don't, maybe we're sick or whatever. Okay. I intend to basic out maybe I don't have extra money in the bank, I intend to go on has Hamdulillah. What's left solo, Salah is five times a day, and it's time this is what it is. And so and to miss it. Like I went in 1988 89, something like that. 89 Probably, I was on my way to visit Syria. And we went to France and I got sick. My lung collapsed. Oh, yeah. And it collapsed. I had just fully fully collapsed. I went to law school, I was there for two weeks. First of all, I remember when my lung collapse being shocked that you can't talk without your lungs.

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You need them for voice because I was like,

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hell, nobody can hear me. Nobody knew anything was wrong with me. And I remember thinking about this laying in the hospital bed and thinking of this analogy, that our lungs to our body is like prayer to our spirits.

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And when I have two, two lungs and hamdulillah and when one collapse I was I was alive. I was in a lot of pain. But I couldn't breathe. I could barely talk because I couldn't get enough air out to speak. But I could. I could kind of you know, clunk along inside because I ended up in the hospital. This is the analogy for prayer. When we don't pray, it's like we've begun to remove the lungs from our spirit. Our lungs give us air so we can move we can think to have oxygen. So we can so we can live and if we don't pray that we are missing out on a critical part of our spiritual and our our spiritual health and our mental strength. And

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yes, just now as you said it reminded me when Rasul Allah Sato Sarang was asking Sedna Bilal to call for the salah. What did he used to

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be higher Bilal make us feel good and comfort by it. If I look at it this way, it's my run away from all this rat race and stress and I'm going to be with Allah spawn Tada and on and talk to him. Why? How can I not do it? But if I look at it as it is an obligation, did you pray? Did you read your Salah just like a? Let's do it. Habit. That's what the problem is. I suggest to everyone who's listening today to change your sentence. So instead of saying, Excuse me, I have to pray. Say, I get to pray.

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But very simple change. I'll be with you in a minute, but I get to pray right now.

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I'll be ready to come to that meeting. But I get to pray right now. I get to pray. It's such a different

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sense. And that helps us accomplish that level one, which is to be in then mostly mean while Muslimah.

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Bismillah you're loving man. You're walking