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Here's Joomla laid out and I was able to move out like I used to feel like federal municipality Allah say Ed Mola Rasulillah while early or soft me Illinois welcome Coolio how many I saw like the night is the night of Jomar I suppose didn't do much but like on this night and the sun is to increase your solar upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds. Yahweh. Imam deline. yootheme was Nettie. He said I didn't hasn't and sad even though your costs are the Allahu Anhu God, the Hadith tonight is in the collection at United daddy me and it had the reasonable chain of narration and this hadith has similar narrations and bigger collections. I chose this one

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specifically, just because of has a story attached to it that it's nice to tell.

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But there are similar Hadith in larger collections and have higher degrees of authenticity. This hadith has a reasonable chain of donation, and it's it is safe for me to narrate to you and it's ready to us by sad even annual cost and he says this column Makana mean Emory Earth mine up Nima Verona my kinda mean Turkey Nisa, Bertha la Rasulullah he said Allah Allah you only will send them. So the way he phrased this setting aside the way he phrases it saying, when what happened with earth not him all happened regarding his issue with women. So phrasing it that way means that not only did the man do something that was out of the norm, but it became well known when he became a controversy

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people started talking about it that might have been my own did something and was not even my own did is that he decided that he was not going to get married. He was not going to let's say he's going to be is going to practice full celibacy.

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That's what it was might have been the own did not mind him alone is a very well known Sahabi he's an early Mechi so Harvey who underwent a lot of persecution with the Prophet It is thought to me just a humble person it didn't it didn't make a lot of noise so the name is not as well known. But for those who study His life on his side I don't know what happened Mona is a very highly ranked for hobby. So he made this choice of not wanting to be married anymore. He was he was doing getting to divorce his wife and no longer get married. So the proper audience awesome sent to him. A message bottom yeah with man.

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Are they better? uncertainity for any automobile? robinia Oh, this man. I was not commanded to practice full celibacy. Have you turned your back to my sunnah to my way? Sunday. I mean, he says, assume that God is so he's talking his way of life, his legacy the way he lives. This is something that's really what he's saying is that he started with it's not just small actions, that no it's his way of thought and way of life out of your thoughts and he wanted people to adopt that. So he's asked me, man, did you have someone else that you're following? Now? I was not commanded to live a little Habana yet. Full celibacy. Like I don't know I'm not turning my back on what you're you're

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teaching or teachings. But God I don't use the AutoSum for in them insanity.

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hopefully, what

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we'll assume what I'm what I'm what upper lip for Mareeba and Suniti. For a 70 year old man in the Neff Seca. I like a hardcore while he Lika Lika hochkar. So he said that I thought was my son. Now if you're not turning your back on it, my way of life is that I sleep at night and I pray at night. Some I divide my night or some nights I do this and Sunday to do that. My way of life is some days I fast and sometimes I eat. My way of life is I get married, and sometimes I don't get along. And he never, he never actually divorced a woman on his toes. But he said marriage and divorce is a part of life. That's my way from a rocky mountain sanity for a second and if you decide that my way of life

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is not good for you, then you can consider yourself a part of my own my own multi AMA, you can't come in demand the intersection and demand to be treated because you won't if you don't live the way I live

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or if man indeed your neffs has a right upon you. Meaning your biology your instincts and who you are as a person which are made up you have to respect that you have to respect who you are humanity we got teacher got treat yourself as if you're in non human.

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This happens when you when you pursue a closeness with Allah Subhanallah you start feeling that maybe I shouldn't actually completely ignore all of these humane practices of lust and greed and the need to eat and to drink. You start feeling maybe these are below me I have to have to focus on something bigger and the Prophet I saw Sam was the closest of us to Allah He did not neglect that piece of his life.

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Your Nest has a hot cup and he has a right upon you and your family has a right upon him as well and you have to make sure that everything is treated with that proper balance for you see Musa yakun this is this is why I'm telling you this hadith specifically because there's another one that's more authentic by love this piece is what science is all about. So my side side sport by Mr. Dijon, unanimously Mina I know another suit Allah

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He, Allah Allah He was hindlimb in Hua Congo with manna, I am I can

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Yatta sunnah where Tibetan

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that there was a group of men in the Sahaba that had sworn that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam left with man with what if man just decided to do that they will all go and neuter themselves and make and swear themselves to celibacy.

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They're sworn to it, the prophet Allah is awesome, I'm sorry, this man saying I will not get married, I will not. And he said, That's okay, that they were going to neuter themselves and get rid of this old problem. But he didn't. So they couldn't. And, and this struggle is interesting. Now, I'm not going to waste your time because it's a long philosophical discussion. But it's an interesting thing, that the Sahaba thought about this, because they, they were looking for a way so that they would not be distracted from the relationship with Allah subhana, WA, tada. They were looking for a way to get rid of distractions, because they found the beauty, the sweet nectar of

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being in the presence of Allah subhana wa, tada in the presence, they found it beautiful. And they found that this part of life takes you away from it. So he started thinking maybe we get rid of this whole piece, I don't need it. I don't eat, just snip them off. And we're done. I don't have to deal with this problem anymore. I have to think about it and have to pursue it. And it doesn't have to be there. But the profit is awesome. refused. He refused. No, you're going to continue. This is how life is going to be. And they had sworn that the profit made that this is you'll see that they were going to make a very harsh decision upon themselves. But the profit at least on did not. And I

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always thought that was interesting that they thought that way. But the theme that I telling you this Hadith from is from the marriage issues of marriage, it's important that your sides don't refuse to allow the Sahaba to decide that they weren't gonna get married. I mean, if one of those Sahaba said, I'm not gonna get married the proper eyes on why? Why are you get married? You don't want to be like me, what you're better than me. You're better than this way of life. My way of life is you go into your personal marriage go pursue marriage. So he pushed him out of his slots with me refused for anyone to say otherwise. And those who did he he made it an issue of legacy, a major

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issue of way of life. He didn't say you didn't sit down to argue with them details don't know why, why say no to marriage altogether? No, that's not my way. My way is you get married to go look for it. And he refused to go into details of it. And I think that's just a very important piece that we have to respect that as Muslims, that this is a prophetic obligation in the prophetic right to make sure that people who are pursuing marriage that you can find it with some degree of ease your way the man would tell me your theme was steady he said and then Hassan and sad interview of Pastor of the Allah why no pun? la macchina man me Earth man of name of own mankind. I mean enteric in ni se

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basa Ilya Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a five year old man in Neelam Omar beautiful Hibernia out of him Dan Suniti Takala for Carlos en Allahu alayhi wa salam ala in lemon so Nettie and also Leo Anna will assume our Aton won't get a lot. From Rafi Baron Suniti Felice. I'm in New York with man in the name of Seeker I Lika Hapa when he Liga Aliko hubco a fool for oxymorons man can only journal Mila Mussolini and LG moto I don't know rasool Allah he's some Allah hottie who early he was a limit in who was a congressman I mocked up and you have to wait a bit to sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam said Allah Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Muhammad, why don't