Ramadan 2023 #24 Quranic Reflections Surat Al-Shura 23 to the end of Surat Al-Ahqaf

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The importance of having a good relationship with Allah is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to make a joint decision process and avoid confusion. The lack of a joint decision process is also discussed, and the importance of unity in politics is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for unity and avoiding controversy, and encourage individuals to be organized and contribute to issues that are simple and small. The importance of acceptance of Islam's reality is emphasized, and the need for everyone to act on their own timing is emphasized. The segment ends with a announcement for those who want to be notified of a announcement.

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So lucidly Mubarak Allah you know Muhammad died early he also have years remain about

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someone has been with us Micronesia Okay good. So today inshallah we finished or we can we are complete the our meme will finish that right the end of South Africa which is the final Surah that starts with Hamid and these two are they talked about the concept of Dawa it ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada of calling people to the way of Allah, that gives us estore gives us

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either a recommendation, like a piece of advice in the affirmative sentence, something to do, or in the negative, something not to do.

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And it's actually the first stick three, offer pieces of advice that are Affirmative, do three things. So as the offer tells you that you perform data, you must take it to the right people. And then you must have a connection with Allah subhanaw taala throughout the process. And that's important. I know that sounds like it's, it's a given, but it's really not a lot of people will perform Dawa without actually having a real connection with Allah subhanho wa taala, you have to work on yourself a little bit before you actually take it to those who disagree. But you have to you have to invest a little bit within your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala being doing good

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deeds is not enough, if you don't actually have a connection. So it's firstly that tells us that it has to be through character, meaning you have to emphasize the importance of dealt with through character. So the shorter talks about organization,

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and, and joint efforts, sort of talks about the fact that one of the things that will ruin dalla is a materialistic approach to the world or to life in general, Han talks about delusional thinking as the barrier to performing data appropriately. And by God, do we have a lot of that in our community, unfortunately. And then Jeff, he talks about arrogance as a barrier to actually performing appropriately, you have to be humble, you have to be humble, you know, even if you're knowledgeable, if you're very humble, and sort of jatheon, we're gonna have it today. Perfect. So we'll, we'll probably I'll talk about it as well, if I have the chance. So to lock off as the final one of the

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seven, it wraps it all up by saying, and at the end, at the end, whatever it is you do, you can't control the outcome. And who will respond to you and who won't respond to you is something that you don't have the ability to control, it will surprise you, the people who actually respond to you in the people who don't. So knowing that it just allows you to perform data without that extra stress of needing to force people to do things. And look, you just do it right. Just make sure you read the right tools, right. If you listen to the how I mean, you learn the tools, you make sure that you bring the affirmative and you remove the negative, and do your best. And then Allah subhanaw taala

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will grant those who want to respond, the ability to do accept and those who won't accept, don't accept and you don't have to worry too much about the outcome. But you have to do it, right. There's a common mistake is, is when you do something, and you don't get the desired result that you say, well, it's not my fault, I'm doing it. No. So that's not acceptable. You don't you know, you don't run a business that way. Like you don't fail within a business and say, well, it's not my fault is the consumers fault for not buying, then you go figure out what you're doing with your product. And then it that's how you do it for everything. So the same thing for dollar, you know, the the product

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is fine, it's the delivery, that's the problem. You have to make sure that the delivery is appropriate we use what's the six Suhler the first source I mean, how I mean, actually explain the delivery, you need to have the right delivery, here's here's a few pointers to make sure that you deliver this appropriately what you need to avoid what you need to hold on to that the hazard locked off remind you that you can't control the outcome. And I love that piece because I feel like without that piece, there's a little bit of a tiny a fear factor for me that if you're not, you know, just kind of reminded that at the end Allah subhanaw taala those who will respond will respond you can't

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control that and everyone will get no sleep. Everyone picks up what they want and will take what the what they deserve at the end.

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And that's what this was talking about. The one of my favorite clusters I've done that I've seen of this cluster of shows like maybe three times just in London, I've done it twice in Arabic and once in English.

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I'll probably end up doing it again at some point in the future as well. They're very, very insightful for Muslims living in the West. Muslims are a part of minorities definitely should know, the meanings and the profoundness of our meme and understand what they're talking about because they actually affect a lot your you know, your approach to things in there

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within the settings that we live in, okay, so without further ado, we'll we'll kind of start with let's do with 38 of swords Shula.

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Well Lavina stir jaboulet cannot be more calm soda room shooter or the inner home woman Melrose Hakuna whom you see Oh, yes.

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So there's sort of a shoe run. At the end of it. You have this description that Allah subhanaw taala offers the believers from that what do you tell me che intermetallic it dunya Allah and Allah He came over Abacha Lavina Manu. Wow, a lot of behavior at our Kowloon Valentina studio booty Robbie him welcome masala embouchure Avena home now homophone bollettino, either Asaba Mobilty, homie until soon, if you go to these verses, you find Allah subhanaw taala point counting a number of attributes of these believers that are going to actually be able to perform dollar the way that it needs to be performed. And within the descriptions of these people. He puts him supine with the room to Robin

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you know, this, this very important phrase that you find the middle limit and the

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Surah is named after that one word that exists in the Surah. You don't find it really in that detail, or in that manner anywhere else in the Quran you have what shall we at home phenomena in Surah, till early and run when the Prophet Allah usados was commanded to consult with Muslims when it comes to making decisions that will affect everybody.

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He doesn't tell him to consult about issues that are halal haram obviously, that's, that's revelation based. But when we talk about decisions that are gonna affect the OMA or affect us where we have to sit down and figure out what the next steps are going to be, consultation is the way to go. Now, we're not very good at that, which is why I chose this verse to kind of contemplate and think about it. Well, I'm going to I'm sure I've been at home, when Allah subhanaw taala is describing these believers, and he gives these six seven attributes and I heavily encourage you to read them and and contemplate them a little bit. Just take a moment to look at that one piece and

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think about it. And I'll do that for you today. You can think about the other ones, well, I'm gonna have them shorter, I've been at home and they're matter is consultation amongst each other amongst themselves, meaning, it's not that they just pray. It's not just that they depend upon Allah subhana wa Tada, it's not they just give us a cup. It's not that they respond to oppression or tyranny in an acceptable or appropriate manner. But they also organize themselves. They also have a system to make decisions. Shura is a system for decision making. Right? How do we make a decision?

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How are we going to figure out when eight is going to be?

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How are you gonna figure out where he's gonna be?

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What are you laughing? What, how are we gonna figure out when we're gonna have read? There's no system, there's no decision making system. So obviously, we're set up for failure. It's just a matter of time before everyone does whatever they want. And then you have two houses right beside each other semi detached homes, were both Muslims, one of them is making eight on Friday, the other one is doing it on Thursday, or Saturday, or whatever day of the week, they decide they want to have it done. Isn't that just lovely? Isn't it lovely to live in the same exact neighborhood and everyone has their own eating their own Ramadan, not is not a problem of faith. That's a problem of

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organization. That's a lack of decision making process. We just shouldn't be simple. Well, I'm going to show Rabina, who they consult amongst each other. This is a concept explained. Now, it sounds simple. But really it isn't. It's actually very profound, because it's saying that you need to make decisions as a group. And it has to be based on consultation. It has to be based on a joint decision process. Everyone has to be there has to be involvement of everyone, you can't just have one group deciding upon on behalf of everyone. It doesn't mean that we can't have representatives, it doesn't mean that for eight I have to go put a vote to everyone has to vote what day it is going to be. It

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just means we've agreed through Shura, we agreed this is how we're going to do it, we're going to do it in this manner, so that we can all enjoy it together. Or if we're going to forget, figure out the beginning of Ramadan, or if we're going to figure out what we're going to do with all the wealth that exists in our society, or what our massage or institutions should be performing or offering in terms of programming for our youth and our people and how we're going to perform outreach. And what message and narrative you want to carry towards the larger Canadian or a non Muslim community that surrounds us are how we're going to be involved in the politics of the country, what exactly our

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needs are all these questions, how are you going to come to answers?

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Who's going to answer them and based on what are we going to there has to be at home? Sure, I mean, at home there has to be some form of consultation we have there has to be some form of involvement in some form of there has to be a hierarchy and a structure for the decision making process so that we can actually achieve something together or else everyone just do whatever they want

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I feel that's what that's one of the things I I despise. I feel like I feel like this is what I feel I feel like this if I end up living in a place where that's the case I will move or move to a place where that's not the case doesn't have to be a majority Muslim country a minority Muslim country. What matters to me is the organization that Muslims show Alright, it doesn't matter to me when it is honestly what whether you calculate your you look at the healer or you flip a coin I doesn't I don't doesn't matter to me. As long as as Muslims in the same city we do it together because that's really what the value is the value is that we do it all together, that there is a way for a joint process

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to occur because I value unity over process. I brought value unity over over any controversy or controversial opinions or or a specific need for methodologies and doing things unity is way more important. And that's what this sutra is explaining what among whom should I be No, they won't get anything done. If they don't have some form of consultation amongst each other to work together. So that they can actually have show that they have a decision making process to get the the profit it is not that we did a chihuahua you handed us the same word. A Shiro from Shura, same thing can stop telling you what to do. What should we do? He went with the majority every single time. He went with

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the majority when he didn't want to go with the majority. When they told him on the day. Let's go out and he said I didn't want to go out I want to stay here and protect Medina will win or they would have won or that they stayed in Medina even with the mistake that they would have won no hood but he

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didn t left. He left because that's what the majority wanted. And then they failed. And the argument from the elders who were like him out of your salatu salam wanting to stay in Medina was never ever asked for anyone's opinion ever again.

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This whole shoulder thing, because when was this verse revealed? In comparison to the one and suicide? Yeah, Milan, wish I would have been Philomel was this one before after?

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Well, with that way before, way before there's a monkey sorta way before years before which I would hope and Elmo, it was explained to the Muslims were unrolled. I'm sure I'll be known early on, you are going to consult amongst each other and come to joint decisions so you're gonna make decisions moving forward. So the provider you thought was a shield with a shield or a layup you had nice multiple times. He wasn't doing it just based on on intuition, or based on he was doing it because I feel Quran told him to do. And then when it failed horrifically in the game, and they walked back he walked home without Hamza. He went home without Musab. He went home without unless he went home

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without certain people. I think it's up to us. And we had lost him on the battlefield. And

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the some of the elders said, See, this doesn't work. Why you're listening to people who don't want what they're talking about. Just listen to the elders just go to the people who know and everyone else their opinion doesn't matter. This is what he was being told on his thoughts by the elders of the Quran said we're Shall we will umbra. It was an optional.

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Yes, it was an optional, you continue to consult them. We consulted on the day of handoff and consulted on the day of high been consulted on the day, he consulted to the end of his life on a historical sense. He taught us that, for us to be Muslim communities anywhere in the world and have no decision making process. It's very, very depressing. It's very, it's very upsetting, honestly, because what exactly is it that it's missing? I don't understand. Like, I can't really figure it out what the problem is what I observed. And forgive me for saying this, what I've observed is that the egos are too big. What require what it what it requires actually, to have a joint decision making

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process that is similar to shorter requires to have smaller egos, and a willingness to work together and have a view of the bigger picture, and a value of that bigger picture, bigger picture that is higher than your personal agenda, your personal opinion, and the requirements of things to go your way. And when that's missing. Yeah, it's impossible to have a joint decision making process which, which is what we're lacking. And it's just a matter of time before London turns into what many of the Chinese cities in the GTA and around us are. And in the states where every Masjid is its own little country. And they pray and they do their own thing for everything, not just for I'm not

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talking just about Ramadan in Asia, as depressing as it will be if we are going to have two different days in the same city. And as well, it is one of the stuff that makes me think to move, like once we have we have I just like it's not worth living here anymore, I'm gonna go find somewhere where you can have some degree of unity, there's the uniformity of certain behaviors or certain practices important in this society. If the society does not value that allows it to continue to happen. That means we just don't care. That means we are literally living in isolation, we don't understand what it's not actually it's about its time is about unity, you swallow your ego

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doesn't matter who's doing it making the decision. As long as someone's doing it. As long as someone's doing it. We just we walk, we walk, you know, a bad leader is better than no leader. Any leader does not it's better than not having nothing, at least we have a process. So I think it's important for us as Muslims, to kind of think about that a little bit and try to preserve the unity of our society to the best of our ability. All it takes is a year a couple of a couple of years of us not having this. And then suddenly, not only do you have multiple Ramadan's and aids happening in terms of days, we'll have massages that are specific for certain groups.

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Is the big group you have the masjid that only the Somalis go to the masjid only the Pakistanis go to the masjid only the fellows ladies go to, once you have a message letter that that are based on race, that are based on socioeconomic status or, or when the light went when you walked off the boat and went well, when you've been here for cut off. It's not this is not worth doing anymore. This whole thing just started, don't just shut it all down. It's not worth doing because you you're losing the spirit of it all the spirits is that unity that comes with it, the organizational piece and sort of the shoulder so important, it's really is it's a very important sort of Dawa is not

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going to work if you're not organized. Nothing works. If you're not organized, if you if you're not able to figure out how to make your decisions together

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and let things go. Just you don't like the opinion, who doesn't matter, that what matters is that we all stick together. It doesn't matter if your opinion if you agree to this or not. What matters is that we stick together on issues that are simple issues of jurisprudence and fiscal are very simple. And you can they they're designed for people to disagree upon. That's how they're designed. It's fine. We're not talking about the issues of basic creed. I'm not saying that we need we start

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compromising our fundamental values and principles and teeth. We're talking about just practices and

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brought about so that when he's asked about

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that's not a fundamental principle where they go out we stay and this is an issue of practice issue of of

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Logistics has nothing to do with, with the principles of assemblies are asking do we continue to be merciful or do you start becoming brutal and savage? No, that's not a question that has already answered he that's how he he doesn't tolerate Allegan salatu salam Bucha brutality or savagery,

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when he asked when things and that's what we should do, when it comes to what direction the community should go towards and what programs should be offered and how to how to do from outreach and how to run and this stuff has to has to be properly organized amongst us. We can't afford to break into these small groups and we're weak when we're breaking off or we're weak. We're already weak as it is, you know, to be weaker, don't contribute, don't don't contribute to the weakness of the Muslim ummah, do what you want, do not contribute to the division or the weakness of the OMA, make sure you contribute to the strength in the unity of it. And that means you need to swallow your

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ego or stay quiet and then do that. No big deal just to that so it's fine, it's fine. Right? You're paying you're paying a very small price for a very better or a much more important idea of

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goal. Purpose. All right, I'll end with that.

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Let's do

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this just recite 31 from scratch and I'll do the rest myself. You do 31

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We'll call do Lola Zerah.

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Allah Julian Meenal Paria teeny hodling Solar Warden Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salatu salam. This verse here shows you the materialistic mentality that is going to be detrimental to any form of Dawa and we cannot carry as Muslims if we're going to do this right. This is what they said. This is what the people of Croatian the people have said. They said Lola and who said Why wasn't this Quran descended upon had no nose it hadn't Quran Allah Allah you didn't mean Acharya teeny Albie? Why was it a descendant upon one of the great men of the two of the two cities, a great man of Croatia, a great man, a thief and how was it? Why was it sent to you? So Allahu Allah used to send them, they

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are they are Yanni suggesting somehow that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is not of that status and yet you should be set you should have been given you should have been given to someone of great greatness and nobility in high status and leadership in which he is sort of Lauricella in every form of the matter, but it shows you that they're judging him and what are they what are they based on? What are they saying that he's not Salalah hottie when I say you will have to make the AMA he is the he is the master of all of all creation of the Day of Judgment. It is salatu salam, the will of Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah who you know shows Shaffir and Masha Allah, you'll still have to send

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us the one who who intercedes on behalf of all living things Allah your salatu salam. So there's no there's no doubt in our mind in our hearts of his status, and so on. And so but this is kind of explaining something to us. Why is it that they're saying this based on what are they assuming or suggesting that he is not about status, based on one thing, based on wealth, he was not someone who was filthy rich on a histological setup. He wasn't he wasn't very resilient. He not because he couldn't make money. It's because he was the type of person who didn't he was a minimalist. He just didn't want to have too much and whatever he had, he gave up three men who for young children of low

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mature, middle tell when you're in Orlando, it will help the people in my dorm, I saw some had certain practices that he did, where he used his wealth, to help other people lose weight even before Islam. He just became much more prominent once he was given his prophecy audience so it was become very obvious.

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He wasn't someone of wealth, and he wasn't someone who sought power. Like he didn't care for that he wasn't trying to be you didn't care for control. He wasn't trying to be a controlling person in his life.

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And that's how they're judging greatness. No wealth, no power. No. It's a materialistic way of judging a person status based on money or based on power. Neither are good. These are not good tools to judge people's status at all. power and wealth know.

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The eye after it says a homeopathy mu NeuroShell meta robic but now they're going to distribute Allah has compassion and mercy. Now they're going to control who gets this and who gets what and who's great and who's not. They're going to you have to divide the Wrath of Allah amongst them how they want no persona Boehner who may shatter humble hieratic dunya were the ones he's talking about himself apologia and the royal we were the ones who divided their livelihood into justice and sustenance amongst them.

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We are talking about the humble man it's a it's so small it's so clear right the bomb so Korean okay.

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I know this my case never seem to stick in my mind. It's talking about the imbalance to Korea so that the one of each each and every one of them can benefit from the other doctor needs a mechanic and a mechanic needs a teacher and a teacher requires a plumber and the plumber everyone needs everybody, every we all need each other for different things. There's no reason for one person to be seen as Aleem, and the other one not just based on money, or just based on a degree or just based on the I need the number of followers or whatever it is we're going to use to judge people's status these days. It cannot be materialistic. When he's trying to explain some kinda what data they're

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saying why it wasn't the Quran sent to one person who's Alene what do you what are you doing? But you're gonna tell me who's a layman who's not. What are you basing it on? What

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on wealth I am the one who gave you the wealth and had it move. What are you doing? That was meant to rob bigger higher on me Mm hmm own. The Compassion and Mercy of your Lord is much better than anything that they are. They're putting together all the wealth that they're gathering and on and the bigger the bank accounts. It's the law of Allah that you're looking for.

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We know we know. Hakuna Matata Haider agile nearly maniac Frogger Rama and enable yo team superfan midfield button when it Giada Johanna Willie booty him above and was sold on Allah your Tiki guna was Rafa when Kulu daddy Kurama Mattel hayati dunya, will ask you what's your angle up because 13 is vs. I'll just give you the gist of what they mean. It wasn't for the fact that no one would hold on to their faith anymore. You would give every person wants to disbelieve all the view all the adornments of all those just sort of Zakharov is something that looks good, it's shiny, but it's not valuable. That's the name of this sort of shiny, not valuable suddenly looks good. You see it

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catches your eye you think his name is worthless has no worth at all. So he's saying subhanaw taala? If it wasn't for the fact that most people would leave their Deen, I would make sure everyone who refuses to believe in Allah, here's, here's all the stuff that you want in life. Because all it is is metallic. I didn't do any it's very short lived it only for dunya. It doesn't stay very long. And Kira is going to be for those who are pious. But I didn't do that. He thinks apparently I didn't do that. Because if I do that, then most people will just believe because they'll take this off of this point. And they won't care about what's coming next. So I made sure that it wasn't done that way.

00:21:24--> 00:21:26

But how dare they? How dare they

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suggest that someone is not I'll lean because of based on a materialistic matrix matrix that they're using, based on based on a matrix that is based on nothing but wealth. They're going to judge someone being great at someone not being great Salalah Hardy or Samuelson and that's what this talks about. Let's do

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53 of Zoho there's just 253 for me. I'll read the rest of myself.

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But oh, olan kiali He has sweet autumn mean, there have been a Hoja Hoja Mr.

00:22:05--> 00:22:08

Iike tomo Katerini so

00:22:09--> 00:22:14

you're on you'll find his story all over the Quran, right? That's, you know, that

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there's no there's no club it's very special. It's not like the rest of the Quran. There's a specific passage about his story that you only find is with the circular kind of drilling this point that I'm trying to make for you in terms of materialism is not a good way to judge anything. And if you bring it into doubt, well you ruin it. If we start running massage it like businesses massage it don't work anymore. When someone walks into the door of a masjid, I see $1 sign. And I'm wondering how I can extract as much money as possible from them for whatever cause I think is worthy. The moment you start thinking that way, nothing, nothing works anymore. If people's value within MSDN

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within the form of data is based on their wealth is based on the status and not based on their closest to Allah and their commitment and then this whole thing is not going to work anymore. But listen, what Federalist said when I gave it to me finally told me lazy and we'll call Misra why the hill and how rotec journeyman Dottie have a double saloon

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Yeah, it's too it's too loud. BarakAllahu Feeco which is awesome. Hola. Hola. My, my auntie is in my mother's and my sisters and my daughters. It's a very small space. We can only afford for one person to speak. If you want to talk. I'll be quiet you can go ahead and have your discussions or else we're going to have the dose I have to you have to keep it down a bit just local Maliki dollar after Salah Yoni you're welcome to chat as much as you want to have a potluck if you'd like you can do whatever you want. But for the purpose of this timing, if you don't mind, Barack Allah,

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allow us to do this.

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So if Iran would say this, what do you say? Oh, they call me oh my people. And he said he will call me sir do i do i is the sovereignty in the Kingdom of Egypt not mine. What have you and how will tell you even daddy and look at the rivers that run my feet? Oh, by law double Slidell and do not see. I know how eulen mean her the ladies who are Mahina. And when I occurred do you mean am I not better than this person here who is weak? Who is weak?

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Who does not have any support who does not have an army that will support him as nothing. When I occurred to up in Moose alley, Sam stuttered.

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Most of them wasn't. You couldn't articulate as well as his brother Hold on, hold on. He was an operator. He was a true Hubley who sadly said I'm add the ability to explain things but he wasn't an orator. He wasn't that articulate. And he stuttered. So or there was a letter that was unclear we don't know for sure. But that's what Mitt Romney is saying that I was judging Musa on the fact that he has wealth and the rivers of Egypt under his feet. And moose Valley is that and doesn't have an army Musa Sam isn't even he stutters he has a problem. He has a physical need. That moves has nothing to do with phenomena. Dr. Lee I swear to Mr. Albin o Jaya Mr. Al Mohler equal to Katerini.

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If we're going to listen to music, then at least he should have these gold bracelet

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It's that are from heaven are the melodica should come with him.

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First off of Omaha for Apollo, he cheered them stupidly is what moves around, treated his people with stupidity and they listen to him. This is the argument to use to tell them Musa was not worth listening to, and they listened. The argument was, why would you listen to someone who's weak and can stutter, and stutters and doesn't have wealth and gold bracelets, when I am the king of Egypt and the Reverend run under my feet. He said those words and his people were 90 people because people listened to him. So Allah subhanaw taala through him and his people under the rivers that ran under his feet. He was talking about the drivers on running under his feet, so he put the ocean above his

00:25:40--> 00:25:41


00:25:42--> 00:25:44

Let's see how strong you are now.

00:25:45--> 00:25:51

I didn't know what he meant, daddy, these rivers are at your feet. Let's see what you do with the sea above your head, which is what happened to him.

00:25:52--> 00:26:14

Because the, the logic that he used to judge musante Saddam was was, was based on a materialistic matrix that meant nothing but nothing. It's a fallacy, right? We talked about it two or three days ago in the ad hominem, they call it Argumentum. Ad hominem fallacy fallacy. It's very simple. It's when you instead of arguing the point, you argue the person.

00:26:15--> 00:26:48

Right? Instead of arguing the point and saying, Okay, this is this is the problem in this logic. You say this guy here, he does this. I saw him one day doing that I have footage of him speaking like this, and what does that have to do with the point? I understand maybe this maybe I'm upcycled garbage, but whatever. But the point I'm making is the point not worth at least looking at. It's a it's a fallacy. It's an easy way to get people to trick the trick. It's a logical trick to that people not to listen to the actual actual argument itself and just look at the person so he did it. A materialistic measure that meant nothing. And that's how could this is this this part of the story

00:26:48--> 00:26:59

is only in the story of Zuko, if you don't find this part of the story anywhere else, where he uses these terms, where he points out Musa as being someone who just doesn't have wealth, and just doesn't have power, and that's why he's not worth listening to.

00:27:00--> 00:27:20

But Dr. Homer who is the wording of the Quran, he treated his people with stupidity and they listen to him Falco in Nome Gan. Oh man, Vaseline. So So did this do something stupid Doohan let's do it. 20 What do I have up there? I'm only wanting about 25 This is 25 I can

00:27:22--> 00:27:23

get it right this time.

00:27:25--> 00:27:27

That one Yeah, you're good. Yeah.

00:27:30--> 00:27:32

Then Dara Corbin Janelle

00:27:34--> 00:28:04

Coleman Jannetty and it's also about most artists that I'm story but so to decline it talks talks about this delusional thinking in it which is which is what the one that basically symbolizes in the sutra, the story of musante histogram. I like this, this part of the of the story, but like Come tell her to mean Jana tomorrow you was ruling on a farming Kareem Kedah, Africa Oh Rafa home, we're not much in kernoviae Kinka well worth no Holman Hadid

00:28:06--> 00:28:26

when the people of Iran finally died, Allah subhanaw taala points out twice in the Quran here in more detail than he did in sort of the shahada is how many vineyards and gardens that they leave behind them, and Nama and blessing and bliss that they enjoyed. And oh, Ross now home and honey, we just gave it to the people who came after.

00:28:27--> 00:28:59

The think that somehow we own any of this is very delusional. To think that anything that we actually have today is gonna stay with us forever. It is illusion, it's very hard. By the way, it's easily said it's easier said than done. We can say we can say this all the time, it's actually actually understand it's very difficult. Because when I go to when you go to your house, and you look at your house and look at your car, and look at your wardrobe, and you look at your furniture and you look at it, look at this to your bank account, and you look at your you look at things that are yours, you can't imagine that they're not yours, it's hard to imagine that this is going to be

00:28:59--> 00:29:34

taken away, and give it to someone who won't remember you very often, and doesn't really care about you that much. And probably will forget you within a couple of months of taking it. It's hard to comprehend that that this is not mine is not really mine is just it's just something I was entrusted with. It's a gift Allah subhanaw taala offered me to use for a very short period of time, and then preferably give it back the way we found it if not a little bit better. A good example of that is just it's just the world that we live in. If you don't want to go into details of what we actually own, this planet and everything on it was just a gift here, a nice green blue planet with some brown

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

streaks, really nice. It's awesome. Enjoy it, enjoy it. Preferably when you're done, make sure it looks something similar to the way it looked when we gave it to you. At least somewhat healthy in with in some manner in some form or or when we don't. It's because we don't understand. We think that we have ownership on it belongs to us and sometimes somehow we just we're entitled to it. We're not nothing that you have. You're entitled to nothing that I own I deserve.

00:30:00--> 00:30:29

I deserve nothing. Why do you deserve? How is that word even used? How can I use that word to describe anything about myself? What did I actually do to deserve anything? What is my contribution to my life all together? Like if you want to, if you were going to be, we're going to be honest, we're going to be too brutally honest, to take whoever you are right now, what was your contribution to who you are right now? How many years? Did you actually? Did you actually contribute? And how much work and how much of your success is actually yeah, at the very keen and precise planning that you put through

00:30:31--> 00:31:07

the development of your of your psyche and of your body that allowed you to achieve this stuff? How much of that did you actually invest in? How much is yours? How much it wasn't the work of someone else, making sure that you grew up with these with these skill sets and with these with these attributes, and abilities. So when we think that what we have is truly ours, and will always be, and we control it, and we get we're just delusional, it's going to be gone. The land that we stand on belong to people before us who felt the same way. And now we feel that way. And as soon it will be taken away from us and given to other people who may think the same way until you start

00:31:07--> 00:31:10

understanding the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Hadith, right?

00:31:11--> 00:31:17

Not necessarily a method of dunya my example in the example of dunya, our example, methodology within

00:31:18--> 00:31:39

its double tap Dasha Ratan Marwaha is like a person on a journey. But he's stopped pause during the journey under a tree. Enjoy the shade. Enjoyed the shame that lift is very simple. The term that he would use as a hub every time he had a bike with a close Sahabi The term was Mr. LU ZHI, Jakob.

00:31:40--> 00:32:16

Miss Luiza, Dr. Joachim, meaning you take from duniya Zadie or Rocky is the sustenance of a traveler. What do you need to get to your destination? That's what you take from dunya everything else just leave it it's not worth it. Not yours to begin with. There's no ownership for you here. I know you have a deed with your name written that you own it. Remember, this is diluted this was stolen dokkan tells the aware of delusions they can really ruin your your approach to things that can ruin your behavior can ruin your mentality could ruin your Dawa altogether. And that's what it's like, this is what I look for. And we're told in these verses, they were dead at the time. But this

00:32:16--> 00:32:19

is what Allah says. And that comments come and talk to him and Jenna, tomorrow you will

00:32:20--> 00:33:00

owe money though. They left so many vineyards and so many gardens and so much bliss and so much not much left at all. And we just gave it to another group of people from a bucket. And he was Surma who will argue well, America and Oman Bahrain, I can tell you that once they died and left it all to other people who came and picked them up and enjoyed them. Neither the sky nor the earth cried for them. No one cared. Nothing cares. Like like the world the universe continues to move in the same way the sun will come up the next day and everything will go on no one cares. I'm here today I'm not here tomorrow in the world is not going to stop. I know we think it's not nothing will stop nothing

00:33:00--> 00:33:16

will stop if no one and it'll just be a short little janazah and that there'll be end of it. Everything will continue moving What was yours is no longer yours. You understand you die you can't control your wealth anymore. Doing divided based on Allah subhanaw taala is way of dividing your dedica it's not yours anymore. Not yours.

00:33:18--> 00:33:19

Someone else's now.

00:33:20--> 00:33:26

Really, if you think about it, that was never yours to begin with. Let's do what are we going to do here?

00:33:27--> 00:33:31

On the eighth of certain Jaffe going to want to get to more than

00:33:33--> 00:33:34

1414 Sorry.

00:33:35--> 00:33:37

I'm sorry, I have to be picky but what I wanted to do

00:33:39--> 00:33:55

only levena Manuel Pharaoh Lilla, the in Allah Euro Drona Yama law, the edge the poem and the maca and when we act Cebu, tells us that one of the negative or barriers to performing Tao appropriately is arrogance.

00:33:56--> 00:34:33

And this is probably one of the most pivotal points. What are the most important ones as soon as you pull the Latina tell the believers, young Pharaoh leadin Allah y'all Jonah, a yam Allah told the believers tell them the reality of the matter. And if you tell them the reality of this world and the Hereafter, then what they will do is young futile, they will forgive the people who have no hope or don't care about Allah subhanaw taala signs or teachings or the consequences and the accountability. A Yama Allah is a way to say everything to do with God. The fact that he created the fact that he blessed the fact that there's a day of accountability, there's all days of Allah

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

subhanaw taala so you tell the believers, explain to them the reality of the issue, they will forgive those people who will forgive those who have no care about God. Leah is your home and be my account and we see boon and Allah subhanaw taala will deal with them. Give them give them their dues on the Day of Judgment, no problem. But you as men, you will forgive them. You will forgive them. You won't judge them. You won't condescend towards them. You will look

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

Don't you want to feel that you're better? You want hold them to your standards that you're holding yourself to. You want to feel that they should be doing exactly what you're doing know. You will forgive them. This is one of the most beautiful verses in the Quran. I love this idea. Polina if you tell them the reality, if you understand the truth, young people, they will forgive yellowfin tuna, Levine, Allah, Allah, forgive them because they don't know what they're doing. They have no idea the mistakes that they're making. They don't know how far how much they're going to regret the things that they're saying and the things that they are doing. They don't know they're lost. This is

00:35:33--> 00:35:36

exactly what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did on the day before.

00:35:37--> 00:36:11

As he bled from his face out of your salatu salam, you'll say Allah Allah will call me this is what the Prophet alayhi wa sallam told us that the prophets of Allah didn't in the correct direction by Muslim prophet that was hit and brutalized until he bled. And then he's wiping the blood of his faces. The wording of Imam Muslim is a blindness who told us that we will never use a profit of a certain time yet mr. Adama energy he's wiping the blood off his face I put Allah Who mad you owe me if I know him lay on the moon, oh, Allah guide my people, they don't know any better. This is the heart of a movement. A true movement is not arrogant, doesn't look down on people does not judge

00:36:11--> 00:36:27

them for not doing what he's doing what she's doing. Because he knows that if they just don't know any better, because if they knew the reality, if they knew what's waiting on the Day of Judgment, they wouldn't behave that way. If they were able to come to the same realization that you came to have law in the law, then they wouldn't go like that.

00:36:28--> 00:36:35

They're just lost. They're probably sometimes some of them are arrogantly lost but they're lost nonetheless. What do you though

00:36:36--> 00:37:05

What are you are you guided, truly guided truly guided people never looked down, never condescend towards those who aren't. They don't judge them. They don't hate them, but rather they forgive them don't transgress and don't make mistakes but they'll forgive them poorly Latina ermine young feel like them forgive and leadin Hola, yo, Juna Yama Allah for those who have no hope in the days of God that are to come the edges of home and be my colonel Yuxi boon as God will take care of everyone and give them their due diligence on the Day of Judgment. Everyone will be treated fairly.

00:37:07--> 00:37:11

Let's do a 35 of the club. We'll end with that and show

00:37:14--> 00:37:16

which one are you getting?

00:37:21--> 00:38:07

First for gamma sabato last minute Rosalie Well, the statute law home there are no homea ilmiah own Emma you are doing I am lamelle Bow to Lhasa Munna Ha, Bella Bayou la cual como fast if the fallacy of goon the final versus solid La Paz theater, como Sabella, who dies Mimi not Mazel, Tov, perseverance, like all the mighty prophets of God, no, Ibrahim Musa al Mohammed. So I said, Let me showed during their lives, what at this stage alone and don't be in a hurry, don't rush people. So data tells us You can't control the outcome. You can't control the outcome. You go with just two o'clock if you read the first story, the story are the two the two sons, one son that is believing

00:38:07--> 00:38:16

in Allah and one son will love the Caudalie holiday He will fill the Kuma idea Annie and orangerie he tells his parents off to you. Are you telling me that I'm going to be resurrected? I don't believe in any of this stuff.

00:38:17--> 00:38:35

You have two types of people. Both parents are pious, one parent ended up having a child who believes in Allah and does the right thing. You read the verses and then the other child doesn't. How do you control that you don't. Then you have two examples. You have the example of samode Salah brought them the most interesting neighbor

00:38:38--> 00:38:52

it's Angela Komova, who brought the best argument to his people, and they had every reason to believe and they didn't. And then the Prophet It is thought to stem the story afterwards. He has the jinn believe in him with sawed off now Akena phenomenal jinn, he wasn't even performing Darwin to them.

00:38:53--> 00:39:23

He wasn't even performing Dawa. To them. He was just praying. He didn't even know he was performing dharma. You can't control outcomes. You can't control any outcome. You just do your job and then Allah subhanaw will guide who we will who wants to be guided and will do misguide whoever doesn't want to be guided, who had spent all his life totally talking to his people and no one listened. And the Prophet It is thought to ascend without even knowing performs Dawa to the agenda, they accept it. And I'm a Hulu who call you on suto but I'm gonna call the our low enough for me him when did they took the dollar from him not only that, they believed they took the dollar to others and others

00:39:23--> 00:39:39

believed with almost zero effort against him at that moment, he didn't even know he was performing the Dharma. And understanding when you perform data properly, you can't control the outcome. So that's the final that's the last piece of this cluster from from a golfer to an AKA the how I mean,

00:39:41--> 00:39:57

you should do with that. Well, you shouldn't and then here's the reality. The reality is you can't control any of this. You just do your job. The outcomes will vary depending on what Allah Subhana Allah has decreed and what people want to do. Sometimes people respond is sometimes the least the least probable.

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

The least expected person

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

will respond to you. You think that this person will definitely be there, it'll be someone else. And you think this is the target and this is the person who's going to listen to me and be the next. It'll be someone else. You have no idea you have no Just do your job. Just do just just show up every day. Just show up every day and continue to perform your Dawa using the proper tools and avoiding the ones that are harmful. And then Allah subhanaw taala there's a distinct that you can't control here. First mirror that's how this ends first we'll come out Sabado kulula sv minute was to show the perseverance but the mighty prophets of God showed what at the statue alone Don't be in a

00:40:33--> 00:40:52

hurry for anyone let everyone's gonna make the decision on their own time let them go let them do what they want to do and know who may or may not own MLU I do when LM giving birth to a lesson item in on the day when they actually see what they're being promised is they'll feel like they only live through an hour they'll feel like their life was all an hour because of the horrific how horrific it all is.

00:40:54--> 00:41:13

no no don't go below this is a announcement for all of you. But Hello hola qu il calm will Facetune who is going to be punished except those who deviate from the way of Allah? The answer is no one it's only those who deviate I'll end with that inshallah Donna so you can see there's Tara outside this will be available in Sharla after

00:41:14--> 00:41:43

it will be available it must be fill this place up it will be available only for those people to pray on site and it certainly is available to pray even if it's not fully full you're welcome to go don't keep the base empty with myself and a few people but yeah and in general you can use you can use the outside and Charlotte for Salah it will definitely work considering using it and Charlotte even for those turning seven in between eighth night. Last year it was very very busy and a lot of people were turned back and it didn't feel right for anyone so nice for anybody so we're going to try inshallah to Allah make probably the next few nights where it's busy to actually go out even

00:41:43--> 00:41:47

like even the mountains will go up front there'll be a sound system or pray outside if the weather allows it doesn't snow

00:41:49--> 00:42:01

as long as it doesn't decide to snow sometime in middle the middle April we should be okay and Sheldon using the space outside. He's like well, I'll hit three o'clock please bring your soul with you if you want to. I only have so as a potluck or something. I sent them home anyway, sluggish me