Zaid Shakir – Faith Bears The Fruit of Action

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in one's life is discussed, emphasizing the need for strong faith in one's own actions and deeds to achieve success and good outcomes. The use of physical strength and faith in religion is emphasized, as it is crucial for their connection with Allah and their success in their relationship with him. The beast's image is emphasized, and the importance of belief in the spiritual strength of the believer is emphasized. The segment concludes with a discussion of the beast's image and its relation to religion, emphasizing the importance of belief in the spiritual strength of the believer for their connection with Allah and their success in their relationship with him.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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How would you

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hamdulillah him that he had done and he had done that in Atelier Lola and other Allah Alhamdulillah Hilary and Zillah Apogee Kitab our lamb yah yah yah hoo hoo wotja Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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an MD or a Raja Raja Allah one

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on caller Rasulullah he sold worldwide he was sent and movement is coming you Hi Ron. Well have you ever watched him in a moment that guy was

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shaken filetto Andy can not only how to carry over Kedah while I can pull Corolla one that shot it in tip number amla che POM are a wet Muslim. So this hadith which is related by Imam Muslim, on the authority of Abbey Road, it says that the Messenger of Allah made of blessings and peace of Allah be upon him said, a strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer and in each there is good. Strive for that which benefits you rely on Allah.

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And don't be incompetent and capable. And if something afflicts you don't say if only I had done such and such rather, say, a law decreed something and what a law degree came to pass. Otherwise, you open the gates for shaytaan.

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To play with

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Miguel Kawi, the strong movement first and foremost,

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strong in faith, the movement is the believer. So the believer whose faith is strong, that's the foundation for all else.

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For if we have great great deeds, but those deeds are not rooted in faith. Those deeds are not proper and fitting, as they say, words, or faith rather, without deeds is fruitless. And deeds without faith are ruthless. So I find are these emanate

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from other than a foundation of faith they have no real roots

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in the subject to change. So one day we're doing one thing the next day we're doing the next test totally contradictory.

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So the believer has strong faith and the strong faith is the faith that bears that bears the fruit of action.

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As I said some mentioned as a hadith maybe it's a report from one of the companions or the terribIe they said Dean Bitterman me while I can now walk out Rob Philip has been talk of an AMA that Dean here many faith is not a fancy it's not something you wish you imagined. Rather it's what takes root in the heart like in the workout up and it was a dark oval Amman and then is testified to by the actual

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people can talk talk talk is and is not about talking.

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It's that is about doing and when the talk contradicts the action. We talked about how this man elevated the status of the woman then we beat our wives and you don't even find within ourselves even seek out a strong was the moment for marriage

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what does the law say? By way of example.

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All the things that righteousness involves, they say the right into when would you help them kibble and machinery to another it is now righteousness that you turn your face in the direction of the east or the west.

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Or in other words, that you do one thing.

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Some people they think they get the beard right so they have this lamb right? They get the length of the trousers right they have this lamb right. They get this one thing right they have Islam right now

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is more than that. While I cannot be rock, the foundation of righteousness, faith, man

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who yangban energy, the word Mala Katie will keytab when they believe that you believe firmly in the last day, and Allah on the last day, and the angels and the scriptures in the messengers

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that you believe firm them, then what I tell men and it could be they will quarterback on the antenna, and then the actions that follow they have roots in faith.

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So the movement first and foremost should be strong in his faith, strong in her faith. And then, on top of that bodily strength, a believer should be a physically fit physically strong individual.

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The Nation of Islam that had that right, that part is right. There have the foi, the full of this man who are physically fit men who are trained in martial arts are able to defend themselves. And physical strength is important. But faith is more important, because no one is physically strong with no faith, they might use that physical strength to bully others, to to realize others to engage in and and out of inappropriate, unsanctioned actions. So the physical strength must be rooted in faith in that physical strength is used to protect the weak, that physical strength is used to engage in supererogatory acts of worship, you have to be strong to fast voluntary, you have to be

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strong to frequently go for Umrah. You have to be strong, physically strong to get up at night. And the proof of that we might be people we pray to hedge it. We fast on Monday and Thursday, what happens when we get the flu and our body is weak, that goes to *. There was always the fast. So physical strength is important. But it's only beneficial if it's rooted in strong faith. And then that physical strength is used for good intellectual strength and this

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you find very weak and unsubstantiated arguments

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in many of our our young people, particularly but older ones, in some instances, and then the under the illusion of being intellectually strong, they lose their faith.

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You get text messages every other day. I don't know if I'm a believer anymore. I'm not filling in I read Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion and non deluded concerning God.

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But I say in the appearance of intellectual strength, they're intellectually weak, because I have yet to met someone in that category. Who's used their intellect. Read Dawkins, did you read any reputations of Dawkins? No.

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You read the gods evolution by Richard Dawkins, did you read the devil's delusion? Atheism in a scientific pretentions? A blistering critique of Dawkins, by PhD David Berlinski. At Princeton University. No. Did you read John Lennox.

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God's Undertaker has science buried religion? A critique by scientists was also a trained theologian. A blistering critique of Dawkins No.

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That is your fake social, so weak and your intellect so strong,

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that you will sell your faith for one book, and not read 10 or 20 or 30 books trying to defend your Faith.

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And is your illusion or pretension, an intellectual prowess, so weak that you can even do a thorough intellectual search of the subject.

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So the faith intellect has to be coupled with faith. And then we use the intellect for those things that are declared and recognizes my roof is good enough for those things that are retro recognizes dastardly and evil.

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The believer should be spiritually strong.

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And the spiritual strength

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is in full informs the strength of our connection with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And it also informs who we are as a human being, because as a human being, we're not just an intellect and Obama were so

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we have this animating spirit within us. And that spirit is extracted the intellect and the bottom of no use anymore.

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We have a spirit that yearns for its Lord.

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We have the spirit that testified to the oneness of the Lord before this body, and before was even housed in this body.

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When Allah gathered the spirits and asked us to be rough become called Bella, Am I not your Lord? And they all bore witness certainly yes to hidden that we bear witness.

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That's where the human being is, and the human being strives to be strong, and all those aspects of his or her be. And so the Prophet saw the light on selamat What if he couldn't hear this beautiful beautiful, beautiful expression? Because if the Prophet SAW Allah why they would send up if he just said a moment ago how we higher ROI, why How could Allah human and looking at knife and after their people might have thought they could rightfully aggregate themselves over a weak believer, someone weak in their faith, or weakened, they're intellectually not as strong as they are?

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Or not as strong in their team.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, but he couldn't hire and each there is good, there is good and the weak believer because the fact that he or she is a believer elevates them with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada with their Lord. And so we don't look down on anyone. We don't ever get ourselves over anyone that's a satanic characteristic. That's the way of Saints he arrogated himself over actually said enamored I can attest to that the more to her than a pharaoh knew hello to him and let him walk up to women take Why did you not prostrate when I ordered you to do so sound better than him? You created me from fire, You created him free clay I'm better. I'm stronger and more

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deserving. No one makes that determination. We don't aggregate ourselves. Many of our Muslim schools are rife with bullying.

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Right, including intellectual bullying.

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And if you don't believe that you're deluded or enduring of what's going on in our schools,

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we these are characteristics we have to uproot. From the deepest root and cast out from our community is no place for arrogance of any sort. shaytaan as we said, as arrogant, as I was tech borough Academy, the caffine

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he he refused the commandment of Allah, He arrogated himself with respect by law,

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what cannot be kept clean and as a result,

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he ended up amongst those who rejected faith. We are humble, we don't speak we don't seek humility or elevation, either through our our physical strength we might possess our intellectual state we might possess our spiritual strength that we might possess. We use all of that tool to actualize our slave ship to Allah subhanaw taala couldn't have the alley cat

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litter crystal who will beat me tacky Robu DIA

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is all to actualize our slave here Paul told us our time and not to elevate ourselves over others. So we strive for what strengthens us physically. We try to eat right.

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We try to exercise regularly.

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We try to get a decent amount of rest, to recuperate.

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Try to live right? To strengthen ourselves physically, we strive to strengthen ourselves intellectually. We should be readers. We've been transformed by screens into viewers. We view our screen on our cell phone X hours a day, we view the screen. On the computer we view the screen on the television.

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But we're told by a lawyer to read this mirror application that the HELOC read in the name of your lawyer who create Allah didn't tell us Shahid

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reading, develops us and develops our cognitive processes that increasingly we surrender to the machine. Many of us are old enough to remember the time we memorize every phone number of our actions. Allah is always mindful of everything that we do. So awareness of the Presence of Allah should be more acute and it should check our actions

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Allah Allah is unchanging reality

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callala with a che

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and I love it he can Allah's unchanging reality to your hearts with Allah, Allah doesn't change. Therefore your heart doesn't change your heart's not up and down you're even keel

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so we try to orient ourselves towards the loss of time. We try to orient our hearts towards the loss of

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