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Alhamdulillah huaca wa salatu salam wa ala al Mustafa. While he was to Huberty he won many. behead de la Melaka Baba, said Mr. de como rahmatullah wa barakato. From the traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know that one of the greatest women that ever lived, ever walked on this earth is Miriam or Mary, the mother of Elisa, or the mother of Jesus, Ali Salah.

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And her story is dazzling.

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Even before her birth, her mom has dedicated her to the service of the Lord. And when she is born, so the mom takes her a little while after to the temple, and gives her to the elders of the of the temple, to bring her up in service of God and and the devotion of God. So basically, as soon as she can tell the difference between her right and her left hand she is, you know, in the place of worship and in the service of God and in that way she grows up. And can you imagine the piety and purity and level of closeness and proximity that she attains to her Lord, and so upon a lot of her unrecorded Fatah Bella Hara boo, boo, boo Lin Hassan, and a lot of Bulla is accepted her an

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excellent acceptance, and so much so that when she used to be busy, and her chambers in the worship of God, a lot of boiler is used to send to her fruits of summer, in the middle of winter. So Columbia the holla la her Zachary l mihaylova. wotja. In the hair is our every time her guardian, Zachary alehissalaam, used to come in to check on her to ask about her. He used to find that she has with her the fruits of summer in the thick of winter. So he says,

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or Mary from winds has this come like outside? It's frozen, it's no transportation is impossible. Where did you get the fruits of summer and there's no refrigeration and this and that possible? So where did the fruits of summer come in the middle of winter. So she used to say, Allah has provided and he provides how whatever he wants to whomsoever He wants at this stage, Zachary alehissalaam is an old man. Records put him at 120 years old, and his wife, almost 100. So they've lived all their youth, and they haven't had any children. And now in the winter of their lives,

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you know, zecharia alehissalaam is starting to think that I will die soon, who will take the reigns of prophethood after me, who will lead and teach my people.

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And with this in his mind, in the back of his mind, he comes in sees this fruits of summer in the middle of winter in the presence of Maryam or Mary. So I hope enters his heart and ideas sparks that may be the Lord that could give Maryam, the fruits of summer in the thick of winter, could also give me the fruits of my youth in the winter of my life.

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So he goes to his chambers with this heart filled with hope. And he turns to Allah, Isaiah and asks a dazzling question astonishing prayer, like

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there is no way on God's earth that this could eventuate you know, and at the soul out of range and so out of ordinary that he's too shy to even verbalize that loudly You know, he had. So the Quran says

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Vicar or Matthew Rob big Aveda who zecharia is

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neither an hafi when Zachary called to his Lord, a secret quiet internal Doha

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you know, abnormal to even utter such a request. Like how

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What would people say if they hear, you know? So he says, Oh Lord grant me a righteous offspring that would inherit Prophethood from me and from the progeny of Yahoo. And he has just uttered the AI in a little while later he is in his chambers in the angel camps to him to give him the glad tidings offer son.

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Yeah, john the baptist who will take the reins of prophethood after him. And although he is the one that asked the DA like, just a little while ago, he is the one that asked that his his response to the acceptances bureau them at

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a coup de

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Vaca de Bella Vani Allah Kibo Juan Mora it after all load, I will have a son and I have reached old age and my wife has barren like, post menopause and probably osteoporosis has set in yet still. Now she will bear a child. So a lot of bullet says, informs him that Allah can do whatever he wants, when he wills it in he wants it he orders it be in it is. So do one's a lesson for me in you. In my world, in your world, certain things seem impossible. But that is based on mine and your limitations. A lot of bullets can make the impossible possible. So anytime you're stuck, anytime you think it can't be done, any time you become despondent, then about to lose hope. Turn to the one who

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can do anything. Turn to the one who was able to do anything, ask him and be in the heat of Arakawa de la He will answer your doors and make your impossible a possibility. And I know this for certainty. Each and every one of you have moments in their lives that you can remember where you turn to a lot of bullets.

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In a class in in purity and an honesty and an earnest and a lot of bullet is solved your problem. A lot of bullets removed your burden. A lot of bullets are open the doors for you that Allah is the same Allah Allah Subhana so never lose hope from the mercy of Allah and never give up asking a lot of bullets. For a lot of bullets the answers doors for poltrona poult interco has an atom fermina la interco see item from enough see what was said Mr de como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh