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“Ar Rabb”

The second lecture in our Beautiful Names of Allah series from Kalemah Islamic Center in Dubai. Muhammad Tim Humble presents the meaning of the name Ar-Rabb (the Lord), and how to apply that name in our lives.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of "robe" in Arabic, which refers to actions of Allah. They also talk about the use of the word " Lord" in Arabic, which is only for ownership. The speakers emphasize the importance of obeying instructions and following rules in Islam, as well as the transformation of Islam by genetic engineering. They also discuss the importance of practicing Islam and not just being a small group. The speakers emphasize the need to turn to anyone who is not the only one who creates and sustains life.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam

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ala rasulillah Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine, my back.

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So I'd like to welcome you all here again to this second lesson. out of our series on the Beautiful Names of Allah I smell, a smell like personna

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The Beautiful Names of Allah azza wa jal, the perfect Names of Allah.

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And in our last lesson, we covered two names, if you remember, the first was the name of Allah. And the second was the name al Isla.

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Al Isla.

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And in this class in sha Allah, Allah, I would like to cover

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two more names, or three more names, perhaps I would like to cover the name of Rob,

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and the name or Roman, and then in our Raheem Bismillahi to Allah but we'll see how much time we have to be able to cover that because these are

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very detailed and very comprehensive names. So we don't just start with the name or rub or rub

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the Lord.

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And of course this name is mentioned frequently in the Quran. It's one of the most frequent names that is mentioned in the Quran, in over 500. places in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal is described as being robbed by the Lord.

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And as an example, I'm sure you all know al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. All praise is due to Allah, the rubber of the aisle, I mean, and the I mean, of course, is the plural of the word Island, which means the world and of course you have the world of the men, the world of the angels, the world of the jinn, the world of the animals, the world of you know, that all these different kinds of worlds, or sort of ecosystems that exist and lives and people that exist and alive so a gel is the Lord of all of them.

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From this is the statement of allies ojochal inner solidarity when also Chioma haoma Mati lillahi Rabbil alameen

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say, indeed my prayer, and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for a law, the Lord of the worlds and from this is the statement of a larger agenda colavito law he as of Europa, wahoo are up buku Lee Shea

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see, is there other than Allah that I want as a Lord

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say is there other than Allah that I want as a Lord when He is the Lord of everything and from this is the statement of Eliza gel woman Tasha una in English a lot more of what I mean, and from this the statement of Eliza whichever Salam on cold and European right.

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So these are just some examples of the over 500 examples in the Quran in which our lives are Joe describes himself as being a rub.

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So let's start linguistically. Let's start linguistically, as we do at the beginning, to try to understand I mean, we understood that ILA, or Allah comes from Allah, Allah here, while Hulu here, the concept of, of being deserving of worship and doing the actions that make our lives our job solely deserving of worship. So what about our Rob? What sufa? What what attribute do we understand from the name of Allah azza wa jal as our Rob

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we understand from this room will be

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this concept concept of Lord ship of being Lord Li if that is a valid word in English, being like a lord or being the Lord or having the attribute of loneliness or lordship. This is what we term in Arabic or Ruby.

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And our Ruby, it has a huge, huge, huge definition it has so many different parts to it, but

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and it before we talk about all the different parts that it has, one of the things we can see is that the name of Rob, one of the things about it is it's one of those names that covers all of the names of Allah azza wa jal within it because every single thing that you can say about Allah is a part of his robia

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The essence of Robo BIA are the actions of Allah that all the things about Allah that He does. So the essence of Robo BIA is talking about Allah, from the point of view of who Allah is and what Allah does. This is the essence of robia because when we talk about tauheed, Robo BIA how do we define to hate a robo BIA what is worshipping Allah alone in his lordship? It's defined as

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Allah azzawajal being alone in his actions, in his names and attributes and actions in himself in the way that the things that he does and who he is, he is alone in them and nobody is similar to Allah or like Allah or comparable to Allah, in the things that are alive. So which,

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as for Allah here on Hulu here, which we spoke about when we talked spoke about the name, Lila, alila, here on Hulu here, it indicates our actions towards Allah. That there is nobody that we turn to in worship except Allah there is nobody that we supplicate to accept the law. There is nobody that we pray to accept the law there is nobody that we dedicate ourselves to in love and fear and hope except Allah. So once we understand this,

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then we understand that a rubia and an O here represent to Hobbs of the way that we come to know Allah or the way that we come to worship or the way that we come to declare the oneness of Allah. We see two hearts. In one half we see the way that Allah is to us. Nobody provides except Allah nobody sustains except Allah, nobody gives life except Allah. Nobody controls the universe except Allah, in the things that our Lord does in how Allah is in those names and attributes that nobody has a claim to accept him he is completely unique.

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And then when we look at it from the point of view out, either here or Oh, here, we see that we because of this, we are we can only turn to Him we can only pray to Him, we can only fast for him, we can only supplicate to him. And this is found within the ayah that I told you from Surah 2am in which allies are just says in solidarity Why? nasukawa Haier woman Mati Lila your bill me notice how allies are joins between the different kinds of terrain all three kinds of toe Haider inside of this ayah See, indeed my prayer, and my sacrifice and my living and my dying and you the things I do, I only do them for Allah, and this is an Olivia or alila here that this is only for allies origin

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and ally. So a gel is Radboud. Atomy, ie that the reason that this is only for Allah is because of who Allah is. And this is the meaning of the name of rub. This our rod is a summary of who Allah is in himself and in his actions towards us.

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So the fact that our lives are gel creates the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives life and causes death, the fact that Allah has acted upon, he has that control and that command, the mushiya of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the will of Allah, the color of Allah subhanaw taala all of them are found within the robia of Allah, Allah lordship. I'm going to read you

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some of the meanings of the word Lord, I'll rather than pick all of them because these quotes are quite long. I'll take you just want to FEMA Rahim Allah Allah said, he said,

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that the Lord linguistically refers to and he mentioned

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six names or six meanings for the word Lord in Arabic, he says, Al Malik, the owner, so the one who owns something is called a lord.

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And then he says, a sacred the master or the the leader or the the sort of, you know, the, the ultimate so I think master is a good word, the ultimate master

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is called a rub.

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And likewise, he says, I'm

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the one who controls and commands and takes care of things is called a rub. And likewise, Elmo, Rob be the one who takes care and, and nourishes and bring someone up and takes them from being you know, small and weak into being, you know, powerful.

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Strong is also called a Morabito

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and I am the one who

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who sustains and provides is called a rub. And likewise element in the one who gives his knee a man who blesses and who gives sort of extra blessings and, and virtues and benefits is also called a rub. And this is linguistically By the way, he hasn't got to talking about the lies that we tell yet he's talking about the word rubbish in the Arabic language that the word Rob is Al Malik, associate, the owner, the master Alma dead Bill almora. Be him Almanack. This is what even a year he said about the word or rub. These meanings are found within a rock. And then he said, like,

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why you move off in Illa, Allah to Allah and this is a very beneficial point of benefit for ourselves, that we're not allowed to use the word rub. For other than Allah, when it's on its own, we can only use it for other than Allah when we make it a possessive. So when we say, for example, Lord of the Manor, this is allowed to say, or Lord of the house, or Lord of the camel, or something like that. This is permissible for us to say when we make it a possessive, we're allowed to say that. But when we use the word Lord on its own, it's not permissible for us to use the word Lord as a description of anyone unless we restrict it. So we can say, This man is the Lord of the Manor The

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Lord of the house. But we can't say this Man is Lord, because that word Lord, on its own without restricting it is only for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he's the only one and if you just consider these linguistic meanings as they apply to our minds

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just consider these linguistic meanings as they apply to allies want you to think about them for a second. I want you to think about allies though General, Allen Malik, you know, the owner of everything and just think about this, you don't use think about the person who owns the most amount of stuff that you can imagine. Okay, just reflect for a second upon you know, whether you're thinking of, you know, the, I don't know the the ruler of the Emirates or something, somebody who owns a huge amount of land and property and wealth and money and resources. And then imagine how much of that will they bring yomo piano

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absolutely nothing. Lemon, a mole Coolio Lila,

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who will be the Dominion for and possession on that they will only be for Allah, then think, who gave them all of that possession a lot. And who can take that possession away from them if he wishes, Allah. So this ownership it's only true really, for a lot we own things in this dunya but we don't really own them, we we kind of borrow them if you like, you know, we have ownership, but it's not real ownership because it doesn't, you know, it's like some people when you own like you own an apartment. But you know, that really, you know, you've just got like a lease on it, you know, like in 100 years time that apartment, they can take it off you or if your visa is cancelled, you lose

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the apartment or something like that you really own it in a true sense of the word. Because all of it belongs to allies origin, the reality is this dunya and everything that is in it belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. And you are given it for a temporary amount of time you own it for the length of time that you're alive, but you don't have real ownership and that's why a lot so it just says eliminate, who does ownership belong to on that day? To Allah, Allah to Allah the one irresistible so if you think about that, when you think about a sale, you think about Allah subhanaw taala No, there is who is a sacred I say it is no part the one who is obeyed the one who is you know you did

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the concept of a sacred is someone that you obey someone that you you hold to be your you know, your master, you submit to them and you obey them and you kind of act in obedience to them. And the reality is, there is no obedience which is absolute, to anyone except Allah azza wa jal, and of course his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which follows being obedient to Allah and that is why, you know, you'll hear the heartbeat say in the Juma you know, usually they said here before the Habib, sit down he will mention the I ul arena and I'll tell you what lt or Russell, Whirlpool and Lehman or you

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Believe, obey Allah. Absolutely. Because Allah azza wa jal is the same as the one that you obey Him Absolutely, and university without question in everything, and you don't have a choice in any aspect of it. And Alonzo agenne His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is deserving of that obedience because his messenger follows obedience to Allah to the messenger, it follows obedience to Allah. You can't be a lie unless you obey the one that Allah commanded you to obey. But notice how allies though, are generally not cut, repeat the command or be followed. For those people in authority, he said, obey Allah, and obey His Messenger, and those in authority over because those in authority

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over you obedience to them is conditional. It's conditional upon what they asked you being obedient to Allah azza wa jal, whereas if they command you to, as it as was said, If even in,

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in the Quran, when he talks about the believing women who give they act to the prophets lie Selim, that they will not disobey you. Lie I've seen a kathina they will not disobey you in that which you commander which is good, because obedience to creation is conditional obedience. As for a larger agenda, Allah subhanaw taala has absolute obedience to Him and He has absolute

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if you like mastery over his creation, and then if you think about what even if you said Elmo, Dad bill, you know control of this universe. All of it is in the hands of a lie soldier, Masha Allah who can woman Ameesha lemmya whatever Allah azza wa jal wills to happen happens and what Allah subhanaw taala doesn't will happen it doesn't. It doesn't happen. Likely mama chef mo Lota Allah He said in his poetry,

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magic Turkana were in the Masha, one machine to in limitation a miracle. Call octillery da da da da Adam to work with me he alfetta will masino Allah dominant Ah ha ha Delta waha De Anza Dalam Turin, Birmingham shopee your woman whom sorry, woman whom copy from woman Omaha said,

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he said whatever you will, happens, even if I don't relate to her. And what as I want to happen if you don't want it to happen, it doesn't happen. You created your servants, upon or based upon the knowledge that you had. And in this knowledge swims every young man, every old person upon this one you blessed and this one you you lowered in status, and this one you help them this one you didn't and from them are those who are the wretched and from them or those who are the happy and from them are those who are ugly in front of them are those who are beautiful. So the reality is there is no control for any of us except that which comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he is the one who

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controls everything.

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And he is in Morocco.

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And I feel this is one of the aspects of our rubber. That is probably the least understood by people people most of us least understood understand this. Is that a large surgeon

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in himself, he is constantly engaged in the Tobia of his creation. And Terabithia, you can call it nourishment, you can call it sort of raising someone up taking care of someone, sort of teaching somebody what they know. And, you know, this kind of concept of, of raising somebody. This is what we call therapy, and a lot. So agenda is constantly engaged in therapy out of his slaves, and the Tobia of Allah subhanaw taala. The way that ally so it just brings us and raises us and takes us you know, from the wounds of our mothers when we didn't know anything and and brings us into what we are today, this tarbiyah that allies our gel gives us is of two types. As the scholars mentioned

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terabytes, and terabytes and costs, there is a general kind of way that Allah subhanaw taala sustains all of his creation. There's a general way that Eliza Joseph needs his creation, right? So Allah azza wa jal Is there anything that Allah doesn't sustain. If there was anything that Allah didn't sustain, then it would not it would not exist because allies will call you the one that everything exists within his control and his command and because he gives it life and because he allows it to exist and from this is when we make to our we say to allies or jail for attacking Milan FC, comfort I don't leave me to myself, for even the blinking of an eye.

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So the reality is that a Lost Planet Allah has this power via the way this nourishment and is taking care of us and

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Raising us, he does it for everything. There is not a plant there's not a seed there's not an animal there is not a bird that flaps its wings except that it does so because of the therapy of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah azza wa jal has nourished it and raised it and brought it up to to be able to do that Eliza gel has taught it what it knows.

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At the same time, there is a therapy, a hustla, there is a unique kind of therapy that allows our gel has given to his believing servants. And that is that he has brought you to know Islam. And he has brought you to understand what it means to worship Him. And He has brought you up to believe in Him and to dedicate your life to Him in Islam. That's something that is he hasn't given to everyone. He hasn't given it to every human being, he hasn't given it to every person, he's only given it to a certain tiny number of people. And I just want you to imagine just how tiny this number is, you know, right now in the world. I don't know how many billion people but you know, just imagine all of

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the the billions of people that exist in the world today, what percentage of those are Muslim?

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You're looking at Muslims be I don't know, one and a half, two, something like that. So you're looking at the Muslims, not even realistically probably being what,

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a fifth of a quarter or something like that. Out of that number of people, how many of them have been guided to actually practice Islam? I mean, not just to be called Ahmed or Mohammed or Fatima, but to actually go outside and, and be praying and fasting and making dua and calling upon online fear and hope? How many of them? Again, you know, you're doing a pretty small number, and I don't want to put a number on it. But you know, just imagine you might be talking about the same kind of percentage again, then out of that number of people, how many of them have been guided to the sun? How many of them have been guided to worship Allah azza wa jal, as he taught His messengers, a lot

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of it was send them to teach us how many of them have been guided to that. How many of them have fallen into misguidance and innovation and other things? Can you look at this, you really are a tiny group out of a tiny group out of a tiny group that Eliza gel has chosen for this television, this very specific at this very unique way of nourishing you and teaching you and raising you up that he hasn't given to anybody else. And so this is perhaps one of the reasons and from the people who mentioned this is Allah, Allah Sadie Rahim Allah to Allah and His Tafseer. He mentioned that this is one of the reasons why people call upon a law with the name or rob you know, you always hear what

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you hear people call about Rob banner in the Quran, Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, why are the prophets always calling Robin Robin Robin.

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Because at the end of the day, they are remembering what we call estaba. Nana, they are remembering this huge blessing that a large xojo took them. And what they did last, how to say about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and about the believers that you didn't know the man you didn't know, come on, you didn't know any of these things, until Eliza gel taught you them.

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until Allah subhanaw taala taught us these things we didn't know. We didn't know. And then imagine that you're constantly reminding yourself that alive. So a jelly is the one who gave you this knowledge and this terribie and he raised you in this way. panela What a What a beautiful meaning that is found within this word.

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So when you see a rumba now, what are you seeing you're seeing or a lot, you are the one who nourished me and took care of me. And if you had left me, I wouldn't have been able to know any of this, I wouldn't have known what is the Kitab? I wouldn't have known what is a man, I wouldn't have known what is the truth? And what is the falsehood? The only thing that I would have been you know, I wouldn't have known anything until you taught me so you are my Lord. And that's why I call upon you and I say, Rob banner, my lord. So this is one of the meanings of Morocco.

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And then think, you know, we can continue on, you know, think about Allah azza wa jal being helped by you. You know, the one who,

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every year everything exists, because he allows it to exist. And everything here happens because he sustains it and he keeps it going, you know, and nothing can exist and nothing can live and nothing can be without his command and his sustenance. And then you think about the last of the meanings that even an idea mentions alimony.

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And I just want you to reflect for a second upon what is

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Nirvana is something which is given to you, which is additional to what you deserve. Okay? You don't see a need for your wages, right? You know, you know, if you work, like, let's say I work like eight hours, and then I get paid. I don't call this linguistically. And I might say it's a number from a lot. But I mean, in terms of my employer, I don't say, Can I have my name? I say, Can I have my writing?

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Or can I have my agile my, my wage, but I don't call it a name. Because a Nima is called a near my Arabic because it is additional to what you deserve.

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When you say, sauropod, Latina and anti Iranian,

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you're giving the impression that allies the origin is giving you something that you don't deserve. It's not like you've worked hard enough for it. But the situation is that a las panatela is giving it to you anyway.

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And that is another part of the meaning of the word rub. You know, this generosity and this giving, even though we don't deserve it, and if we were to put our deeds on a scale versus all the things Allah had given us, we wouldn't even get through, you know, a 1,000th of what Allah had given us before we run out of good deeds. Can you honestly say that you have done enough good deeds to make up for your eyesight?

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Really, you know, none of us can turn around and say, that I've done enough good deeds, that my I have justified this eyesight analyzer which is given to me.

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That's one blessing out of the, the innumerable possibly count them out of the innumerable blessings that Allah azza wa jal has given you one single one of those doesn't equate to any of your deeds don't equate to it at all. And so Allah Subhana Allah is this you know, he's always giving you this Nirvana and this you know, Subhanallah we have an evidence for this and sort of

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a light so it just says Well, I can De La Habra, Baba la como

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was a Yana who people to become what can raha la como Kufa well for sukawati hola como Rashi don't fall lamb Nino la he when he will love my demon hockey. Ally so it just tells us Allah has had Baba la ku. He's made you love a man and you would not have loved a man if it were not for the fact that Allah had made you love a man was a movie or Rubicam and he made it beautiful to you. You know a lot of people think that beauty is in amassing wealth. A lot of people think that beauty is in you know, having a beautiful spouse on your on your arm. A lot of people think that beauty is in you know, sort of control and power and authority a lot of things people see beauty and a lot of things. You

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see beauty in a man that is a huge gift from a lot that you know, you see a man to be something beautiful because a lot of non Muslims will look at him and think he man is something oppressive and something horrible and they How could you possibly live like with this praying five times a day and covering and you know, doing not drinking alcohol and all of these things that you do? And so they see and they look into things of how you know like this is we love Eman because Allah has made Eman, something beautiful to us. And not just that workout raha la Combe Allah made you hate alcova Allah made you hate disbelief. Allah didn't make you know, you ever listened to an atheist talk about why

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they're an atheist. And listen to an atheist say, you know that how you see how much they love, disbelief. You know how much they love, not believing in God, and how much they think it's the most amazing, clever genius thing. You know, I heard one of them say today I just happen to hear him say

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something along the lines of he said something along the lines of something that I can't see 33 times or 32 times I don't believe in and he thought it was a very clever answer. You know that I've given that you know, if I can't see God, and I can't prove God, well, I'm sorry. I'm not going to believe in him. And they think it's so amazing. The fact that you think that disbelief is something horrible is something which our lives are gel has blessed you with in your heart.

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And you hate defiance, you hate the concept that I would defy a law I would disbelieve in a lie will turn away from Allah and you hate the concept that you would disobey Allah disobeying Allah feels horrible. And that's why one of the one of the worst punishments that Alliance or jail can inflict upon a human being is to make them love disobedience, to make them just fine disobey a lot to be the most enjoyable thing that they never feel any regrets. They never feel any pain. They never feel any sadness when they disobey Allah. That's a huge trial for a lot to put a person through.

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And then all of this alijah, which describes him and he says fumble Amidala he went out man, this is a grace from a lot of formal and formal. In Arabic, he says he added something extra, you know, you say formal, you say for the little man, the leftover water, you know, the extra water that you didn't mean. And you know, you say that the definition of a river, for example, is affordable, something extra something which is kind of extra on top of what you deserve. And so Allah describes this whole concept of human as being a father as being a grace for him, you know, in the in the real English sense of the word, when we say this is a grace of God, something is giving you out of His

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grace, something is not is not giving it to you, because you did all of these amazing things. He's giving it to you out of the pure grace of him, and his name, and his blessings. So it's something additional, it's something it's a grace from Allah, and it's a blessing from Allah. And Allah says, will love where I live. And Hakeem, Allah is IE what Hakeem? And this is an answer to those people who say, what, surely that's unfair? How is he giving it to someone and not giving it to someone else, or law, who I mean, when Hakeem Allah knows, those people who even know they didn't pass the exam, he knows the people who tried and the people who didn't, and he is wise in who he gives this

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blessing to, he doesn't just give it randomly. It's not like you can have it and you can't, and you can have it and you can't, it's given with complete knowledge and wisdom. And all of this, even a theory of says is from the meaning of the word.

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We still have the linguistic meaning of the word work, we haven't got

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the word rub as it relates to allies origin, even Okay, Mohammed lozada, he says, that the Lord, He is

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the one who is capable of everything. And he is alcoholic, the one who creates everything, and he is the one who brings everything into existence. And he is almost always the one who fashions the shape of things. And he is the EverLiving and he is the one who sustains all existence and he is the most knowledgeable and he is a semi at the one he has everything in his elbow co The one who sees everything and he is

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the one who always gives you more

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than you expect from the you would expect the one who is always, always what he gives is more than what you deserve, and what you expect. And he is and also from a Morrison is the one who is proficient in everything that he does. And everything he does is perfect. And he is alone, and the one who blesses his creation and he is held Java, and he is Elmo aqui, I learned and he is a bar an affair, and he is the one benefits and the one who harms and the one who gives them the one who withholds. And he has an ad in Walmart here, the one who puts people forward and puts people back, he raises people up and he lowers people down, he puts people in a certain position and he takes

00:33:14--> 00:33:35

position away from people, and the one who misguides whoever he wants to engage whoever he wants, and makes whoever he wants happy and makes whatever you want side and, and he honors whoever he wants, and he lowers whoever he wants. And he said vilavi really come in and he will be at him that he left home in my room in a smile.

00:33:37--> 00:33:53

He said In addition to these other things, from the meanings of His Lordship, so now this is just the meaning of what the word or rather means that he has, and he deserves, and make him deserving of all of these smell.

00:33:54--> 00:34:01

So when you hear this word or Rob, what comes to mind all of these meanings are obvious alcoholic, or Rob is alcohol your alcoholic?

00:34:03--> 00:34:55

Or Rob is Eileen and Adam. You know our Rob is Al Hakim or Rob is Elmo, Debbie and Rob is a nerfect all of these they might not all of them are Names of Allah By the way, but as some of them you know, in terms of attributes, but this is what comes to mind when you hear the meaning of the word, Allah. So you see that this meaning of Arab covers all of the names of Allah subhana wa Tada. And a lot more chip is something that is present for us to see in every place. And this is why particularly I want to focus on this, that in terms of dow and in terms of of us, in our in our face and developing our man. And we talk about, you know, our our What does it mean for us in action to believe that

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

Allah is our Lord? What does it mean for us in terms of our actions to believe that a lot

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

So Richard is our Lord. Well, to understand this, you have to understand that lordship in of itself, doesn't believe in the laws of logic in of itself doesn't necessarily make you a Muslim. And the evidence for that is that you can see many people around the world today, many sort of people of all different faiths, who recognize parts of our laws, logic, and who may even recognize most of the laws of logic. This was something that was true in the Quran, and the people of you know, people of coration the people before them, that they would recognize that Allah is our Creator, they would recognize the allies that are jealous, our sustainer, they would recognize that Allah Subhana, Allah

00:35:40--> 00:36:17

created as an Eliza Magellan is controlling our affairs. But that in of itself is supposed to lead you to something else. It's supposed to lead you on a journey. So the first thing you see as it let's say, a non Muslim, looking around the world is you see, there's an evidence that God exists. You know, like, you look around the world and you see God in everything. And you in the sense of you see his power, you see his creation, you see his command, you see his control, you see His revelation, you see all of the things that he does, you see his eye art, as we would say, signs and his, his symbols, you see them everywhere. And a person who says that belief in God is not

00:36:17--> 00:36:59

scientific. This is something which is very strange, because you can't really get anything more scientific than the Ayat of Allah azza wa jal, which are present in every single thing that you see what he unfussy Come fly to the moon, in your own self, don't you see, I mean, look at your own body, look at your own self, look around you and you see all of this perfect world that works absolutely perfectly. And you see that human beings have this consciousness and this, this conscience and disability to decide right from wrong. And you know, these ions that exist, you see the heavens above you, and you see the earth below you. And you see all of these ions of the Ruby of

00:36:59--> 00:37:19

Allah, the Lordship of Allah, that Allah created them. Now this is supposed to lead you to La ilaha illAllah that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah is supposed to lead you to praying to Allah alone. It's supposed to lead you to make into art to Allah is supposed to lead you to making sagitta to a light supposed to lead you to praying it's supposed to lead you to Islam.

00:37:20--> 00:37:31

And that's why whenever you hear the Allah talk about his lordship, in the Quran, you see that it's immediately followed up by his worship.

00:37:32--> 00:37:34

So for example,

00:37:35--> 00:37:42

Elijah which I say some sort of Rebekah Yeah, yohannes are good Rebecca lady Hola, como La Nina makaveli. Kula Allah.

00:37:44--> 00:38:23

Allah says, all you people worship your Lord. So now Ally's emphasizing that He is the Lord. He is your Lord. He's the one who created you sustains you provides for you gives you risk. He's the one who causes life and death and benefit and Han, worship your Lord who created you. So this is an evidence for the meaning of the word Lord who created you, your Lord who created you I one of the meanings of the word, Lord is that your Lord created you and those who came before you. So that you may become from a people of taqwa. Then allies are Jessie's describes the things that he does. The one who, you know, created, you created from the heavens and put the you know, the sky is a canopy,

00:38:23--> 00:38:31

and the earth is a bag and sent down from the sky rain. And he brought out from there with, you know, the food, the fruit that you eat.

00:38:32--> 00:38:57

So I'll just tell you more about his lordship that he is, you know, he's the one who made the earth The sky is the canopy and the earth is a bed and brought out down the rain and brought out all of the vegetation for you to eat from pilotage it would be lovely, and then we're on to the moon. So because you recognize that all your life does this, then don't make partners with Allah while you know they asked me I love Your love And who am I? What does it mean? What?

00:38:59--> 00:39:34

What does it mean what unto them? What is it that you know? Because Allah doesn't mention what you know, a legend says while you know, he said while you know that a lot is your Creator and your sustainer and your provider, etc, etc. And he wants to know that I lose your job. How can you then turn to anyone except him? Once you know that allies are jealous? Your creator? How can you then make sense to anyone besides him? Once you know that Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down the rain from the sky? How can you ask somebody else to send down rain from the sky after you know that? So knowing that a law is your Rob

00:39:35--> 00:39:38

has multiple aspects to it in terms of our actions.

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

One of them is that we recognize these attributes of Allah we recognize his that he is creating and that he is sustaining and that he is the one that we're in desperate need of and that nobody can sort of nobody can help us except him, but then we start to act upon the sort of next step.

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Which is that we in ourself, don't turn to anyone else besides Allah? Because how can you turn to someone who doesn't have those characteristics? You show me in the in the heavens of the earth, anyone who creates except a lot. You might be able to show me anyone show me anyone who controls the universe except Allah will not be able to show me anyone show me anyone who gives life and death except Allah and he will not be able to show me so then if Allah is the only one who does those things, then what should our position be towards Allah, that Allah is the only one that we turn to in devotion, in submission in Islam in worship, cool in solidarity one also Chioma Haryana Mati Mila

00:40:41--> 00:41:05

here up in Ireland. Last year, you can see my prayer and my sacrifice in my living in my dying or for a law, Lord of the worlds no partner has he, he's got no part there's no partner in this is nobody that shares this with a live soldier. Because Allah subhanaw taala is the only one who has these characteristics. So if you think of a robo vi as being the things that our Lord does,

00:41:06--> 00:41:48

the things that are Lost Planet Allah does, and the things that are lost on Earth, Allah is you know, his attributes and his names. And then you think of that leading us to the meaning of the word Allah and the meaning of the word Allah, the One who you lower yourself before him in submission and in Islam. And this is more important that we reflect upon each of these parts of the meaning of the word Rob, so that we can understand, especially we understand the the virtue of Allah for us or to us, and what Ally's origin has given us and we tried to sort of, sort of give thanks for what Allah Subhana Allah has given to us. And we try to turn to our lives or gel in gratitude for all of these

00:41:48--> 00:42:31

huge blessings that we can't possibly enumerate and we can't possibly count. These are some of the most important sort of meanings of the word Rob and you see this in salted Fattah Al hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, alameen Rahmani Raheem, Maliki oma Deen er, can Abu, what you can assign, you see three eyes that deal with the rube obeah of allies origin not exclusively, of course, but they deal with Allah as who he is, and what he does his mercy towards us. And the fact that he controls everything and the day of judgment and all of those things. And then you get the command which comes about as part of recognizing that. It's basically like saying to you if you recognize that Allah is Robben Island,

00:42:32--> 00:42:55

and you recognize that allies are Rahman Rahim, and you recognize that Allah is Malou madico Yomi de then if you recognize these things about Allah, then what must you do? Er cannot do it. I can assign you alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. So you don't ask for help from anyone besides a lot. You don't worship anyone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:42:56--> 00:43:29

I think these are the most important points we've mentioned that the living room will be as innovate itself in terms of believing in the lies of Robert doesn't necessarily isn't necessarily enough to make you a Muslim. And we you know, some of the I think this sweater inside of the home, man Hanako home layup unova and now yusaku if you ask them, who is it that they that created them they will say Allah so how are they diluted? And the statement of Eliza gel khulumani out to woman fee her incontinent, incontinent Allah mon se a una una de la He will

00:43:31--> 00:44:07

say to who belongs the earth to Whom belongs the earth and whatever is in it? If you really no, they will say it belongs to Allah say then will you not remember I will not remember to dedicate yourself and think to dedicate yourself to worshiping Allah azza wa jal after you recognize that he has the earth and everything that is in it. These are just a few points. I think that we will not have time for our mt Rahim today. Because we have it's also a long topic as well to talk about the mercy of Allah and what is the difference between Ar Rahman AR Rahim but that's okay, the first few names will take a little longer, because they are very comprehensive, they have lots of meanings in one

00:44:07--> 00:44:49

name, and it takes us a little longer and some of the other names will be a little bit quicker because they have only one sort of key meaning or one core meaning so as we go through these inshallah Allah will, will be able to cover more easily later on. So we've now covered three another reason I keep remembering or reminding you is I want to try and memorize them. So we have covered the name Allah, and then under name L, ILA, and around the Lord. So we have a lot, which is obviously a lot an L ILA, the one who is worshipped or the one who is deserving of worship. And you can say the god the two are the same because God is the word God is something that deserves to be

00:44:49--> 00:45:00

worshipped and are robbed of the Lord. And inshallah we will continue next time, not next week, but next time. Remember, we do the first and third week of every month. So that the

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first week of it will be the first week of April right?

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Yeah. So the yeah it's the first This one is the first and third week and the other one in Antarctica is the second and fourth week I hope in any case you can check the posters and make sure inshallah we will cover a rough man Rahim Salam tala

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salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mines Hanukkah la Mola behind the shadow, the Highlander stockbroker. Why