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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah were buried. We continue with our Tafseer of sorbitan. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues in verse number 79 lm euro ala by remote Sahara TV Joe with semer Meryem sequel hoon. ilala enough evali killer yet tilicho me You may know Subhana Allah, I love this verse, Allah says, Don't they look above at the birds? Lm euro Illa player Musa hora masaharu. From the word test here, it means to force something in its place. So as a result, these birds stay up in the sky, and they're on their own flight path, doing whatever they need to do. And Allah subhanho wa Taala by his will allows them to continue

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their path in the air. Now, you know, years ago, before 911, before all of that stuff, you are allowed to knock on the door and talk to some of the pilots. Right and I did this years ago, I think it was like in early 2000, or something. And I was flying with Saudi airlines, I was going from the city of Jeddah to Medina, and the cockpit area, the pilots were there and their door was open. So you could see them pressing all the buttons, and you know, they're about to take off and getting themselves ready. So I remember standing by the door, when I asked before we began before they started to start the plane. And before we were going to head out to the runway, I remember asking

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one of the pilots, how does this plane come off the ground? So he looks at me? And he says, Do you want the technical answer? Or do you want this the truth? So I said both. So he gives me the technical answer. And he starts describing to me the wings and the shape of the wings and air flow and lift and he starts explaining all of these things to me. So I'm like, okay, that seems to make sense. So what's the truth? And he looks at me and he says, I don't know only Allah knows. And I thought to myself, I don't think I would have ever forgot forgotten that conversation. The pilot is literally saying to me, only Allah knows how this thing comes off the ground. And when you look at

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birds Now keep in mind the previous a lot talk to us about hearing about seeing and about the heart. What if EDA and about the heart? So let's just say you know, hearing, That's out of the question, okay? Clearly the audience in this a and verse number 79 are not listening. So Fine. Forget about the heart. At least you use your eyes. So the lesson here for all of us at the very getgo is if you have a problem listening, if you're a real problem, taking knowledge if you have a problem, listening to advice, guidance, etc. At least use your eyes. And if you're somebody that's a great listener listener, but you internalize hardly nothing, for whatever reason, at least use your eyes

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look up into the sky and look at a bird and the bird that the fact that it can get off the ground and be hundreds of feet in the air. That in and of itself. Ally Singh is Musa Herat, Allah forces and pins the bird in the air to be able to do that. For you, Joe was semi magam scicluna ilala. Nothing holds this bird in the sky and it's suspended there except Allah and soda to Moloch it says in love ramen, except the Merciful One. Why? Because the fact that this bird can come off the ground, get into the sky and go to its destination, in and of itself is also by a les permission but also a reflection of Allah's mercy. Allah has mercy on the bird to allow it to do that. How do you

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and I now internalize that lesson? When you're on a plane? It's one of the verses that I never forget. Whenever I'm flying somewhere. First thing that comes to mind when I'm on that plane magam scicluna a lot right man. Nothing will hold this plane together and keep it in the sky except out ramen in Effie Delica. Now listen to how this verse ends. It's remarkable in Effie Valley, California to lipo me You mean on indeed These are a yet and miracles Now listen to the word a yet Allah didn't say a a. He uses the plural form and yet, there are many miracles of just watching birds in the sky. But the only way you're going to appreciate those miracles. The only way a bird is

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going to look more than just a bird is your man is going to talk your immense steps in your Eman is reflecting your immense is allowing you to think is allowing you to appreciate when you look up into the sky and you see these birds your Eman kicks in and you say so. panela look at how Allah subhana wa Taala allows these birds to be in the sky. You know, years ago when they were

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Designing the Airbus 380, which was the largest or is the largest passenger airplane in the world. One issue that they ran into is when they designed the wings. When they did the test flights, they they realized that there was a lot of vibration, a lot of instability, because of the way airflow was happening, the wings were too massive, their structure was so broad and wide, that airflow was just a challenge for them. And you won't believe I watched the documentary on this, you won't believe how they solve this problem. If you notice that the Airbus 380 at the tip of the wings, there's a slight extension that goes up like this. So you have the wing. And then you have a slight

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extension that goes up like this. And that's how the plane is flying. So the wings are going across the, the the air or cutting the air this way. So this little extension, this little tip, they added at the very edge, you can look at any Airbus 380, Google it and just look at the tip of the wings, you'll always see like there's this extra piece that's been added at the edge of those wings. That's how they were able to break the cycle of wind that was causing the vibration, so that they could create a smooth airflow. They added this piece. Now here's the point. Guess how they figured this out. They sent out a bunch of scientists into the fields to look at how birds, the biggest birds in

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the world with the largest wingspan. So what bird is that? It's the Eagles. So they went out looking at eagles and studied how Eagles lead and they would record hundreds of them. And they would study their wings and the shape of their wings and how their wings would adjust to the air as they were landing. And they noticed that the eagle which has the largest wingspan on the planet, they noticed that the edge of that Eagles wing it would protrude it would elevate slightly. And that's how the eagle would maintain a smooth flight in the air as well as landing. So they decided to copy the same pattern on to the biggest passenger airplane ever built. And it solved the problem so Pinilla

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mankind, learned how to build and design planes, from the creatures that you and I see every single day. They land in front of our house, they eat well, you know from our grass, they're just they're everywhere. pigeons, birds, seagulls, whatever, what have you and some of the greatest inventions and structures ever created by mankind was designed and replicated after these creatures. That's the A yet that you want to appreciate and reflect on when you're looking at birds

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will love who jar that Aquamarine boo to come second. Allah also created for you homes where you can find peace and tranquility in them. Do you notice that? You know, people say well, it's my house. Of course I'm going to find peace there. Of course when I'm at work or outside or anywhere else, it's nothing like home. There's no place like home As the old saying goes, Well guess what? There's no place like home. That's saying that feeling that connection that we have to our homes. Allah says that's from him. He gives you that stickiness. He gives you that peace that you find in your home, he blesses you with that, that comes from him. subhanho wa Taala that's not that doesn't just come

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because you're accustomed to going to your house. Because let's face it, for a lot of families out there, home is the last place they want to be. Home is where all the stress and the pain and the struggle comes from so they do their best to be at work as late as possible to be out as much as possible. So when you do find peace and tranquility lessons that's from him. And then Allah continues which I lead a common julu the anatomy Buta, then we also made from the skins of these cattle of boo to homes as well. So the Arabs and the machine code and in the Quran during the time in desert life, this is how they build their homes at least back then they would use the skins of

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these animals dry them, tan them, harden them and use them to create their roofs and design clothing and other things as well to stay funa yovani contestant a foreigner this particular word to stuffy for Noah ham means to weaken something now Allah subhanho wa Taala continues then he says that the quarter ah one of the things that they used to do one of the the methods that they used to do to keep their people under control to an extent was to limit how far and how much they excel and as a matter of fact, even fit around used to do this for around used to limit his slaves and his people so that they wouldn't Excel. You know if when we talk about

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systematic racism. And when we talk about these subjects where certain minorities do their best to educate themselves, but then opportunities are missed, or they don't get the same opportunities as others. All of this falls under this term, this deadly four and a half. It's when a system is in place to keep people under control. And this is the maximum This is the threshold, you don't go beyond that. You can be a manager, but you'll never be the CEO. That's what testily funa is, then Alesis eo mazarine comm

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they would use these kinds of blessings, even when they were traveling. Varney calm is another word in the poor end for Sephora. Sephora is the most common word for travel, the difference between the two is a large equal is used that when you travel, you make multiple stops. So you go to this city or that city, so it's very, it fits in perfectly with bedwin life back then, you know, you you're traveling on these animals, and you're going from place to place to place now in context to study for her to lighten the weight to minimize, this was referring specifically to the bed winds when they had their camels and they were traveling to different places, they had to limit how much weight

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they would put on the camel, it's just like you and I when we're going on long distance traveling, and we're driving to long, long distances, we make sure that we limit the amount of weight that we put on our cars because why the heavier the vehicle the more gas it burns. So it's the same idea with animals, the heavier and the more burden you put on these animals, the weaker they become. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that that frame of mind that knowledge that common sense call it what you like, that's from a lot as well. humans aren't equal when you travel from place to place we omit department equipment even when you stop in these places, you also use these animals women are Swathi

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How are Swathi here from so forth from soft soften which means wool so you can take these animals and you can use their skin and use it for warmth while our bed our bed he had and I'll bet he had his the hairs or the fibers from animals like camels and goats and birds to the the the hairs that come off of them are also used to create things. Well, a *gy hair so that was very specific to animals. A shout out he had from Sharon is also human hair as well. So it becomes more generic. So here is mentioned but a more generic form as atha atha is furniture, but in old Arabic, it's all household items. So assessor, so you're able to use these animals to even make all household items

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that are useful. Well Metatron, Isla hain and you can you know, be satisfied and comfortable as long as you need to. Do you know what's happening here.

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This is why I titled suta tenaha, the sutra

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that helps us to appreciate the little things in life. That's what sort of in the hell is all about. It's about the little things in life. We talked about bees. We talked about camels, we talked about goats and sheeps and the skins that we use the that are on them. We also talked about shades. We talked about birds, we talked about. So many different things that are mentioned here. We're talking about the sky, we talked about the earth. We talked about

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the we talked about milk, we talked about Leben yogurt, we talked about all of these things that normally we wouldn't sit there and reflect on. That's what makes sutan so special. It helps us to appreciate the little things in life that most people most of mankind, take for granted don't really reflect on a lot. So Joe continues with Lahu gyla local minima holla palvelut, Allah had placed for you for what he created for new shadows. You know, shadows can also be a lifesaver especially when you're in the desert. The moment you find a shadow that's it you can survive from it and you can re energize. So Allah subhanaw taala says even the shadow itself whenever you find shadow from any

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object that in and of itself is a shadow that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows to be there. Well jarle el camino je Valley aka Nana, and aligned Soto also created within the mountains caves at cananda Caves where you go and you shade yourself from the sun. Well john Welcome saatavilla topic woman how to and we also placed for you Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia literally means pants but again, an old Arabic It means clothing in general. So pants, shirts and everything else. It's amazing because Allah is saying the fact that you have clothing Oh, by the way that clothing is for me. Subtle appeal also refers to clothing that's tailored to you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala despite that, you

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might go to a tailor get a shirt done or a pants or what have you. Allah is the real tailor.

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Ally's the one that designed that clothing for you the little things in life so panela brothers and sisters, that's what we're learning. That's what I've been reading encouraged and reminded in this sorta it's the little things in life, who will help wasabia topic combat second and also clothing that is used in the most difficult of times. So meaning in battle, you also create armor that you can protect yourself. That armor is also designed, structured and molded from Allah subhana wa tada ghazali k ut monitoramento la comme la la quinta slim, and this is how Allah completes his noble favors on you, so that you can submit yourself to Him. How many people do that? How many people say

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you know unhemmed in that I have clothing to wear so I'm going to just worship You, Allah, thank you for clothing. You know, that's why we have a door for getting dressed. You know, we look in the mirror and we pray to Allah that you know, may Allah azza wa jal bless us that I'm able to wear this clothing, and one of the devices that you ask Allah to beautify you with your clothing. So that's why those two eyes are there. It's so that you can make that connection from the trivial things, and how little things in life connect you back to your Creator.

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You already foreigner for interworld offer in nama la calle Bella horror movie. And if you reject this, then indeed all you can do is give and present the clear message. So at the end of the day for prophets and messengers, the only thing that you can do is at least at the end of the day project this message so even if the people reject this gives you an idea in context, and we should the corn and the corporation, they are in no comparison to any other generation. Just keep in mind like the kofod the non Muslims of today, you can compare them to the correlational correlation them and the machico they were the worst of the worst. They at the end of the day,

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even though they knew and they realize their blessings that they had with Allah intentionally rejected it. So that this way, this is what Allah tells his prophet it starts with Sam he's like look at the end of the day. If this until now they rejected then it's done. All you can do is just tell it them and leave them just move on. There's there's just no hope after this, so many prophets and messengers, and pious men and women came of the past generations over generations. Now you are the last and final prophet. If you can get through to them. That's it. There's nothing else that can be done. Well, now I like a little better horror movie last year. They already formed in our amatola

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they know fully well the blessings from Allah, so many young, cuter water, young Kiruna hair but intentionally they rejected it was a subtle, humble cafe caffeine would and most of them have disbelieved. So I hope that now you're starting to piece this together. And I've said it over and over the little things. So often Muslims focus on all the major problems and the major things in life. They used to offer the big problems, but it showed up the 11 nine one said ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, meaning make dua to Allah, even if it's for a shoelace, make dua to Allah that you at least have a shoelace. So the little things in life are just as important. It's one of the mistakes

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that people make with Dora is the restricted to not when I have a headache, but if I get cancer, or I have a tumor, not when I hurt myself, but if I'm in a car accident, you know, not if you know, my child misbehaves, but only when they run out of run away from me. That's not what Dora is restricted to. It's not just the big things, even the little things in life and appreciation as well. Not when you give birth to the child and Alhamdulillah you have your first child you say Alhamdulillah. But the fact that you know you got married, the fact that you're able to get pregnant, and the fact that you're able to go through the Pregnancy Healthy, with strength at home to the left for all of that

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even before you birth that child, just the little things. That's what this sutra is teaching us. And you know what's remarkable aluk called the sutra after one of the tiniest creatures on the face of this planet, but the bee is one of the is the only insect that I can think of that human beings depend on the most. I can't think of another insect that we depend on more than the bee you know, we get medicine we get all these wonderful things from the bee. And even aside from the honey, this whole process of pollination, you know, our flowers can grow and bloom and our vegetables can grow. Our foods can be you know, harvested. And all of this comes back and is connected to this

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incredible, incredible creature. So Allah named this sorta after one of the tiniest creatures on the planet, but one that we depend on

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panelists so much. So this is the core lesson of sort of

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tomorrow and shot law. Take another section and my goodness, we're we're really coming to the end of the suta guys so let's start thinking about some of the things that we want to study afterwards inshallah I have some ideas but I'll share with I'll share that with you as we get to the end mail. So it'll continue to teach us this beautiful Dean and May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of you, keep you safe and healthy wherever you are loving them. I mean, just like my local hydron until tomorrow, said Mr. Lee come to LA he bought a cat two