Badge of Honour

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You're at uni, and maybe there's not adequate places to pray. And maybe there's peer pressure not to pray and maybe it would look awkward. Barrett do one Saina I'm praying, and Allah will honor you. At the very least with this, you will have children someday Allah bless them for you. You will say, Sweetheart, your father was one that used to pray in the Oval when everyone else was watching walking by and I was unfazed. Do you know the type of confidence and legacy and pride and heritage that will create in the next generation. And for you, my sister who, you know, you don't the scarf and the hijab, and maybe people will look and maybe you will feel uncomfortable, and maybe you will

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get the stares and the daggers and maybe there'll be a comment here and there, bear with my sister Bear. Bear it as a badge of honor. So a time will come that the next generation can say and your little one can say in the whole of this institution and in this work and in this school and in this university. Mine was a mom that was fully covered. And then imagine the standards you have set for that young child and the projectile you have set for the child and the direction you have set for that child Allah Ana, you and your children you're up